Redflex Camera Attacked on AZ-51


CLOSED FOR BUSINESS (Click for larger version)

An automated ticketing machine was rendered inoperable over the weekend, CameraFRAUD has learned.

The Redflex device, located on the AZ-51, appears to have been covered with black paint in a photo submitted to us by a reader:

“…Had to double back to get this. It would have almost been impossible to see the damage if it weren’t for the overspray on the front housing.”

No word on if the cameras that watch the cameras were able to give police any hints as to who the culprit may be.

Arizona’s beleaguered “photo enforcement” system has been rendered inoperable with post-it notes, silly string, sledgehammers, pick-axes, spray paint, large rocks, spare tires, as well as two acts(1) of God(2) .

Other recent worldwide incidents include stickers, paintball guns, jack handles, fire, spray paint (again), baseball bats, fire (again), and our favorite: theft— by speed camera employees / contractors.

Who would have thought.


30 Responses to Redflex Camera Attacked on AZ-51

  1. It happened in MD also:

    Not sure why this hasn’t happened much sooner… especially by street gangs and the such. They paint signs and fences all of the time, why not be a little more constructive with your tagging?

  2. who says:

    yup, and along with your other promoting of violence against camera’s, someone got murdered.

    • LoneWolf says:

      Who are you? The thought police? Everyone is responsible for their own actions. If I suggest you to go rob a bank so you can get hundreds of thousands of dollars, will you do it? I can imagine you’re probably one of those who believe that guns kill people too. Run along.. go tell your ever-watchful guardian, big brother, that people are excersizing their constitutional rights to free speech.

    • tom says:

      “violence against” an inanimate object??? Sounds serious.

    • come on says:

      Troll Score: 2/5, Needs Improvement

      I expect more from you. See me after class.

    • Stacey says:

      Good God! Ch 12 is here.

    • Camera Hater says:

      And tell me what it was like, Who Says, working with the SS in Auschwitz?? No-one is advocating violence against cameras or anyone else. We just want to end the totalitarian surveillance regime. I find this site heartwarming, and an inspirational reminder that the essence of America isn’t dead, and the echoes of that “shot heard round the world” have not yet died. These “Santas Helpers” are the true heirs of the Minutemen that stood firm in the face of George IIIs tyranny. Go guys!!!

  3. You forgot Christmas wrap:

  4. Glyph says:

    Yes, someone was murdered, but that has nothing to do with CameraFRAUD. And I’m sure that it’s breaking DPS’ heart not being able to connect De Stories to CF in one way or another. Not that DPS hasn’t already tried.

  5. Please don’t hurt any cameras!

  6. Dr Jett says:

    I talked to an ex-military Vietnam Vet. He said that the US Army trained him to use Det Cord to remove obstacles like the cameras. He said that wrap it around the pole and it would send the pole up in the air like a rocket. Where is are military when we need help fighting against legislated terrorism? Oh, thats right they are bogged down fighting for the lies that Bush made up in foreign countries and wasting the taxpayers money.

  7. Glyph says:

    Yeah, but where would one get ahold of detcord anyway? That’s one list my name isn’t on, and I want to keep it that way!

    But I get your point Dr. Jett, we protect this nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic (especially domestic). If we can do it with signs, postit-notes, and petitions instead of detcord, that’d be fine with me.

  8. Nunya says:

    What if we hung signs around the cameras’ “necks” that said things like “mailing is NOT proper service in AZ” and “Continually recording for OUR viewing pleasure” or “Here For Revenue NOT Safety” or other smart-aleck comments?

  9. Dr Jett says:

    I don’t know what det cord is, but I told my friend who spent 2 tours of duty in the army in the jungle in Viet Nam about the guy who attacked the camera with a pick ax. He said the pick ax guy should have used it and that is what would happen. His other Vet buddy laughed and said yeah that would do it.
    Your idea would at least be humorous. I think “the speeding citation letter received in the mail is not proper service for a traffic ticket and you don’t have to respond to it” would actually educate the people that haven’t paid attention to all of the ongoing information that has been published.

  10. Glyph says:

    For lack of a better description, detcord basically ‘explosive rope.’ When you hear of the bomb squad blowing up a suspicious device, they’re usually using detcord to do it. Not exactly something you pick up at WalMart, and you need a blasting cap to set it off. We’re already taking too much heat from DPS, I’d hate to have to deal with the ATF as well.

    I like Nunya’s sign idea though.

  11. Steve says:

    I think was great, I wish more taggers would keep hitting the cameras. Im not a big fan of “gang graffiti” but if they hit the cameras im all for it! I think they should use liquid etch rather then spray paint. They way they have to keep replacing the covers. Im surprised nobody has bombed out the cameras yet like they do in Europe

  12. EMTharper says:

    With words like bomb, murder, violence, detcord, army, explosive, and blasting cap, I’m sure this page just surged to the top of some watchlists…

  13. Banphotoradar says:

    Maybe, it is the sledge hammer guy again.

  14. jgunn says:

    I guess the graffiti taggers have found a very constructive outlet for their talents.

    • Walter says:

      I noticed the black over spray on that camera a few weeks ago. It looks like they replaced the glass and left the over spray on the cover.

      It begs the question. How many cameras get vandalized on a regular basis that are never reported by DPS or Redflex?

      • Can we do an FOIA request and find out?

      • Blurring the lines says:

        I would think that a nice satin clear spray paint would work well. It would render the photos blurry and useless without obviously defacing the camera box. It might also cause some confusion on the part of the sell-outs-of-liberty who allegedly review the photos. I’m just talking hypothetically here and not encouraging anyone to actually try it.

      • Camera Hater says:

        Here in Nazi Australia, we have regular camera vandalism that is never reported. I am sure its a deal with the News Directors/Editors of media outlets with our mindlessly totalitarian Government not to report (in the same way (positively) that suicides are not reported. We see frequently burnt out or pushed over cameras… and silence in the media.

      • Glyph says:

        Walter, that’s a pretty good question. One thing that I’ve noticed is that most of the major camera attacks happened shortly after had a well publicized event. In fact, the Pickaxe Attack back in December occurred hours after CF’s demonstration at Redflex HQ.

        Speaking of the Pickaxe Bandit, Travis Townsend, and smash-meister Louis Sanchez are the only two people who have been caught damaging/defacing cameras since the state wide program went into effect a year ago.

        Two busts, that’s all? Based on the incidents that we are aware of (as there may be dozens of others), that’s still a crappy record on DPS’ part.

  15. jamaica2001 says:

    Thank you it’s very nice

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