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Since August 2008, CameraFRAUD has provided the strongest resistance towards automated ticketing ever seen within the United States. As a result, we have over 1,500 members on Meetup with an additional 800 followers on Twitter— and we haven’t even launched our Myspace or Facebook pages yet.

Starting next month, we have less than 12 months to assist the Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar in collecting 153,365 signatures by July 2010 to place  a statewide ban prop on the ballot in November 2010. In addition, we need volunteers to assist with various projects we have planned over the course of the next six months, projects which we hope will dwarf our past events.

Please take action now by doing at least one of these things:

1. DONATE: Visit Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar and make a contribution.

2. COMMUNICATE: Join us on both Meetup and Twitter if you haven’t already.

3. PARTICIPATE: Join us for our monthly meeting on Tues, June 9th.

4. RECRUIT: Send an email to your friends about CameraFRAUD.

5. COLLECT: Start collecting signatures today. The process is easy!

And always, remember… The Cameras are Coming Down…

25 Responses to Take Action Now!

  1. ProCameraOpposition says:

    You will fail blah blah blah not enough members no matter what blah blah blah the cameras are staying blah blah blah… (Just getting the typical negative tripe outta the way… thank me later LAB)

    The cameras will come down in AZ, but not that Redflex will care. They’re diversified much better than ATS and will just focus on other geographical areas.

    ATS, however, will be in some serious deep poop considering how many contracts they have in AZ.

  2. Glyph says:

    I like how for the first two and a half minutes of the story, they let you believe that it’s a Good Ol Boy conspiracy. Then at the end they mention “BTW, Judge Keegan has done the exact same thing for a thousand other people” regardless of their party affiliation.

    Gotta make the news sexy!

  3. Law A.Biding Troll says:

    RP’s…. he is not a judge he is a JP… there is a difference… news 3 had a great opportunity to bring that out .. maybe they will on the follow up story ….cause one is coming.. i would like to add here to the ” safe but prudent ” crowd .. sure looks like he goes flying past another car on the freeway…. i thought that argument was for when the freeway was free of traffic thus eliminating the chance of harming innocent victums!! appears that mr.mecum cares about only himself.. this is not over and he knows it!!!

  4. Law A.Biding Troll says:


    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    all those states and arizona still has the cameras and no chance in sight of them coming down!! i guess you could say that arizonans are not followers …. but leaders!!

  5. geez says:


    This is for every time someone here says “every time photo radar is brought into court, they always lose”

    oh and also the whole shpeal about it being un-constitutional…

  6. I’ve never seen anyone say “every time photo radar is brought into court, they always lose.” I think you’re making that up. What we do say, is that photo enforcement has never survived a vote.

    The court and legal system is always an uncertainty. Ask any lawyer, even with the most solid cases you still have a chance of losing. They plan to appeal, so we’ll have to wait and see how that goes.

    • geez says:

      whatever prs, split hairs, I wasn’t gonna go hunting through the site for ya’lls exact quote.
      Anyways, looked like ‘never survived a vote’ is already crumbled into dust..

      • Silly geez says:

        The article had a misquote.

        Photo radar has never survived a public vote.

        Obviously, AOL’s quote of Crump was a big wreck, implying that the public vote has never been successful against photo radar. That isn’t consistent with the history of such votes.

  7. Law A.Biding Troll says:

    could this be the first case in which a “real” judge… not a jp …. says “sorry anti camera crowd..you have failed to meet the burden of proof for your claim that the PE is unconstitutional”…hey but for all you government haters out there…. you are in the good old USA and you will get another bite at the apple in another court!!!

  8. There are several constitutional arguments, and they did not argue all of them from what I can tell. Until they address all constitutional concerns, the debate will continue.

    • Silly geez says:

      Not to mention the AZ State Constitution requires a 2/3rds vote on ANY tax or fee increase by the legislature. That didn’t happen.

      • Law A.Biding Troll says:

        you may have a point if it said “fine”.. i have never heard of someone having to pay a fee for no insurance or a tax for a murder they committed…

        see ya!!!

    • BJ says:

      IMO, the constitutional debate isn’t a winner, and it never will be. I agree with the fundamental tenets of the argument, but the courts don’t agree. For example, a US Court of Appeals just sided with technology surveillance in a Wisconsin case (some cops placed a GPS unit on a stalker’s car without a warrant or any other permission, and they used that surveillance as evidence in court to convict him). No warrant, no cause… but the evidence held up in court.

      Also, as Obama and the rest of the country lean more to the left (or more accurately, tolerant of totalitarian rule out of fear), these arguments aren’t going to be even less persuasive.

      It’s time to move on from that argument and play hardball by outlawing the surveillance in the first place.

      • Law A.Biding Troll says:

        first there has to be a reason to over turn the law… and it will take more than 1600 CF members, 20 of which are active…. the rest are just names on a data base.. no lawmaker if going to vote the cameras out without that and some type of significant public outcry!!

        H A I L T H E …F L A S H E S

        • BJ says:

          We’ll see.

        • BJ says:

          BTW LAC – Question for you…

          Which is a lower life form? Someone who’s always posting at a site that they constantly make fun of or belittle, or someone who’s paid to be a web site troll? Fueled by attention or money… Either way, what a pathetic life you have. Your mom would be proud…

          • Law A.Biding Troll says:

            neither… the lower life form is someone who thinks that anyone would care what they thought… lets take you for instance… your jealousy of me is starting to show…i have more passion for my cause than you have for yours ..its not really me that you are mad at … it is you that you are mad at… your multiple failures in life have left you frustrated and confused… taking a shot at me helps the pain and gives you a moment of clarity… and then as soon as i respond with the whooping for you… you turn back into the shell of the human being you are and all of the memories of failure come rushing back…. i usually charge for help like this… my suggestion..if it makes you feel better to hate me and call me names …. you go right ahead… i will sacrifice for you… as it is clear i am much higher up the life form chain than you

          • BJ says:

            Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

            “your jealousy of me is starting to show”
            LOL (really – I laughed out loud). Projected embarrassment, maybe, but jealousy?

            As for the rest of your post – it’s nothing more than arrogant psychobabble and lame conjecture.

            • Law A.Biding Troll says:

              hey clown…you asked the question.. i answered it..if you dont want an answer then hey…!!! DONT ASK A QUESTION… !!
              yes compared to you folks i have plenty to be arrogant about!! i might even say pompous!!

  9. geez says:

    Photo enforcement is a tax or fee? Yes silly… (i like that!)

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