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ATS spokesdrone Josh Weiss

Josh Weiss: Highway Robbery Specialist and Photo Radar Goose-Stepper

Ask a Photo Radar Apologist!

Josh Weiss is the official spokesdrone for American Traffic Solutions, as seen in this KPHO video from earlier this year telling us how automatic license plate recognition is such a wonderful thing for “catching criminals.” For example: in Arlington, VA the technology has been used to seize the license plates of violent offenders library patrons who owe too much in overdue book fines. The state treasurer explains:

“I rub my hands together in great glee and anticipation… I think it’s beautiful, it gives us a whole new dimension to collection.”

In Weiss’ world, privacy is irrelevant compared to the needs of corpgov surveillance. While instantaneous cross-checking of a vehicle’s registered owner information against local, state, and federal databases smacks of a bona-fide surveillance state, those in the industry tell us that “if you’re not doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about.”

While Josh’s home address was fairly easy to find, we’re not going to publish it here. Instead, we’ll just give you his phone number at ATS (480-596-4613) as well as a link to what appears to be his Facebook page.

Be sure to say hi to his some of his random friends: Alexandra Hirschkind, Gail Krasnow Nochomovitz, Hal DeKeyser, Jessica Eisenberg Weiss, David Berkovits, Abby Ottenhoff, Teresa Fuller, and David Wolfe.

After all: if he’s “not doing anything wrong,” he won’t mind a link to the information he voluntarily published online.


61 Responses to (480) 596-4613

  1. Will Kay says:

    Late on your credit card payment? ATS is there to help. Didn’t pay your cell phone bill last month? ATS will gladly report their findings no matter who your carrier is. People, we at camerafraud have been warning and warning you of this for a while now. PLEASE wake up and take heed before it’s too late!!! If you STILL have the attitude of, “I’m not doing anything wrong, I have nothing to worry about,” just remember that NOBODY is perfect.

  2. EMTharper says:

    oh boy… LOL… there will be blood for this one.

  3. James Howard says:

    If he owns his house, you can find his address easily with the Maricopa County Assesors Office. Or, even easier by going to http://www.maricopa.gov/assessor/gisPortal/gis_portal.asp

    Click on parcel maps, then fill in the name in the search box on the right side of the screen.

  4. Brent says:

    It will be interested how many employees of these two corporations find that they are blacklisted (for working for a unethical corporation) when they have a need to find a new job in November 2010.

  5. guttersn1pe says:

    Here’s the slippery slope. Library late fees, huh? Is this really the “criminal activity” we need to be focusing on? What’s next? Blockbuster late fees? I suppose any type of business could benefit from knowing who was in their parking lot. Seems like the direct-mail business could team up with ATS to send coupons to vehicle owners whose cars were spotted in the McDonalds parking lot. Lots of opportunities to make money, er…I mean safety.

  6. Sage says:

    If you have his address, you can also look him up on Google Earth and see his actual abode, albeit from the roof. Maybe the Satellite will photograph the place when he is outside and you can see him, too. He shouldn’t mind; after all, does he have something to hide??

  7. Maybe he or one of his friends will be dumb enough to accept a random friend request from one of us. Then we can check out what he’s been up to. Hopefully there aren’t any compromising pictures out there.

  8. Chuck says:

    I really think the camera haters out there have something to hide! I hope someone runs a red light and kills someone in your family and the driver gets away because there is no evidence. Then a week later I hope some crazy speeder crashes into you and you lose your legs! The cameras are in place to make people think a little more before breaking the law. If having the cameras in place make half the drivers slow down and stop running red lights then we just gave your family better odds of not getting killed or mangled in an accident. Grow up and follow the rules! Are you for drunk drivers also? If so maybe one of them will also kill a family member of yours! Speed kills! Running Red Lights Kill!

    • Give me your address so I can install some cameras in your house. Should be ok if you’re doing nothing wrong, correct?

    • So you think it would make us feel better if someone gets a red light ticket (two weeks later) if they run a light and kill a family member? Really? Sorry, while I would be disappointed and saddened at the event, a $200 ticket to the driver would not change my feelings. In the end, I know that ALL drivers make mistakes and poor judgement calls and that accidents are inevitable and I accept this as a reality of driving.

