2 out of 3 Redflex Flashes Worthless

humiliationWell, we would argue 3 out of 3, but what the heck… from the Republic:

An Arizona Republic analysis of three months of records shows Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. and the DPS threw out more than 65 percent of the photos captured… Redflex… has a goal of issuing tickets 80 percent of the time the cameras are activated, DPS Lt. Jeff King said.

A Redflex spokeswoman clarified by saying that figure applies only to photos that aren’t compromised by factors such as the weather. Redflex refused to comment on the expectations or success of the program in Arizona…

…Part of the problem in Arizona, King said, is that the state has a driver-responsibility law, like Colorado, California and Oregon. That distinction means DPS officers have to match the photo of the speeder with one on a driver’s license.

Horrors! What kind of barbaric, wild-west state do we live in where the police have to “identify” the actual person suspected of violating applicable law? We’re sure that the politically-neutral DPS (insert laugh track here) will be the first to support any effort to remove driver-responsibility from Arizona’s Revised Statutes.

The cameras are designed to take high-resolution photos across multiple lanes of traffic. “We can just about zoom in and see stuff on the dash,” [DPS’s] King said.

Are we the only ones not really sure why DPS is zooming in to “see stuff” on your dash? And don’t be coy, Lt. King. You can see the the passenger seat. And objects in the back seat. Or what’s being hauled in a truck bed. In fact, you can see just about everything you would expect to see if someone was sticking a 12 megapixel camera in your face.

Cams can't catch drunks, wreckless driving, or sick 50MPh "Christs" while delivering two "thumbs up" to automated enforcement

Cams can't catch drunks... or this guy

Walter Figueroa’s case, though it didn’t arise from a freeway camera, shows that other factors can be at work, too. Figueroa received a violation notice in his Laveen mailbox earlier this week for driving 50 mph through a 35-mph zone in Mesa on his motorcycle on April 25.

But Figueroa doesn’t own a motorcycle. He drives a Nissan SUV, as the violation notes, with a license plate of ONIX. The citation also contains a picture of a man on a motorcycle, making an obscene gesture toward the camera, with a license plate of ON1X.

“I’m just a little bent. Two people physically signed this ticket,” he said.

Motorcycle, car, whatever… just pay up, buddy. Remember, it’s not like all they want to do is take your money…

Legislators approved the statewide program in July, giving the DPS a mandate to install 100 fixed and mobile cameras on Arizona highways. The DPS suspended the program’s expansion in mid-January, with 36 fixed locations and 42 mobile units in place. The suspension coincided with a wave of anti-photo-enforcement efforts that included residents’ protests and legislative efforts to end the program, but DPS officials insist they suspended the program to seek the best locations for the

Getting an eyeful

remaining cameras.

If by “seek the best locations” they meant “watch via binoculars how
protesters on an overpass during rush hour garnered thousands of

supportive honks to end automated ticketing, possibly backing up traffic
for miles…

14 Responses to 2 out of 3 Redflex Flashes Worthless

  1. “Just don’t speed”

    Yeah, tell that to Walter Figueroa. Motorcycle, car, whatever. Prove it to us that it wasn’t you.

    How does this represent an honest program?

    My beef is, had Redflex been honest about their performance during the sales pitch, would officials still have decided to do it?

    Sales pitch:
    Redflex: Our cameras will take pictures, but only about 1/3 of them will be good enough that we can use. Then out of those pictures, only about 72% will be of the actual owners driving their own car. Some people will rat out the driver, but most will not. Then out of those pictures, we’ll try to get businesses and out-of-staters to pay if they are gullible, but that’s entirely up to them since we can’t or won’t serve them. Oh yeah, and any motorcycle drivers with helmets on, we can’t get them either. So what do you say, Arizona?

    Arizona: How much did you say we could make again?

  2. Cathy says:

    Can anyone point me to the exact driver-responsibility law (ARS # or text) which requires DPS officers to match a driver’s license photo to the PE photo? Thanks! (I’d need it for my appeal.)

  3. Dan G says:

    Walter Figeroa was “pimped” by somebody with an axe to grind. With computers one can easily recreate any license plate you want, to include putting an SUV license plate on a motorcycle.

