Redflex Propaganda Machine Keeps Running

PropagandaRedflex continues its propaganda and lie machine with today’s press release, which claims a poll (they paid for) shows overwhelming support for their business:

“According to the results of a new poll released this week, the vast majority of Louisiana residents support the use of photo traffic enforcement to monitor and discourage speed and red light running.”

It goes on to claim: “Nearly 72 percent believe the legislature should allow the use of traffic cameras.”

True public opinion shows a much different picture. In April of this year, more than 85% of Sulphur, LA residents voted to reject photo enforcement. And recent polls in the UK echo the same sentiment:

  • Only 27% think speed cameras improve road safety  (73% do not)
  • Only 18% believe more speed cameras should be installed (82% do not)

Good try Redflex, but the truth is something money can’t buy:

Automated ticketing has never survived a public vote.

14 Responses to Redflex Propaganda Machine Keeps Running

  1. Camera Hater says:

    Yep, they just continue to run the “big lie”. Sadly, speaking for Australia, we have a significant minority of “the-law-is-the-law-and-must-be-mindlessly-obeyed people. The “road safety industry tumour” seizes upon those people to build the “most people support cameras” lie. Fortunately, from my observations, positive historical trends mean that these “obedient trolls” seem to be a small minority in America.

  2. enigmaforever says:

    You might enjoy this web site info. and if they really get that bothered maybe we all should try it.

  3. Louisiana says:

    One of our local papers had some intersting things to say about the Redflex poll:

    “Would you support a person’s constitutional rights even if it meant the death of women and children?
    That’s how one question was framed in a recent public opinion poll on the use of automated traffic enforcement cameras in Lafayette…………………………………………….
    …………………….The poll indicates overall support for traffic cameras in general, but stops far short of soliciting opinions about how the program is managed.
    Perhaps the results would be no different if those questions had been asked, but their absence leaves in doubt the usefulness of the poll for anything other than public relations.”
    To read the full article link here:

  4. Banphotoradar says:

    Redflex Propaganda

    This comes from the contract between Redflex and DPS. It seems that Redflex wants to make it easy for DPS. I love the way they come up with “story pitches” for the police departments. All the police have to do is slap their logo on the article.

    Community Awareness Services

    We will also work with DPS to develop a plan to utilize mainstream press to disseminate critical program information. As part of this plan, Redflex proposes the periodic publication and dissemination of photo enforcement topics in the news and community newsletters.

    These story pitches will contain cumulative statistical data on the program, clear up any misnomers regarding photo enforcement, and explain how the technology works to save lives.

    Some possible activities may include:

    Public service announcements(PSAs)

    Direct Mailings and Informational Postcards

    Informational notices including flyers, billboards, bumper stickers, and community newsletters

    Providing street signs in addition to the intersection specific signs

    Developing copy for guest columns in local newspapers

    Coordinating with local columnists in order to brief them on the project and solicit their interest and support

    Identifying and contacting key electronic (radio and television) media public affairs and news programs to encourage coverage

    Developing copy for distribution to the media; disseminate papers that address pertinent public policy issues raised by photo enforcement, as well as answer specific anticipated criticisms of photo enforcement

    Organizing suppplemental news conferences to announce signifigant project milestones that will regurlarly identify and position positive messages regarding the photo enforcement program to electronic and print media that support the programs public safety goals

    Public opinion surveys to assess the resident’s support of the program

    Minimum of three discreet surveys
    Utilize random sampling techniques
    Sample size of a minimum of 400 citizens

  5. Louisiana says:

    Also, the only poll we’ve heard of was conducted only in Lafayette, Louisiana with a sample of less than 500. This is the poll that ask basically “Would you support a person’s constitutional rights even if it meant the death of women and children” Anyway, how did Redflex determine that ALL OF LOUISIANA felt that way. Are there 2 polls? I personally doubt it.

    • photoradarscam says:

      The only poll I believe is the one where people put their ballots in the ballot box, and the results were conclusively anti-camera. Does redflex expect us to believe that Sulphur, LA has an unusual pocket of anti-camera people but the rest of the state feels exactly the opposite?

  6. Pro-Camera says:

    Just did a little checking on the election results that are sited in the article.

    City of Sulphur, Repeal Ord. No. 873, M-C Series
    They did get 85.62% of the votes. That is 85.62% of the 3,749 total votes that were cast. This ordinance was to remove one redflex radar van from the city.

    For some reason, both the Camerafraud Article and the “TheNewspaper” articles both leave out this information. But “TheNewspaper” felt it was much better to add in that City of Sulphur had a population of 22,000.

    Now I’m not saying that the camera companies don’t do the same thing. They obviously leave out negative info and highlight the positive. But pointing out this vote as a tremendous victory isn’t exactly what your trying to make it out to be. A small town of 22,000 that covers 10 square miles. With one Redflex radar van.

    • photoradarscam says:

      Does it matter if there’s 1 camera or 100? Does it matter if it’s a large town or a small town?

      As far as the number of votes, it’s opinion of the people who show up to the ballot box that really matter, not those they catch at a shopping mall or on the phone.

    • Photo Enforcement has never survived a public vote, ever, anywhere.

      Get some sleep.

      • Ernest T. Bass says:

        i guess it would be nice for you to try and add arizona to that list…. too bad that it will never happen…. CF is not close to the required number of signatures…… keep walkin !!!

  7. Mark S says:

    If you are on Facebook, here is a poll for photo enforcement:

  8. Walter says:

    I just took the poll. Here are the results so far.

    Do you support the use of photo enforcement for traffic control?

    • Ernest T. Bass says:

      thats all fine and good walter… take all the little polls you want with your imaginary friends… until CF turns in 153,000 plus VALID signatures…… this is just a dream for all 10 of you !!!

      WAKE UP !!!

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