They’re Back: Freeway Vans Spotted

This van became stuck on a steep shoulder, creating a dangerous situation for all involved

This van became stuck on a steep shoulder, creating a dangerous situation for all involved

CameraFRAUD has received numerous reports of re-deployed Redflex vans on valley freeways. The small SUVs, falsely marked as Department of Public Safety and typically driven by non-law enforcement, were pulled last month after the violent murder of  Doug Georgianni.

Officials at DPS used the tragic death of Georgianni as a politically-fueled publicity ploy, attempting unsuccessfully to undermine the ongoing efforts of those who oppose automated ticketing.


UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED: A Redflex van dangerously close to traffic

Those who’ve spotted the vans have noticed two distinct changes: they now appear to be unmanned, and some sort of note appears to be attached to the driver’s side window.

News accounts from Louisiana indicate the return of Redflex vans to their streets as well, adding that “…Redflex has made changes in training and equipment to enhance security for van operators.”

Sounds like an admission from Redflex that both security and training were lacking for their drivers to begin with…

95 Responses to They’re Back: Freeway Vans Spotted

  1. I followed one on the freeway today – there were 2 operators inside. Hard to say where they were going or what they were doing, but that could be one of the new changes.

  2. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    how could you possibly be able to control your vehicle with the cameras around? let alone trying to peel inside a cam van while it was moving… according to you, they are soooooo distracting!!

    • Yes, I was quite distracted as I drove down the road staring into their vehicle. Somehow I managed to keep it under control. Guess I was lucky this time.

      • Law A. BidingTroll says:

        good thing it was not a night and you did not have to fight those blinding flashes that have sent veterans into flashbacks!!!

  3. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    an admission would come in the form of writing or the spoken word… the fact that they changed the way they send out cans means just that….they changed the way they do things!! period….

    • Joe says:

      Hey, how’s the UFCW doing in terms of helping you get re-employed? I’ve never seen anyone fight so hard to get back to filling the milk box.

      • Law A. BidingTroll says:

        its all in the companies hands now… waiting on them… by now i am sure they received the letter of investigation from the EEOC… add to that the fact they already have lost one trip in front of the judge!!! i am sure they will come to their senses!!!in the mean time… the back pay check just keeps getting larger!!! but thanks for your concern.. i dont do dairy…. not in 25 years!!

        • DT says:

          The Bashas that I used to go to on Baseline and Dobson just closed… one of the oldest businesses in Dobson Ranch.

        • Joe says:

          Of course, you could care less about working at the supermarket. You just want to get paid to go away. What a nice racket you’ve got going. You should do contract work for Redflex. I hear they have an opening.

          • Law A. BidingTroll says:

            once again…. reading something into it that is not there…allow me to clarify… the back pay comes with the reinstatement!!! and victory will be mine!!! cause thats what this was all about…. a couple fools thought they could ignore the contract and rules and just do what they wanted…. now its time to pay the piper!!!
            anything else you want to read into it that is not there?

            • JP says:

              ha ha unemployed LOSER

            • Joe says:

              I read your own words. You tried to claim you called in sick by text messaging your coworkers (not by calling your boss). You’re taking the chicken-shit approach of using semantics to define a “phone call”.

              Myself, I don’t read or even accept text messages from anyone. And if one of the employees tried to use texting as a substitute for calling, they would fail.

              If you do end up winning, it will be strictly be technicality. And clearly they wanted to be rid of you, or they wouldn’t have taken the opportunity to toss you on your ass over missing a shift.

              Actually, I used to work night crew myself (back when I was working my way through college). Missing a shift without giving them the opportunity to get an additional worker in, really fucks the staff that DOES show up. My guess is that you have had a habit of blowing off shifts.

  4. Louisiana says:
    Vaitheeswaran said that more automated features have been added to the vans, and the company is conducting situational awareness training for its employees.

  5. I'm Back says:

    Wow, sounds like we are living in a war zone. Thanks, as always to Janet, Redflex, ATS and DP$$$$$.

  6. Marbro says:

    Oh great. It’s amazing how our state is nickel and dime’n everybody. Dishonest, LOW !!!
    I’m glad I never joined the military.

  7. Marbro says:

    come election day, we should get rid of these govt officials who are in league with these shameless crooks.

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      how you going to do that? CF cant get anymore than 15-20 people to any event!!! its going to take more than 20 votes to knock someone out of office !! lead the charge though MARBROass!!

      • Will Kay says:

        How about a little common sense here? Do you think it really takes 1500 people to man a 10X10 booth at an event? Seriously. There are far more people actively supporting this group than you realize.

        • Law A. BidingTroll says:

          no!!! there is not…. and how do you explain the horrible showings at the sign danglings when you have an entire 4 corner street to fit people? the first ever sign dangling was great… since then …. crap!!! you been to either yet ? i didnt think so !!!!!

          • Will Kay says:

            Yes, I’ve been to quite a few events and I’ve seen overwhelming support, especially at 91st Ave & Bell. Even small events like the Encanto Palmcroft Home Show garnered hundreds of signatures in just a few hours. There is much more going on than you realize Troll. Only a portion of what is happening with is posted on the site.

