The Big Money

onemillionBig money goes around the world, Big money underground;
Big money got a mighty voice, Big money make no sound;
Big money pull a million strings, Big money hold the prize;
Big money weave a mighty web, Big money draw the flies;

-Lyrics from “The Big Money” by Rush.

Speaking of big money, here’s the breakdown of every Redflex freeway automated ticket in Arizona:

Money from each photo enforcement ticket breaks down as follows: $16.50 to statewide public campaign financing, $13.48 to the Department of Public Safety, $25.17 to the Supreme Court of Arizona’s Administrative Office of the Courts, $29.70 to Redflex (the private photo enforcement company) and $96.65 to the State of Arizona’s general fund. Please note that neither the justice courts nor Maricopa County get anything from these tickets, other than perhaps a headache.

90 Responses to The Big Money

  1. RPr says:

    RUSH reminds me of high school lol

  2. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    i am sure that once they revamp the law…. in a year or two… they will redo the payouts and include those that are not getting compensated!!!

    • James says:

      You don’t get a stipend?

      • Law A. BidingTroll says:

        james..i was talking about the courts that have had to increase labor, that was not in the budgets, to process these tickets!!!

        i would not call it a stipend…. i would however, call it covering their costs!!

  3. Stacey says:

    Notice any correlation between the cameras and the tobacco taxes?

    Here is a breakdown of how tobacco tax pays for other people’s children:

    • Law A. BidingTroll says: states right there that az voters approved it… isnt that what you guys want? for the people to be able to vote on such things? then when they do speak with their votes you dont like it? you seem hard to please!!! well we wont have to worry about voting on the cameras.. not enough signatures will be collected !!!

  4. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    and they count by 5’s!!!!

  5. Stacey says:

    And next it will be a federal obesity tax. Discrimination through taxation. As a society, who will we decide we don’t like next?

  6. fukMDScameras says:

    WOW!, these cameras really are all about SAFETY! The only money I see even remotely/arguably directed towards the effort to improve safety (assuming the DPS actually appropriates their share towards it) is $13.48, a big 7.5%!!! Wooo hooo!…. chalk up a victory for the Fuehrer’s pro-safety crowd! Nice how the fat cat contractor gets twice that and the 2nd highest pay-off… no financial motive there! I’m sure they would feel horrible if their machines were inaccurately accusing drivers! But I mean cameras and machines are an extension of god and never lie so I guess they aren’t worried about that. What!!, only a measly 53% to the state’s Balance The Budget/Pork Barrel Fund? Man, with that kind of chump change and fiscally ineffective toll system, I bet your legislators can’t wait until these cameras start doing their tested and proven job of improving SAFETY and causing everyone to stop speeding. You guys must really feel SAFE there in Arizona!

  7. Doc says:

    Stacey-The Feds are seriously considering that very thing. Th’ obamination swore up & down that he wouldn’t raise taxes on folks making A)less than $250k a yr…then B)$170k a yr…then C)$125k a yr & on & on & on. Then they put a .61 cent per pack TAX on smokes. And who’s th’ MAJORITY of people who smoke?!?!? People that make less than $100k a yr!

    This is just like th’ strongarmed robbery of th’ Az. tobacco tax & th’ lottery system last year by j-no & co. “oh…th’ tobacco tax $$$$ is for th’ victims of tobacco ONLY…” yeah, right…whatever…lyin’ sacks-0-sh!t!

    But, don’t you worry yer pretty head none, darlin’! Between th’ trolls, th’ sheeple, & th’ nazis, we gonna’ git took care of! All of these morons that subsrcibe to bein’ taken care of (‘cuz they AIN’T payin’ attention…) are gonna’ be in for th’ shok of their lives when ol’ jonny fed kicks their doors in, & they’re standin’ there, dumb-a$$ look on their faces, goin,”why’dja kick my door in?” Anybody that needs proof of this type of activity just needs to google “new orleans mayor admits illegal gun confiscation “…& see how New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagen worked his Police Department right before Hurricain Katrina. And this type of government intrusion into our HOMES can & will happen again if we let it!