      Anyone who’s been driving any length of time has made mistakes and broken laws. No amount of fines or supervision would change that because most of the time it is unintentional and they are just that – mistakes. No one makes mistakes on purpose. Extracting money from people’s bank accounts does not reduce the number of mistkaes people make when decisions are made on-the-fly in real time while driving down the road.

      The odds of being killed in an accident ocurring due to exceeding the posted speed limit are 1 in 1 BILLION vehicle miles. I have a better chance of winning the lottery. I think I’ll take my chances. And if I don’t want to take any chances, I’ll just stay home. I suggest you do the same.

    • metelhed says:

      I give you 5 pointsd for passion and subtract 3 for unoriginality. You completely missed the point of this post. LIBRARY FINES? Is this the world we have to look forward to with constant government surveillance? Is your fear that great? I’ve been saying all along that it’s the pro-camera crowd that is displaying paranoia. As PhotRadarScam states above, your chances of being hurt or killed in an accident are so remote it’s laughable. Freedom is a risk, my friend. If you don’t want risk, stay inside and cower.

    • guttersn1pe says:

      So Chuck…I guess you’ll be the first in line when they begin implanting everyone with microchips and GPS tracking devices so the government can know exactly where you were at any given point in time. After all, it’s about safety and catching criminals – which is what you seem to want at all costs. After you, they’ll implant your spouse, children, grandchildren, etc. Doesn’t sound like you have a problem with it. Let me know how it works out for you.

    • Will Kay says:

      Chuck, do you think any of us side or agree with red light runners or speeders? You think we are in agreement with them? “Crazy speeder?” Are you making a blanket statement that all speeders are crazy? That’s very prejudicial of you I must say. My 8 month pregnant cousin lost her unborn son to a driver that T-boned her. Was speed a factor? No. He ran a stop sign. As heartbreaking as it is, I still find it very hard to believe cameras would have prevented that accident. The subject of this article is LIBRARY FINES. Using camera systems as surveillance! Have you ever owed money on an overdue book? Open your eyes and understand what this country is coming to, a zero tolerance, 24/7 monitored, police state!

      • Mark S says:


        The scamera supporters will never understand this. They won’t until we are a psuedo-nazi state, then they may get the picture, so to speak.

  9. Camera Hater says:

    Sorry, Chuck, but you have the attitude of the guards at Auschwitz! (Remember, the Holocaust was absolutely LEGAL under German law at the time.) To all those “must be 100% legal ever single second of our lives” people. YOU need to grow up. Sick of Government is right on the money. All of us make minor, infintesimal mistakes occasionally. Ripping us off for minor infractions doesn’t reduce them, it just makes greedy Government and their private accomplices richer.

    I am Australian, and come from the nasty little concentration camp state known as Victoria. We’re the worst of the photo enforcement gulags – you get busted for 3 km/h over the limit (that’s less the 2 mph!!) It’s heartwarming that there are at least some Americans trying to keep your wonderful heritage of liberty and treating citizens like adults until proven otherwise alive. GO FOR IT, GUYS! Sorry Chuck, you belong in North Korea!

  10. James Howard says:

    I am totally against red light runners. It is horrible every time someone dies because of it. The problem is, the cameras are not being put in for safety, but to raise revenue. They are shortening yellow lights in order to give more tickets. Paradise Valley was just caught doing this – a yellow that was supposed to be over 4 seconds was mysteriously shortened to 3 seconds. The cameras are NOT placed at the intersections where there are the most crashes. In Tucson, they were put at the intersections right at the city limits, where most of the traffic is from residents commuting in from the surrounding county, and therefore, do not vote for the members of the City Council.

    Finally, Arizona has one of the most confusing red-light running laws. We need to fix that.

    • Chuck says:

      James I agree yellow lights need to be set for the proper time and the system should be for safety and not revenue. I have gone through some really large intersections that need like a 7 sec yellow light.

  11. jgunn says:

    Some facts:

    Red light cameras in numerous studies have been shown to INCREASE injury accidents.

    Red light cameras do NOT stop someone running the red light mid cycle. They will run it and they will cause injuries regardless of the camera there.

    Speed is a factor in 3-5% of accidents. Why spend so much time enforcing a law that causes such a small % of accidents when the other 95+% causes of accidents is not enforced whatsoever. Oh, OK red lights are a part of that 95% but feel free to run red lights where there are no cameras.

