Where Will All The Ford Escapes Go?

When Arizona bans Redflex’s “photo radar” (automated ticketing) scam next year, what will they do with their massive surplus of Ford Escapes?

We recommend a controlled burn, but realize that such actions might not be very eco-friendly.

The alternative? Dress them in pink and send them to Key West, Florida… just like the retirees from Jersey!

Oh, the Humanity!

Oh, the Humanity! This pink Escape was recently spotted by a vacationing CameraFRAUD volunteer in Key West, Florida.


89 Responses to Where Will All The Ford Escapes Go?

  1. Ernest T.Bass says:

    CF and their false bravado !!!! I got news for the clowns….. pretending like it is going to happen will only bring heartbreak when it doesnt happen … you are not close the number of signatures and you cant draw anybody to your protests !! even holding parties at the bar has not helped !!!!

    keep walkin

  2. Sarah C. says:

    C’mon Ernest, go find something productive to do..

    • ??? says:

      o sarah
      Please, finding something PRODUCTIVE to do!!!, Haha THATS THE BEST THING I HAVE HEARD HERE, LOOK IN THE MIRROR.
      What do U have against SAFETY??

    • Ernest Hater says:

      He can’t. He was fired from his last job for being a a-hole. He has been unable to find a job since then. I am sure this middle aged idiot just wants to be handed everything on a silver platter now.

      Also, it has been found that criminals, druggies and alcoholics that drink and drive (hmm, ETB fits one if not all of those categories) love photo enforcement. There is less chance of getting pulled over by a real LEO with photo enforcement being used.

      • Ernest T.Bass says:

        Hater….got news for you clown…. i just signed my settlement papers…which means i was reinstated with backpay….so in other words the company screwed up and now has to suffer the consequences.. trust me….40 plus hours of work will not diminish my quest to expose the lies, mistruths and innuendo reported here at CF….

        • LoneWolf says:

          What lies? What mis-truths? The people here can make all the comments they want and they’re not always going to be 100% accurate. It’s many of the articles and the sources to them tell the truth. That’s all that really matters.

          If CF really wanted to, they could ban you from posting here simply because you’re trying to push your own agenda on a website where it doesn’t belong. We are “Anti Scamera” meaning we are 100% biased, we’re not willing to listen to reason because we don’t buy it, & we have our minds made up that they need to be removed for what we believe to be “legitimate” reasons.

          This website isn’t for your fight. It’s not about you. There’s nothing you can say or do that’ll change anybody’s mind. New visitors are not coming here to see the comments and they’re certainly not coming here to see you. They want to see the articles and these articles are the determining factor that will help them decide whether or not the scameras are effective, legal, about safety, and so on.

          You’re more than welcome to step out into the real world and tell everyone to vote for keeping the scameras if that’s what you truly believe in. Nobody’s holding you here. You’re not going to accomplish ANYTHING on this website!

  3. Ernest T.Bass says:

    sarah c. clown…… reality can be a hard pill to swallow….it appears you know that my message is pure and honest…. your denial by asking the messenger to be more productive speaks volumes about you…..how many cf events have you attended? have you collected even one signature? if you have good for you…. lets see where your enthusiasm is at in 6 months…..

    • RPr says:


      Redflex facing reality

      photo radar has never survived a vote

    • Sarah C. says:

      Don’t worry little RedFlex or ATS employee… By the time next November rolls around the economy will be a bit better and I’m sure you’ll find a new job. Just enjoy your paycheck from robbing your neighbors and friends in the meantime and know that there’s a good chance you might be photographed and blacklisted (job market) if you wait until 11/2/10 to jump ship..

      • Ernest T.Bass says:

        sarah clown you may want to read your post before submitting….. you claim that i employed by either camera company and then you mention some other drivel about finding a job and being blacklisted…… you really should not drink or do drugs while sending posts…then again maybe you are tight with doc and mark… then that would explain things

        hail the flashes

  4. photoradarscam says:

    It appears taht the Escape in the picture is photo-enforcement proof. The attachment on the rear surely blocks the license plate… just like in all of these examples. http://PhotoRadarScam.com/exempt.php

  5. RPr says:

    Costa Mesa Red Light Cameras Increased Accidents


  6. Ernest T.Bass says:

    PR Clown…. trying to stick to his battle cry… only problem is this will never get a chance to be voted on
    NOT ENOUGH SIGNATURES !!! by this time next year you will all have moved to another worthless cause…

    • LoneWolf says:

      If you’re trying to provoke people into action with your pressuring reverse-psychology antics, it’s working. As a result, CF will be setting up at the fair where they’ll get lots of signatures.

