Redflex: Crooked Company, Crooked Signs

Dear Redflex,

While we know that your “sexy-mama” employees like to drink on the job, forge documents,  and, well… go to federal prison, we have higher standards for you. Seriously. Stop making our job so easy, as you did today by posting this sign on the Loop 101 westbound just past Scottsdale Road:


An owl acts the fool (left) while a Redflex / DPS sign is displayed improperly for hours on Aug 12, 2009 on the Loop 101 in Scottsdale (right)... MUTCD standards be damned.

While initially funny, improper signage can be a serious driving distraction, leading to increased collisions and even fatalities.

29 Responses to Redflex: Crooked Company, Crooked Signs

  1. duece says:

    Really? Do you seriously think that the van driver intentionally posted the sign like this? You probably caught this in the 3 minute time frame between it was “illegally” posted and when the van driver fixed it.

  2. camerafraud says:

    The sign was that way for hours, and may even still be that way right now at almost 11:00PM.

    Time and time and time again they have done this. In fact, we get so many emails regarding improper signage that we don’t even really post them up anymore.

    Here’s three that we did post, though:

  3. who says:

    Hm, yup. I drove past that one today. About 3 or so. Ran a quick errand, went back by it around ten minutes later and someone in a gold colored van had stopped and was correcting it.
    Again, grasping at straws……

  4. Observer says:

    Do you have a camera shot of a Redflex employee placing the sign?

    Of course you don’t. So your assertion that they are responsible is assinine.

  5. Walter says:

    Even if it was straight when they placed it. It still does NOT meet MUTCD standards. I have not seen a single Photo Radar Van sign that does.

    • Ernest T. Bass says:

      so call a cop !!! but for LAB’s sake….quit whinning !!! you are an assistant organizer….ACT LIKE ONE !!!

  6. Jokn says:

    I drove past this sign at 2:00pm Drove down to 14th and camelback and drove back to penske auto on the way back the sign was still the same I took a pic of this , I don’t like this nazi shit any better than you people but once a program is put in place to generate $$$$ ie… taxes ect ect they just don’t go away there here to stay……………..

  7. RPr says:

    From the Australian

    THE traffic-camera operator is quick to crow about new US contracts — and there have been lots — but when one of them gets struck down the company deems the news as not material enough to warrant an ASX disclosure.

    Last week, California’s Orange County Court (near Disneyland) ruled that its $US1.2m ($1.4m) contract with the City of Santa Ana violated state law. It’s by no means the first such setback for Redflex, which has about 5 per cent of its cameras knocked out for legal reasons at any one time.

    Redflex chief Graham Davie describes such legal challenges as “part of the landscape in the US”. He says: “A number of these things have been running and continue to run.”

    What’s clear is that a rump of vocal US motorists think that speed cameras suck. Under the banner of groups such as Camerafraud, they’re not afraid of bending the ears of pollies.

    In Arizona, Redflex’s home base, a bill to ban the devices sits on the floor of the legislature, but the cash-strapped state probably isn’t about to snub a fertile revenue source.

    It’s a moot point whether the irate motorists speak for the silent majority. Davie says broader US surveys show 70-80 per cent support for photo enforcement, which makes it even more popular than our Kev.

    Davie says no action has caused Redflex any “adverse effect over a period of time” and the number of inactive cameras has trended down to 3 per cent. But Redflex is spending more than $1m on legal fees and its own lobbying to counter the ever-present threat of rollback.

    Redflex in late June warned that earnings for the year to June 2009 would be 10 per cent lower than the previous $15.26m. The downgrade stemmed from a fatal tragedy in April, when an employee in Arizona was shot on duty (presumably by someone upholding the American right both to speed and to bear arms).

    Bell Potter analyst John O’Shea says legal issues will be “forever part of life” for Redflex. “The big issue is if a massive state says we’ll ban the lot, but things tend to be done on a local level and for particular reasons.”

    Criterion had Redflex as an avoid at $2.38 on June 2 and retains the call ahead of Tuesday week’s results.,25197,25925230-23634,00.html

  8. who says:

    “While initially funny, improper signage can be a serious driving distraction, leading to increased collisions and even fatalities.”

    Haha! Speed doesn’t kill, but a sideways sign can!

    • Glyph says:

      Well, there sre federal laws regarding freeway signage…

      • Ernest T. Bass says:

        well glyph…when you see a federal police officer,,,make sure you flag him down !!! and tell him/her about the blatant law breaking going on !!!

      • who says:

        oh my, lame attempt at recovery.
        Hey, you been to cherry creek trail to see the glyphs supposedly out there?

      • who says:

        yes, a sideways sign is a distraction and kills people.
        On the other hand, people standing on the street corner waving signs and yelling to motorists.. no distraction at all.

  9. Camera Hater says:

    It is soooo embarrassing that these creeps hail from Australia. Mind you, at least in the US, you at least require signs, and that the surveillance identifies the driver. Here in Nazi Victoria (Australian state), the surveillance is covert, you get busted for less than 2 mph over the limit, and its owner onus (if you own the car snapped, YOU take the rap unless you rat on the person who was actually driving!)

  10. Ernest T. Bass says:

    I haven’t been nabbed by one of these scameras yet (knock on wood) and I generally drive within the vicinity of the speed limit, but I do not like driving in fear of getting a ticket that I don’t deserve and cannot contest because of a malfunction

    this quote is from member JW…. if you get the ticket …you deserve it…. your just angry cause you got nabbed !!!

  11. […] CameraFraud has documented over 5 violations so far: Redflex Photo Van Caught Violating State Law Redflex: Crooked Company, Crooked Signs Redflex Violates State Law Regarding Signage… Again! Prescott Valley disregards Signage Laws A […]

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