ATS, Redflex Vans Targeted for Protest

van-leavingAn unannounced protest last Friday morning targeted an American Traffic Solutions’ van in Mesa as well as a Redflex van in Tempe.

Numerous volunteers from CameraFRAUD appeared for a “flash mob” around 7 AM. Large signs reading “Scam Cam Zone”, “Pirates Ahead,” as well as”Fraud Alert” were used to warn drivers of the speed trap ahead near University and Stapley. Many motorists honked and yelled in support of the demonstration.

“CameraFRAUD demonstration signs reduced traffic speeds up to 50%, thereby causing the van driver to soon leave due to an unprofitable location…” said one volunteer. “Perhaps the City of Mesa should contract with us instead.”

Time is money with profit-rich photo radar vans. Any disruption to their operation could instantly destroy their profit margin for the day.

goodbookWith the early Mesa victory, it was off to an unmanned Redflex van in Tempe near McClintock and Elliot. Tempe police eventually arrived but watched from a distance. Concerned about their equipment, Redflex dispatched an employee to the scene.

For some reason, the talivan operator didn’t want to be identified, and tried to duck into a large book full of policies and procedures.

The unannounced demonstrations will continue.

17 Responses to ATS, Redflex Vans Targeted for Protest

  1. James Howard says:

    That is great! Thank you for providing a public service. I am sure you were way more effective in getting people to slow down than the cameras are.

  2. Paul says:

    Amazing how the people doing all the surveillance don’t like having their picture taken! LOL.. And you guys aren’t even sending them tickets to pay..

    Nice work guys! Keep it up!

  3. Sarah C. says:

    I think I might have driven by and seen you guys! Keep up the work.. Give those illegit bastards a taste of their own medicine till they get the hell out of our neighborhoods.

  4. Dan G. says:

    Awesome! We should have these things staked out 24/7 with people warning motorists. I’d volunteer to put some hours in warning people. In fact, I’ve done it before to the delight of most drivers.

    • Brent says:

      Please make sure you’re at our next monthly meeting, as this will be on the agenda.

      • Hellsing says:

        Have these sorts of demonstrations been continuing? Is there a list that I should get on in order to learn about more opportunities for protest?

  5. […] Flash mob scares away photo radar van. Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet BoxThanks to a photo radar van driver decided to flee the scene where it was parked to snap photos of drivers. After the “flash mob” of protesters showed up near a van, drivers slowed so much to see them that it foiled the ticket generating picture taking. CameraFraud is promising more flash mobs. There are some great pictures with the article which you will find here! […]

  6. RPr says:
    Parked in an empty lot, on private property

    more photos

  7. Camera Hater says:

    This is INSPIRATIONAL!! It warms the heart down in our little prison camp in the South seas (Australia) to see that Americans still won’t be oppressed, and that those boxes of tea would STILL wind up in Boston Harbour. Go for it, guys! Kick ass!

  8. Paul says:

    Wow!! Saw you guys out there again this morning.. Same place I think. That stupid scamvan flashed me even though I was going under the limit!

    Give em hell guys!

  9. Dr Jett says:

    I would recommend that the talivan driver get a job at a real whorehouse instead of working for Redflex. The pay is better and she can actually hold her head up high because she is providing a service that makes her customers happy instead of hiding because she is embarrassed to be seen as a talivan whore who was caught robbing other American citizens. Whoring Americans out for a foreign entity is the equivalent of being a Nazi sympathizer during WWII.

    • Raymond says:

      It’s sad when people like you can’t just speak on the topic at hand but have to be insulting and create an atmosphere of violence and hatred. The job the driver is doing is legal…just because you don’t like it or want to accept any responsibility for your actions doesn’t make it illegal. Using inflammatory language such as “talivan” and “Nazi” stirs anger and creates fear. Feed that fire long enough and you get violence. This is never acceptable though many of the camera haters seem to think that hard working Americans that are employed by Redflex or ATS that suffer violence deserve it. If your goal is to intimidate and create fear among decent, hard-working people who are Americans, and then advocating your followers call and intimidate the employees families and friends as posted in the past, then you’re doing a great job. If you are about posting ways to break the law and drop hints on how to vandalize the cameras and equipment or even encourage their theft, then you’ve succeeded there, too. Too bad you have to sink to these tactics instead of just sticking to the facts and issues and not resort to lies and threats.