    Photo enforcement takes real officers off the road and makes law enforcement a joke when combined with devices that notify you of camera locations. Feel free to go as fast as you want and run all the red lights you want as there are few real cops on the roads anymore.

    How many drunk drivers did that speed camera or red light camera get off the road? None? How safe do you feel with all the drunks on the road and little real police on the road with all the cameras?

    And so on and so forth.

  12. scott says:

    I was gonna say…Chuck, you are quoting Hitler from “Mein Kamp”…Think about that please…

  13. Mghtyms04 says:

    Have any of you guys heard the new sponsor on KTAR? Thats right, REDFUX. They are touting in their ads how redlight scameras reduce collisions by 50%. I would absolutly love to know who’s bunghole they dug this BS out of.

    • Camera Hater says:

      Hey, Mghtyms04

      I can tell you. Redflex is Australian. One of our colleges here (Monash University) has an “accident research centre” that is little better than a propaganda factory for the pro-camera lobby. I’ll just bet its come from there. That’s the nasty endgame of this revenue torrent. You wind up with a “road safety industry” consisting of camera companies, cops and (fine-funded) academics all with a vested interest in photo enforcement. Even our “motoring associations” have been captured and are nothing but mouthpieces for the camera companies.

  14. guttersn1pe says:

    I just checked his facebook page and he’s taken down his photo and the photos of his friends. There’s no public info there now.

    Clearly he doesn’t appreciate being under the microscope. Perhaps he is doing something wrong.

    • Will Kay says:

      How does that old saying go? people who live in glass houses…

    • Glyph says:

      So he’s basically sterilized his Facebook page… Too funny! I would love to have seen the look on his face when he had that “Aw crap!” moment and realized that his Facebook days were over!

    • Mark S says:


    • Chuck says:

      Why don’t you go after the owners, not just any employee. Its a job for him, he may agree with you guys. People have to work and these days any job is better than no job.

  15. Concerned motorist says:

    I like what the Australian had to say about this topic. I find it hard to believe that the people who adhere to this, “just don’t do anything bad” thing, haven’t considered that not everything “bad” is the same to everyone. Say we get to the point where we get a ticket for going over the speed limit 1-2 mph, ok, those folks got that covered and don’t mind mashing their brakes and disrupting traffic, but where is THEIR breaking point? Everyone has a breaking point, maybe one of them will say “ENOUGH!” after they got a ticket drinking their morning coffee on the way to work, after all being distracted could cause an accident right?. Or how about sneezing while driving? I don’t know about you guys but mine come in 3’s and I hate it when I’m driving and it happens right before the light turns yellow… hachuuu, hachuuu, hachuuu!! I CAN’T SEE! Seems like the “safety” we could gain, doesn’t out weigh the extortion and potential for corruption it causes.

    • Or like in Clearwater, Fl, it’s against the law to play game of catch. I bet the people there wish they had automatic cameras to find everyone who dares to throw a ball around.


      It’s against the law, and if you don’t want a ticket, don’t play catch with your kids. Just look at all of the people in the video just overtly breaking the law like that! Where are the police? Redflex, you know what to do…

      • Mark S says:

        That is bunk, man. I think these council members need a ball hit up side their head, like that commercial on TV.

    • Mark S says:

      “Or how about sneezing while driving? I don’t know about you guys but mine come in 3’s and I hate it when I’m driving and it happens right before the light turns yellow… hachuuu, hachuuu, hachuuu!! I CAN’T SEE!”

      Same here. Is even worse on a motorcycle.

    • Camera Hater says:

      Thanks, Concerned. I am actually active with the National Motorists Association of Australia, and we HAVE had cases where people have sneezed, gone 1-2 mph over.. and been busted. The other nasty little effect from this kind of over-enforcement is it breeds a really unhealthy contempt for the law and law enforcement officials in general. And that is bad for ALL of us. We’re even getting a backlash in the form of what we call “hoons” doing 120 – 130 mph in 60 zones. It’s straight defiance and youthful rebellion against oppression, but the greedy meatheads running this little backwater can’t see it…

      • Stacey says:

        Yesterday, a man came to my door and knocked on it repeatedly. All I could think is it must be some guy trying to serve me for a photo radar ticket, although I have never received one. Our representatives have created this distrust and animosity. Anyhows, it ended up being a plain clothes sheriff who was delivering a subponea, as I needed to testify for an accident I witnessed two years ago. The detective told me he can’t get a hold of any other witnesses that were there because they won’t answer their doors or his phone calls. Big ass surprise! How many people are completely ignoring other important matters because of these cameras?

