HATED: Scam Cams Attacked Worldwide

Cameras attacked worldwide; liberty bunny wanted for questioning.

Cameras attacked worldwide; liberty bunny wanted for questioning.

Automated ticketing machines are being attacked worldwide, TheNewspaper.com reports. One of the cameras was located in Tennessee and owned by beleaguered, Australian-based Redflex:

In Clarksville, Tennessee an unidentified vehicle rammed a red light camera on August 1. The device, owned and operated by Australia’s Redflex Traffic Systems, was stationed at the intersection of Wilma Rudolph Boulevard and Dunbar Cave Road, WSMV-TV reported. The device will cost $20,000 to replace. Police released a grainy video of the incident taken by a red light camera across the street which records video 24 hours a day.


15 Responses to HATED: Scam Cams Attacked Worldwide

  1. Stacey says:

    Ah, I love freedom puppy and liberty bunny.

  2. Jokn says:


    NA………………WE’LL JUST PUT ANOTHER CAMERA UP TILL WE’VE ASSUMED CONTROL , ASSUMED CONTROL , ASSUMED CONTROl,when they have control you’ll get it oh ya and how………………………

  3. James Howard says:

    In Clarksville? I have been to Clarksville. I wouldn’t think there is enough traffic there to warrant a $20,000 camera.

  4. Walter says:

    James I think your short a 0. They usualy run $200,000-$250,000. From what I have seen reported.

    • Those are the numbers Redflex throws around, but I think the answer is closer to $10-20k. I think Redflex uses these inflated numbers whenever it suits their purpose, such as scaring AZ legislature out of canceling the contract, or to scare people away from vandalism.

      • Walter says:

        NO WAY… You mean Redflex??? Our all seeing saviour of our own demise, Would do something as unethical as inflating values to try to manipulate the opinion of the general public in order to make something appear to be something it’s not!!!! How could you say such a thing???I have never heard such blasphemous talk in my entire life. You must repent at once!

        • Walter says:

          Next your going too tell me that the Easter Bunny doesn’t really lay Easter Eggs. And that Santa is really just a bunch of guys that decorate Photo Radar cameras, And that he really doesn’t have flying reindeers or deliver toys too all the good little boys and girls.

  5. Dr Jett says:

    I hate to inform the general public, but Tennessee tends to be referred to as a redneck state. Oops, I forgot so is Arizona. Anyhow the good ol boys tend to react with reality at times whether it is politically correct or not. Redflex tactics attacking FREEDOM across the world offends the rednecks sense of fair play. Excuse me while I adjust my bandana; it isn’t covering my whole neck. I might be accused of the same thing; believing in FREEDOM. Oh, and having or being a redneck. I just think that voting the scamera companies out of existence is more effective for the long term results all true Americans want; OUR FREEDOM BACK IN OUR OWN HANDS. The DEVIL is just waiting for the people who work for the scamera companies; He has a special place for them in the fiery pit since they sold out their fellow citizens for a few pieces of silver which guarantees their entry into HELL.

  6. Camera Hater says:

    Amen, Dr Jett. While I wouldn’t condone law breaking, we’ve also had some heartwarming cases here in Australia of freedom-loving citizens striking back at the cameras.

  7. Joe Magill says:

    And a merry christmas to Santa’s little helpers. As a naturalised Australian I am ashamed that it is an Australian company responsible for these things. At least you Americans have woken up to what is going on and are doing something about it. We are still sheep over here and just swallow the nonsense that it is for our own good. Ben Franklin was right. But he could have said more. Those who trade liberty for security not only deserve neither, they usually get neither. Lets be honest; these things actually cost lives. God Bless America (and Americans)


  8. Joe Magill says:

    And I’ve just put my money where my mouth is.

    Lets hope we can get a similar group up and running here in Australia

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