Man Accused of Smashing Scam Van

Wanted for Questioning

Wanted for Questioning

Backlash against Arizona’s beleaguered statewide automated ticketing program has struck again according to KTVK/AZFamily.

This time, an individual is accused of using a rock to smash into a Redflex surveillance talivan, causing “significant damage.”

The vans—which yield a high profit margin for the Australian company—have recently been disabled with post it notes in other parts of Arizona, as well as towed away by upset property owners in Louisiana.

On July 5, 2009 at about 15 minutes past midnight Coconino County Sheriff’s Deputies were at the Pilot Truck Stop in Belmont investigating a possible domestic dispute.

A second vehicle with two deputies responded to assist. They were driving west bound on Interstate Highway 40 when one of the deputies observed an individual in close proximity to an unmanned DPS Photo Radar vehicle.

As the deputies pulled in behind the photo radar vehicle located on the shoulder of the east bound lanes in the area of mile marker 184.5, a suspect who was later identified as twenty-seven year old Louis Sanchez of Tucson Arizona exited the vehicle through the driver’s side door.

The deputies observed that the window of the front driver’s side door had smashed with a rock.

Deputies arrested Sanchez for felony criminal damage and misdemeanor trespass to the DPS [REDFLEX! –CF] vehicle. The interior of the photo radar vehicle sustained significant damage to include damage to computer equipment.


45 Responses to Man Accused of Smashing Scam Van

  1. RPr says:

    classic LOL

    • please says:

      criminal! those officer should have arrested you on the spot… god bless DPS and god bless Redflex!

      • Bavesh says:

        Actually, uninformed one, those folks in the van are PRIVATE citizens, contractors working for the agency’s vendor. Meaning….legally, its not different than you or I parking there….so technically, because they have no flashers on or white towel with the hood up to indicate a break down, they are parked illegally. If you park your van there and DPS comes by….you get stopped and cited most likely, at a minimum you get run thru criminal history and investigated. No different. Perception IS reality. IF it were a true DPS office and DPS vehicle there with a radar or lidar gun it would be different. If it were me with a strobe light and camera, I get in big trouble. This has got to stop, DPS needs to do it LEGALLY to do it right. Then again, we are asking former jocks who couldn’t do anything else to be lawyers…..

  2. I’ll take peaceful(above) protest over vandalism any day. It’s proven to be much more effective.

    I’m sure it felt good to smash that window and tear up the inside of that vehicle, but it also means a date in front of a judge without much of a case to argue.

    I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by any of this. Vandalism against scameras is much more common across the pond.

    Does anyone thinks this helps the cause? Just curious.

  3. One question I have is – how many vandalism attacks have gone un-reported that DPS doesn’t want to publicize? Does it only make the news when they catch someone? (I think so).

    I don’t think it helps the cause, but I don’t think it hurts either. Who parks (abandons) a car (illegally) with lots of high tech equipment on the side of the road for days on end and doesn’t expect it to be messed with?

    • I’m waiting for the day that DP$ assigns an officer to watch the scamera and protect it from would-be vandals. Maybe one of the 15 officers assigned to our sign wave on Friday can head up that effort.

    • guttersn1pe says:

      I was wondering the same thing. It seems like everytime one of these is vandalized, the person doing is caught by a nearby officer. It’s possible that criminals are just that stupid. I’m willing to buy into the “selective reporting” theory as well.

      But seriously, I NEVER see DPS on the freeways anymore. I’m not sure where they are. But it can’t be possible for a person to be caught each and every time the vans are vandalized.

    • Glyph says:

      how many vandalism attacks have gone un-reported that DPS doesn’t want to publicize?

      That’s a good question. If not for the press release by the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, we might not have heard about this incident. You’ll notice that DPS is still silent on the matter. They’re also still silent on the recent sledgehammer incident as well.

      @CFTwitter: I’m guessing that’s how they nailed Travis Townsend. That, or DPS was very lucky to have had an officer in the area at the time.

      • It doesn’t seem like they ever caught the sledge hammerers. If they had, they’d have been all over the news. Funny thing is it was in daylight during rush hour!

  4. KS says:

    You wanna see those a-hole DPS officers??
    They are sitting on 60/rural giving out right on red tickets all day.
    I’ll say it again……..the scam vans, redflex and AZ are pushing the common man to acts of violence we have not seen in years. Normally calm individuals will continue to snap after feeling like their rights have been violated. I’m surprised the acts have not been more severe. I’ll light a candle for Senior Sanchez.

    • Graham says:

      60 & Rural does not currently exist, so watch your a$$ at McClintock instead.

      • Malfeasant says:

        Do you work for UPS? They said my address doesn’t exist when they couldn’t find it.

        • Graham says:

          No, I work for Redflex, I’m a troll.

          60 and Rural is gone. Trust me, you’re going to need some serious 4 wheel drive to exit the freeway there.

          • Malfeasant says:

            ah, the anti-destination league, forgot about that… my daily commute is 5 miles down university, i haven’t been on that stretch of the 60 in… months?

            • Graham says:

              I have the fun of driving from 60/McClintock to 59th Ave/Bell every day. 2 fixed scams on the way up, 4 on the way home. If they dinged me every time, I’d pay an extra $262,500 per year in scam tax. And that’s assuming that there are no cams when I take vacation.

  5. Marbro says:

    i like the video, its great. I’m surprised its not volunteers sitting in those vans. Scam van for sure, dishonest low-lives. Super mar bro would love to play some smash bros. sometime.

  6. So AZFamily reported on the story. ABC15 picked it up as well. The Arizona Republic ignores it. Of course they do, DPS doesn’t like negative news about the cameras, so AZ Republic helps them by not publishing it.

