Be Nice to the HR People

sandraFrom John via email:

this is the license plate of sandra stevens, redflex’ head of HR. in her defense, who doesn’t find middle aged women with huge fake [redacted] sexy?

HR people always get the short end of the stick. Responsible for managing everything from health plans to sexual harassment complaints, they are often times the nicest people within a company to be found. While we don’t know if that’s the case for Stevens (or if that’s even her car), it does appear she has made some enemies.

Court records from 2008 show that an injunction against workplace harassment was jointly filed by Redflex and Sandra Stevens against a “John Doe.”  The record was later updated to reflect the name of an individual in the case. We’d like to point out that it’s a good thing that those who are accused of harassment are properly served instead of just being mailed a letter like Redflex’s automated ticketing scheme.

So, to the person at Redflex who owns the 300: your license plate is tacky and you’re double-parked like a rube. Your children deserve better.

41 Responses to Be Nice to the HR People

  1. EMTharper says:

    She’s double-parked into a handicap spot. I can see why she has enemies.

  2. Chuck says:

    My three decades of experience within a big, multi-national corporation have taught me that HR people are the least trustworthy people in the company. They are exactly the types who would say “If you don’t speed you have nothing to worry about.”

  3. metelhed says:

    And cue the indignant outrage from the camera supporters who fail to see the similarity of them taking pictures of our vehicles for their own purposes as we get to take pictures of their vehicles for our own purposes.

    Of course, if it isn’t a Redflex employee’s vehicle I feel sorry for the vitriol headed their way.

  4. RPr says:

    party at redflex LOL

  5. Chuck says:

    Sorry, “The Keeper of the Seven Keys” but there is indeed more than one Chuck on the Internet. No doubt you find this fact confusing when we could all be issued unique numbers by the government and merely use those for our non-confusing, Utopian identification.

    I would think that someone as paranoid as you appear to be about the recurrence of common place names in website comments must surely find the frequent recurrence of scammera fraud truly terrifying. But then you apparently make some hobby of monitoring sites with which you disagree. Or are you paid, dear Judas, for your trolling, by ATS, Redflex, DPS or one of the other Orwellian organizations?

    By the way, I’ve been driving over forty years now, not fifteen. I have no problem driving safely and within the speed limits, especially at this late stage of my life. My last traffic violation was 1983.

    I am opposed to scammeras because they represent bold government intrusion into our lives for the sake of money and under the lie that they improve safety.


    (My real name. Sorry but I couldn’t dream up anything nearly as poetic as Keeper of the Seven Chastity Belt Keys or whatever)

    • The Keeper of the Seven Keys says:

      Upps… It virtually seems you’re third Chuck at this formum, because two another Chucks were blatantly “pro-camera” Tweedledum & Tweedledee. So, if I’ve virtually stomped on wrong Chuck’s virtual scrotum – please take my deeeeeeeepest apologies. Moreover, I have no damn idea which my exact statement made you believe that I’m “pro-cameras” too.

      >> (My real name. Sorry but I couldn’t dream up
      >> […]
      You do not need to be sorry – “on the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”(c). And, finally, if you decided to go personal
      >> anything nearly as poetic as Keeper of
      >> the Seven Chastity Belt Keys or whatever
      I’d help you for free – what’s about “I’m Chuck, and I’m here to s..k”?

  6. who says:

    Atleast Redflex violations come with photographic proof of who’s driving the car. You guys are blasting someone without any proof of who drives that car. Lame

  7. ??? says:

    this anti safety group does this all the time dont worry they are just trying to search for posts i wonder what is next?

  8. ??? says:

    i thought this site has alot of members?? i think people just visit this site to catch all the lies the anti safety group posts! hell it keeps me coming here i almost hate to say it but i miss LAB on this site i bet you guys do to shit it was busy then

    • Punctuation? Grammar?

      You thought right that we have a lot of members. I am officially inviting you to our next monthly meeting. Join our meetup group and you can find out when and where.

    • Camera Hater says:

      ??? My friend we are not anti-safety. We are VERY pro-safety, hence we oppose the mistaken obsession with low range speeding that comes with the cameras. This idiocy is costing lives due to the wrong-headed focus and associated poor human enforcement. How can we be anti-safety when we urge a focus on what causes 97% of collisions, rather than a greedy money grab linked to the 3% that are speed-related??

  9. ??? says:

    Punctuation? Grammar?
    Is that your only arguement??
    How about the fact that your entire organization is based around the fact that you can’t get away with speeding anymore? But thank you CamerafraudAz I’ll work on it!! While I am doing that work on finding a new cause thats worth your time.

    • Thanks for asking. We have many arguments and this website is a wealth of information. Please read up on all the reasons why we are against photo/video enforcement.

      With a full time job and the work I do for CameraFraud, along with other business pursuits, I’m afraid I just wouldn’t have enough time for another worthy cause. Thanks for the suggestion. It looks like your grammar is improving already!

    • Can’t get away with speeding any more? Ha! It’s easier than ever. Fewer police on the roads, and all I have to do is hide my face when I drive by a camera. It’s EASIER than ever to get away with speeding.