      The numbers might be low right now but be rest assured that one person will convince 10 others why this scamera program is so wrong. Imagine what happens when 20,000 people each convince 10 others. When all these people see the truth behind the lies, they’ll convert. Unfortunately, there will be a few just like you, but not too many. Perhaps one day when you’ve been wronged by the very cameras you love so much, you’ll convert too.

      • Ernest T.Bass says:

        wolf clown…your comments sound great in theory but they dont pass the reality test… reality is that signing a petition is easy..telling a friend about the evil cameras is easy..getting out and voting is the hard part… people just dont do it… the initiative graveyard is filled with many that hit the required signatures, had media coverage and still lost at the ballot box… add to that there is zero passion for this ….besides 20 or so people at CF… this place has 1600 plus memebers but can only generate a few people to their sign danglings and signature gatherings.. pathetic is what it is…. and while there may be lots of people that sign the petition at the fair…leats you forget that they have to be registered voters…

        • LoneWolf says:

          You also live on an island, don’t you? Since you obviously know that there aren’t many registered voters in AZ, why don’t you tell us all what that number is? I know for a fact what it is and it’s a very high number. Run along now and look it up before you continue to make yourself look bad in front of all of us clowns.

          • Ernest T. Bass says:

            lone clown… i did that research long ago and posted it… i believe the most current data was 07 …maybe 08…. there were 6.8 million az residents and only 2.5 million registered to vote… i brought it up to point out to CF that for every 10 people that sign,, they need to account for the fact that about 6 in ten are not registered… just cause someone signs the petition does not mean they are registred even though they tell them they must be registered.. it has something to do with not wanting others to think you are not a good citizen cause you are not registered to vote… so instead they save face and sign…. better than feeling the guilt about what someone may think of them…. one of these days i will break down the voting groups for you and my opinion of what age groups will vote in which direction… lets just put it this way.. the group with the largest turnout every election are the ones that will not be in favor of the camreras being removed… care to guess which group i am talking about clown?

        • Ernest Hater says:

          Why don’t you show your face at these gatherings, then, Jay. I have been to a few and have had a great time. I have not seen you or any so called pro-camera people at any of these gatherings. I know what you look like and would know if you were there.

          You are not quite the law abiding person you claim to be. I have watched and followed you. You are the real clown and a hypocrite!

  7. LoneWolf says:

    CF: Is there something wrong with your domain camerafraud.com? I can never access it most of the time. (I access by camerafraud.wordpress.com) I just get a blank error page. I’m on COX High Speed internet in Phoenix if that helps. This has been happening for a long time.. There could be countless others having the same problem.

    You might double-check the redirect feature with your registrar & also make sure you’re not using any nameservers (NS) other than whatever default ones your registrar is using.

    • Glyph says:

      I’ve had similar problems in the past, and figured it was a Vista issue as it’s happened with other sites. Just hit the Refresh tab and the page will load.

      • LoneWolf says:

        Thanks for the tip but it’s still not working. I tried it on both my Vista and XP machines and I get “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” I hit refresh several times as well. But you shouldn’t have to do that to access a domain redirect.

        • Take it from me, Firefox or Google Chrome will make your life so much easier.

          I think Ernest T had a few bad run ins with clowns when he was a child. We are all “clowns” on this forum according to him.

          I suppose that bring more attention to the booth at the State Fair.

          • LoneWolf says:

            Call me old fashioned, I’ve never joined in with the hype about FF, Chrome, or any of them. I’ve used them many times but I keep resorting back to good ol IE. Don’t ask me why… there’s a million reasons out there about why I shouldn’t be using it but it’s probably just my comfort zone. I’ve been using it for the past 11 yrs with very little problem so why stop?

            ETB probably watched Stephen King’s “It”. Ever since then, he’s been fascinated but yet terrified by clowns. To him, CF probably represents the monsterous clown in It. He feels threatened by the amount of damage we can do to the scamera industry. We’re tearing it apart piece by piece. On the outside, he thinks it’s funny and he makes a mockery of us, but deep down inside, he’s terrified. He’s losing his sense of security because he knows that we terrible clowns are eventually going to destroy those things he embraces so much.