          • Will Kay says:

            Yes, I’ve been to quite a few events and have seen overwhelming support, especially at 91 Ave & Bell. Even small events like the Encanto Palmcroft Home Show garneres a few hundred signatures in a few hours. Only a portion of what is going on with is posted on the site.

  8. Jay says:

    “Vaitheeswaran said that more automated features have been added to the vans”

    Turret guns?

    What kind of “automated feature” could possibly make the drivers safer?

    All talk, no action.

    • Dan G says:

      Wasn’t it the “automated features” that pissed of the gunman in the first place? The only auto-feature that would make the drivers safer is to pull over, push ‘auto-destruct’, and get away…

  9. Glyph says:

    By ‘automated feature,’ I’m guessing that the Tali-Vans will be left on the side of the road unattended once the camera is set up. The note on the window probably just states the purpose of the vehicle and a number to call if the vehicle needs to be moved.

    • Stacey says:

      What does the piece of paper on the window have on it, a phone number to call after someone crashes in to it?

      Next Redflex will be advertising on the sides those vans like the city buses do.

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      i know… maybe you could take a picture of it.. afterall you are the unofficial cameraman for CF!! right?

  10. Marbro says:

    Maybe you should lead the way Law a biding troll, you seem to have all the answers.

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      not all the answers .. but i do bring the truth!! and all at this site dont want to hear the truth… cause the truth is in contrast to know what they feel deep inside the pit of the stomachs!! the cameras are not coming down!!!

      • JP says:

        You are 1 person against many LAW A, give it up, your a loser and no one cares what you think, ESPECIALLY the people here who are aginst the cameras.

  11. Stacey says:

    I wonder what happens now if you approach a photo radar van?

  12. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    well i am sure that CF members that like to test the limits of the law will soon find out!!! and i am also sure that glyph will be right there taking pictures and trying to convince everyone that he just happened to be at the right place at the right time!!! kind of like with the pik axe… or was it the post it notes… whichever one of those crimes he just happened to stumble upon!!!

  13. Stacey says:

    The new driver training manual probably advises drivers to keep their foot on the gas pedal at all times.

  14. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    stacey…. do tell just how redflex employees are “dealing with criminals”? what? do you think they are going put and making arrests?

  15. Stacey says:

    I wonder if Destories hasn’t shot at or killed other motorists before?

  16. Stacey says:

    Now, if a driver was considered to be an informant, his family could file a wrongful-death suit against DPS if he was killed.

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      this is not a spy thriller stacey!!! you have been watching too much lifetime stations!!!

      • JP says:


        • Doc says:

          Hey, Hey, Hey, now! We can’t be usin’ derrogotory terms such as ‘retard’ when referring to the troll contengient on our site! Why would you wanna’ insult the Mentally Handicapped by associating them in
          any way whatsoever with th’ likes of th’ law breaking hypocrite? That’s not nice at all.

          But, I digress. All th’ rest of th’ names you’ve used were totally appropriate! Go Get ‘Em, Tiger!

          Remembering that th’ trolls are workin’/volunteerin’ for redflex & th’ NAZI’S!-Doc from Prescott

  17. JP says:

    Dumb ass

  18. Joe says:

    No way these vans are manned now. That would be instant lawsuit on the behalf of anyone injured (even in an accident). Unfortunately, all that Redflex had to do was make a slight “change of plans” and they got to reduce their labor costs even further. My guess is that vans will probably not be deployed “round the clock” and more likely will be deployed by small teams that are tasked with setting up multiple vans (all in close proximity to one another). The good part is that this will reduce their reach.

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      everybody is a lawyer!!!! you can keep on guessing!!! or just call dps yourself and ask!!!

      • Joe says:

        Have you not been reading the Repugnant? The manned/unmanned status of the vehicles is officially “classified” information now (for security reasons).

        My guess is that they are unmanned, as any employee injured in a van, given the current history, would likely sue.

        And I;d be willing to bet that the family of the most recent victim will soon be filing suit (that is, unless Redflex ponies_up in a serious way_, but LAB, you know all about legal shakedowns, right?

  19. RPr says:

    he is currently the State Treasurer

  20. Stacey says:

    DPS is is going to get their asses sued, thanks in part to their legal counsel.

    • Doc says:

      I wish they’d get at least warriner & woodward ARRESTED! Never mind gettin’ more dumba$$ lawyers involved with a lawsuit.

      I apologize. I’m just not th’ suin’ kind, ya’ know? I had a bad experience with a lawyer once. Ya’ know all those lawyer jokes…like, “How can you tell if a lawyer’s lyin’? His mouth’s movin’!” HA HA HA HA! they’re true.

      Oddly enuff, most legislators are…lawyers…

      go figure. Janet napalitano…lawyer…on&on&on..

      Doc from Prescott

  21. Graham says:

    How much are they paying these guys? $15 an hour to 1) Park a Van, 2) Stick a note on it’s window and 3) Run like hell?

    What do they do, jump over the embankment and whip out their copy of the Arizona Republic until quitting time?

