DPS Veteran: “Ashamed of Agency”

dpsA 34-year veteran of the Arizona Department of Public Safety has spoken out against the use of photo radar in a Tribune editorial, calling the blind enforcement of “11 over” the speed limit by cameras to be “ridiculous.”

I am ashamed of my former agency engaging in speed traps, something we used to accuse small departments of doing to boost a town’s revenue.

Redflex, American Traffic Solutions, DPS, City of Scottsdale, etc: It’s always all about the money.

18 Responses to DPS Veteran: “Ashamed of Agency”

  1. The Thunder says:

    I really question this “ex patrolmans” comments. He scoffed at small towns that set up speed traps, yet if he was on the highways for most of his career as he says, he undoubtedly was engaged in speed traps himself. Oh, but for him it was about safety? I lived in Payson and the officers rountinely set an officer at the bottom of the hill after you came into town. The speed limit dropped from 55 ( at the time) to 45 and then 35. The PPD did not have that officer there to generate revenue, it was there to keep people from the valley from speeding through town. Payson’s main drag is highway 87 and on it are many shops and foot traffic. So when he questions small town law enforcement, maybe he needs to know a little something about the town first. His claim about continuous speed is laughable…. when was the last time you saw a cop drive 90 mph behind you to determine of your speed was going to be continuous?
    And on our freeways with multiple lanes if you pass someone its not casue you are going to get in front of them and then slow down…. you are passing them to go much faster.
    I would like to know why he believes that he is an authority on photo radar… probably the same way he believes that he is an authority on small town police departments.

    His old seargent made a great point about doing 90 mph … and that was how many years ago? 35 ? when there was much less traffic on the freeways… I wonder at what speed now are drivers just “aiming” their cars?

    • jgunn says:

      People who routinely do 90+ will get their just desserts since 86MPH is “criminal speed” in AZ. Their license will not last long. At least in the old days when cops enforced the limit. The cameras are pretty good at giving out tickets to the average joe who misses a speed limit sign though. It’s to the point that people are afraid of driving 65 (yes a coworker said that to me) in fear of a drop to 55 and hence a ticket. So the cameras are setting up severe speed differentials in the 65 zones (55MPH VS 74MPH). This is the reason 20+ is considered a higher infraction and yet the cameras set this situation to occur daily. I ride the Varpool on the I17 south almost daily and I see the dangerous interaction when 70+MPH traffic meets 55MPH traffic. Physics dictates that bodies moving at different speeds in a similar direction will collide more often than those traviling at the same speed. I miss the days when almost everyone drove the same speed even if it was a bit over the PSL.

    • Will Kay says:

      As a signature collector for camerafraud.com I can honestly say that I have had lawyers, judges, a state senator and his wife, and a retired DPS Officer tell me that these scamera systems are all about money. They are illegal and unconstitutional, period.

  2. One thing that really frustrates me about the highway cams is that they make you feel like you can’t pass anyone. Doesn’t it stand to reason that if traffic is all going the same speed it makes lane changes inherently unsafe? Speeding up to pass and make a lane change seems a lot safer to me because you’re not causing the person in the lane next to you to have to slow down. What if they are going 60 with several cars tailgating behind and you have to pass them by going 65? I haven’t done the math, but it takes quite a while to pass someone at 5 mph faster.

    I don’t know if I am alone on that one, but thankfully I really don’t see very many of these cameras at all anymore. My commute is completely devoid of them and I live in a part of town where they are very scarce. That being said, I want this system taken down immediately and these scam cam companies run out of town and exposed for that they are.

    The builder/speculator/realtwhore/mortgage fraudster fueled housing ponzi scheme and this automated ticketing system are the two biggest frauds perpetrated on the people of Arizona and they both came under the watch of you-know-who. I guess we deserve it for voting her in.

    • Stacey says:

      Look at the poor woman who tried to get away from the crazy guy who shot the Redflex employee. She got a photo radar ticket trying to get away from psycho man. This is one fucked up state. Notice there wasn’t a DPS officer in sight. He must have been busy looking for HOV violators.

  3. jgunn says:

    I saw on azcentral that a bill was rejected today that sounds awfully like the bill that would have added points to people licenses for camera tickets. Can anyone confirm that this bill is one and the same?


  4. RPr says:


    Thayer Verschoor
    President Pro Tempore

    stated Photo Radar is Unconstitutional!
    video will be up soon

    • The Thunder says:

      yes the same clown that brought us the restricted view license plate law !! seems they had a lot of time last year as they saw the economy slipping away … did anyone see how he voted on photo radar ?

  5. James Howard says:

    I almost wish that bill to add points to your license passes – it will tick people off even more.

  6. The Thunder says:

    i wonder…… if it will be too hot in november of 2010 ( should you get it to the ballot) for her to go outside of the house to vote !!????????

  7. Josh says:


    If you weren’t speeding, then the camera would not take a picture of you. So here is the great idea that no one has said, “DON’T SPEED”

    All the griping and complaining, just tells me that you could care less about the speed limit, as long as you don’t get caught. Yes sometimes you “miss” a speed limit sign. Last time i checked, ignorance does not excuse you from the law. Don’t do the crime if you don’t want to pay the fine.

    • What if the camera malfunctions? It happens all of the time. What about the people who get flashed innocently, but Redflex sells the data to their insurance company and they their rates go up? I guess those people are just whiners too.

      • Josh says:

        What if someone gets a blowout, loses control, and has an accident. It happens all the time. They will still have to file a claim, and their rates will stil go up. We could play the “what if” game all day.

        How would you know if the cameras are “malfunctioning” anyway? The “innocent” people told you? Ask anyone in jail if they are innocent, I bet about 80 percent will tell you they are, knowing full well they are not.

        NEWS FLASH
        ***** PEOPLE LIE, CAMERAS DON’T *****

  8. Dr Jett says:

    Speeding isn’t the problem as much as people that don’t have driving skills. Where is the big uproar about teaching people how to drive at freeway speeds including emergency maneuvers, braking etc. This would make a HUGE difference in safety. Oh, excuse me it wouldn’t generate any revenue. Well you can return to fantasy land and believe what the Department of Public Harrassment and the rest of the Scam Artists tell you.

    • Josh says:


      If speeding isn’t the issue then what is? I’m sure not one person who reads this crap cares anything about safety. All they care about is not paying a fine. As for emergency manuevers and braking, thats what we call in fantasy land as Defensive Driving School. I guess the government should hold your hand while you go to class to make sure you learn how to drive. What people should do is GROW UP and take responsibilty for there own actions, instead of blaming everyone else.

      • Walter says:


        “Speeding” only accounts for <5% of all trafic accidents. So there is no major issue with "speeding". The scamera companies and DPS try to tell you that there is a major problem with it so they can make ungodly amounts of money. If they really were concerned with saftey they would put on a major driving education campain. Kinda like the one they are doing with the ads about "Big truck" awareness. As a "Big truck" driver I am very happy to see DPS doing those commercials. I wish they would keep it up for other areas as well.

        IMHO. One of those commercials do more for saftey then all of the cameras combined.

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