Redflex: Under Investigation

The house that Redflex built.

The house that Redflex built.

DPS to “find out if there’s an issue” after thousands set for same court date.

Lieutenant admits people choosing to ignore non-served tickets.

The lunatics at Redflex are in charge of the insane asylum of photo enforcement as DPS backs away from a public relations nightmare. Over 3,600 people were inexplicably set for the same court date in Phoenix, prompting an angry response from those who actually appeared and mounting frustration from court administrators.

Judge Rachel Carrillo told ABC15: “The clerks are completly overworked, very stressed. We have people very angry at our counters, some theatening. We are trying to get Redflex to work with us and not do what they did today.”

Unhappy judge? Check.

DPS Lt. Jeff King: “…and I’m looking into the data to see what, if there’s an issue. We don’t have that data right now.”

DPS throwing Redflex under the bus? Check.

More importantly: How could DPS “not have the data”? Each and every “notice” mailed out is “certified” by a reviewing officer. At least that’s what we’re told over and over again by industry flacks. Can you hear the foundation of automated ticketing cracking under its own weight?

The Lieutenant continued: “There are a lot of people choosing to ignore them until process service. Once it goes to process service it’s just like an officer issued the citation,” said King.”

Thank you, DPS, for finally admitting that the notices you send out have no legal standing unless properly served. It’s a refreshing change from Lt. James Warriner, who utilized scare tactics and falsehoods to imply that people’s licenses or registrations would be suspended due to an ignored, non-served ticket.


19 Responses to Redflex: Under Investigation

  1. RPr says:

    3M wants youtube videos of how you use Post-it notes LOL

  2. BRENT says:

    Kudo’s to the nearly 3000 people who didn’t bother showing up for Kangaroo Court on Monday- for those of you who did, hopefully you contested the “charges” instead of just paying your ticket like the well-programmed county employee suggested.

  3. Dr Jett says:

    It doesn’t sound like the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. Now it is time for the shuck & jive game. Each side can pretend ignorance and blame the other. What would happen if the judge refused to accept Redflex tickets because it turns her courthouse into a zoo and stresses out her workers. Who would blame her? We need to hear from Law A. Biding Troll. I’m sure he would have an answer.

  4. jgunn says:

    Judge fights back!

    Dierker’s motion cites multiple arguments. He says:

    — The violation mailed to him did not follow proper procedures required by the Missouri Supreme Court rules.

    — The ticket violates a vehicle owner’s Fifth and Fourteenth amendment rights that guarantee due process.

    — The city ordinance establishing the program imposes penalties “on an arbitrary, unreasonable and capricious manner and without fair notice.”

    — The program violates Missouri’s constitution by imposing a license or fee without a vote of the people.

    — The ordinance does not prescribe a specific penalty for the violation.

    Rock on Mr Dierker!

  5. Steve says:

    I like how they said on the news that if you dont pay the ticket you’ll be fined when you go and renew your registration for your car.

    Bunch of scare tactics

    • EMTharper says:

      Notice the plug at the bottom of the story for speed cameras?

      This is part of a push to create a NATIONAL speed camera system.

    • guttersn1pe says:

      Yep – the study loses some of its significance when the “researcher” recommends a specific solution such as traffic cameras. After all, a recommendation of horse & buggies would address the traffic fatality and environmental issues – but it was missing. We could also set speed limits to 25 MPH nationally and seriously reduce fatalities.

  6. Just a Thought says:

    Just a thought, does the 7th ammendment of the U.S. Constitution apply to these, since the fine is generally over 20 dollars?

    Just a thought, has Redflex, or other speed sensing systems manufacturer/vendor opened up their technology/protocols for sensor placement, camera placement, data storage/destruction/managment, QA testing,etc?

  7. robert says:

    can they place a speed camera in my home so as i get ready to get into my auto the photo can show how embarred i am to live in this freakin nazi state

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