      • Camera Hater says:

        Way off base, Raymond (or you’re just a Redflex stooge). I don’t think Camera Fraud is threatening anyone. Nor, to my observation, are they advocating breaking the law. AND they are most certainly NOT advocating violence.

        The simple fact is that speed cameras DO generate great anger. It’s not surprising. As a foreigner, I think it desperately sad that the nation that was this planet’s bulwark against totalitarianism, first defeating Fascist Police States, then Communist ones, should lapse into Police State behaviour itself. And for what?? The almighty dollar!

        Cameras are a mockery of fundamental American values and our shared common law justice system. Abolition of the right to confront your accuser, scrapping innocence until proven guilty, the compulsion to act as a Police informant (or be fined yourself, guilty or not)… These things DO make people mad… rightly!

        The amoral individuals who work for these companies are not being threatened. But they should have the spine to face public exposure (as do the Police, and even Parking Officers). Instead they want to hide in the shadows, like hyenas sneaking a bite from a carcass. They ARE NOT decent and, from my observation, are far from hard working.

        I come from a country where the scamera disease is nearing its zenith. Routine disregard for basic civil liberties and time honoured legal protections, arbitrary and ever-lowering speed limits, zero tolernace for the most minor infraction (1 mph over!!). That’s where this is headed. And the aim? Not road safety. The aim is to make private travel non-viable – hence blanket 20 mph speed limit proposals (to be rigorously photo enforced).

        People ARE “mad as hell”. Rightly. And I think it actually helps to see that we’re not alone. Far from it. We’re the majority, but by God we won’t be silent on this one!! Rant over.

        • Raymond says:

          Well, it’s 11 mph over here which means a person can still go 10 mph over the speed limit and not get flashed. I don’t see a problem with having speed limits and enforceing them as we have for decades. Here, 46 mph in a school zone is too much. 46 mph in a residential or business area is too much. And paying a police officer $60,000+ a year to sit and run photo radar instead of catching criminals, especially with the types of criminal problems we have here is ridiculous. Oh, yea, and the myth about catching criminals enforcing speed…it happenes but after over 20 years in law enforcement, not as often as you and others think. I would rather have my tax money spent spent with officers working a task force and dealing with the issues created by our illegal alien problem (human smuggling and the violence that comes with it). I know people are upset and the speed cameras on the highway and the way some areas have lowered speed limits quickly to increase revenue is wrong and I think AZ. has created it’s own problem by making the highway cams about money first and then safety. I do support the camera enforcement in the school zones and neighborhoods. When I came to Arizona, one of the first thyings I was warned about was people running red lights. I was told to count to 3 before proceeding into an intersection when my light turned green. They were right.

          May be you and other intelligent people might not be spurred to a violent act by what gets posted but there are a lot of nut jobs out there that look at some of these posting as a blueprint on what they should do to help the cause.

          Mad as hell is fine; Protests are fine. But when a group targets people working legally and then advocates intimidation of that employee to the point of advocating harassment of that persons family and friends (finding out where they live, going to facebook and other web sites)then a line is crossed. The issues presented by this group should be enough. Win on the issues. A conspiracy theory mentality shines a light on the message for the wrong reason. I am a strong Constitutionalist but see this issue as one that is solved by slowing down.

  10. Camera Hater says:

    Couldn’t have put it better myself, Dr Jett. Precisely. These slime are anathema to everything America stands for.

  11. Arthur says:

    Red light cameras ticket the owner not the offender. Often the owner isn’t the driver/offender, however the owner is ticketed, must either pay or lose wages, work time, use his/her gas and time to appear to prove they are innocent. Our system of justice requires just the opposite, inncoent until proven guilty.

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