      • Stacey, same thing here. Plain-clothed detectives were looking for a previous occupant at my address. They came by the first time and I wouldn’t answer the door. They had to come out a few days later and my wife (who I lectured later) answered the door and we were able to tell them that the guy they were looking for wasn’t here. It sucks that we had to inconvenience them like that, I would have answered the door if I had known they weren’t process servers.

  16. Zebra says:

    This is priceless. A simple phone call to the number to tell him the real cost of his little extortion scheme. Polite and to the point.

    “When your people set up the little no win trap at the corner of Oracle and River, did you realize that many of the people who have been ticketed at that intersection are retired and on fixed incomes? For instance, my neighbor, a Viet Nam veteran. After 20 years of no tickets, he got hit with 2 ‘red light violations’ in a year. Aside from the $480 fines, his insurance is now $800 more per year. And that will continue.

    So you, in collusion with the city officials you have befriended, have basically cut this couple’s income by $100/mo. A pittance to you and your friends, but precious to them. She has Alzheimer’s, he is her full time caregiver. Both worked all their lives until her illness.

    And he did nothing unsafe or harmful. Both violations were snapped 0.1 second after the yellow arrow faded, and he was less than 2 feet shy of the unmarked violation line that most of us did not know existed.

    You are well aware that your cameras are placed at intersections that are likely to trap people. So you are guilty of stealing from thousands of people like them.

    Have a nice day.”

  17. Mark S says:

    I think everyone that is for the cameras should read Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell.

    I have read and re-read it and have seen the movie. Some of it is scary, because today is mirroring a lot of what happens in the book.

    Here is the Wiki for it:


    This is where the slippery slope is taking us.

    • Mark S says:

      Oh shoot!! The Thought Police are here. I have to go now. I will let you know aht happens after my re-education, unless…..

  18. robert says:

    right on folks keep those e-mails coming to get ridd of those unconstitutional fraudulent money blood sucking cameras endorsed by the brain dead backward asses in this hot ugly so called state i mean communist no korth koreas brother state where they will eventually get these photo blood suckers and shoot these poor people let napolitano and mcain pay these photo creeps

  19. Steve says:

    I registered as a voter just to vote the speed cameras and redflex out of phoenix.

    I know its sad that i didnt vote and yada yada but this is the first time ive honestly hated something to the point i feel like i need to get involved.

  20. Wow, the comments on this thread are pretty damn insightful. And none of it involved you-know-who sniping at us while doing Camerafraud.com all-nighters.

    I wonder if any other trolls are reading….

  21. Chuck says:

    You people who keep going back to the “Library Fines”… How much money do you owe, and why can’t you return the book? Do you even own a car? Odds of being killed in a speed related wreck is not 1 in a billion! Try somewhere in the range of 1 and 100. Where do you get your numbers? Magic 8-Ball?



    Excessive speed is the second most common cause of deadly auto accidents, which accounts for about 30% of fatal accidents.
    I have been driving for 15 yrs and have never gotten a speeding ticket or been in a car accident. If you can’t pay attention to traffic, speed limit signs, or traffic lights then maybe you should be taking the bus. Bring up library fines one more time and you will have me laughing. Do you even know where the local library is? For you people who are afraid of being implanted with micro chips and tracking devises please turn off your TV and find another hobby, because you have seen too many movies!

    • You are not analyzing your data correctly. “Excessive Speed” is not the same as “driving above posted limit” which is what I was referring to. Doing the speed limit in a blizzard is “excessive speed” but would never be caught by photo radar. Also, your stats do not take into account vehicle MILES. The odds are 1 in 1 billion miles. That means you’d have to drive 1 billion miles before being involved in an accident caused by someone driving above the posted speed limit. The data is all available from government sources.

    • FYI, the GTSAC claims that 80% of all crashes occur BELOW the posted limit. Of the ones that occur above the posted limit, only a small fraction of those are caused solely because of exceeding the speed limit.