      • RPr says:

        too many people on the website camerafraud may have to update its server

        • Ernest Hater says:

          I did see a Server Too Busy error at about that time. Probably ETB and his multiple post syndrome taking it down?

        • LoneWolf says:

          It wouldn’t be the server if you can access camerafraud.wordpress.com just fine. It’s more of an issue with their registrar or the domain configuration.

          • photoradarscam says:

            The registrar would have nothing to do with it. It’s all about the name server.

            • LoneWolf says:

              But name servers are configured through both the registrar and whatever server the domain sits on. I discovered a problem with their nameservers and fired off an email to CF.

              • LoneWolf says:

                Let me correct something before the engineer trolls make a big deal of it: Domains don’t sit on a server (other than the registrar’s) but rather they become glued to a particular server unless you have the domain configured to redirect or forward to some web address such as camerafraud.wordpress.com

    • Malfeasant says:

      I’ve had some trouble with cox’ dns resolution in the past- so i don’t use their servers. There are “free” public dns servers, but be careful, some of them redirect you to their own proxies. I have had good luck with (level 3- one of the big backbone providers, so if they are interested in intercepting your data, chances are good they already are) though that isn’t what I use at home- the one I use at home isn’t public, so I don’t feel right giving it out, but a hint is that they also do ipv6 tunneling (which is what I use them for, and is free)

  8. LoneWolf says:

    I’d love to have one of those vehicles. I’d use it for roadside and lakeside voyeur photography and place a sign 300′ ahead of the vehicle that reads “Get Naked, It’s the Law!” (Wonder if law-abiding-citizens like ETB would obey it.. not that I’d wanna see him naked, but there is a market for practically every shape, size, appearance, etc…)

    • Ernest Hater says:

      Be sure to use a magnifying lens on ETB. At least that is what his wife told me she has to do every time she is with him.

      • LoneWolf says:

        I’m sure ETB will be happy to know that his wife is an informant for the opposition. It’s probably her way of revenge for not “getting enough” every night. His problem is that he gets off more on the scameras than he does her. Who can blame her?

        • Ernest T.Bass says:

          my wife could care less about the cameras…. she does agree that there is a majority of people in our state that are selfish and could care less about the safety of others….

          • LoneWolf says:

            A majority of people? So now you’re saying that this majority is going to vote out the scameras and we will win the battle against them? Or are you telling me that the majority of Arizonans should all be either dead or in the hospital because the majority of Arizonans are thoughtless & reckless drivers who have no regard for the safety of each other? I’d put some serious thought into that response if I were you…

    • Ernest T.Bass says:

      you and hater need to leave your sexual fantasies for me out of the threads….

      • Ernest Hater says:

        I have already had my sexual fantasies with your wife, since you obviously cannot satisfy her.

      • LoneWolf says:

        Well, Bozo, you’re a very sexual person and I’d love nothing more than to capture you on camera every time you bend over and take the big constitutional violation up your arse like all the rest of the sheeple. There’s also market for that.

  9. jgunn says:

    Speaking of the vans, anyone else notice a surprising lack of vans in the phoenix area lately? I get push notification on my iphone when someone marks the evil, vile vans on my common routes to work and it’s been suprisingly quiet lately. I can’t recall seeing the usual vans on the I10 between 202 and 60. Maybe, like fishing, when the hole dries up (and the profit too), Redflex needed to find a better fishing spot to maximize the revenue since that seems to be lacking for them these days. Either that or they broke down, got taken offline due to budget cuts. 🙂

    • photoradarscam says:

      I’ve noticed that too.

      • jgunn says:

        I spoke too soon, I got a notification that there was one on the 101 today. Still, it’s less than usual. Perhaps they are spreading them throughout the state to make lots O cash from out of staters passing though for the holiday weekend? Of course that would be dependent on someone from out of state actually being foolish enough to pay the ticket.

        • who says:

          And if it was all about cash, why would they move them out of the city, and how you call them fishing holes, out to rural area’s where there’s not much traffic?

    • LoneWolf says:

      It’s probably because it’s a holiday weekend and they have lots of “real cops” out on the roads catching intoxicated drivers. Scameras don’t catch drunk drivers before before they injure or kill someone. Real cops can. Just thought I’d remind the trolls about that.

