Reckless D.C. Mayor Endangers Streets of Nation’s Capital

Reckless Mayor Caught on Camera

Click to enlarge the "evidence" provided by ATS

Last month, the reckless mayor of the District of Columbia hurtled down East Capitol Street in North East Washington at the breakneck speed of 43 MPH — a full 13 miles per hour in excess of the speed limit. Fortunately, scofflaw Adrian M. Fenty’s vehicular rampage was stopped dead in its tracks two weeks and four days later when a ticket was finally dropped in the U.S. mail.

American Traffic Systems (ATS) had issued the demand for the immediate payment of $50 to the “DC DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS,” the registered owner of the tiny taxpayer-funded Smart car. As one can see from the photographs taken by the ATS machine, Mayor Fenty was driving without due care and attention by straddling a second lane without any apparent use of a turn signal — just the sort of thing for which ATS plans to begin issuing tickets as part of the public-private partnership to boost revenue with “secondary violations.”

Now, we don’t actually think Fenty’s driving in this case endangered anyone. Driving 43 MPH on a six-lane boulevard on a clear day in light traffic is what the safe and reasonable majority of drivers do. By underposting speed limits and criminalizing ordinary conduct, the District has been able to profit from more than 3,732,234 photo tickets issued since 1999 worth about $280 million. The difference in this particular case is that Fenty is a hypocrite. The photographic money machine can only keep flashing if mayors like Fenty demonize motorists who are not endangering anyone. The other difference is that when we do that, we get the ticket and we have to pay it.

Attention Maryland High School Students: This is the mayor's plate

Attention Maryland High School Students: This is the mayor's plate

In Fenty’s case, the cost of the car, the gas, and the tickets are all paid by the taxpayer. In fact, you would never have known about this incident had the Washington City Paper not known that the mayor and his personal assistant frequently drive the black and gray Smart car with license plate CV-6154. Reporter Mike DeBonis ran that plate through the online database and caught the May 11 incident before it was erased from the system.

Now that Fenty has been caught, a city spokesman told the City Paper, “He’ll pay the ticket.”

What do you want to bet that would be the first time he’s ever paid with his own money? Next time, he’ll probably just take the motorcade.

31 Responses to Reckless D.C. Mayor Endangers Streets of Nation’s Capital

  1. Law A.Biding Troll says:

    has anyone been on this 6 lane road? i have not… i imagine there is a good reason for the speed set at 30 mph.. maybe it is a historical district which attracts many tourists who slow to lower speeds to see such things.. or maybe it is downtown DC… much like phoenix downtown which has slower speeds.. i guess the people to ask would be those that live there… a good question would be .. “were the speeds on this stretch of road lowered when the cameras were installed?” ( why do i have to come up with all of the good ideas) … my guess is . do you even have one documented case ( not a construction zone) where speeds have been lowered for no reason either right before or right after the cameras were installed? dc is a very forgiving city ..where else can you get busted smoking crack and get elected for another term?
    i think that CF is probably making a bigger deal out of something that happened in dc than the citizens of dc are!!!

    so i guess mr.mecum going 109 on our freeways is ok? he gets a pass because???????

    • BF16250 says:


      • Law A.Biding Troll says:

        wow!! are you mad? BF ? what does that stand for anyway? just what i thought!!!

        right back at you jerk off!!!

        i can hardly wait for your moronic reply!! oh and please make sure it is in all caps.. makes it easier to read !!

  2. Law A.Biding Troll says:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    here is the sad thing.. i thought the person that created the post was the author of the post… so with that in mind i was reading and waiting to see either a link or something to what the fool keegan said… at the end i find out it WAS his words, not the author.. i have to tell you …for a judge ( JP ) ..i was unimpressed!! i mean really unimpressed… his lack of education in the field on law certainly shows!! then at the end i check the link and he wrote it on some type of site like this… where people can comment… here is what i think,,,

    he was looking for the porn sites and got lost!! or distracted… either way he is a disgrace to the precinct or district that he serves… and he is the poster child to make law that JP’s must have either been or are a practicing attorney or retired and have passed the bar exam… from what i hear keegan has never passed a bar in his life without stopping!!

  3. geez says:

    that’s the good thing about PE. no ones exempt no matter race, age etc… now political alignments… thats another story huh..

    • James S says:

      No one exempt, except for the whole AZ legislature, DPS vehicles (and only DPS vehicles), and Redflex/ATS execs.

      Oh, and those also exempt are those with plate blockers, or those who have memorized the locations, just to speed up after the trap zone. And those who mask their identity. And those who dodge service. And those who have their car registered out of state or to a trust.

      What were you saying about automated ticketing’s supposed “equal enforcement”?

      That’s what I thought.

      • geez says:

        oh you mean those of you that spend $800 on toys to avoid a $180 dollar citation your not even gonna pay?

        • Mike says:

          I don’t know where you’re buying your Escort 9500ix, but for $800 you’re getting ripped off. lol!

        • jgunn says:

          Just in, the Iphone’s price was lowered to 99$. With an Iphone and some free software, you have access to all the fixed cam locations and mobile cams that have been marked by other users. So 800$ is a big stretch. Anyway, how much did Redflex spend on their equipment? Millions? Sad to see that defeated by a 100$ piece of equipment.

      • James, you forgot out-of-staters, out-of-country cars, illegal alients, out-of-date registrations, cars with no plates, people with trailers and/or rear-mounted bike/wheelchairs, and …

        Geez ignores the rest of the list and dwells on “$800 toys.” LoL. Weak.

