Ban it, Ban it Not

ban-it-ban-it-notThe political petal-pulling continues as the Arizona State Legislature flip-flops on whether or not to end the state photo enforcement contract with scam-vendor Redflex.

If to be looked at as a whole, the decision process as a legislative body could only be described as neurotic: a bill from Sam Crump earlier this year failed to grow legs despite being passed in committee. Last week, a Glendale representative introduced a proposal to add points to photo enforcement tickets. Just in the past couple days, murmurs regarding a new bill to “end photo enforcement” have circulated… for September 2010.

No matter what, we can say with almost complete confidence that the following statements are true:

Waffles: Official Breakfast of the Arizona State Legislature

Waffles: Official Breakfast of the Arizona State Legislature

1. The legislature will never vote to end photo radar as long as it funds clean elections, which helps many of the reps get elected in the first place.

2. The legislature will never ban automated ticketing statewide, including deadly red light cameras, as the citizen’s ballot initiative proposes.

3. The legislature will never fail to close a revenue window without opening a door. Toll roads, anyone?

The cameras are coming down, but it won’t be thanks to those who caused the problem in the first place: the politicians who stand to lose far too much if such a cash-cow goes away.

11 Responses to Ban it, Ban it Not

  1. RPr says:

    great article

  2. Uncle Slam says:

    When the enemy retreats is not the time to sigh relief. If you do, you allow him to resupply and fight again. Keep up the pressure until surrender is spoken aloud. Then, and only then, have we won.

    Keep the petitions going. Keep the post-it notes posted. Keep waving, and talking and standing up straight.

    Uncle Slam

  3. JP85257 says:

    Toll Roads? ALL of these revenue hungry pricks need to be taught a lesson. There needs to be a anti-camera, anti-toll road and anti-spending candidate put up in EVERY single district in the state of AZ.

    WE ALL know that if the toll roads are put in, they will ALL be placed in the Phoenix Metro Area and OUR citizens will, once again, as usual bear the brunt of these travesties.

    • jgunn says:

      So everyone make sure to NOT vote for this guy during the next election:

      “An amendment introduced by Gilbert Republican Sen. Thayer Verschoor tried to remove the photo enforcement ban during the floor session, but Senators voted it down in a voice vote.”

      Would be nice to have a consolidated list of money grubbing politicos who vote for this crap so we can be sure to vote them out.

  4. Joe says:

    I have an email from Tom Boone (majority leader) where he is on record as saying that he DOES support banning the cameras and that he WILL vote to ban them wherever possible.

    I’ll have to ask him a follow-up question about getting the bill on the floor for a vote.

    • Walter says:

      How about asking him to put on the floor a bill that would ban the cameras state wide? Not just on the freeways. Better yet have the legislature put the whole thing on the ballot as a legislature initiated proposition?………Okay.. I’ll wake up now. I must have been dreaming.

  5. Chuck says:

    If the legislators won’t eliminate this scam, get the courts to rule Photo Radar Unconstitutional.
    Why should the courts have to deal with the mess?

    Photoradar violates Substantive Due Process.

    Never fight the ticket without raising Constitutional issues at the time of your FIRST TRIAL.

    What ever you do, everything you do, it must be your intent to appeal any decision the Municipal Judge makes. Issues to be appealed must be brought up in trial or they will not be reviewed. No NEW evidence or issues of law will be permitted after the first hearer of facts makes a determination.
    All matters of interpretation of the law belong to the Courts.

    A municipal Judge may not be as versed in Constitutional Law. Even if they should think they are qualified , they couild find themselves overtured and looking foolish.
    Make the issue the Constitutonal issue of fairness, your right to a fair hearing, The right of independant experts, your right to all the evidence.

    Fighting the judge in the Municipal court is useless. They’ll rule against you
    It becomes a matter of trusting the officer or you. You lose. But if you raise Constitutional issues a higher court can review De Novo.
    No judge wants to be overruled, or have a higher court review decisions.
    The cities don’t want cases reviewed, for fear the higher courts will eventually tire of the poor decisions handed down at the lower level
    Eventually the Courts will figure it out, the Lazy, corrupt legislators shoved the workload over to the Judicial Branch.

    An equal branch of government doesn’t want crap handed to them; they have enough problems of their own.

    Legislatures deal with the contempt of the people or WE will end this troublesome money scheme.
    Before you vote know where your Representative stands on the issue.

  6. If the cameras don’t get banned in this session, there is movement on the PI license issue, which could create a lot of trouble for Redflex and ATS.

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