So, You’re Driving Along One Day…

SHARP EDGES: Is this sign more useful than a photo radar "tali-van"?

SHARP EDGES: Is this sign more useful than a photo radar "tali-van"?

…maybe you’re from out-of-state and need help,

…or, maybe you have your pregnant wife with you who just went into labor,

…worse yet, perhaps you were just involved in a serious accident.

But fear not: You see a marked DPS or Scottsdale Police vehicle just up ahead!

You run up to it, yelling for help. But there’s no help to be found. Instead, a note is taped to the window:

This is an unoccupied vehicle.
If you have an emergency please call 911.

Apparently, the new “enhanced security” changes made by Redflex and American Traffic Solutions to their automated ticketing vans consist of a modern version of ding-dong-ditch: park the vehicle, leave a note on the window, and get the hell out of there as fast as you can. (Not that having an untrained private contractor in the van is any better during an emergency, especially when they aren’t even allowed or able defend themselves while being placed in danger by their employer.)

Fear not those unintended consequences of delaying help to those who might be seeking emergency services. I’m sure the confusion, panic, and potential for loss of life due to such a delay would just be a precursor to a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the photo radar companies, as well as the police agencies who unlawfully outsource their duties (and vehicle designs/emblems) to private contractors.

Of course, such a lawsuit against the state or various cities would just be paid for by your tax dollars.

One thing is for sure: If such an unfortunate scenario did become reality, there’s no room to claim they never imagined such a situation.


Because the State of Arizona, as well as ATS and Redflex, read it here first.

45 Responses to So, You’re Driving Along One Day…

  1. It will be hilarious when the first camera van gets car-jacked!

    • BJ says:

      I wouldn’t recommend anyone actually trying that. Something tells me that those surveillance company owned, six-digit vehicles are LOADED with tracking equipment to track their comings and goings.

      However, those signs are a welcome mat for more shootings… “Hey! I’m empty… No chance of murder charges here! SHOOT ME!”

  2. geez says:

    Ok, first your all tight in ya’lls panties when there is people in the van. Now ya’ll are tight in your panties that there’s no one in the vans…

    • Walter says:

      Face it the vans are a bad idea.

      It does not matter if there is anyone in them or not. A bad idea is a bad idea.

  3. jgunn says:

    Yeah, it seems there is a van now parked 24-7 on West bound San Tan right before it merges with the 1-10. They must not be making any money as everyone just slows down to 65 at the van and speeds back up to 75-80 after. It’s almost as if the cans are now fixed cameras. It’s almost too easy now. At least when they moved the vans around you had to keep on your toes a little bit. Now it’s 100MPH between the cameras and slam on the brakes 1/4 mile before the camera. (I kid, I kid!)

  4. marbro says:

    I’m seeing alot of 98 chevy~cavaliers w/ tinted windows parked on side-walks. They look very old with sun dmamage on the the hood and trunks of these vehicles. They have 2 pieces of electronic equipment on the trunks, opposite of one another. There are no signs displaying Photo-Enforcement Zone. I seen them on Broadway & Country-Club. Driving by them real slow its hard to tell if there is anykind of set-up or not.

    • Mark S says:

      Can you get a picture of the cars and the equipment?

      • marbro says:

        I went back and took pictures of the area and the vehicle. Just in case I have to contest the ticket, because I saw no photo enforcement sign. My speedodmeter isnt working so well, I can’t afford to have it fixed. So thats why I went back and snooped around a little bit. There was one car on Broadway west bound of Countryclub on the right and One car South bound of Broadway on the right hand side.

    • jgunn says:

      Are they emitting any radar signals? K-band, Ka-band? You do have a radar detector, right? 😉

    • Walter says:

      I saw a similar vehicle about a month ago. One camera on each side of the trunk lid. Each pointing forward at an angle and slightly down. The best I could tell it was a License plate reader used by Mesa PD to scan plates in parking lots, looking for stolen cars. But that was just an uneducated guess.

      • Mark S says:

        That is what I am thinking. ANPR technology is being used by a lot of PDs in this state. I always back into parking spaces now. I do not like the idea of being tracked by the government.

    • Jon S. says:

      These are illegal APNR cameras used to “troll for stolen vehicles”.

