Photo Radar and Google Search Results

googleThe number of times a certain word (or phrase) is repeated online can be used as an unscientific yet revealing way of gauging popularity, relevancy, and public opinion. The results below generally show more likely than not that online references to photo radar tend to be more negative than positive.

“photo radar safety” – 8,210 results
“photo radar fraud”26,500 results
“i love photo radar” – 5,060 results
“i hate photo radar” – 9,980 results
photo radar is about safety – 892,000 results
photo radar is about money13,300,000 results

Propaganda Words/Phrases:
“speeder van” – 1380 results
“scam van” – 12,000 results
“flashing money tree” – 30,500 results
“talivan” – 53,700 results
“speed van”143,000 results
“scamera” – 161,000 results
“safety camera” – 217,000 results

Redflex & American Traffic Solutions vs. CameraFRAUD:
“redflex” – 56,000 results
“american traffic solutions”
– 39,300 results
“camerafraud”71,100 results

21 Responses to Photo Radar and Google Search Results

  1. Aren’t we just a “very vocal minority?”

  2. Paul says:

    I would say we aren’t vocal enough. I think it’s time we step up our demostrations, signature gathering, and also PR. The two scamera companies are probably going to be stepping up there operations in the next three quarters as they have to deliver bad news to investors in Q4-2010, (as they lose they home state and most key market).

    Perhaps another demo in front of RedFlex’s offices might be in order soon..

  3. Concerned motorist says:

    I have heard from a few people that ignored their scamera tickets, that they were told that their drivers licenses were suspended. Has anyone heard of this? I still don’t know what I would do if I got a ticket in the mail. I don’t believe in what these cameras are representing, but I also need to drive to work! What can they really do to non-paying “offenders”?

    • guttersn1pe says:

      When in doubt, MVD allows an online check of your driver’s license status.

      Here’s the link:

      There’s a $3 fee and it will tell you if you have any citations, suspensions and/or revocations.

    • metelhed says:

      I smell a troll, but I can tell you from personal experience, and through others who have followed my advice, that licenses will not be suspended unless a person acknowledges receipt of any ticket or is served. Once you’ve acknowledged it, you’re now in the system. The poster below has linked to the relevant websites where you can follow the progress of one of these violation notices without acknowledging receipt.

    • mghtyms04 says:

      Your license can not be suspended or revoked from not answering a scamera ticket, unless you have been personally served of course. If you do receive a letter in the mail stating that your license has been revoked or suspended, it is merely a scare tactic to get you to respond. I remember when redflex first started that they would send these types of letter to people. The law office I worked for at the time got every single on of these peoples scamera tickets dismissed due to the fact there was no hearing, trial or due process before a license was suspended or revoked.

  4. Mike says:

    Keep checking these web sites:

    120 days after the court filing of the ticket you should see this – which means you’re free and clear and it went away:


  5. Will Kay says:

    The numbers don’t lie! I LOVE IT!!!

  6. RPr says:,0,2499774.story

    As a backlash against red light cameras starts to gain steam, a traffic camera firm serving Chicago and several suburbs says it is willing to explore charging a reduced fine to drivers caught making illegal rolling right turns on red.

  7. Zebra says:

    I’m kind of amazed that there are >5,000 hits on “I love photo radar.”

    I have yet to run into one person who actually likes it. At most they are just unaware and neutral.

    • Malfeasant says:

      I’ve talked to just two people who are for it. One is a guy I work with, he drives the 101 regularly and is certain that it has made his commute safer- though he couldn’t say exactly how… the other one called me a menace, he was the type who thinks only speeders have a problem with speed cameras. This was the guy who said, “I can’t think of any reason why anyone doesn’t like these things other than you just can’t speed anymore!” To which I tried to point out just a couple reasons beyond that, but he started yelling over me, “I don’t want to hear it!” So that’s why you can’t think of any other reason I guess…

  8. Zebra says:

    Yeah. I forgot about the delusional perfect driver, who occasionally gets mad when someone is tailgating him, and thinks “those speed cameras will stop this!!”

    • And then they “slam on their brakes to teach that guy a lesson,” which makes the road just that much safer. I know the type.

      • Malfeasant says:

        I used to be that type, when I was young- thing with being an asshole is, there’s always someone out there who is a bigger asshole… slammed on my brakes in front of a tailgater, he just darted around me, then slammed on his brakes- came closer to rear ending someone at 50mph than i ever would have liked- just part of growing up.

        • Ernest T. Bass says:

          slamming the brakes on a tailgating asshole usually will end the tailgating….. of course there is always the possibilty that you will get the crazy fk/// and then you can either do what a CF member would do…. wither away and play scared or stand up to the ass that was being a jerk !! unlike you cowards i choose to meet the challenge head on!!!

  9. Concerned motorist says:

    Metelhed, I don’t see how the question I made about suspended licenses would make you think I’m a “Troll”! I hate these damn things but I heard from two people that they were told they had thier licenses suspened. I figured I would get the truth on here. Trust me. No troll here!!!!! I am just trying to learn about these things, as I have never gotten flashed

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