Rackets and Backpacks

attentionwhoreSo did you hear the one about American Traffic Solutions “generously” donating 63 backpacks filled with school supplies to a local charity?

Taking a page out of the tobacco industry’s playbook, ATS appears to be desperately trying to change the public perception of their company’s dangerous and unpopular product: automated ticketing.

The “donation,” which we optimistically value to be worth about $2000 (at $31 a bag), is an amazing accomplishment considering the $50 million dollars Goldman Sachs pumped into the firm last fall (after being bailed out by the taxpayers).

In total, no one knows how much more money they steal nationwide while conspiring with local jurisdictions: ATS is a private company and as such is not required to report their “earnings.”

Traffic tickets in general are a regressive tax according to the Campaign for Liberty, hitting the poorest and disadvantaged the hardest:

“A $175 fine could crush someone at the poverty level, while someone much higher on the income scale may have just spent that much on lunch.”

No one’s fooled: ATS runs a racket, and a few backpacks will do little to change anyone’s perception of the firm. ATS’ Cameras are Coming Down as well in 2010. Perhaps they will have some leftover school bags to pack their desks with. It’s gonna get ugly.

33 Responses to Rackets and Backpacks

  1. Now now, everyone just calm down here. This completely changes my perception of ATS. I think they are a ……. very…uhhh… ethical company…. and uhhhh….. beyond moral reproach…. right???!!!! Right??!!!

    (Nice pic.. Attention Whores LOL)

  2. RPr says:

    is that shoba??

  3. Ha Ha says:

    Josh Weiss came up with the idea after spending so much of high school being shoved in his locker with his own backpack.

  4. please says:

    you peple arre the attention whors camera aren’t going anywhere you have been warned!!

    • Will Kay says:

      Ha ha! Now that’s funny!

      • NO tp 4 Me says:

        lets see … all house bills are dead and will not be revived….. not even close to 153,000 signatures and only able to draw 20 people to a sign dangling !! a member on the discussions page wants to have an impromptu sign dangling this weekend…. he posted it 2 days ago and zero response !!!

        evey indication the cameras are staying !!! nothing to indicate they are coming down….. the moment of support for CF has come and gone.. all that is left is some game effort by the organizers, pleadings from kandaris and doc using this site to wage his own small war against the government !!!
        oh and stacey holding her pom poms !!

        kandaris…. going from 1500 to 1600 was the longest it has taken to gain 100 members wasnt it?

        but the real bad news !! glyph is so embarrassed by the turnout on 7/3, all he did was take pictures of the cops that outnumbered the “members” !!!

        if CF was a lame horse it would have been put out of its misery already !!!

        • Ha Ha says:

          1) Bills dead:

          No one cares or is surprised the people who caused the problem can’t fix it.

          2) Signatures:

          Where’s your proof that “not even close” to 153k signatures have been collected?

          3) Sign danglings:

          45 were present at the last event, and that was on a holiday weekend in over 100 degree weather. About 20 ate together after, however.

          4) Meetup member increase:

          You’re actually trying to say any increase in numbers is a sign of something bad? Get back to me if the numbers start to drop. You’re smarter than that.

          5) Glyph’s pics and DPS numbers:

          Not really sure what you’re expecting. It looked like every other sign dangling, except we covered both sides of the overpass and had bigger and better signs. Nice try, though.

  5. artie says:

    yea that was funny…yea those cameras are going down and u with them

  6. Cutting Torch says:

    Oxy Acetylene. Whooo Hooo Haaa Haaa Haa!! It burns hot. I like metal work. You know sculpture and such.

  7. NO tp 4 Me says:

    you clowns celebrate only a 20% rate of tickets paid and then scoff when a company does something for the community !!! very sad …. ask the families that received the back packs if they consider the donation a joke…. there are many families this year that will be sending their children off to school without the basics to do well in school or even have a chance…. 63 less now will have to have that burden !!

    maybe i missed it…. what is CF’s community donation so far in 2009? what about 2008? thats what i thought…cause when you are begging for money….its hard to be charitable !!!

    • metelhed says:

      Considering camerafraud is a grassroots organization consisting of average citizens who (probably) donate to other charities, so what’s your point? camerafraud hardly gets any press for what they do, yet a private company like ATS or a worldwide corporation like Redflex get free publicity for such a small contribution and you attack the grassroots organization for pointing out the imbalance. I have a few new backpacks in storage I could donate in camerafraud’s name, but do you think my action would garner that kind of publicity? Without the ability to think critically, you prove yourself an easy target for propaganda.

      • I still have my backpacks from High School and College. I’ll donate them tomorrow and then everyone can celebrate how philanthropic our group is! What a joke!

        We give up our time for a great cause: Ridding the streets and highways of automating ticketing.

        • Pro-Camera says:

          Metalhead, and CameraFraudAZ,

          Funny you both make mention of these backpacks you have in storage, yet complain about how giving would not gain you publicity. Did you ever think that when the EMPLOYEES of ATS decided to buy these items, they probably didn’t have AZCentral writers in their minds.

