Happy 4th of July!

escape-fireAt least the signage is visible…


9 Responses to Happy 4th of July!

  1. RPr says:

    must have left it unattended while running

  2. Walter says:

    I think it was a Hybrid. The batteries overheated from too many consecutive charge/discharge cycles.

  3. Bill Gilmore says:

    Have a hot Phoenix 4th of July, and remember, if you drink a fifth on the 4th, you just might not come forth on the 5th.

  4. Cutting Torch says:

    Reflex employees aren’t smart enough to change the engine oil on a consistent basis. Ooops. Meltdown. I guess no one is paying them, so they can’t afford routine maintenance.

  5. Marbro says:

    I need some assistance please.
    My mom has got a photo ticket, she tried paying it, they didnt accept her payment because: The 1st time, she didnt have a full payment (money order returned), 2nd time it was past due, due to a lack of a current invoice # with the updated late payment Amt., but she had the full amt.(again money order returned)
    As of Today: She broke her leg and is incapacitated. She’s on advanced leave from work. The last thing on her mind is paying a speeding ticket that she tried to resolve and was basically ignored. She doesnt know what to do.
    I’m trying to gather info. on the web on her behalf to see what happens, but info. is really scarce on this. Are there interests charges added if the ticket is not payed?, who do we contact in order to make the payment and avoid a court date?, is her drivers license affected if she was somehow late with making a payment?
    To me if a court date was tomorrow, I would assume the judge would just throw out the claim because Photo Enforcement is unwilling to resolve the issue at all. They just gave her the money back and are playing games.

  6. Was she served with a real citation or did she just get a “Notice of Violation?” A notice of violation has no legal validity and can be thrown away. She only has to respond if she is actually served by a process server with a ticket. This scenario does carry an extra process fee of about $30, but the odds are high that she will never be served.

    • Marbro says:

      She got it through the mail. I tried to sway her from paying it, because she is going to have some hardship paying these medical bills and surgery costs. She payed it today with an updated invoice #s on the re-used money orders that she has tried to send them and now we will see how that goes. I’ll let her know about your comment.

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