Louisiana: Church Tows Redflex Scam Van

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!


15 Responses to Louisiana: Church Tows Redflex Scam Van

  1. Will Kay says:

    If I were a tow truck driver I swear I’d tow every last one of them.

  2. RPr says:

    Sheriff “that’s redflex’s problem” LOL

  3. Mark S says:

    As Martin from The Simpson’s would say: “Haa Haa!”

  4. Joe says:

    Note the last part of the video where it is noted that the van operators were also parking it too close to the change in the speed zone, resulting in 2,000 tickets getting tossed-out. I have seen numerous examples of the vans being parked within feet of the speed-limit change.

  5. RPr says:

    Sheriffs office cancels redflex

    Furthermore, it was brought to the attention of Sheriff’s Officials that improper comments were made to the towing company employees by the Redflex representative regarding the towing of the vehicle.


  6. […] We know breaking up is hard to do, but look on the bright side: It’ll just make you stronger for when the rest of your contracts start to fall apart. WAFB – The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office says it will discontinue use of the controversial “speed van”.   The sheriff’s department says it decided to end its contract with Redflex, the company that owns the van, after the driver of the speed van parked it on private property without getting written permission from the owner. […]

  7. If only the Livingston Parish officials ran Arizona! They would have tossed Redflex long ago… maybe after they used unlicensed equipment… or falsified court documents, or hid PE signs, or parked illegally, or…

  8. Louisiana says:

    It’s a good day in part of Louisiana.

  9. Brent says:

    Has anyone ever confronted “property owners” (e.g. City of Mesa residents) who allow these people to park in front of their house? I think this might be a good plan. I wouldn’t assume they haven’t given permission, but rather when confronted they would have a hard time publicly stating why they are ‘in bed’ with these horrible companies… Thoughts?

  10. […] company—have recently been disabled with post it notes in other parts of Arizona, as well as towed away by upset property owners in Louisiana. On July 5, 2009 at about 15 minutes past midnight Coconino County Sheriff’s […]

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