Event: “CameraFRAUD Rockfest” Tomorrow

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8 Responses to Event: “CameraFRAUD Rockfest” Tomorrow

  1. Glyph says:

    Community service, an anger management class, and a fine? That’s it?

  2. Jaime says:

    I just got flashed while making a right turn at the intersection of Wilmot and 22nd. It was a red light, and I’m not sure I came to a complete stop before I turned right, though there was no one coming and it was safe. I honestly didn’t know this was illegal until I got flashed just now – is there any way to fight this? Is the fact that I honestly didn’t know I was doing anything wrong going to help my case?

    I’m am so furious right now. The economy is in a recession, my job was just cut to 32 hours a week… who has the funds to pay for this kind of thing? I certainly don’t have almost $300 to just throw away. The City of Tucson need to find a new way to make money!

    • They make plenty of money. This is just a blatant scam. Is there a worse city for dangerous red light, photo-enforced traps than Tucson? Maybe Chicagoland, but it’s a close race.

    • jgunn says:

      When my wife’s sister lived near a red light camera at Thunderbird and 19th, I specifically would not make a right turn on red there. I saw too many people who apparently did not stop at the technical camera definition of a stop get flashed. Mind you, they stopped at the light before turning right, just not at the place the camera defines a stop. Since I had no way of knowing what the camera’s definition of a stop was, I chose just not to turn right on red at all. It’s a shame that in the state’s zeal to make money, they make the laws so impossible to follow that anyone at anytime could get a ticket. That’s why I arm myself with GPS devices that let me know where the scameras are, so I can be especially vigilant where they place the money stealing devices.

      • Glyph says:

        There’s no longer a Redlight Camera at that intersection. ATS took them out and the city constructed some much needed Right Turn lanes.

        One less camera!

  3. Glyph says:

    Rockfest pics here

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