Activist Targets Redflex in Chicago

DSC_0121An activist targeted a Redflex technician in the Chicago suburb of Gurnee with a camera of his own this past week. Tom, an opponent of photo enforcement, stopped in a public area to photograph the man working on the machine.

Police arrived shortly after the Redflex employee called 911 to report the counter-cameraman, but the end result wasn’t what the automated ticketing tech expected. Tom writes:

I stopped to take pictures of a Redflex red light camera being repaired and the repairman called the police.  I was lucky the Gurnee police were very professional and protected my rights to take pictures on public property.  It is ironic that Redflex cameras take millions of pictures of unsuspecting motorists every day, but the Redflex repairman calls the police when someone on public property is taking pictures of their equipment and him.

See the rest of the pictures:

43 Responses to Activist Targets Redflex in Chicago

  1. The hypocrisy is dumbfounding.

  2. Will Kay says:

    How about that, huh? Police who actually allow a citizen to exercise his rights! You’re exactly right PRS, it is dumbfounding. A company whose sole purpose is to monitor and police societies citizens hates being monitored and policed itself!

  3. James Howard says:

    Hypocrites indeed!

  4. EMTharper says:

    EVERYONE needs to start doing this. If the Redflex lackeys start calling 911 each time, it’s going to cost more in police response times than they will ever make on tickets.

    Fight fire with fire.

  5. onlives says:

    Great irony. The police? Did this man think his life was in danger? It’s a wonder how these cameras get installed and are operated when not even the individuals behind them can stand to be on camera.

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  6. David Raikow says:

    Do you know what his actual complaint was?

  7. Bryan R says:

    I would have loved to have heard the conversation between the cop and the Redflex employee. The expression of the employee in pic. #6 is really satisfying – you know he was not hearing what he wanted to hear.

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  9. Camera Hater says:

    Nice work, Tom! And very nice to see the cops doing their job. I just love the way these amoral maggots want to hide from the glare of public exposure. If they are prepared to take the “thirty pieces of silver”, they should be prepared to live with the consequences.

  10. Camera Hater says:

    Oh, and I am sure that the police here in Australia wouldn’t be as professional. This little gulag has got so used to trampling on its citizens’ rights, I think its forgotten they ever had them!

    • Will Kay says:

      I am so glad you comment on this little forum Camera Hater. It’s always nice to be able to hear from citizens from other countries and their perspective. I only hope that others reading these comments begin to understand just how far Redfux is willing to take things if Americans do not stand against them.

      • Camera Hater says:

        That’s my pleasure, Will. I hope my perspectives help. The “road safety industry” has become a terrible cancer in the Australian community. The unholy alliance of Redfux (love it!), over-zealous traffic cops and academics who are addicted to their slice of scameras revenue, has way too much influence on Government and media. And anyone who doubts that it’s just about the $$$ need look no further.

        Set up a camera, the cash rolls in, people slow down, LOWER the speed limit (arbitrarily), make more money! And so it goes. That’s exactly what’s happening here.

        The end game – blanket 20 mph limits with cameras every 100 yards. That’s what’s actively being pushed by powerful lobbyists here.

        Australia has deteriorated badly. I’ll be headed to the States week after next and you’ll probably hear the cheering when I clear customs at LAX!

  11. Banphotoradar says:

    Hooray, Tom!!!!!!

  12. Outstanding work Tom! I’m not far from the Chicago area. If feel up to making a day of, I have cameras ;-). Kudos again.

  13. radiojunkie2006 says:

    I live in Chicago and these cameras are all over the place. And then there’s the parking meter mess thanks to King Daley. Chi-town sucks!

  14. Dr Jett says:

    Why should we be surprised that people who work for illicit companies are trying to keep their identities secret like the one here in Mesa hiding from the ‘flash mob’ or the one in Illinois. Would you want your friends and neighbors to know that you are screwing sheep for a living. Oh, excuse me, I meant sheep as anyone who doesn’t bother to learn the facts about fighting photo radar and protecting their rights as a citizen. I don’t know if he screws the 4 legged kind too.

  15. Banphotoradar says:

    Okay, you guys need to have a van protest now.

  16. Glyph says:

    Maybe we should approach him about a Chicago chapter of

  17. Beau Jangles says:

    This poor guy probably has a family at home, he is just trying to make a living. How would you like it if people started showing up to take pictures of you while you pick the poop out of rich peoples swimming pools. We could post it on

    • mghtyms04 says:

      well since I was once a pool cleaner, the company I once worked for took a picture of me to use for their advertisement. It never bothered me, but then again, I had nothing to hide.

