Notes from the News

keepnotesToo much news, not enough time to post it…

5.  American Traffic Solutions’ spokes-drone Josh Weiss was quick to try to use a tragedy as a weapon against those who oppose automated ticketing. What he wasn’t telling you is how his company received threats regarding shootings as far back as 1996. Why did it take ATS 13 years to enact “enhanced driver protections,” whatever that means?

4. The rah-rah cheerleader for automated ticketing in Alaska is now a US Senator. We would like to congratulate Mark Begich, who replaces Ted Stevens, on his new position. And also for costing American Traffic Solutions over $700,000 when their ticketing project crashed and burned faster than the Hindenburg. Oh, the humanity!

3. The American Trucking Association is supporting federal legislation introduced by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) that would limit the expansion of tolling on federal highways. Many of the automated ticketing firms like to double-dip in this area, not only by providing the so-called speedpass RFID systems but also by installing photo enforcement devices to fine those accused of skipping the toll. If passed, the legislation could spell disaster for companies like ATS.

2. Increasingly vocal public outrage at photo radar and red light cameras may be prompting some jurisdictions to think twice about making a potentially costly decision to partner with Redflex Traffic Systems. It seems that what might scare a bureaucrat more than not being able to steal more of your money is the prospect that you might sue to get it back:  …no one may want to run the cameras. County Attorney Dana Crosby says Redflex runs red light cameras, but after a 2.2 million judgment in Minnesota, and a new lawsuit against them in Aventura in South Florida, enough is enough.”

1. Frisco, TX is “putting the brakes on red light cameras.” Frisco is “not renewing its three-year contract with Redflex Traffic Systems, the company that operates the cameras.” The decision comes ahead of a potential statewide ban that has other municipalities racing to extend their existing contracts with scam-cam vendors as a way to wiggle around the legislature’s exception to the red light camera ban that allows existing contracts to expire. A similar attempt to defy a state legislative body in Montana recently lead to the exception being stripped from their automated ticketing ban.


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  1. RPr says:

    Memorial day weekend

    Signs posted by an individual calling himself “Potomac Secret Agent” were placed at five locations, Oaklyn Drive, River Road, Tuckerman Lane, Seven Locks Road and Wootton Parkway. The red signs, measuring 18 by 24 inches, carried a variety of messages warning motorists that they would soon be passing an automated speed camera.

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