Maryland GOP Gets Behind Statewide Camera Referendum

Maryland GOPOne of the more pleasant aspects of the speed camera debate is that you’ll find as much opposition to scameras from liberals as you will from conservatives. The issue usually brings people together across traditional party divides.

In Maryland, however, Governor Martin O’Malley (D) rammed the freeway speed camera bill through the General Assembly and created a significant partisan backlash. Here’s the Maryland Republican Party press release from today:

MDGOP Endorses Speed Camera Petition Drive

Unanimous Vote by Party’s Executive Committee

ANNAPOLIS—Last weekend, the Maryland Republican Party’s Executive Committee unanimously endorsed petitioning SB 277, the recently passed Speed Camera legislation to referendum.

“The Maryland Republican Party is proud to support Maryland for Responsible Enforcement’s Speed Camera Ballot Initiative,” said MDGOP Chairman Jim Pelura. “This is another tax being placed on the citizens of Maryland and there are mixed reviews as to whether this promotes safety on the highways.”

“Perhaps worst of all, if you receive a ticket from one of these cameras there is no ability to face your accuser in court. It’s your word against a machine, which is how Martin O’Malley and the Democrats in Annapolis want it,” Pelura continued. “They want to find every avenue they can to wring the money out of hard-working taxpayers. The Maryland Republican Party says ‘enough’ and we stand strongly behind placing this bill on the ballot in 2010 for the people to decide.”

We hope that having party support will bring the additional resources that will be needed to get the required signatures by the deadline. We also hope the Democratic Party realizes the need to get on board the referendum effort and stand on the side of the public, not on the side of a greedy politician. Learn more about how you can help gather signatures here.

30 Responses to Maryland GOP Gets Behind Statewide Camera Referendum

  1. BJ says:

    What is it about Arizona then? Why is Sam Crump’s bill to just ban the speed cameras SO difficult to get passed?

    Is Redflex right? Is that bogus ATS poll even partially right? Do people in AZ REALLY want the speed cameras? If so, what is wrong with us??

    Or is it really a conspiracy to hide the truth – that we all hate the cameras aside from a small minority of nutjobs?

    What’s the truth? Does the proposition really have a chance of passing?

    What’s the truth?

    • RPr says:

      photo radar has never survived a vote

      the end photo radar initiative will win!

      the cameras are coming down

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      the truth is that politicians are doing what they do!!! this issue may be too hot… so instead of pissing people off … they give it a little attention and let it die… they are hoping that CF will get enough signatures to force it to the ballot!!! if they dont… then they can say there was not enough support to remove the cameras!!! that…. is the truth!!!

      its the 20 of you that have the problem or as you say… are nutjobs!!!

      • Dan G says:

        It’s me, AKA nutjob here! Lab, you may be right, but we’ll only know AFTER a vote. If we vote and the cameras stay, we’re the nutjobs here. If we vote and the cameras come down, you are the nutjob. My only point being is that it’s too early to determine who are the nutjobs!

  2. BJ says:

    How can Maryland and Alabama get it right, and Arizona maybe get it wrong? Are we some kind of bastion/fort for ATS/Redflex?

    I want the cameras gone TODAY…

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      YOU DONT ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT… and its not going to happen this time either!!!

    • Dan G says:

      I want labtroll gone TODAY…

      BUT I DON’T ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT… but that doesn’t mean that we stop trying!!!

  3. Joe says:

    I don’t know why you’d find it so unusual for Republicans to be against photo radar.

    1) We tend to dislike the government making itself bigger and more dependent on revenue.

    2) We tend to be against petty infrigements upon our basic liberties (such as freedom of movement).

    My feelings are that anyone who cherishes liberty itself, would be naturally against these cameras. Republican, Democrat or Libertarian (of Green, Communist, what have you).

    Give us some time. Arizona’s citizens will be passing their own initiative that goes further than any legislative reaction to this problem. I think in the end, Arizona’s citizens will be leading the way in telling these hijackers to fuck-off.

    • Malfeasant says:

      well… republicans are against limiting personal freedoms to a point- they tend to support limiting personal freedoms when the person wants to get an abortion or marry their gay lover, but don’t take away our guns or teach evolution! ok, i’m making broad generalizations, but this is why i have never bought into either party, i agree with some points on both sides, i like guns and minimal government intervention, but i also can tolerate people with different belief systems than my own…

      • Dan G says:

        Right on malfeasant. We can agree to disagree. However, on issues such as the cameras, let’s agree to VOTE! Haha.

  4. BJ, don’t worry. ATS was publishing the same stats about public support in Louisiana before the public overwhelmingly voted it down. It wasn’t even a close call. The poll by ATS was bogus.

    • Louisiana says:

      the town of Sulpher, LA vote was 85% in favor of taking the cameras down and 15% wanted to leave the cameras up…………. I think over 20,000 people voted that day.

      You could say that was a mandate…….

      In our state they (the camera trolls) use the same rhetoric on blogs….the tell the anti-camera people things like “it’s only the 5 of you – everyone else loves the cameras”, etc. “you’re just a lawbreaker”, “stop speeding and you won’t have a problem”…..I find it so interesting that the anti camera bloggers in Arizona use the exact same bullets – almost verbatim as the anti camera bloggers in Louisiana. Also, the exact same tone of attack. Absolutely no respect for the public and democracey. Constant name calling and intimidation tactics.

