CameraFRAUD Monthly Meeting

the-face-of-camerafraud1Please join us for our monthly meeting September 8th at TC Luigi’s Pizza in Tempe!


If you have an item you would like to place on the agenda, please email

This is a casual event where everyone can get to know each other better while exchanging information and ideas to further the cause of ending automated ticketing.

This is a great opportunity to bring your ideas to the table, or to express your views on the types of events and activities you think we should be doing. We need your help and creative input to push this movement forward.

SIGNATURE GATHERERS: You can drop off or pick up sheets at this event, as well as other supplies and items. Those interested in helping collect signatures are also welcome to sign up: we’ll help you get started. Its so easy!


8 Responses to CameraFRAUD Monthly Meeting

  1. RPr says:

    Florida lawsuit filed Thursday. The Scameras are unconstitutional.

  2. Brent says:

    We really need strong attendance for this upcoming meeting.

    Redflex and their in-pocket media (AZRepublic) did a massive PR article this morning and I think they’re realizing they need to step up their efforts.

    We need to respond accordingly.

    Remember, they’re banking on your apathy..

  3. Glyph says:

    Massive PR article? is this separate fron the ‘Solar-powered Scamera’ piece?

  4. RPr says:

    according to redflex

    Camerafraud costs redflex at least 2.3 million this year.

    I think its 10 times that amount. LOL

    • Ernest T. Bass says:

      no no no no no….. read the article clown…. the writer inserts his opinion…. no quote from redflex about camerafraud…… where will this arrogance be once you do not come up with the required signatures?

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