    NO Taxation without representation!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      clown on a rant !!!! whats up doc? funny how you always have to work on the days they hold CF functions…. but when nothing going on HERE YOU ARE!! funny how that works!!

  8. Justanopinion says:

    $96.65 to the State of Arizona’s general fund, and only $29.70 to Redflex, guess now maybe the “its all about money to Redflex crap will stop now. Probably not though knowing all you simple minded people. You know if you all would just accept them as a part of life and oh I don’t know try to maybe not speed then it wouldn’t be an issue and people wouldn’t be getting shot.

    Just my 2 cents take it for what its worth

    • Stacey says:

      Americans should never depend on a corporation to run their law enforcement. The incentive for corruption is apparent.

      • Justanopinion says:

        Without them though there would be several more people out of work in this state. You ever think about that?

        • James says:

          Problem being?

          All the laid off Redflex employees would be absorbed by the AZ Republic, and ATS’s guys would just go back to work at Peter Piper Pizza…

          • Justanopinion says:

            Yeah ok. Whatever dude.

            • ((-_-)) whut'd_u_expect? says:

              $96 per tik to a whole state with elected and accountable officials, compared to $29 per tik to a tiny backroom of questionable characters who don’t protect their own contractors much less the people of the state. They sell safety when it’s the opposite of safe to condone this sort of op.

              • Justanopinion says:

                First of all stop calling them contractors. The driver who was shot was a Redflex employee just like every other van driver.

                Second of all you all claim its not about safety but the drops in accident rates in every place that has contracts speak for themselves.

                Get over it. This is a fact of life that everyone just needs to get used too. Don’t speed and run red lights and guess what you’ll never have a problem.

    • Doc says:

      That’s about what just your opinion is worth….02 cents. Trolls again…it’s about “safety”, remember? If that were true, th’ $96.65 would be going to “safety” programs…not th’ general fund for th’ fiscally irresponsible, but very greedy politicians to pay for their bullsh!t! Wake UP, moron! Just ‘cuz YOU TROLLS like to give away your government dispersed stipends, does NOT mean those of us that actually DO WORK want to give these idiots in Phoenix & D.C. our paychecks!

      just an opinion…really need to try & keep up…

      Doc from Prescott

      • Justanopinion says:

        Hey Doc I got a great idea for you then. DON’T SPEED!!!

        • RedflexUrinalSystems says:

          Imagine a world without drug violators.

          Introducing Redflex Urinal Systems, a new breakthrough from the Umbrella Corporation.

          These state of the art devices automatically screen violators for 161 possible drug and narcotic violations.

          If a violator is detected violating, a picture is taken of the criminal who is then identified by facial recognition.

          A citation is then sent to the registered citizen.

          Don’t break the law. After all, if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.

          War is Peace
          Freedom is Slavery
          Ignorance is Strength.

          This has been a pubic service announcement for Redflex, a subsidiary of the Umbrella Corporation.

          • Stacey says:

            What are we supposed to be watching?

            • Walter says:

              LOL. I got it.
              Very convincing Ad promises a perfect product. With some side effects. The side effects are a complete loss of what the product is supposed to give you.

              Just like the cameras. They promise safety. But actually increase accidents. Very good analogy.

              • Stacey says:

                I thought it was a youtube screw up. You know how that happens sometimes when you post a video? lol

          • BJ says:

            The sad problem – this intelligent commentary goes right over the head of the 90IQ crowd that buys the, “just slow down”, arguments without question.

            Didn’t you hear, RedflexUrinalSystems – JUST SLOW DOWN and OBEY THE LAW…

  9. Doc says:

    What a dope this ‘justanopinion’ idjit is! Hey, dumba$$! Mr. Georgiani WAS a ‘contract employee’, legally referred to as a “contractor”. Jesus, what a moron!

