Redflex’s Latest Contraption


Putting the “trap” in contraption…

This piece of equipment was spotted pulling out of Redflex’s parking lot this morning.

It appears to be some type of stand-alone, mobile radar unit with four dome cameras mounted on a pole. It also has flash units and a radar device similar to the ones in the Talivans.

When asked what it does, the driver replied in his raspy, tough guy voice… “It’s gonna catch speeders!”

See more pictures here.


28 Responses to Redflex’s Latest Contraption

  1. Raul says:

    LOL! It won’t catch me.. I love countermeasure technology…

  2. Stefanie says:

    Interesting.. Why does the Ford in the picture set not have corporate plates?… We all know they aren’t government plates, since they’re owned by a foreign illegit corporation- BUT SHOULDN’T THEY AT LEAST HAVE CORPORATION PLATES??

    When are these people going to start following the rules? They’re almost like our federal government..

  3. Mark S says:

    Did you follow it to see where it is going?

  4. No! says:

    Total surveillance state bullshit!

    It’s not going to be catching speeders… it’s gonna come down before it goes up.

    That generator looks like a nice stepping ladder to access the cameras.

    Bring it on, bitches. People have had enough!

  5. Ha Ha says:

    How ironic that Redflex rolls out a towable scam cam the day after their van gets towed in LA.

    Looks like there will be a simple solution to this device: a trailer hitch to tow the damn thing away when no one’s looking!

  6. That could be a mobile red light camera unit…

    But I do have to wonder if anyone would do anything (call the police) if a white truck or SUV pulled up, attched the trailer, and drove off with it.

    • Stacey says:

      Why would anyone suspect something was wrong? It ain’t like the driver has an axe or a sledge hammer.

  7. Glyph says:

    It looked to me like a Mobile Light Tower like you see at those night-time construction sites, only with cameras instead of lights.

    @PRS: I thought it might be for redlight applications too, as if Redflex was trying to keep up with ATS’ new development. But the driver specifically said it was for catching speeders. Of course, he could’ve been lying.

    @Mark S: Yes, I did follow him. All the way from Redflex to the MVD in north Phoenix, to get some kind of license I presume. That’s where I was able to take the pictures and interact with the driver.

  8. Bill W. says:

    Let me know how that works out for you when the police show up at your door once they track it down with the lo-jack unit inside of it. Oh and you’ll have to pry off the tong lock first before towing it away. Good luck.

  9. Glyph says:

    Who said anything about taking it home?

  10. Walter says:

    I bet you could raise the support legs in the rear and just tip it over backwards by hand.

  11. Jake says:

    @Glype, nice detective work dude, are you like watching doz companies all day long? Wonder what else they are workin on.

  12. Will Kay says:

    That damn thing won’t catch me. As always, great work Glyph. Semper Fi!

  13. NO tp 4 Me says:

    On 7-3-09 between 4-7 pm, a group called Camers Fraud will hold a protest on the overpass at 16th street and the I-10. By holding up and waving their signs they will be distracting the motorists driving on the interstate below. This is the busiest freeway in Maricopa County at this time on a Friday afternoon. It is irresponsible to allow them to put lives in danger and distract drivers. I have listed some of the laws that they could potentially be breaking:


    28-646 2. ( B)
    28-7053 ( E)
    28-7054 ( E ) 1 & 2
    28-7903 ( A ) 1. and ( 8 ) b.
    13-3720 ( A )
    13-2906 ( A & B )

    and if they do not compy with your requests they are breaking:

    13-3804 ( A & B )

    Please do not allow them to possibly cause accidents that could result in serious injury or deaths. On their website is information about the event.

    Thank you,

    I am doing all that I can to shut this down. The same email was sent to DPS. I ask of you to relocate your protest to a spot that will not endanger the lives of innocent people.

    • Glyph says:

      Well, kudos to you for staying up all night to look up those statutes, but we didn’t violate any of them.

      You efforts to ‘shut this down’ were ineffective.

      • Mark S says:

        Looks like the lab is back again. Time to get out the pooper scooper and shovel it in to the garbage with the rest of the s…!

    • Will Kay says:

      You mean distracting them from their cell phone calls, cigarettes, GPS devices, kids screaming, and/or zoned out zombie driving from being burned out by a low paying dead end job?

    • Brent says:

      Sorry RedFlex employee… Glad you and your company spent some time looking up laws- however the fact that your superiors choose not to follow many laws make your moral authority here null and void.

  14. RPr says:

    This could be the replacement of the talivan.

  15. Glyph says:

    @Jake: I don’t watch them all day long, but I pay pretty close attention.

    @Will: Thanks =)

    @RPr: I think you might be right. I’m guessing that there are some folks at Redflex smacking themselves on the forehead, asking why they didn’t think of this sooner. I’m sure it’s much cheaper than a manned SUV onthe side of the road, and it would address many of the concerns we have raised about roadway safety, improperly marked vehicles, civilian employees in marked DPS vehicles, etc.

    I could definately see them making a shift in this direction, and they’ll break their arms patting themselves on the back for it.

  16. I guess another idea would be to just add a little sugar or sand to the gas tank…

  17. camghost says:

    My guess is that this device isn’t used for enforcement at all, based on the photos at least. A stationary device such as this can’t be used effectively in a red light or speed enforcement application due to the positioning of the unit at the roadside. There are four cameras which seem to dictate possibly a surveillance application possibly for data collection at intersections to study traffic volumes(redlight running, speeding, etc). Not 100% certain, but that’s my guess at least.

  18. Joe says:

    Since their new biz model is “unmanned”, they’re probably creating towable units that they can drop-off. Right now, they’re taking brand-new fords and leaving them on the side of the highway.

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