      I actually confronted a Mesa detective in his car about the illegal use of this technology, (transcript available), and he actually claimed the it was only to look for specific vehicles- but then admitted just the opposite. By the way, he was also parked next to a stop sign a 5-feet from a fire hyrant…

      Yet another reason to visit

  5. jgunn says:

    Finally people seem to be getting a clue and are fighting back against the cameras by purchasing “camera detectors”. It’s about time. I read the writing on the wall and purchased a GPS detector when the announced they were rolling out the cameras statewide before the cameras were actually rolled out.

    “As speed cameras — both fixed and mobile — dot Arizona’s highways, companies are coming up with a lot of gadgets aimed at foiling the cameras.

    Cobra Electronics’ Tony Kainuma sells a unit that uses GPS to track stationary cameras.

    When you drive close to a camera, chimes sound and the screen changes colors. “

  6. Glyph says:

    …sells a unit that uses GPS to track stationary cameras.

    Tracking stationary objects? Sounds too easy! How do I get in on that money?

  7. Kelly says:

    It’s midnight and there is a red flex van flashing photos directly in front of my house….seems like there should be some protection from on going flashes and photos within residential neighborhoods…

    Now that they are unmanned the van has been flashing since at least 7:00 am….that’s over 17 hours in front of my house. It’s wrong.

    • Jon S. says:


      You ever every right as a property owner to confront them and demand that they move. If they don’t (or it’s unmanned), simply call the appropriate (real) police department (not Redflex) and demand they come out. If they won’t, find a tow truck drive with the balls to to come over.. Remember, the tow companies also have a racket going, they collect over $400 when they tow a vehicle illegally parked or parked on private property without the owner’s permission.

    • Kelly says:

      They sit on the public right of way directly accross the street and shoot photos towards my home. I called PV police 1st time they said call back on Tue. Second time I demanded to speak with who ever was in charge…they eventually moved I think around 3 am. It had been sitting there running since 6:30 am the previous morning. Seems like a huge invasion of privacy….

      • If you want to be fiesty, there’s a few things you might try:
        1. If possible, park a large vehicle in front or behind their van, if this can be done legally (i.e., not a red curb, fire hydrant, driveway, etc.)
        2. Go see if anyone is in the van. If so, ask them to move. If not, cover the flashers with garbage bags or something. This is not vandalism – there is no damage. The van is not police or state property, it belongs to Redflex. Think of it as a Cox or Qwest vehicle.
        If anyone says anything, explain how you’ve tried to call and get results and no one would listen.

  8. Jordan says:

    It’s a budget-saving measure. Now they don’t have to pay some loser $12 an hour to sleep in a van all day.

  9. fukMDscameras says:

    Hey does anybody know of a highly reliable and continuously updated speed camera POI database for use with regular gps units. (like Cobra’s database or something). The only one I know of is PhantomAlert, but the problem I have with that is its data is driver/user based and not necessarily verified and accurate. I was looking at my area (right now only red light cameras out there) and I found two cameras whose location were marked incorrectly (off by about a block or so because someone had their intersections confused). All you can do is rate the location as inaccurate and it doesn’t necessarily get removed from the database. It’s not like people are going to spend all their time verifying or rating camera locations anyway, or that all cameras will get reported. Just want to download a 100% accurate/updated POI database weekly. Thanks for any help.

  10. geez says:

    Now ya’ll are spending hundreds of dollars on toys that detect the things you swear are coming down soon?

  11. Glyph says:

    No Geez, we aren’t all buying those toys.

    Unfortunately, there are opportunists claiming to be members who post what are just thinly veiled advertisements. I’ve been pretty critical of them myself, comparing them to carpetbaggers who interrupt mass so they can sell Bibles and Rosaries to the congregation.

  12. Marley says:

    Kewl site

  13. Raul says:

    Anyone know when the next demostration is scheduled for?

    • Walter says:

      There is a meeting on the second Tuesday of June. You are welcome to attend. We will be discussing all kinds of ideas. Including when and where to have the next event. Or if you have an idea for something, or somewhere you want to do an event. Feel free to put it out there. We are always open to suggestions. The Meet-up page is a good place to look for up coming events. There is nothing listed at this time. But we are working on several ideas.

  14. fukMDscameras says:

    OK, first of all Glyph, I’m not trying to sell jack shit to anybody. If anything, I pointed out a downfall to a product out there. I just want to know if anyone has used any of these scamera detectors or preferably POI databases for their GPS units since I already own a GPS (maybe ones I don’t know about) and if so which ones are best, since it’s already been brought up here.