    And those of us that Believe in our F R E E D O M will N E V E R ‘get over it’ & accept this totaliarianism into our lives. If it’s so acceptable to you, move to North Korea, jacka$$!

    Law breaking hypocrite, this guy’s givin’ you a serious run for your ignorance title!

    Trolls…can’t live with ’em, can’t shoot ’em! DAMMIT!

    Th’ scary thing is that trolls drive on th’ same streets & hi-ways as those of us with functioning brains…Doc from Prescott

  10. ((-_-)) whut'd_u_expect? says:

    The totalitarian-oriented mind is simple in that it disposes of liberties in earnest via flawed logic.
    Affirmative conclusion from a negative premise is a logical fallacy that is committed when a categorical syllogism has a positive conclusion, but one or two negative premises.
    example: No cams are illegal, and nothing illegal is accepted, therefore all cams are acceptable.
    …a view in the pro-cam, anti-liberty mind.

  11. Doc says:

    Well put.

  12. Will Kay says:

    I love how all the pro-camera comments all boil down to the same logic, which is don’t speed or run red lights and there is no problem. It’s not a problem to them that local, state, and federal governments voilate constitutional liberties all in the name of slowing speeders down and increasing revenue. It’s funny to me how they judge all anti-camera citizens as speeders. Nothing could be further from the truth. I drive I-17 nearly everyday, and almost always see drivers breaking traffic laws, NONE of them speeding. There are far more careless, inattentive people who are on the phone, texting, eating, smoking, etc. that aren’t paying attention than there are speeders. They tout how these systems are about safety, but they don’t do anything about drivers who are too busy to drive because o fthe above mentioned.

  13. Will Kay says:

    I love how all the pro-camera comments all boil down to the same logic, which is don’t speed or run red lights and there is no problem. It’s not a problem to them that local, state, and federal governments voilate constitutional liberties all in the name of slowing speeders down and increasing revenue. It’s funny to me how they judge all anti-camera citizens as speeders. Nothing could be further from the truth. I drive I-17 nearly everyday, and almost always see drivers breaking traffic laws, NONE of them speeding. There are far more careless, inattentive people who are on the phone, texting, eating, smoking, etc. that aren’t paying attention than there are speeders. They tout how these systems are about safety, but they don’t do anything about drivers who are too busy to drive because of the above mentioned.

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      kay- thats part of the issue.. just cause you think they are unconstitutional… doesnt make it so.. the cameras are limited to what they can do… they can not catch unattentive drivers and the can not catch drunk drivers… i will gladly take what they can do!!!

      when the supreme court of the land tales up the issue of cameras and they make a ruling.. then we will know who is right and who is wrong!!

      • Will Kay says:

        I don’t need the Supreme Court to tell me what is constitutional or not, all I need to do is read and know what the Constitution and Bill of Rights says. If you understood the passion and intent The Framers of The Constitution had at that time then you would know that these systems and the way government is ran is unconstitutional. Do you even know how to think for yourself? You need a court judgement to tell you what to think and do? That’s the whole point of being a Constitutional Republic, is it is a government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people, not greedy politicians, special interest groups, and corporations who try to control everything.

        • Law A. BidingTroll says:

          willy nilly/// well then,,, you dont have to be told what is or is not? good thing you are in the very small minority!!! since its inception the constitution , this all knowing document had to be looked into further….maybe you have heard of these things… womens right to vote!!! intergration? abortion? just a few.. makes me wonder just how smart they were that they did not believe that women were smart enough to vote!!!

          • Malfeasant says:

            but how smart they were to allow the document to be amended when a great enough need arose. actually, the original constitution does not address citizens voting at all- it was up to the states to decide who could vote for state affairs, federal decisions would be made by the house and senate- who was in the house and senate was determined by the states however they saw fit.