  4. derf says:

    Cathy i hope this helps you out. This a ruling from the superior court http://www.supreme.state.az.us/rules/2008RulesA/R-08-0021.pdf
    I don’t know the driver responsibility law off the top of my head but this might help ARS 28-1561. If I find the ARS number for the responsibility law I will update.

    • Pro-Camera says:

      I looked for a while and could not find a specific ARS code that states the driver of a vehicle has to be identified. But in nearly every statute, the text for a violation will state “A Person is guilty of…..”. So in other words, A person is not guilty of speeding if their vehicle is found to be on a roadway and exceeding the speed limit. The violation is atributable to the driver of the vehicle.

      In comparison, you have city codes for Phoenix that are violations that are not attributable to a driver, but to the owner.

      Phoenix City Code
      Sec. 36-133. Presumption in reference to illegal parking

      …the person in whose name such vehicle is registered shall be prima facie responsible for such violation and subject to a civil sanction therefor.

      So looking at this example, it appears that unless specifically stated, a violation is attributable to the driver of the vehicle. And the states listed all do not have specific city codes, or state laws, that state the vehicle owner is responsible for a photo violation. So until a law is made that states that a photo violation is given to the vehicle and the owner is responsible, they will have to keep photographing the driver for identity purposes.

  5. I'm Back says:

    I think it should be a point of contention that Redflex actually has GOALS for how many tickets are issued. Are they even pretending that this is about safety anymore?

    Just come out and say it already mates! It’s about the money. How many more hints are you going to drop on us?

    Universal Truth: When somebody emphatically states, over and over again that “it’s not about the money,” it’s definitely about the money.

  6. guttersn1pe says:

    “That distinction means DPS officers have to match the photo of the speeder with one on a driver’s license”.

    I’ll just come out and say that’s a lie. They don’t match it. With the hundreds of thousands of violations issued, the burden of pulling individual driver’s license photos and comparing them to the violation photo would be overwhelming.

    Best case, they briefly scan for a picture that’s not obscured by another car. They slap an electronic signature on it and send it out. There’s no other way to explain the numerous gender discrepancies (I’m personally been a victim of this one), vehicle discrepanices, etc.

    After all, they don’t have to personally deal with any of the aftermath for incorrect violations being sent out. It’s the courts and the victims who need to waste their time.

  7. joseph says:

    There’s not a single person who has ever driven a car who hasn’t sometimes looked down at their speedometer and realized they were traveling too fast (including RedFlex employees and cops on the job) and backed off their speed. If you happen to be doing that near a camera, then they will take your money. Simple. Yes people, it IS about the money but even that realization is not enough to get your ass ‘off the couch’ as it were and do something about those ATM machines.
    “Automated citations”!
    Only in America. . . .

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      cause joseph you have attended:

      ___ # of signature gatherings -0-


      ___ # of sign danglings -0-

      please feel free to write the corresponding number !! the total i think you may have attended is off to the right

  8. Sam Tanner says:

    In June of 2009 I was driving in Pima county, and being tailgated by an idiot on a cell phone, and reading some type of papers. The highway I was on did not have speed limit coordinated traffic lights, and driving the speed limit I was stopped at every light. After almost rear ended at a couple of lights, I watched ahead and accelerated to make a light to get ahead of him, and then eased off the throttle. Not soon enough. I was photographed at 11 mile over, sent a ticket through the mail, and informed I could take an on line traffic school for $192.00, and the violation would not go against my driving record and thus not raise my insurance. The traffic school was a joke. After the first few minutes on line I knew it was all about the money. In other words, a speed trap without an officer being present. True, I was speeding, but after being rear ended on two other occasions I will pay a traffic ticket before I’ll repeat the experience. The thing that irked me was that if an officer had been present, the tailgater would have been ticketed in place of me. But the state is low on money so we get to pay for the short fall. Be glad you aren’t in England. Everything you do is photographed there, and you can’t even defend yourself. That may be coming here next if we don’t stand our ground.

  9. This site is pure gold, and here in Oregon/California the state has now jumped on this illegal surveillance bandwagon by teaming up with ODOT/DMV to have you pay your extortion fee in order to get you pretended “License” reinstated. (Google the legal term of “Driving”) I would love to team up here and continue educating people of the states PURE FRAUD.
    www, Legal.Defensibleperimeters.com

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