    • Glyph says:

      That ‘poor guy’s living is dependant on the fact that people have no reasonable expectation of privacy as they drive down the road. That being said, he’s subject to the to the same scrutiny as the drivers being ticketed. If he doesn’t like it, he can quit.

    • Dr Jett says:

      You must be really lame to think that he is just a poor guy. He is attacking the American public including you. This maggot is too lazy to get a legitimate job. I have never been embarrassed to have someone take a picture of me selling any of my products. I even had a man video tape me at a sales booth. But, I have a legitimate job.

    • Camera Hater says:

      You are way off base here Beau Jangles. If this creep is amoral enough to live by thieving from his fellow citizens for trivial offenses, he should be man enough to accept the public gaze. I have been photographed, had quotes included in the media and been videotaped for broadcast as part of my job. I have no problem with that whatsoever.
      Oh and we’re not suggesting he was breaking the law as it stands today. Nor was Tom when he photographed him.

      • Beau Jangles says:

        I guess you forgot, one of you crazy fools approached a van and shot and killed the driver. No wonder this guy decided to call the police…..

        • Camera Hater says:

          Not one of us, you ignoramus. A criminal. I am sure I speak for all of us in condemning that felony. We want the cameras gone, and the scum that work them in legitimate employment. We want it now, and we want it LEGALLY. Your defamatory comments do you no credit, my friend. And you were the one complaining about inflammatory posts. Typical scamera supporter!

        • Dr Jett says:

          It is better to remain silent than to expose your ignorance Beau. Camerafraud members are using legal petitions to defeat the scams perpetrated on us by our legislature, not guns. Killing one soldier doesn’t win a war; you have to stop the leaders who are willing to sellout their fellow citizens like Nazi sympathizers which you represent.

        • Tom says:

          As the person who took the pictures, I can assure you that in no way was I ever threatening. I was completely outside his work area. When I arrived he was in his truck on a laptop. I took pictures of the open box for about a minute and then he noticed me. He got out of his truck, closed the box and then came at me with his hand up and said I could not take pictures and if I continued he would call police. I told him I was ok with him calling police (I wanted to be protected from him) It seems to me if he felt any kind of threat he would have stayed in his truck and called police without coming at me. He also could have driven off if we thought he was in any kind of danger. His primary concern was that I was violating HIS PRIVACY by taking pictures of him working on the box.

          Remember he called police because I was taking pictures of him but because I was violating his privacy.

          Isn’t it ironic?

  18. […] Activist Targets Redflex in Chicago […]

  19. Anthony62002 says:

    This is GREAT! I just paid a ticket here in St. Louis, MO for an alleged stop light that was ran. Here is the funny; I was stopped at the light which the photos clearly shows (you can see my tail lights are on); the light turns green then I proceed..the intersection in question is one of the busyest in the area around rush hour (when the incident allegedly occured). The ticket fine was $100.00! AUFKM?

    I went to court to fight the ticket but ended up paying the ticket because they said that the camera only activates if a violation occurs….

    I have been driving since I was 15-years old and NEVER EVER had a ticket and I will soon turn 40…so I say KEEP EXPOSING THESE FRAUDS! If you ever want to start a division in St. Louis, MO. Let me know, I will be more than happy

  20. hondo says:

    This guy obviously KNOWS that his line of work is as crooked as the IRS. Taking money from innocent people who have been set up. SCUMBAGS!
    He looks like a vampire when someone holds up a cross in his face!
    Who knows, he probably gets a percentage of each ticket!
    Away with him and his like. Let him find other employment.

  21. Ernest T. Bass says:

    looks like the circus is in town……

  22. JAFO says:

    Anyone notice in the first photo, the network router that is connected inside the box about a 1/3 the way down on the left? Wonder what they need a router for inside this scamera box? Interesting

  23. Tom says:

    one of the cables running from the router (the far left one) was connected to a laptop in his pick up truck. I have more pictures if you are interested.

    • Camera Hater says:

      Gidday, Tom! Great work, mate. Wish we had a few more like you down here in Australia. It’s really bad here in our little Gulag in the South. Only last night I saw a mobile scamera on my commute – a dark station wagon, blacked out windows, hidden in foliage. Sickening. I’ll bet Redfux just cleaned up! Too bad I didn’t have my camera!

    • mghtyms04 says:

      Hey Tom, The more exposure of these scum suckers swindling the public out of their hard earned money the better. I would love to see more pics.

  24. Truckwizard says:

    What, and the guy didn’t get a ticket for popping the curb and parking on the grass?

  25. Barnet Fagel says:

    Tom, I am just finishing a video on Chicago’s short yellow signals. Google MrBFagel. In a couple of days.

  26. pool cleaner says:

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