    And to the Brown Shirts, it is totally logical or rational to take counter-surveillance measures against scameras so long as they are up, whether its having scamera detectors/GPS databases, wearing a costume mask or whatever while driving so as not to be personally identified by the scameras, etc. Personally, what I’d like to see is a disguised license plate holder contraption that can be triggered to temporarily cover your plate with the push of a button (when encountering a scamera area). No doubt illegal in proabably most states but as long as you didn’t have a cop behind you….

  15. Walter says:


    I think there is just a general dislike to the idea of using this site to promote commercial products. As I’m sure you have seen there are a few guys that keep trying to sell their stuff here. The flip plate guy comes to mind. Another Free cellphone guy shows up every once in a while. Although you don’t sell anything yourself. You seem to push the radar detectors pretty hard.

    You do have a point in that using technology to defeat the cameras is fair game. But Some may take it as a sales pitch. And some take it kinda personal. The site is intended as a way to share information, and find ways to get signatures to put the cameras on the ballot next year. If the website becomes a place to sell anti photo radar stuff. Then it is counter productive. One side to get rid of the cameras. The other side would want to keep the cameras so they can sell more stuff. The people that created this site does not want that to happen.

    I hope this helps you understand glyphs position.

  16. geez says:

    I just think it’s funny that some of you have admitted to spending close to $800 on gadgets, when one ticket is only $180 and you tell people to throw them away anyways.
    For me, I haven’t spent one dime. Just follow at a safe distance and watch my speed. all totally free.

  17. Stacey says:

    If using radar detectors stops the state from making money off her citizens than I am all for it.

  18. geez says:

    Ok Stacey. Send $350 to China.
    Atleast funds from tickets stay here.

    • Stacey says:

      No, the money doesn’t just stay here. You don’t win the Governor of Victoria Export Award for naught.

      Australian shareholders have been promised a lot by Redflex:

      Market Drivers

      • Municipal Budget Deficits

      • Decreased Public Safety Funding

      • Increased Traffic Complaints

      • Increased Aggressive Driving

      • Sustained Population Growth

      • Technology Acceptance

      • Outsourcing Acceptance

      Market Potential – RLC

      • Photo enforcement is a high growth business within
      the USA.

      • Less than 1-3% of the market penetrated for red

      • 17 of the 20 largest Cities in the US are in some
      phase of implementation or operation

      • Potential market is ~3,000+ cities for red light and
      speed programs

      • Redflex IP portfolio provides a strong platform to
      exploit the market.

      • Annual Revenue Potential (Conservative)
      − Min. $1 Billion
      − Max. $3 Billion
      Speed Enforcement up to 5X Revenue Potential


  19. Walter says:


    I have been looking at previous posts by other people. I think you kinda got in the way of someone else’s medicine. There has been someone on the meet up site that is constantly promoting radar detectors and other electronic stuff. I think Glyphs wrath was intended for him.

  20. geez says:

    Austraila may be the location of Redflex’s parent corporation, but hundreds of american employees are getting a paycheck here.
    You talk like all the money goes to Australia.
    Do you think the american redflex employees here are working for free? Or are they getting a paycheck, paying house loans, feeding the local revenue etc.?

    • Stacey says:

      I wonder how many drivers lost their jobs after the shooting. Even better for Redflex, really.

      Redflex is a seedy parasite that is exploiting the American economy.

      Not only that, this foreign corporation has access to our DMV records and is video taping our roeads and intersections twenty four hours a day.

      I wonder if their computers haven’t already been hacked.

  21. Is this what we want?

    Think seriously about that camera supporters.

    • BJ says:

      They won’t. They’re either wanting to get even with other drivers or they’re afraid of other drivers (those are the two reasons they support cameras, in my mostly anecdotal reasoning people give me when I’m asking for signatures). They don’t care about “Big Brother” or anything else in these articles we link to. To them, that’s all some distant future that doesn’t exist and is the delusion of a few paranoid lawbreakers…

  22. Stacey says:

    But not everyone thinks it is such a good thing.

    Well, right wing extremists prepare.

  23. […] they are being fitted with Redflex’s latest in “driver safety”: a note saying the police look-a-like vehicle is unoccupied and to call 911 if there’s an emergency. Like a car accident. Caused by a flash of burning, bright strobe […]

  24. Radarwarner – Im Navi verboten?…

    Ausgezeichneter Blog! Mach weiter so, ich schaue zweifelsfrei regelmässig bei Dir vorbei….

  25. People generally think about making gifts only when they are very young, super organized, or short on cash.

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