Redflex’s Latest Scam: $6k Per Intersection a Month

Free money... For Redflex, that is... Just ignore those class-action lawsuits on the horizon and pitchfork-weilding voters...

Free money... for Redflex, that is. Just ignore those class-action lawsuits on the horizon and pitchfork-wielding voters...

What do you do when the political pressure is on and no one wants to buy your accident-increasing intersection surveillance equipment?

Offer so-called “cost-neutral” contracts to cities, so you can receive 100% of the revenue from a specific intersection– up to $6,000 per month.

The catch? In many places, these types of contracts are illegal, reports

Fear of litigation is causing some California cities to think twice about red light camera contracts containing so-called “cost neutrality” provisions. On Tuesday, the Turlock City Council decided to drop the idea of red light cameras for good.

“We will not be bringing them back to you,” Turlock Police Chief Gary R. Hampton said. “Litigation on the whole red light camera issue continues…”

“A cost neutrality clause provision in the contract assures that the city of Turlock will never be required to pay Redflex more than actual net revenue received from the program,” Hampton explained in a memo to the council… for each intersection approach, Redflex was to be compensated at 100 percent of the revenue collected from each ticket, with the amount capped at $6000 per intersection approach each month. This scheme ran afoul of state law banning per-ticket compensation, according to a November appellate ruling by a California Superior Court judge. The court found that a similar cost neutrality deal struck between the city of Fullerton and Nestor Traffic Systems (NTS) was illegal and all tickets issued by the system were declared void.

Vice Mayor Ted Howze during the April 28 city council meeting asked to the city delay the proposed contract after a concerned citizen warned that a lawsuit over the illegal contract arrangement could result in a multi-million dollar refund, as happened in Minnesota.

It’s important to note it’s $6,000 per approach. Redflex prefers at least “two-approach” coverage for intersections, and four-approach isn’t unheard of.

Theoretically, a four-approach system generating $6,000 each could generate over $288,000 a year for Redflex for just one intersection, reaffirming our long held position: All they want to do is take your money.


12 Responses to Redflex’s Latest Scam: $6k Per Intersection a Month

  1. Doc says:

    The fact that EVERY Law Enforcement Administrator, and EVERY Politician involved with this disgraceful “strong armed robbery” of the citizens continues to hold positions of Authority in & of itself should concern EVERY CITIZEN, & This article just proves this out. It’s the exact same thing as when Al Capone was in business. Extortion, Robbery, on & on…

    Remembering that They work for US, DAMMIT!!!-
    Doc from Prescott

  2. These companies have a very serious lobbying effort in state and national government. They invest the money to convince the officials to approve the cameras and then make it up through the revenue stream.

  3. Dan G says:

    IMHO, another huge travesty of justice against the taxpayers is that we invest money in the form of the paychecks to these officials who turn around and screw us out of more money. You’re not a citizen, you’re a piggybank to be plundered….

  4. Stacey says:

    Now, now GPS Angel,

    Leave those poor lobbyists alone.

  5. James Howard says:

    I thought they got more than that?

    All I know is, someone (either ATS or the City of Tucson) is making a lot of money at Oracle and River because the yellow arrow is too short.

  6. GoneToPlaid says:

    This, so close on the heels of the Redflex van operator being charged with DUI only a couple of months ago. The guy was so drunk that his driving caused other motorists to call 911 to report him as a likely DUI!

  7. Will Kay says:

    We Arizonans, if it hasn’t already begun, need to start putting together a class action lawsuit team. It is more important than ever! They won’t take us seriously until they start getrting hit with charges and subpoenas.

    • Doc says:

      Will Kay-Just for th’ record…I’ve been sayin’ that for MONTHS(!) on the “Tucson” site. That BULLSH!T goin’ on @ River & Oracle is straight out Racketeering! The scamera corps are involved, th’ cops are involved, th’ JUDGE is involved…HOLY RIP-OFF, BATMAN! Those poor souls down there truly are gettin’ RAPED!

      Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

      • Will Kay says:

        I know you have Doc, and I have it on good authority that there is one in the works. It’s too soon to get into details, but itis moving forward.

        While at the NRA Convention downtown today an ATS employee driving his talivan drove past us scratching his temple…with his middle finger.


      • Doc says:

        I REALLY hope ALL of the parties associated in this fiasco are named, & CRIMINAL CHARGES are filed. The fact that members of Law Enforcement & th’ judicary are key players in this speaks volumes on how badly this stinks!

        I’m not a big fan of Law Enforcement, & I’ve been honest about that from th’ start. But, there’s FINE Officers out there, who still believe in Citizen’s Rights, 1st! All this does is make them look bad. It’s hard to convince my kids that cops are th’ “Good Guys” when they see this kinda’ crap. And, ANYBODY that thinks kids are dumb are actually the dummies!

        Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  8. wow… nice topic.. i like it.. thanks 😀

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