    • Will Kay says:

      Chuck, I can tell you that you have already been implanted with a microchip and you don’t even realize it. Own a cell phone? Do you have a passport? How about a car with Goodyear tires? Cell phones ping and triangulate your position 24/7, even with it turned off and the battery removed. Passports have built-in smartchips. Goodyear has also been tracking their tires for years now using smartchip technology. This is not a hobby, soemthing I saw in a movie, or a conspiracy theory, this is REAL LIFE!!!

  22. Camera Hater says:

    Chuck, old buddy! You’ve popped out from throwing in the Zyklon B on the “condemned” to shoot the breeze with us! I have an invitation for you. Come to Melbourne, Australia. Experience the fun of driving around constantly focussed on your speedo. Enjoy the experience of approaching an intersection with a combination speed/red light camera, knowing you may have to floor the brake (and hope the dork behind you is watching the lights too!).

    You are no doubt just quoting the same phoney propaganda that we in Nazi Victoria get bombarded with. To those of you, in free America, keep fighting this nonsense. Jefferson and Franklin are up there smiling on us, I am sure.

    The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing (Edmund Burke). We are not paranoid and we have not seen too many movies, old mate. Remember – the Jews who left Germany in 1933 were laughed at, and told they were taking Hitler too seriously…

    • Mark S says:

      At least Chuck isn’t as bad as LAB was. Chuck seems to at least be a reasonable and intelligent individual.

  23. Chuck says:

    I am surprised you people are even online right now talking about this. Your IP Address can be traced to you physical location. Keeping typing away, they government is probably already watching your every move in case you end up like that whack job who open fired into the speed camera car on the side of the road. There are more important issues out there besides photo radar, photo Library fine trackers, and anything else photo. Maybe I will track your IP Address and just follow you around and take your picture all day since you paranoid government conspiracy freaks are scared of a picture. Today could be your lucky day and a real live cop will risk his life to pull you over and issue you a ticket him/her self. Are you against tickets, or just machines that issue fines?

    • Stacey says:

      I am against slimey corporations, you know, like the ones that sell toys with lead in them, or the kind that are bankrupting our country. Like I really trust them to follow the law.

      • Chuck says:

        I agree with you Stacey. I am also against the slimey corporations that sell toys with lead in them and the ones who are bankrupting our country. I think we should all try to support American made products and let failed companies fail.

    • Well all support cops and enforcement of laws by human police.

    • Camera Hater says:

      Well speaking for myself, I am opposed to photo enforcement on a number of grounds.

      Firstly, the lack of reasonable tolerances. Here in Nazi Victoria, a car can be legally registered with a speedometer accurate to only plus/minus 10%. Yet the speeding prosecution tolerance here in our little southern Gulag is 2 km/h (slightly over 1 mph!). Less than 1% tolerance!!! That’s unjust.

      Then there is the presumption of guilt that breaks every cherished tradition under law since Magna Carta. And the Police here in our little Reich never ever admit the cameras are wrong. The only people who beat the rap are cases like one woman who had to prove her battered old car was physically incapable of the alleged speed (at massive cost).

      Thirdly, there is no real deterrence receiving a ticket in the mail weeks later. Being phsycially pulled over by a human Policeman scares the crap out of a normal, law abiding citizen. It happened to me once 30 years ago and the only times I have broken the rules since have been honest mistakes on my part. Cameras don’t stop reckless drivers, drunken drivers or car-jackers. REAL policemen and women DO. The use of cameras is also used as an excuse by government for not funding proper police numbers.

      Fourthly, cameras are being used to enforce ever lower and more ridiculous speed limits (which bear no relation to the 85th percentile). In Nazi Victoria, we have a spine chilling proposal being pushed for a blanket 20 mph limit in suburban streets (I mean everywhere!) and a 30 mph limit on FREEWAYS!! Cameras provide the car haters with a tool to throw us ALL off the roads. And that’s exactly what they’re doing here.

      Yes to tickets, Chuck. YES to robust human enforcement. NO to sneaky, unjust and un-American (and un-Australian) photo enforcement!!!!

  24. Fuk_MD_$cameras says:

    U.S. Supreme Court Threatens Speed Camera Industry:


  25. […] CameraFRAUD.com, Arlington, VA Treasurer Defends Bootfinder ConfiscationArlington, Virginia will seize vehicle […]

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