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twitterCameraFRAUD is on Twitter!

Help us reach 1000 followers by the 4th of July by joining today. You’ll receive up-to-the-minute information regarding what we’re doing in the fight against automated ticketing. Just look at our Twitter testimonials!

I love getting camerafraud tweets on my blackberry – S. Vaitheeswaran

It allows me to act busy during those boring legislative sessions – Anonymous State Representative

ATS has never been more fun to work for since these people started videotaping our employees and tweeting their locations. – J. Weiss.

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4 Responses to CameraFRAUD Twitter

  1. Thanks for the shout out guys! I know we can make it to 1,000 by July 4th.

  2. We just passed 900 followers today. We’re inching closer to 1,000 with 18 days left to July 4th. **Independence from the Flash**

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