            • Will Kay says:

              Exactly my point Malfeasant. Law Breaking Troll, you are only showing your immaturity and ignorance in your replies. If you really did get fired from your job then you have plenty of time to read The Declaration of Independance, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

  14. Matt says:

    I like the new name change to LAB. It is very fitting.

  15. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    debbie… with every cause there must be a passion for the cause!!! agree? there are people here that have passion… but the problem is that of the 1500 plus members at this site… only 15-20 have any motivation to do anything!!! thats not going to cut it!!! i would suggest taking up another cause ….this one is not going to yield anything but frustration for you!!!

    • Stacey says:

      And your little troll heart has a passion to try to aggravate us. One of you, 1500 of us.

      No wonder you got your ass fired. Maybe, you can put your energy into something more productive – like a job!

      • Doc says:

        Stacey-What’d he get fired for? Where’d he get fired from? Oh, wait…never mind. Lemmee’ guess. Bein an a$$hole to his co-workers, kinda like he does here. AND…Redflex! Hell, even th’ illegal aliens from australia don’t want his sorry A$$! As for him getting a job…well, I don’t believe there’s much hope for that.

        By th’ way, How’re ya’ doin’ this evenin’?

        Rememberin’ to be decent to my fellow FREEDOM Lovers-Doc

        • Stacey says:

          I am good. Doc are you signed up over in the forum?

          • Doc says:

            I don’t know. What do I do to check? I know that sounds wierd, but, Honestly, I got dragged, kickin’ & screamin’ into th’ 21st century by my Lovely Bride. Let me know. I’ll be back on line 2morow aftrnoon.

            Have a Great Night, & be safe, Everybody!-Doc

            • Law A. BidingTroll says:

              that pretty much proves my theory!! doc stays right at the posts section and does not go out!! has he even been to a sign dangling? or a signature collection? he gets ranked then with the other 1480 members that wont get out for the cause!! no surprise!!!

        • Joe says:

          He got fired for missing shifts. Says that he called in sick via text message, and (get this) that he sent the texts to his coworkers!

          Now he’s trying to get his labor union to help him, and even they’re throwing him under the bus. So no wonder he is such an angry guy.

          • Law A. BidingTroll says:

            now joe…. lets get it correct without the lies!!! it was one shift, and since i am in charge at night, and i was not going to be there, i had to let someone know i was not coming in… and i also let my boss know later that day!! where did you come up with the union throwing me under the bus? fact is i was not even a union member, however, they took on the case because they thought it was very winnable!!! especially since i did exactly what i was suppose to do!!! ever called in sick stalker clown? if you have not then i guess you can throw stones…. but if you have ever called off…. then you are out of line!!! but i know this is all just your attempt to get me fired up!!! but its not working… i just wanted to make sure that i exposed your lack of writing the truth!!! seems to be contagious around here!!

      • Law A. BidingTroll says:

        you know nothing about me!! am i employed? am i not?
        one judge has already ruled in my favor!!! there is now only one battle ahead!!!
        all this interest in me makes me blush!!!

        • Stacey says:

          Well, you are our favorite troll.

        • Joe says:

          If you do end up winning, you will only have done so through an EXTREME technicality. Ordinarilly, companies don’t seek to fire workers that 1) have a good attitude and 2) show up for work. I suspect you had neither of those elements going for you.

          • Mark S says:


            It shows in LABs posts what his attitude is like.

          • Law A. BidingTroll says:

            once again.. you dont know anything about it!! and all you are doing is upsetting everyone here who swore that i worked for redflex!!! i think even mark clown was on that bandwagon for awhile!!! you really have a thing for me dont you? you have my name… i am in the book…. feel free to come on by!!! your dream of meeting me will come true!!!

            joe the stalker clown!!!

  16. Stacey says:

    Okay, Doc, it isn’t your fault you can’t find the forum. I only came across it by accident one day and saved it on my favorites.

    Go up to the top of the page where it says JOIN. Then you will go to meetup and register. After that you will go to the message board.

    Flickr is where all the pictures are. Also, the calendar is over there.