  7. Different View says:

    “Normally calm individuals will continue to snap after feeling like their rights have been violated. I’m surprised the acts have not been more severe. I’ll light a candle for Senior Sanchez.

    Are you out of your mind? There is nothing “normal” about resorting to violence and property damage against the efforts of law enforcement agencies trying to enforce the laws.

    • That’s the thing, it’s not a “law enforcement” agency running the circus. It’s a private corporation parking their vehicles illegally on the side of the highway.

    • Actually, non-violent civil disobedience is quite normal and more commonplace than you think. It’s more commonplace in other countries (esp Europe), but it goes on plenty in the US too. Sometimes, it’s the only way to get your point recognized. The environmentalists have been quite successful with this, and you can’t forget about Rosa Parks.

    • guttersn1pe says:

      I agree. Non-violent protests or acts of civil disobedience are the only ways to draw the type of attention this cause needs.

      Reading about people who resort to acts of criminal damage, while it does make me smile sometimes, doesn’t really help.

      The beauty of this system is it’s so easily defeatable by non-violent, non-destructive methods (e.g. post it notes, silly string, etc.) I’d much rather see people expressing their creativity than picking up a sledgehammer.

  8. charley hardman says:

    doesn’t help the cause? imagine if this were the norm, as it should be — if every coercionist thug device out in the open were smashed. too many are cowed by “law enforcement” (disgrace) and those with ties to such official crime agencies.

    the prime criminal element in the goonited states is badged. never forget it. far from awarding them and their associates passes, they deserve worse than the unofficial criminals.

    slavery of blacks was the law, now creeping to slavery of all. hold no door for “law”.

  9. James Howard says:

    We passed one of those vehicles on US 93 several miles north of Kingman when we were on our way to Nevada. It appeared to be unattended, and it wasn’t really busy there. I am surprised it was not vandalized – it would be so easy to do there.

    Maybe that is what the black smoke was coming from that I saw from I-10 a few days later.

  10. KS says:

    Hopefully James Howard! I’d toast a few ears of corn.

    Hey News flash!!!
    Channel 10 just reported Sanchez vandalizing the scam van on wed. morning. Wow! Great work………I’ll bet he’s already been arraigned and sentenced !!
    Thank god for Alexis, Alexis and Andrea!! AWESOME!
    D’amico is completely useless.
    Send him the way of those 2 bobbleheads from channel 3!

  11. Stacey says:

    Well, Ch 12 should be blaming us soon.

  12. thegeez says:

    Ya’ll continually have content that encourages such acts, so don’t be complaining Stacey when ya’ll do get blamed.
    Wasn’t fun the first time around either huh?
    But that’s what happens when people associate with criminals.

  13. Fuk_MD_Scameras says:

    In the end probably not the most effective anti-camera strategy. Makes the anti-camera crowd look like thugs to the public and didn’t cost the govt or DredFlex anything since this guy will have to pay for the damage.

    Here’s a funny article. Nice to see a Police Chief feel helpless from being able to stop citizens from circumventing their $cam.

    • jgunn says:

      Traffic cams pretty are pretty much single-handedly driving the popularity of the non mentioned iphone smart phone app. If states want to pull that crap on the people, they are going to fight back plain and simple. Good for the people. Also, now that the iphone is 99$, the usage of the app is also increasing and now with push notifications, we get notifications when someone adds a mobile van and such as soon as they are posted, and they are frequent throughout the day. I can tell there are a lot of users now. Good to see people fight back oppressive technology with technology of their own.

  14. Stacey says:

    Ah, that video is funny!

    • jgunn says:

      “Chris Hale, Deputy Court Administrator with Tucson City Court, says that’s not only dishonest but if you are served you have to pay more.”

      I don’t see the direct quote from this clown, but if he thinks standing up for your rights as a resident of Arizona to be served properly and lawfully by a servant of the court is “dishonest”, he is woefully mistaken. If I use my right to remain silent, or plead the 5th, am I dishonest? WTF? A letter in the mail in no way functions as “being served” to the letter of the law. The fact that a court administrator doesn’t understand the rule of law in his own state is unacceptable.

    • They shouldn’t have reported that email on TV. It’s way over my head. How could I, just a member of the public possibly understand why a Sheriff would order other agencies and deputies to not ticket a private corporation when they break the law?

      • guttersn1pe says:

        My question is – how do I get my name added to the “don’t cite this person list”?

        Sounds like a good list to be on.

    • Mark S says:

      That was good. We need more of this brought to light. Too bad we don’t know anyone inside DPS that could get their hands on some of the e-mails that go on between DiPS and redfux.

  15. Buckelew says:

    Non-violent protest rarely works when the motive is profit.

    There needs to be a Constitutional Amendment defining and limiting the use of public-private organizations, as well as the prohibition of for-profit law enforcment procedures. The previous and current federal administrations have made it more obvious, that there about turning the reigns of government over to for-profit enterprise, even when it doens’t make sense.

    1. Perceive a problem
    2. Proffer a convenient solution
    3. Lobby your solution into law
    4. Profit by writ of law at the expense of the taxpayer and consumer
    5. Perceive another problem

    This is where the government (corporate America) is taking us, unless you finally tell them “ENOUGH!”

    • Mark S says:

      That is scary s#17. I hope there is some major backlash against City Of Lancaster over this. I know I will NEVER visit that city.

  16. […] been rendered inoperable with post-it notes, silly string, sledgehammers, pick-axes, spray paint, large rocks, spare tires, as well as two acts(1) of God(2) […]

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