Judge: Redflex Contract Illegal

redflexBeleaguered photo radar and red light camera provider Redflex Traffc Solutions was dealt a blow last week when a Superior Court judge in Orange County, CA. found their contract with the City of Santa Ana to be illegal:

…Orange County Superior Court Commissioner Kenneth Schwartz declared the city’s program void because it had ignored several provisions of state law.

“the court… is compelled to declare — on its own motion — that the contract between Santa Ana and Redflex is contrary to terms of a law designed for the protection of the public, which prescribes a penalty for violation, is illegal and void, and that no action may be brought to enforce it,” Schwartz ruled.

Business as usual for the criminals working so hard to steal your money in the automated ticketing industry.

18 Responses to Judge: Redflex Contract Illegal

  1. EMTharper says:


    …Not the red light camera people caught a 1/10th of a second after the light is red.

    No, the criminals are the cities and politicians who support the financial rape of their own constituents.

  2. RPr says:

    so far the only one to go to jail is jay specter


  3. Glyph says:

    This is great. Now, other Californians will be able to cite precedence and hopefully get their tickets tossed. With any luck (and some much needed integrity), Santa Ana will be the first domino to fall in California.

  4. Mark S says:

    And DPS says we can trust these crooks that are running the scamera operations.

    Yeah, right.

    • Ernest T. Bass says:

      speed and red light cameras save lives !!! period..end of discussion !!!

      now since california is in the worst financial shape of all the states…. they will tweak whatever law needs to be tweaked and the cameras will flash as usual!!! or it will be appealed to a higher court where it will be tossed !!!

      hail the flashes !!

      • Dr Jett says:

        Ernest T. Bass,
        Are you really lame enough to believe what you just wrote after reading about the reality of the types of criminals that are running and working for the photo radar scamera companies. Did you read anything about saving lives in this latest judicial ruling. You must be on some really good drugs. What is your favorite; crack cocaine, heroin?

      • john says:

        well, i see no other choice but to believe your claim that is backed up by no evidence whatsoever.

        screw you camerafraud.com. from now on i will be looking for YOUR tacky vanity plates.


      • jgunn says:

        Still waiting for the explanation of how the cameras saved so many lives when there was no change in the average speeds in the valley. It’s just like I observe on my commute. It’s still 70 in the 55 zones, and 70-75 in the 65’s until there is a camera, then everyone slows, and speeds back up again.


        • Ernest T. Bass says:

          forgive clown if i dont “take your word for it” with your unofficial perception of speeds.. for those of us that live out east…. we have the US 60 west which has cameras and the US60 east which does not…. it is very easy to see the difference in speeds… of course you still have the assholes that want to drive as fast as they can…. as for the answer that you are looking for> it can not be measured… i can nor can anyone else tell you have many lives have been saved because people are more aware of their speed and HAVE slowed down… sorry..i can not report on things that did not occur….. you have your opinions and i have mine…

  5. Good job Santa Ana. Orange County routinely rejects photo enforcement.

    Nice Redflex logo with slogan!

  6. jgunn says:

    Cmon, the law doesn’t apply to the elite like Redflex and DPS. It only applies when one of us poor saps misses a speed limit sign and then *POW*, the law hits us with a nice 200$ fine. Make checks payable to the above who are too good to follow the laws that us peons must abide by.

  7. Camera Hater says:

    How embarrassing that these creeps come from my country (Australia). Mind you, the speed enforcement fanaticism here is at “Taliban” levels. Try these on for size! Less than 2 mph tolerance. Routine rejection of the appeals of hundreds of drivers when cameras are faulty. Owner onus – i.e. nominate the speeding driver or you’re forced to pay the fine yourself, whether you were driving or not. Specially designed, disguised cameras – e.g. cameras in wheelie bins…

    Its turned into quite a little gulag on the other side of the pond here I gotta tell you!

  8. My cousin and I came up with a new state motto for Arizona. “Ditat Deus” is pretty tired, so here’s our proposal:

    “Welcome to Arizona… GOTCHA B!TCH!!”

  9. Steve says:

    score! I cant wait to kick these greedy bastards out of our state

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