      Personally, I want the cameras down because it will make the roads MORE safe. Educate yourself here and at

      • jgunn says:

        PRS, exactly my sentiments. With so many ways to know where the cameras are, and no cops AZ highways are back to near autobahn status. I got passed by someone who must have been doing 100MPH on the 101 the other day, and he knows since there are few cops on the road, he can get away with it. All anyone has to do is slow down for the 1/4 mile at the cameras, then you are free to go whatever speed you want to. I’d prefer the before camera behavior where almost everyone drove the safest 85 percentile speed regardless of the number on the sign, but the cameras have changed that to a mix of sloooow drivers and fast drivers, thus increasing sideswipe accidents from all the changing of lanes due to the massive differential of speeds the cameras cause. Witness the sideswipe accident on the I10 right at the camera location a week or so back. Likely caused by the aggressive lane changes cause by the mix of speeds that the cameras cause.

      • who says:

        Yes, speed while covering your face. Certainly much safer than just doing the speed limit.

        • jgunn says:

          I’d be curious what they would do it someone drove around with a Nixon mask and collected speeding tix? Would they have the balls to go ahead and send the tix to the registered driver and make him identify the driver? Umm, judge, that looks like Nixon to me! Would definitely be interesting if someone did something like that.

          • Ernest T. Bass says:

            you really have to wonder that?

          • Malfeasant says:

            funny you mention that, I’ve been looking for a Nixon mask lately for just that purpose…

            • EMTharper says:

              The Freedom’s Phoenix workshop has oversized “V” for Vendetta masks available for free/donation.


              • Camera Hater says:

                I love it! V is such an appropriate character. Speed cameras are the top of the totalitarian slippery slope we’re headed down!!!

            • guttersn1pe says:

              With Halloween coming up – sounds like a perfect opportunity for “V” to be implicated in numerous speeding violations throughout the valley.

        • Never said it was safer, but I’ll never get caught. This behavior is quite common, look around next time you go by one. This is part of the reason why accidents INCREASE where cameras are installed. They encourage this behavior.

  10. Will Kay says:

    Looks like our favorite little troll (???) is back. As has been pointed out before, a lack of comments doesn’t mean a lack of site hits or page views genius!

    • Ernest T. Bass says:

      that was not me…. but i know since you guys mention me often that you miss me….. i come up it seems on every topic…..

      rock star !!!

  11. Ernest T. Bass says:

    yes will kay, like they share all that information with you…. and you dont fool me…. there is a direct link between the lack of ACTIVE members and participation at the CF sponsored events…. look around…. its the same few all the time….. the flame in your cause is about to go out…..

  12. Ernest T. Bass says:

    is this the next wave from CF ? is this the new strategy? going after employees of redflex and ats personally?

    kind if lame that you start a new topic and you can not even verify who owns the car…. and who cares what she did to her body? or how do we know that?

    things were much more active when LAB was able to post !!!

  13. Will Kay Loves the D in his A says:

    I hate the cameras too…I just got served for the second time….what should I do….Do I have to pay it????? BTW…….take it easy on (???)…..I know him very well and that favorite little troll of yours would Bring the Ruckus all over your face if you ever met him….but not before he listened to your side first so lets keep the name calling to a minimum.

    PS….Suck it Trebek….

  14. jus_watchin says:

    Completely agree…….if you want this site taken seriously we need to keep the elementary name calling to a minimum……….

  15. hate_cameras says:

    I second that

  16. who says:

    Yes, but personal attacks against camera supporters are a big part of this site. And supposedly so is F R E E D O M! But try to post something personal about a Camera fraud member, and BAM, censorship. Kinda Ironic huh?

    • Ness says:

      Now you have the taste of violation of your rights as an American. Everyday our rights are being abused by pigs.

  17. Ness says:

    This is America, the land of the free and the land of the brave… We are letting a pig who drives a poor man’s Bentley kill our fore fathers’ hard work. Nope, no way in hell will that happen! Our fore fathers shed their own blood for this country. Freedom and liberty is what they shed their blood for. These sick pigs like SXEMAMA live here for free bccause of us. Corruption in our state government is what led our hard work earned money go to this pig’s wanna be Bentley. Its good to know that we own them all. We the People are the hand that the pigs (Redflex, ATS, insurance companies, DPS and the Arizona senate) feed off of. Remember we don’t need them they need us… They need us for their bread and butter. I feel sorry for this very sad and shallow individual who drives the poor man’s Bentley, especially for the children. Our Civil Rights and FREEDOM will not diminish at speeds of 67 miles an hour… But fast and surely the pigs will no longer call this place home. I’m talking about the pigs who feed off the hand that feeds. We the People are that hand. “We the People own you.” Security and saftey my ass. It’s all about the pig’s greed… The pigs have no security…

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    -Benjamin Franklin 

  18. […] we know that your “sexy-mama” employees like to drink on the job, forge documents,  and, well… go to federal […]

  19. Amy Moore says:

    Stop being such a douche and find a better use for your time. Your personal attacks on these people show you to be small minded and childish. Why don’t you find a better use for you time. Try being a productive member of society. I know that may be a stretch for someone with your diminished mental capacity but what the hell shoot for the stars. But then again for someone like you being the internet bully must be very satisfying. It is so easy to attack people who have the good sense not to lower themselves to your level and fight back. The satisfaction you derive from hurting others with your hateful comments is pathetic. And it speaks volumes about your character. Please do everyone a favor and put down your keyboard. Your crap is getting old. Stop harassing these people that are just doing their jobs and find one of your own. And FYI if you dont want a photo radar ticket…..wait for it….don’t speed.

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