    The first victim was tragic. The second will be idiotic.

  22. Walter says:

    The Scam Van I saw today on the East Bound 60 had another van parked in the bushes beside it. It was kinda comical. Neither one looked like they had anyone in them.

    • Mark S says:

      Don’t they have to leave the engine running to power the equipment and keep the equipment cool?

      Just wondering as this adds to the pollution. An idling car produces much more HCs and CO than a car running at cruising speed.

      • I’m still working on numbers, but assuming the entire fleet works 8 hours a day on average (which is probably low), it’s over 1M pounds of CO2 per year by my estimates.

      • Joe says:

        Is it legal to abandon a vehicle with the engine still running? No, I do not think it is.

  23. Walter says:

    I have been told that they are hybrid. I don’t know a lot about them. But I don’t think the batteries will last all day running the A/C. I think the engine would have to be running for the A/C to work.

  24. Graham says:

    Good point, they have not experienced an AZ summer yet. If they just park, setup and leg it, that equipement is going to melt fairly soon. Ther is no way they would leave the key in the ignition and the engine running.

  25. Walter says:

    Wouldn’t that be funny. They leave the keys in it With the engine running. Some punk kid jumps in and takes off with a fully marked DPS vehicle that is not a DPS vehicle at all.

    Brings up a good question. Would they be charged with stealing police property? Or would it just be a regular car theft charge?

    • Mark S says:

      I am still waiting on the day an out of control semi flattens one of these vans. Or someone getting a blowout on the freeway and having to use the emergency lane, but wait, there is a scam van parked in the emergency lane, splat.

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      is it really that hard to figure out walter clown? it is marked DPS …. fool!!!!

      • Will Kay says:

        The vans are NOT DPS vehicles. They are leased by ATS & Redflex, which means they are not owned by the state or listed under title and code as emergency and/or law enforcement response vehicles. The drivers are NOT DPS employees or sworn officers, they are ATS and Redflex employees. I know this because a judge that is a supporter of our group, Troll, told me this.

  26. Stacey says:

    All of my posts opposing photo radar are being deleted over at the Arizona Republic.

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      now you know how it feels!!!

      • Stacey says:

        Lol. We do love you little troll.

        I wasn’t saying anything threatening or vulgar. I was just stating my opinion regarding the cameras and they deleted my posts.

    • Doc says:

      See, Stacey, over there, because you actually have a functioning brain cell or 2, & have a clue as to what being an American is, YOU’RE th’ troll to them! I mean, it’s azcentral! They are all for socialism/totalitarianism over there! Darlin’, We like you over here. Your posts are wanted, appreciated, & respected by everybody here on camerafraud that actually matters! Honey, we care about you & your general well bein’ here! Stay outta’ there! Listen, I KNOW what I’m talkin’ about! They don’t call me “Doc” for nuthin’! Ya’ have to EARN that one!

      As to any infections you might have gotten while attempting to do your good deed for th’ year over there, take 3 shots of “Maker’s Mark”, on th’ rocks, tonight, x 5 days oughta’ fix it rite up!

      Caring for the General Well Being of our Members…1 Member at a time!-Doc from Prescott

      • Mark S says:

        I have notified the WordPress abuse on this individual. I have also forwarded his posts to authorities that be.


        Thanks everyone.

      • Stacey says:

        Thank you Doc for all the good advice.

      • Will Kay says:

        Stacey and Doc, there is a board member who works for either ATS or Redflex that sits on the board at Gannett News, Glyph knows who he is, and of course they are going to remove any anti-camera TRUTH that is posted.

        • Mark S says:

          I have read that same info, too. He sits on the Editorial Review board of the AZ Repugnant and is also a PAID employee of redflex traffic systems.

          Redflex and ATS have consultants (or advisors) working at all levels of the state government and also for the news organizations. It is amazing how a PRIVATE corporation can oppress the citizens whose rights are supposed to guaranteed by the Constitution.

        • Doc says:

          Well, Glyph has probably told him th’ real deal regarding his prospects of job retention while sittin’ on th’ board over at “th’ repulsive”, AND workin’ with/for redflex illegal aliens. And while Glyph is, from what I know of him, a consumate Professional, I imagine that was quite a short conversation…”Well, rocket scientist, Not only does every sentient American hate your ever-lovin’ guts, here right quick you’re gonna’ be un-employed! And, what a Great Referance Redflex’ll be on your resume!”

  27. If the vans are now unmanned, we need to go buy some post-it notes. 😉

  28. get a life says:

    These people have been through enough, all they are trying to do is their job, leave them and their vehicles alone!

    • Walter says:

      They can always find another job if you uhh…I mean “they” feel like you/they have been put through so much.

  29. J.E. Andreasen says:

    Yep, they’re back alright. And three times in two weeks, in Tempe and Mesa they were set up without warning signs and particularly positioned to be hidden until the last fraction of a second. All the better to bushwhack folks. I called & bitched to both PD’s, while knowing that they couldn’t care less.

  30. […] the new “enhanced security” changes made by Redflex and American Traffic Solutions to their automated ticketing vans consist of a […]

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