Jay Leno on Speed Cameras

postitFormer “Tonight Show” host and car enthusiast Jay Leno recently recently sat down on BBC’s “Top Gear” program to discuss a variety of topics— including “photo enforcement.”

“Well, you have these speed cameras here… See, in L.A., people would say “why don’t you just shoot them out?” In L.A. a day doesn’t go by you don’t see a Styrofoam cup stuck over the lens of a speed camera.”

Click for video:



8 Responses to Jay Leno on Speed Cameras

  1. Will Kay says:

    Clarkson, Hammond, and May make Top Gear the best show on TV.

  2. This is scary, from Benson, AZ:

    An officer if accused of avoiding photo radar…

    “Those allegations included shielding his license plates to avoid photo radar, advising his wife to contest a photo radar enforcement ticket, using his badge while off-duty to get out of tickets and covering his face to hide his identity as another tactic to get out of photo radar enforcement.”

    It’s not illegal to cover your face while driving, nor is it to cover your license plate, if you do it right, nor is it illegal to advise someone to fight their ticket.

  3. who says:

    So a law enforcement officer only has to set a good example and be an outstanding citizen when he’s on the clock?

  4. Camera Hater says:

    Fantastic interview. I love it, especially the audience reaction. The sad fact is that the “greed cameras” are just one aspect of the totalitarian slippery slope we are zooming down. The behavioural control leash gets tighter and tighter. On the roads, its “every mph over kills!” like we have here in Nazi Australia. In the home, its “watch your language, eat your greens!” from the Nanny State. My prediction – Domestic Compliance Cameras in every home by 2020 and universal human microchipping by 2040.

  5. Dr Jett says:

    Obviously Officer Litchfield is being censored for being a TRUE AMERICAN CITIZEN that believes that photo radar is morally and ethically wrong. They should take the Chief and fire him for keeping an officer on administrative leave and costing the taxpayers money for his personal agenda.
    Camera Hater’s prediction could very well come true if the citizens of our countrys don’t stop our freedoms from being curtailed now. FREEDOM IS NOT ILLEGAL IF THIS IS A FREE SOCIETY LIKE THE GOVERNMENT CLAIMS IT IS.

    • Camera Hater says:

      Thanks, mate! And for the record, I feel exactly like Clarkson does about Prison UK. No one enjoys standing around in the Homeland Security/Immigration queue at LAX or JFK… ahh but the feeling when you get through. FREEDOM!! Out of Gulag Australia for a bit! Excellent!
      Although the speed camera scam and roll back of civil liberties is bad in the States, you’re still truly the “Land of the Free” compared to the land downunder…

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