City “Can’t Afford” To Pay Back Photo Radar Fines

Eh? Manitoba can't afford to refund illegal fines.

Refunds? We don't have no stinkin' refunds!

From the too-bad-so-sad department:

The politician in charge of the Winnipeg Police Service says the city cannot afford to reimburse people who have already paid their photo radar tickets… Gord Steeves, chair of the city’s standing policy committee on protection and community services, said the hit to the city’s revenue will be between $3 million and $10 million, depending on how many fines have to be paid back. “We don’t have the extra money in our budget to do refunds,” he said…

Steeves is also concerned about the city’s five-year contract with ACS Public Sector Solutions, which operates the photo radar system. He isn’t sure what will happen to that contract if the volume of tickets drops significantly.

The company is poised to earn $25 million over the contract, but the deal depends on a certain volume of tickets to cover costs, said Steeves…

The issue has been a hot topic of controversy since provincial court judge Norm Sundstrom dismissed nine photo radar tickets earlier this year.

According to provincial law, the temporary speed limit when passing construction zones is 60 kilometres per hour. Although the drivers whose tickets were dismissed had exceeded that limit, they were not going faster than the regular 80 km/h speed limit for that particular roadway, and there were no workers present.

Without the workers, there was no safety issue, so the regular speed limit should apply, Sundstrom ruled.


26 Responses to City “Can’t Afford” To Pay Back Photo Radar Fines

  1. RPr says:

    Class action Lawsuits are being filed all over the country.

    This is going to be an interesting year

  2. Doc says:

    Looks like Winnipeg’s got th’ same problem that we do…Fiscally irresponsible legislators. Fortumately down here in America, we don’t HAVE to put up with that sh!t! We can vote their sorry asses out!

    Remember,,,F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  3. Just wait for the Arizona class action lawsuit. This will teach lawmakers that you can’t just implement a new program like PE so haphazardly. These lawsuits are the rsult of getting greedy and rushing to implement these programs without full and proper due diligence.

    Why the need to *rush* a new “safety” program? There was no safety crisis to warrant this level of carelessness.

    But I imagine there was a need to rush a new *revenue* program! Gotta get that cash.

  4. Dan G says:

    Well, I can comfortably ascertain from the following statement from the article, “Photo radar is unpopular with the public” that our beleaguered trolls do not live in Winnipeg. Because they live, according to their statements, in places where the public supports the cameras. The rest of us obviously don’t like being ripped off and violated repeatedly…

  5. And one more comment about “We don’t have the extra money in our budget to do refunds,” he said…”

    I wonder how many drivers had the ticket money in their budgets to pay the city with.

    I also understand that the signage did not meet the requirements in the laws either.

    • ((-_-)) whut'd_u_expect? says:

      Apparently, these one-off, recklessly aloof spokes-folks would rather wholesale their citizenry, send ’em SPEEDING along on the road to hard times.
      A rep paid through the budget the rep is saying couldn’t weather some budget cut is obviously biased to such self-serving logic… odd stance for a public servant.

  6. guttersn1pe says:

    Had they not bee fleecing the public, there would be nothing to pay back. Sucks to be them. Maybe they can pay people back with “get out of jail free” certificates to be applied to future scam tickets.

  7. jgunn says:

    Man they were on a tear today to rake in the cash. No fewer than 3 scam vans in a 10 mile stretch of I10 and Santan freeway in the East valley. Only 1 going my direction. My Cheetah alerted of a common van location, saw the yellow sign, then the V1 alerted to K-band. Couldn’t speed anyway since there was too much traffic. The other 2 were going the opposite direction. Marked all 3 on (just saw someone thumbs upped one of them, maybe I saved him a ticket. :). I’m guessing that now that they are unmanned, it is easier to cluster the vans together since they must have 2 (or more) drivers. It seems the vans are now in the same locations regularly and they don’t change as much probably for the same reason.

  8. The vans do appear to empty now, but they could be hiding in back. We need someone to grab a camera and go investigate. 😉

    • Glyph says:

      But PRS, where are we going to find someone crazy enough to…?

      Aw, who am I kidding? Here ya go!

      • Will Kay says:

        Nice shot Glyph. You never go anywhere wothout your camera, do you?

        • Glyph says:

          Thank you. I don’t always carry the ‘big camera’ every where I go, but I have it with me pretty often. Otherwise, I almost always have a smaller camera on me when I leave the house.

    • BJ says:

      No, they’re occupied, alright.

      I drove past them yesterday on the Santan while slowing down and giving them the bird. As I went past the driver of one of the vans flipped it back my way. (Maybe slowing down scared him a bit.)

  9. I'm Back says:

    CameraFraudAz twitter surpassed 600 followers today. Good times 😉

  10. I can’t wait for AZ to be saying the same thing once it is announced that Redflex is operating illegally without PI license. There will be a call for refunds then too, and that will be followed by a class action lawsuit it not offered voluntarily.

  11. Marbro says:

    good, whatever happens, i hope more problems arise for red flex or whatever bandits are getting away with this scam. Amen

  12. Nice article on PE at AZCentral just popped up:

    65% of photos are tossed! Redflex promised 80% valid photo rate, and they deliver 35%! Why isn’t DPS ready to cancel the contract for non-performance?

  13. Glyph says:

    Because it still might work?

    DPS is in the same boat as Redflex here, neither of them are making the money they projected. I imagine there will be a meeting today where there will be much finger-pointing.

    “We thought your cameras would do a better job identifying drivers!”

    “Yeah? Well, we thought you’d do a better job of ‘educating the public’ so they’d accept the cameras!”

    Redflex is no doubt operating in the Red on this program, and if these numbers keep up, they’ll be the ones pulling out, not DPS.

  14. Glyph says:

    Oh, and get this… On the right side of the article is a little Q&A. Here’s one of the questions:

    Has the number of speeders gone down?

    No. Since DPS suspended the program’s expansion in January, the average number of activations has risen, from 4,400 per day to more than 4,800 per day.

    This statement, after DPS insists that the freeways are safer because of the cameras?

    • Yeah, that’s the best part. It flies in the face of all of the people that come in here and argue that people are slowing down and that the roads are safer. How can they argue that the roads are safer when the number of violations is up?

      What they aren’t telling us is that the number of deaths and fatalities is increasing, when normalized for traffic volume.

  15. Joe says:

    Have any of you ever been to traffic court and overheard what happens to guilty defendants who are then directed to the court clerk (to pay) and then inform the judge that they don;t have any money with them? The judge usually grills them quite severely. Why should this situatiion be any different?

  16. So it gets better. The Winnipeg police refuse to provide safety stats for the 5 years the program has been in use. Hmmmm… revenue, or safety?

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