3,600 Photo Radar Tickets Set for Court

OVERWHELMED: Another kangaroo court seen crowded by dangerous criminals in this undated file photo

OVERWHELMED: Another kangaroo court seen crowded by dangerous criminals in this undated file photo (Click for video)

EXCLUSIVE: Over 3,600 photo radar tickets have been set for one courtroom on Monday at the exact same time, according to an internal memo sent out to Maricopa County employees Friday afternoon and obtained by CameraFRAUD. (Update: Join us on Monday for an impromptu sign wave / signature gathering… click for details).

The memo highlights concerns regarding security, and even suggests that people may be asked to wait outside if building capacity is reached:

This email is to notify you that West McDowell Justice Court at the Downtown Justice Court Building at 620 West Jackson is anticipating up to 3,600 individuals to appear Monday morning (July 27, 2009) in response to Photo Radar tickets.

Court Security will have additional security staff on site to assist with getting individuals in the building and through security as quickly as possible as well as trying to keep the crowds under control.  If the building reaches a capacity issue, individuals will be directed to wait outside in a uniform fashion or return closer to the court time.

Currently, we are also looking to see if any space in the DTJC can be used as a staging area if necessary.  Both the Sheriff’s Office and Protective Services have been notified of this matter.   If you have any questions, please let me know.  Your anticipated cooperation and support on Monday will be greatly appreciated.

A quick look on the County’s website reflects an unusual number of cases for WMJC on Monday. It’s unclear what happened to cause this, but our guess is that Occam’s Razor is finally taking its brutal toll on Redflex / American Traffic Solutions’ greedy scheme.

44 Responses to 3,600 Photo Radar Tickets Set for Court

  1. RPr says:

    that video is too funny

    most of the tickets were issued on 6/26/09

  2. Ha Ha says:

    “there will be no favoritism in barney fife’s administration!”


    so which camera took a shit and started spewing out (more) crap tickets?

  3. trollspan says:

    even by posting this you are interfering with judicial process! don’t think for a second the state won’t get what it rightfully deserves: a nice payday of $651,600 this monday!

  4. joe says:

    I hope the courts see the problem they created. I hope the poor saps who show up see the problem their legislators permitted.

    I’m kind of shocked that I wasn’t on that list of summons.

    Out of 3600 people, I bet only 500 show up. People (rightfully) don’t show up. But then again, they might get their licenses suspended as a result.

    Perhaps this will be a good opportunity for people to sign up to CFAZ. 🙂

    • Stacey says:

      Tha would be great if none of them showed up. hahaha

    • Ernest T. Bass says:

      well maybe just will be just the thing to keep people some speeding ….having to take an entire day off work to appear for a ticket with 3600 other people …..

      folks if you will just please plead guilty we will get you out of here in 7 hours or so !!

      love it !!!

      hail the flashes

    • lj says:

      Let’s get one thing straight right now. The “courts” did not create this mess.
      1. The state legislature voted the laws into existence. You know, those people who were elected when you couldn’t be bothered to take the time to go to the polls?
      2. The money goes to the state.
      3. The courts do not get any money or extra workers to handle the tens of thousands of tickets that are issued, the clerks are just expected to add it to a workload that is already understaffed.
      4. For those of you that will call the court about your ticket and yell and curse at the clerk repeat after me: she didn’t write the law, she didn’t install the cameras, she didn’t drive the car…the only thing the clerk did was go to work to support her family.

      • Ha ha says:

        Your points are mostly spot on, and it’s clear you’re probably a good person who is trying to just do their job as a clerk.

        However, let it be known: the courts are complicit in the commission of fraud and theft on a daily basis, and that’s not just regarding photo radar.

  5. Tyler Hurst says:

    Wait outside in the 105 degree heat? Right.

    • It won’t be 105 when we get there in the morning, hopefully only 95 or so.

      This group has braved the heat before. See the July 3rd effort on the 16th Street I-10 overpass.

  6. They should have thrown all their tickets away like everybody else does… photo radar tickets are stupid – should never have to goto court… straight to the garbage

  7. Mark S says:

    The court date mine is supposed to be on at North Valley Justice have almost 900 scheduled for the morning from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM.

    Just imagine what would happen if everyone showed up for their arraignment. The court system in Maricopa County would grind to a screeching halt.

    Justice Gerald Williams said something to this affect in the Foothills Focus a few months ago.

  8. Austin Baker says:

    Maybe this is just the robots way of telling us that they could do a better job at running the courts as well as enforcing the laws.

  9. Glyph says:

    Looks like JP Carrillo will have her hands full Monday. But I’m sure it’ll be worse for the people who will have to wait outside of the courthouse. The Weather Channel is predicting a high temp of 112 degrees on the 27th.

  10. pobept says:

    Pay your ticket and stop whining!

  11. Walter says:

    3600 angry victims of an unfair, illegal extortion?
    All assembled in one location at the same time?
    Sounds like the makings for a riot to me.

    • Ernest T. Bass says:

      yes walter..cause that is what most law abiding citizens do…. show up to court and riot !!! the ones that are showing up are the ones trying to take responsibility for what they have done… they may not be happy about how they were caught … but i dont think they are coming to riot !!!

  12. We need someone in the courtroom to see what’s going on as well. No one is getting a fair trial with that kind of volume. I bet most of them show up only to be told to come back another day.

  13. LibertyTreeBud says:

    they set fire and shoot at the speed cameras in other parts of the world. We’ll have that to look forward to. RESIST

  14. Mark S says:

    How come this has not made it to any of the main media outlets here in Phoenix?

    Would be interesting to see an explanation on this.

    Maybe we can start a Blog on the azcentral website in their Blog section.

  15. R Mack says:

    I hope everyone will continue to do this. Do not pay these stupid tickets. It’s all about the money and as soon as we show these politicos that these joto radar tickets are not worth it, they will stop them. I will never pay the one I got!
    “Sheriff” Mack

  16. Mark S says:

    I posted a Blog at AZCentral to at least try to get more people over to the cause.


  17. Glyph says:

    Story picked up by Fox News this evening.

    • Mark S says:

      I am surprised (well, maybe not) that the Arizona Repugnant did not cover this issue. I guess the Redflex employee that is on the editorial review staff didn’t want the negative publicity for this scam program.

  18. Glyph says:

    Courtroom Chaos pics here.

  19. Screw-ewe says:

    Ha Ha! I received mine and it went into the round file! Sorry Redflex or whoever sent the fishwrap, no money for you. The money that could have went to you was well spent on me and my needs.

    Stop the greedy cashcow farce called Photo Radar. BTW, to all LE, you ain’t that smart.

  20. Screw-ewe says:

    Oh, I also think that having 3600 people come to court on one day is not a glitch. Obviously, the morons running the kangaroo courts and the “we need to get paid” crowd are growing tired of citizens disregarding mailed citations.

    This is a calculated SPITE move and purely draconian and shows there minuscule mentality. Hey morons, guess what? You still AINT gettin’ paid. Ha!

  21. Walter says:

    Looks like there were more media people there then there were people paying their tickets.

  22. Jim says:

    I live in New Mexico and was coming back from San Diego and went thru AZ and in the mail 5 days after i got home was a ticket for $181 from photo radar with a picture of a driver you can barely make out. If you live out of state will the state of AZ try sending process servers to your home in New Mexico? And can the state of AZ suspend my NM drivers license? Thanks

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  25. sexshop says:


    […]3,600 Photo Radar Tickets Set for Court « CameraFRAUD.com – The Cameras are Coming Down[…]…

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