          I guess to you, it is OK to complain about how ATS gets publicity when its EMPLOYEES give items to fill 63 backpacks, but since you would not get publicity, you are just going to keep your backpacks in your storage. How about DONATE your backpacks, not for the recognition you would get, but for the feeling you get when HELPING PEOPLE IN NEED.

          Just an FYI. Those backpacks contained Computer Flash memory and Scientific Calculators (Used in Math classes you may not have attended in school). Just those two items together cost over the $31 mark you said was the average price of the backpacks.

  8. Disgusted says:

    God forbid someone donate to charity! Actually – these were donated by the employees themselves, not the company. You got a lot of nerve.

    • Ha Ha says:

      Spoken like a true ATS lackey.

      You should be disgusted… at what you see in the mirror.

      Do the math: 400 employees at ATS means the average donation was $5.

      Some charity.

    • guttersn1pe says:

      Many organizations raise well in excess of the value of 63 backpacks for charity every year. Often times this money comes from their employees, not the organization itself. The point here is that you rarely see these organizations so blatantly self-promoting such a meager donation and a “news” outlet so willing to make it a story.

      • Pro-Camera says:

        Did you ever think the publicity was meant to bring light to the organization that is accepting the donations? Maybe to help get unfeeling people like you to also donate to them.

        Many people, most likely people like you, never heard of “A New Leaf” and what their organization is doing until a company that is in the spotlight donated to them.

        But I guess to you, it makes better anti-camera propoganda to just say that ATS made donations (excluding the fact of how it was ATS Employees), and also excluding the name of the charity.

        Let me help you guys out.


        • NO tp 4 Me says:

          pro camera—- being truthful is not part of CFs policies !! in fact, as you know, the more spin , innuendo and flat out mistruths they can spread,,,,, the better !!

        • guttersn1pe says:

          You’re right – never heard of them. But then again, I haven’t heard of many of the thousands of charities out there.

          As a prerequisite to donating, I usually check charities against this site:


          Perhaps A New Leaf should do the type of advertising ATS is.

  9. Stacey says:

    Yeah Disgusting,

    You wouldn’t expect these slimey corporations to give back on their own would ya? They are taking the food right out of the mouths of the impoverished. I know it, because I have talked to these people myself while they were signing the petition in Chandler and Tempe. One lady I spoke with had spent $600 dollars on lawyers fees alone as she was innocent and refused to be railroaded by scumbag corporations and the ignorant asses who work for the companies.

  10. Walter says:

    I think the employees are so ashamed of the unethical practices of their employer. That they are trying to clear their conscious. They think that if they give some backpacks to the needy, That maybe they will finally be able to get some sleep at night.

  11. camera hate says:

    i cant wait for the cameras to go down

  12. 4409 says:

    So that’s what Shoba’s arch enemy looks like.

    ATS may be winning on the attention whore front.

  13. Revenue or Safety? Clearly Revenue:

  14. Stacey says:

    Thanks for organizing the gun show event. It was fun and people are really becoming familiar with our organization.

  15. Glyph says:

    Ok, here are some pics from the July 3rd Sign Wave.

    Let’s be clear about something, it was hot out there. My hat goes off to everyone who came out to support our Sign Wave that day, as their dedication to our cause was greater than the intensity of teh heat.

    • Stacey says:

      I am more than sure I am getting time off in hell for the time spent at that protest. My face radiated heat for two days – literally.

  16. kandaris says:


    But let’s not forget the gift of the breeze on the overpass… 110 degree air of course but I guess a breeze, any breeze is a good thing.

    All joking aside it was AFRICA HOT out there, I must have drank over a gallon of water yet never had to use a restroom. That tells you how much we were perspiring.

    I just want to say you all were great. I’m so proud to be associated with you all. Don’t be bothered by ignorant people who detract from our efforts. They don’t understand, and probably never will unless they educate themselves, quit lying to themselves, or at least quit working for companies that scam the public; whichever applies.

    They have nothing of real value or intellectual honesty to say… that’s why they must resort to name calling, personal attacks and drivel that has nothing to do with this issue. We are right. We will win. End of story.

    -The cameras are coming down!!!

  17. […] Almost a quarter of the population within Baton Rouge city limits live in poverty, according to 2007 census data. While $167 may sound steep for an automatically-generated ticket processed by a greedy, private company which received a large cash infusion from taxpayer-bailed-out Goldman Sachs, we hear that ATS might still be giving away some backpacks. […]

  18. Dr Jett says:

    ATS can put their backpacks where the sun doesn’t shine. Given the amount of money ATS collects, they could give school supplies to all of the poor kids in Maricopa County. Making a donation to charity doesn’t exonerate ATS employees for working for terrorists robbing people driving their vehicles throughout the world. The Devil already has a place in Hell for them.
    Any time a police agency charity calls me I tell them that I donated all of my money earmarked for charity to whatever police agency last robbed me on the side of the road. In 16th century England highwaymen who robbed people traveling the roadways were hung where they were caught.

  19. Dr Jett says:

    We should find “Attention Whores like the one in the picture” to protest with us. “Disgusted” and “NO tp for ME” would be out there demonstrating with us. They obviously don’t have enough heart to care about FREEDOM in AMERICA.

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