3,500 Out of 3,600 Can’t Be Wrong


Source: KTAR

Time to stick a fork in Arizona’s beleaguered statewide photo enforcement program. The automated ticketing scheme ran by Redflex mailed out over 3,600 “notices” to individuals demanding that they appear for court this morning in just one jurisdiction. CameraFRAUD estimates that less than 100 people actually showed up, many of whom were there for non-photo tickets.

Those 3,500 are in good company: ATS and Redflex executives have been known to ignore their own tickets. Rightfully so: you are not obligated to appear for court unless you have been properly served.

At one point, a court employee exited the building to ask the people waiting out in the heat if anyone “just wanted to take care of their ticket and pay it.” Only one individual was seen taking that offer. It’s assumed that almost everyone else was going to demand a court hearing. KTAR 92.3 FM confirmed it:

Only a handful of those ordered to the county’s downtown justice center actually showed up. And like most, Keith Roper said he’s not paying up. Roper said he just showed up to oppose the ticket. “I think it’s ridiculous…”I’m gonna oppose it as much as I can.” […] Most of the people KTAR spoke to that showed up for court said they won’t pay the ticket and will fight it in court.

So… if thousands of “tickets” are mailed out in the desert, and no one responds, does the State’s cash register still make a sound?


26 Responses to 3,500 Out of 3,600 Can’t Be Wrong

  1. The Keeper of the Seven Keys says:

    >>> “The automated ticketing scheme ran by Redflex
    >>> mailed out over 3,600 “notices” to individuals
    >>> demanding that they appear for court this morning
    >>> in just one jurisdiction.”
    how FlexRod made them appeared in the court schedule?

  2. BRENT says:

    I feel sorry for the woman who KPHO quoted that she was served in the late evening this weekend for this morning’s circus. Our local and state governments need a reality check- they demonstrate daily that they no longer remember who they work for… we the people.

  3. CJ Anderson says:

    Bravo applause ovation for bringing this to peoples attention. I am ready to meet you and sign any where you will be!

  4. Phoenix has a speeding problem? No, Phoenix has a speed LIMIT problem. Especially if you go by what ADOT has to say: http://www.dot.state.az.us/Highways/Traffic/Speed.asp

  5. Mark S says:

    For all those that are for the cams and always say speed is the cause of accidents, here is a quote from a page on ADOT:

    “Contrary to popular belief, speed in itself is not a major cause of accidents. In fact, there is a consensus of professional opinions that many speed-related accidents result from both excessively low and high speeds.”

    It may be a factor, but it can be a factor at ANY speed.

    Quote from: http://www.dot.state.az.us/Highways/Traffic/Speed.asp

  6. Glyph says:

    Get a load of DPS’ Lt. King’s interview on ABC15

    “…and I’m looking into the data to see what, if there’s an issue. We don’t have that data right now.”

    He’s going to look at data he doesn’t have to see if there’s an issue? No wonder this program is so screwed up. By scheduling so many cases at once, it’s clear that the State wants to make the process so complicated that people will just pay to wash their hands of this mess. This was further evidenced by the court employee who came out to the line of people and asked if anyone “just wanted to pay the ticket.”

  7. Cutting Torch says:

    Awesome Job Guys and Girls. I like the JP’s comments. Just Awesome. We Win. We Win.

  8. Stacey says:

    What will they do when they start trying to make money from secondary violations??????

    Can you imagine what the courts will look like then?

    • Mark S says:

      It hurts my head to imagine a court system that has been brought to its knees by these scam/extortion citations.

      When the cases start to build even more, my guess is that Maricopa County will make a “special” court in a warehouse somewhere just to deal with THESE cases. It may be an inconvenience to those living in outlying areas to drive to, but I can see them doing this. They will just herd everyone into the warehouse like cattle everyday and process them.

      Kinda like “Soylent Green”.

  9. Matt G says:

    On Channel 10 news, they said that those that did not show today would have to pay the fines when they try to register thier cars,plus late fees. When did they start this shit ? and is it true or are they BSing us.

    • ProCamera says:

      If you are served with a citation by a process server, or have previously acknowledged that you received the notice of violation, by not showing up, just like any other ticket you would receive from an officer, it is as if you admit guilt and the fine goes against your license.

      As for pay when you register your car, they can suspend your license and the registration of any vehicle you are the registered owner for.

      Again, this is only if you have been served the citation or have acknowledged receipt of the notice of violation.

  10. Glyph says:

    That’s the case if they’ve been served (or accepted service) already.

  11. Liberty Jim says:

    If 20% of the people asked for a jury trial, they’d be screwed. If someone championed a mass email telling people to do so, we’d probably win. The point is to make money, once the system starts costing more than it makes…. it’ll go faster tha you think.

  12. And you gotta love this one. Something we all knew, but the press finally picked up on it:

    No consequences for out of state drivers:

    • How do you like that Arizona? We only care if our residents get caught. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Usually that’s how it works. Target the out-of-towners. But not here, let’s soak the residents!

  13. klesb says:

    LOL! I used to travel IH 10 regularly between CA and points East. Now, its Nevada and IH 15 to IH 40 or IH 70! I know where I am not welcome! Do AZ citizens know how to vote? One wonders….

  14. Malfeasant says:

    Another possibility- maybe most of the 3600 were not aware of their summons, maybe this is evidence of another crooked process server who claimed to deliver them, but just trashed them and collected their fee…

  15. At least one city around here has an honest city council, with the exception of one member: http://zoniereport.com/2009/07/town-council-punts-on-photo-radar/

  16. Chris says:

    I had a great time when the kid from redflex tried to serve me. Around 7pm the bell rings and I hear him say “delivery” I shout back we did not order anything, wrong house! He then started banging on the door, so I answered it, told him I had no idea who he is looking for, he said he would mark it as an old address and he was sorry to bother me! my 4 month statute of limitations was over last Saturday. Don’t get served and you will be fine.

    • Alex says:

      I’m surprised one of these poor servers hasn’t been mace’d yet… In all seriousness, some of the lying tactics they used would get them tasered with some of the ex-mil guys I know.

      • Tamara says:

        what were the lying tactics? My ticket was due today. Process servers are coming!! what should I do?

      • The lying tactic was to declare that he was delivering something. You can’t open the door for anyone you don’t know.

      • Mark S says:

        An electric fence shocker hooked up to the door bell button and the screen door should be enough to keep the server away. It has done wonders for those people that put ads in my screen door and the salespeople.

        Also, put up a large NO TRESSPASSING and a NO SOLICITING sign.

        WARNING: Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.

  17. I receive emails to my website and also with the evidence of this 3600 court case day, I think Redflex has changed their SOP regarding citations.

    While they ALWAYS send out the legally insignificant collection letter (notice of violation) to everyone they possibly can to get the easy money, I think they’ve also started sending out a second legally insignificant letter that is a court appointment, hoping again to get a response and more easy money without having to use a process server.

    Does anyone have any insight into this theory? The news reports from Monday seem to indicate that a large majority of the 3600 weren’t served.

    • The Keeper of the Seven Keys says:

      >>> The news reports […]
      >>> large majority of the 3600 weren’t
      >>> served.
      yeah, exactly… I could not believe that just less then 5% out of _served_ (otherwise HOW they’d be in court schedule?) individuals was there – afaik, fault to appear leads to default judjement and people couldn’t be unaware of that.

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