  4. Law A.Biding Troll says:

    hey geez- all these ambitious freedom fighters….all 1500 plus 1000 on twitter and you and i own the first 4 posts on a new thread…. !! time for more begging on behalf of kandaris!!

    • James S says:

      That was dangerously close to a “FIRST”, lab. No one cares about how you have endless time to post to a site you supposedly hate.

      • Mike says:

        It’s pretty easy when you’re sitting at your Redflex desk getting paid to troll message boards.

      • Law A.Biding Troll says:

        please elaborate on what you mean by a “first” ? of course you missed the point of my post, but then that is not really a surprise…. ITS NOT ABOUT “TIME”!!

    • BJ says:

      LBT – Would you sit there and argue over and over again with the hellfire-preaching, completely closed-minded nutjob who’s screaming his “gospel” from the street corner?

      No? We wouldn’t either…

  5. Henry says:

    I hope that someone is checking Fenty’s cell bill to see if he was on the phone at the time. That would explain the straddling.

    • Law A.Biding Troll says:

      i think it is clear that he is in the middle of switching lanes…

      • Slade says:

        I agree. The angle of the car looks like a lane change to me too.

      • Walter says:

        Where is the turn signal? Can you say secondary violation citation? Look at the lane markings. Solid white lines means NO lane changes are allowed. Another secondary violation!!! That right front tire looks kinda bald??? yet another secondary violation??? Can anybody else see that crack in the front window???? OOPS we’ll have to send you yet another secondary violation ticket.Does he have current insurance? How about that seat belt? Two more tickets!!

        So lets see here.$$$ Speeding. $$$ Failure to signal. $$$ Improper lane change. $$$ Worn out tire. $$$ Cracked windshield.$$$ No current insurance. $$$ NO seat belt.$$$

        Grand total let’s say somewhere in the neighborhood of $850.00 to $1000.00.

        Thank you very much. Have a nice day. Hope you enjoyed you visit.Come back soon.

        Can anybody really tell me that this is for safety and NOT money?

  6. Michael Milstead says:

    Troll, East Capitol Street is a major downtown street. It is a mix of residential and skyscrapers.The way D.C. was designed is imagine a wheel with all major streets running diagonal with the U.S. Capitol being the hub.
    If you blow up the picture of Fenty’s tag, you will see the words TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.All D.C. laws have to be approved by Congress.The Scameras are just D.C.’s way around Congress not letting them have a commuter tax.Fenty is also known to let friends drive his city owned car in violation of city laws.

    • Let’s hope that it was actually one of his friends driving the car and not him. That would make the story that much better.

      • RPr says:

        identifying the driver is not required in D.C.

        the owner of the vehicle is responsible for any photo radar tickets. not the driver

        • Photo Radar is creating a black market for license plates in the D.C. area. Way to go!

          I still think it would be great if it wasn’t Fenty driving it that picture. It would serve as some type of justice.

        • That’s a great way to increase safety. Get the owner of the vehicle, not the driver. The IIHS says that the driver is NOT the owner 28% of the time.

          Imagine a law enforcement system that identifies the wrong person more than 1/4 of the time! Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine it. It’s here.

          • jgunn says:

            That would be cool. Get camera lover troll’s IP, cross reference with ISP for address. Stake out address and note license plate number. Photoshop plate numbers onto printed paper. Get someone with a similar make/model/color car (not that redflex seems to GAF if it matches). Attach photoshopped plate and drive by a few scameras at 15MPH over (or to be an a$$, 30MPH). It will be loads of fun having them come up with excuses for the criminal activities.

            • Law A.Biding Troll says:

              that might work in dc cause it seems to be the law that the car owner gets the ticket… but i think in az it would not work…

              i have an idea time you want to use your brain… engage it!!!

          • Why wouldn’t that work in AZ? If your registration is up to date, they will mail the troll the ticket and he will have to worry about proving his innocence! Guilty until proven innocent!

            • Mark S says:

              I have seen it work. A friend did this to an ex-boss. Picture of the license plate, printed on semi-gloss paper and taped over real license plate. His ex-boss received several photo tickets within a few days. A nice way to get back at someone. Just be sure to use a car the other person won’t recognize and disguise your face.

          • guttersn1pe says:

            It would work in AZ. I personally know people who got tickets where the gender didn’t match. There are cases of vehicles clearly not matching (make, model, color, etc.) For the hundreds of thousands of photo tickets taken, do you really think they spend much time reviewing them. If you were being paid $12 an hour and were handed a stack of 1,000 photos to review, knowing another 1,000 will arrive tomorrow, how much time would you commit to each? Send it out and let the victims prove it wasn’t them.

            • Mark S says:

              It’s not really a stack of photos. They click accept or deny when looking at the image and data on a computer screen.

              It is a Redflex employee that does the checking, cropping and editing of the citations, not the DPS officer whose signature appears on the bottom of the citation.

              I don’t see how these notices can be valid when the person checking these things is not a DPS officer. It is all fraudulent anyway. I am sure you could bring up perjury in court against the office and the notary that sign these citations.

              If ever I get a citation from one of these things, everything and everyone that was involved in the process, as well as all records, will be summoned to the court trial. If they want their $181 then they will have to work big time for it. I have plenty of saved personal time at work to take days off.

  7. Glyph says:

    This is an unrelated observation, but the story says that ATS demanded payment from the mayor, so they clearly operate the photo enforcement program. But if you look at the blown-up image, it clearly says Gatsometer in the bottom right hand corner.

    Is ATS doing the business end, and Gatso handling the camera end?

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