      • Ernest T.Bass says:

        wow way to point out the obvious ! so you are saying that a fixed object can not stop a drunk driver? got news for you wolf clown…. the cops only catch a very very very small fraction of the drunk drivers….they are not having much success either

  10. Brent says:

    I’ve noticed a few less vans, but I would say that it’s more likely that they’re just moving locations more often and/or obtaining new locations.

    But thats okay, we will still continue to visit them and supplement the “fraud ahead” signs they put out with much bigger and “honk-able” ones..

  11. Derek says:

    If we don’t stop these cameras, we’re in for far worse things to come. Read this article dated 9/5/09 from Britain:

    • LoneWolf says:

      It’s never going to end as long as the sheeple keep bending over to take it up their arses.. 3 excuses that the governments uses to gain sheeples’ quick approval toward enacting intrusive laws are kids, terrorists, and safety. I think the reason many people aren’t standing up as much as they used to is because they believe it’s hopeless. We’ve reached the point in society where if you stand up against some of the laws protecting children, then that makes you a child abuser of some sort. If you protest against an intrusive government who needs to pry into your business all in the name of terrorism, then that makes you either a terrorist or conspiracy theorist. If you’re not willing to have scameras installed along side of the freeways, then that makes you a woman and child killer. Once people label you such, your word loses all credibility and the sheeple find a hard time believing you.

      It’s kind of like this website. Mainstream media has instilled in the brains of sheeple that scameras save lives and they’re the greatest thing on this planet since the invention of the lightbulb. Because mainstream media wants little if anything to do with websites like this, sheeple tend to believe that we’re going against everything media and the government has taught them so that makes us criminals and conspiracy theorists. What better way to keep society from knowing the truth behind some things than to label someone a criminal, child abuser, or terrorist. In the long run, the sheeple will most likely hold the word of mainstream media as more credible than a biased website like this. We’re just trying to tell the side of the story that’s kinda swept under the rug with mainstream media. Less credible sources like the New Times and other tabloids try to pick up on these things but who’d want to believe them?

      Mainstream media is biased and most of their articles (or countless articles of the same subject) often tell both sides but they obviously lean on one side rather than the side that they know our society would object to. In other words, people would rather hear about the safety and benefits of scameras than they would about the objections such as those seen on this website.

      Needless to say, we’re going against the grain and we have a very long and tough fight ahead of us. We might not win the battle this year or the next, but we have to try. People, including the sheep, need to wake up and stop this name-calling nonsense and realize that our liberties are at stake and the only ones who are enjoying their form of liberty are the tyrants such as the governments and its sheeple. And there’s nothing in the books that says we can’t fight several fights at the same time. There are many areas of government intrusion and many injustices being implemented every minute of the day. We just need to stand above and beyond everyone else and retake our freedoms before its too late. There might come a point where nobody can stand up for their rights anymore.

      Go ahead, sheeple, call me a conspiracy theorist. But before you do, read through the US constitution, the document which my country is supposed to uphold as our forefathers wrote it years ago to guide this country as long as it exists, and tell me I’m full of it. If we eliminate the US constitution, then millions of American soldiers died in vain for this country.

  12. Sil says:

    Where there is love,The Ford Escapes Go….

  13. jgunn says:

    I just heard that best GPS scam cam locator (won’t name names)is going to put out a 99$ version this month. Makes me feel warm inside that giving the middle finger to Redflex is becoming ever so affordable!

    • Nuf-Ced says:

      Wow, I would rather drive 10 over and not get a ticket then blow $99 on a GPS that is only accurate to 3 meters. Plus with “across the road” radar you might end up with a ticket anyways. I hope ETB and Who jump on your bad math!

      • who says:

        Ya, Jgunn has spent atleast $900 on gadgets to avoid a $180 dollar fine that he could have avoided by just slowing down. He brags about his gadgets every chance he can get. Looks like he’s gonna spend another $99 soon.

      • LoneWolf says:

        While you have a valid point about spending extra bucks for a bunch of gadgets that aren’t always accurate, the 10 mph over leeway is a bunch of hyped up BS. I’ve seen some of the freeway scameras flash at cars going less than 5 mph over the speed limit.

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  18. proper nclex says:

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    Where Will All The Ford Escapes Go? | CameraFRAUD.com – The Cameras are Coming Down

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