Major Site Updates to CameraFRAUD

the-face-of-camerafraud1This weekend through next week, CameraFRAUD will be updating and improving multiple areas of the website.

Early next week, we will have some new announcements regarding expansion of “the largest and most organized of the groups going after the cameras” (according to the Associated Press).

The Cameras are Coming Down.


14 Responses to Major Site Updates to CameraFRAUD

  1. Stacey says:

    Keep up the good work, guys. We really appreciate all that you do. You know you inspire the rest of us, and that includes people in other states.

    • Doc says:

      Yeah! All that stuff she just sed!

      By th’ way, Stacey…You’re no slacker in th’ inspiration/hard work for F R E E D O M department!


  2. This is an example of what will eventually happen to the traffic cameras:,2933,520396,00.html

    Port Officials Use DHS Anti-Terror Cameras to Spy on Citizens.

  3. Here’s another good article about photo van operaters being attacked in Australia. The funny part is in the tally at the bottom. They consider it an attack when you take photos of the operator:,27574,25493478-2682,00.html

  4. Doc says:

    Thank You. I’ve notice a few less posts, but I’ve also noticed that posts are more sentient, not just argumentative.

    Now, IMHO, I believe that Will Kay has nailed it. We NEED to start up a class action lawsuit for 2 reasons; 1)To put these Bastards outta’ business, NATIONWIDE…FOR GOOD! 2) To give our Legislators the message that this type of behaviour will NOT BE TOLERATED FROM THEM! ‘Cuz some of them will be named in said lawsuit due to their knowledge AND involvment in the Fleecing of THEIR CONSTIUENTS!

    Lookin’ Forward to MORE F R E E D O M ! ! !-
    Doc from Prescott

  5. Doc says:

    Here, I’ve got 1 for all of us…Right outta’ Stephen King Novel…We’d all better hope th’A2Z mob & j-no don’t get wind of it! YIKES!!!,2933,520331,00.html

    “Run TOOO Th’ Hills…Run FOR YOUR LIFE!!!”
    Bruce Dickerson, of ‘Iron Maiden’
    Doc from Prescott

    • Mark S says:

      More scary stuff. Canada already implants RFID chips into criminals.

      I always thought and said that the RFID implants they put into pets was just an experiment for larger implementation into the human body so that the government could track each individual’s whereabouts in this country.

      It is coming. Mark my words.

    • Doc says:

      Mark S-That’s ‘cuz Canada is a socialist state, with good beer, RUSH, & great hockey to keep th’ sheeple occupied!

      They’ll get an RFID device into my bloated, stinkin’, rotten, maggot infested corpse, and not 1 second prior! Man that sh!t just boils my hyde!


  6. fukMDScameras says:

    What happened to Law A. Biding Tool? Is this a tool/troll free site now? It’s so quiet and not absurd anymore around here. Some of those guys made me laugh though.

    If you’ve got any friends or family over here in MD who are registered voters ask them to go to ASAP and download and sign/mail our referendum petition (and better yet collect some sigs). We have a big initial deadline coming up on May 25. Thanks.

  7. Walter says:

    I love the site.

    I would like to make a sugestion if I may.

    The primary goal of what we are diong is to try to gather signatures for the petition. Yes?

    The Ballot inisitive button is a very small inconspicus speck on the top of the page. I think it should be a main focal point on the page.

    While Twitter and My Space is fun to link up on and ca

  8. Walter says:

    woops hit the wrong button. Didn’t get a chance to spell check or anything. LOL Let me continue.

    Twitter and my space can create web traffic. And biching about the cameras on the stories is always fun!!!! we need to keep the primary objective in site. WE NEED SIGNATURES.

    Can we make the ‘Where to sign the petition” and the “How to become a signature gatherer” buttons more prominent on the page?

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