PhotoRadarScam Update

logoWhile the battle against photo enforcement is going well, we cannot stop even for a moment. The enemy is busy planning new PR campaigns and gearing up for a massive media war for when the ballot initiative signatures are turned in. They are well-funded, while our effort relies on the time, money, and effort of the volunteers for our grass roots organization.

CameraFRAUD’s sister site,, needs help researching and gathering data and news for articles to show the deadly truth behind the scameras. If you have a few hours throughout the week and are good with following up and being persistent, email Ryan at He needs help from people who are willing to send inquiries to local police departments, DPS, ADOT, or other agencies including submitting Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to obtain the data we need.

Winning this battle will take information and facts. The truth and the data are out there, but we cannot rely on media outlets like the Arizona Republic to voluntarily continue to print articles like the one last week that showed the tremendous increase in accidents Peoria is now experiencing due to red light cameras. We need to be proactive about getting necessary information so we can continue to show the public just how dangerous photo enforcement is.

9 Responses to PhotoRadarScam Update

  1. who says:

    Yes, someone, please help revive this dead site..
    oh my, here comes Ernest… I can only imagine what he’s gonna say! Ha!

    • James says:

      Where are all the pro-photo ticket websites?

      Wheres this massive support for scam cams I keep hearing about?

      • Ernest T. Bass says:

        james…. there is no need for the pro camera crowd to join forces yet…. last i checked the cameras were still in operation… if and it is a huge if… CF should turn in enough signatures is when you will see our crowd backed by redflex and ats money kick the doors in !!! until then we are quite content… with the exception of the lies, mistruths and inneundo by CF

  2. mghtyms04 says:

    LOL James. It is funny that you mention that. I was just trying to find a pro scamera website to see where all the trolls hide. I did multiple searches and could not find a single one, only found 14,500,000 hits for anti scameras. So where are the supposed people that love these things.

  3. photoradarscam says:

    BTW, is #2 or #3 in google search results for Photo Radar.

    • Malfeasant says:

      I wouldn’t even call that site pro-camera- they’re anti-red-light-running, and they do mention the debate over whether red light cameras may increase accidents- i think if they were pro-camera they would hide that bit, or at least try to downplay it’s importance…

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