      Very interesting indeed.

      • Law A. BidingTroll says:

        well … all you have to do is go to the flicker page and see for yourself!! 10-15-20 people per event.. thats it!! and the site has 1500 plus members!! see it with your own eyes!!! name calling goes both ways!!

      • Louisiana says:

        Sorry I meant to say the pro camera bloggers who are against the anti camera bloggers……they have the same bullet points – nothing new. If you’re for Redflex you basicaly have four talking points……

        • Law A. BidingTroll says:

          yes because the anti camera crowd has such an indepth platform from which they preach!!! lets see….

          1. unconstitutional
          2. not about safety
          3. all about money
          4. government has no right filming 24/7
          5. people are against the cams
          6. cops are against the cams
          7. aliens from other planets are against the cams!!
          8. we just want to speed and run red lghts
          9. foreign corp doing business in U.S.
          that about cover it???

          • Dan G says:

            Wow lab, you almost got it right! Nobody that is against the cameras ever said ‘we just want to speed and run red lights’ – that was your assertion – and you thus argued as if we had taken that stance. 100% WRONG!!! So you are definately wrong on #8 and you only might be right on #7!

        • Dan G says:

          All talking points will be moot on judgement… I mean election day.

  5. Louisiana says:

    LAB – let’s see if I can enlighten you

    government that exceeds authority and created civil relationships among people when case law expressly prohibits that.

    abridge police power

    Political Corruption

    Possible Pay offs, Kick backs

    creating risk and danger to drivers under the guise of safey to accomplish money grab

    coproation born of a foriegn county collected data on us citizens

    corporation from foreign country that has not committed under the Safe Harbor Act

    access by foreign corporation from another country to our DMV despite the federal driver protection act

    access to data in the DMV despite state privacy protection under the state driver protection act.

    skirting due process rights,

    skirting rights to face accuser

    punishing owners of cars rather than the actual drivers to change driving behavior

    issuing “bills of attainder”

    misreprenting driving data to support money grab

    faulty and unrealiable radar equipment

    illegal equipment not authorized, in fact ban by FCC

    falsey notarizing invoices

    misuing the term on mail aka “official government business” – by company from foreign country

    company that refuses to open it’s own mail for a week, during christmas holiday,then declaring that all payments made that week in US mail were not recived until they opened their mail(7 days later) and declared all of those people now owe late fee

    camera vendors who refuse to follow state law requirements for certain licenses to do business (ie. PI liecense, video streaming license, etc.)

    creating new judicary (private camera corporation hiring their own judge-like indivuals in order to find drivers “responsible”

    employees of of foreign camera companies who are serving time in federal prison for fraud.

    lack of background screening of foreign camera companies of their employees

    employees of foriegn camera companies being arrested while employed as Administrative Assist. that have access to suppose confidental data of the general public

    concern that foreign company also has credit data and other personal information collected on drivers

    credit bureau collecting harrasment and credit score damage thrust upon any person who refuses to pay “bill of attainder”

    etc. …………………..

  6. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    lot of crap that has really not much meaning after the surface is scratched!!!!

    • Louisiana says:


      You really don’t have much respect for others opinions. So which traffic camera company lobbyist do you work for?

      • Law A. BidingTroll says:

        read the posts my man.. read the posts… joe has made it quite clear of what i do.. and it does not include any cam companies… tell me who here that is anti cam has any respect for pro cam position?

        • Louisiana says:

          I late to the game in Arizona, so please share LAB – what is it that you do?

          • Law A. BidingTroll says:

            read any posts by joe!!! dated the last few days!!! i think the first few topics is where they are at!!!

          • Mark S says:

            He doesn’t do anything but drink, post negative on this site and get fired from jobs for not showing up for work.

  7. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    joe thought he uncovered some huge deep dark secret to discredit me!!! from what i can see .. nobody really cared about his discovery!!!( probably cause there was no dirt) poor joe… he is a loser but he keeps on trying!!!

  8. Louisiana says:

    so you’re saying the secret was true…but no one cared? just aksing….

  9. fuckMDScameras says:

    As a liberal (in the classical sense believing in well liberty and individual rights v. today’s carnation) I never thought I would vote for a repub, but next State election it looks like that is what will happen. Someone on one of our MD site forums said that they are getting about 95% favorable results when collecting signatures from the public. For the most part they don’t need to explain the issues, but for fence sitters even after briefly explaining the issues and explaining it is only to let the voters decide, they usually sign the petition. Did anyone see the story on today that they are considering legalizing marijuana in order to balance state and federal budgets from the taxes. That would be real brilliant to start legalizing drugs considering we already have a difficult time managing drunk drivers. Then again, if drivers were high, there definitely wouldn’t be a lot of speeding going on out there?
    By the way, I’m up here in Ontario, Canada this week and there are no traffic enforcement cameras of any kind anywhere that I have seen. Of course everyone up here is a lot more laid back too and have some common sense when it comes to government and driving. I’m sure people up here speed as I have seen some pulled over by police but they also drive a lot better up here than they do in the States.

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