How do you say “fraud” in German?

Shane writes:

“Apparently Nazis still occupy Europe. My sister just sent me this from Germany. Look what we have to look forward to if we don’t stop them now.”

It looks like Redflex and American Traffic Solutions can’t hold a candle to German scam cam “technology”… the “technology” of camouflaging the cameras better to maximize revenue, that is.

6 Responses to How do you say “fraud” in German?

  1. German Speaker says:

    “Betrug” or “Schwindel” (like swindle)

  2. atfsux says:

    So,…if I visit Germany, rent a car, race around everywhere racking up pirate citations,…then go back to America, never to return,…do they sick an international collections agency on me, or what?!

  3. anti-big-brother says:

    No, actually in Germany they operate a bit quicker than that. Unless you are on your way directly back to the rental car agency, the ticket will more than likely beat you there. There was a clause in my contract about obeying traffic laws, etc., they tack it right on your bill, no court, no getting out of it. My car was booked through Hertz, I’m sure it is the same with other rental agencies. Contrary to popular belief there is a speed limit on the autobahn, I saw a flash but had no idea where it came from. They were pretty straightforward about it when I returned the car, there was no way of getting out of it, they pointed out right in my contract the clause that dealt with traffic laws. I forget how much the fine was, it wasn’t too terrible considering the speed.

  4. The Keeper of the Seven Keys says:

    :o) My BS-meter alarm went off…
    Just look at this:
    …and this:
    There’s no such a thing in _Germany_ yet.

  5. hooligans says:

    Nice to see “Shane” is a liar and ripping images from other sites. This is real negative publicity for Camera Fraud. How can we now believe anything that is posted?

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