    There is a lot of data stored over there, but it isn’t in any order, so you will just have to scroll through the pages to see what interests you.

    • Doc says:

      Stacey-Thank you so much for the directions. My wife had a minor setback, so I’ve been off longer than I planned. She’s all right now, but, I’ll be glad when she’s back to full power. Plus, anybody that doesn’t take a wife/mom’s job to heart is not payin’ attention. My GOD, women/wives/moms don’t get paid enuff!

      I signed up for the Heritage Foundation recently. I couldn’t get that done, either. She sat down, & in less than 5 minits, had it all squared away!

      Anyway, I’ll check out the info you gave me, & Thanks again!

      Gratefully-Doc from Prescott

  17. BJ says:

    In other news –

    News on HB2106 – it’s still alive, but it is stuck because the Democrats want to study the camera system more and see if it’s really effective or not. Translation – they want to give it more time. At this point, there’s a good chance it will fail… 😦

    You may all think, “It doesn’t matter – we have our proposition that will fix it all, anyways,” but here’s the problem: If HB2106 fails, it will be a HUGE victory all camera supporters. It will validate Lt. Warriner’s BS statement that “the cameras aren’t going anywhere,” and that fact will be used against the proposition in the coming PR war before November 2010.

    Therefore, people need to be contacting their representatives and getting them off their butts and pushing them. Give it your all, guys… Get the ball rolling…

    • Stacey says:

      How can they ignore the murder of a human being? They must be callous, friggin idiots. The devil spawned.

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      i love it … a clown with some common sense in regards to what is up ahead…. dont bother calling your representatives… they have done all they are going to do!!! which is…. they gave it some in thought and then stopped thinking about it!!!


      • Stacey says:

        You are damn right. Victory is ahead.

        The representatives are ignoring the wishes of their constituents. When it comes election time, it is going to come back to bite them in the ass. We now have the police coming out against photo radar, we have people protesting, people getting killed.
        All across the nation people are talking about the stupidity Arizona has involved itself in.

        • Law A. BidingTroll says:

          funny thing is that representatives have more than just a few people they represent…. you 20 people and what you want come way short of the other 6.5 million in az… funny thing is some people agree with you and the next thing you are declaring that all policeman are anti PR and NO NO NO!!! the only people protesting in az … is you 20 people!! THATS IT!!! of the 1500 members only 20 ? PATHETIC!!!

    • Walter says:

      Another way to look at it is because the legislators will not do anything, the people will be more interested in the petition. Right now there are a lot of people that think the legislators bill will get rid of all the cameras. And therefor a lot of them don’t sign. Take the house bill out of the picture, and the people will see that the petition is the best way of getting rid of the cameras.

      • Law A. BidingTroll says:

        BULLETIN… BULLTETIN !!!! CF regular Walt.. admits that not everyone who is offered the chance to sign the petition ..actual does!!!!
        we will now send it back to the news room!!! where tabitha has more on this!!!

        i am on the scene and it appears that CF has about 10 people on sight!~ at a walmart… and even though the CF people are screaming that their rights are being abused nobody seems to care///

  18. RPr says:

    photo radar has never survived a vote

    the politicians get elected on photo radar money ($16.50 per ticket) of course they want the scameras to stay

  19. Stacey says:

    We need to makes some banners saying something like
    Clean elections pay for dirty politicians, or clean elections help pay for these cameras.

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      yes .. thats the ticket …. start zeroing in on the guys that you want to help you!!! great strategy!!!! STACEY!!! maybe that is why there is no women in any real authority in the services!!!!

      go back to the kitchen and the kids and leave the real strategy to … walt… and doc, and mike s…. and joe.. and ..and … glyph ( joke) AND scam ( joke) and a couple of anti cam want to be’s that have not been round long enough to merit mentioning!!!!

      victory is within our grasp!!!!

    • Stacey says:


      The politicians are sitting on their asses hoping we will go away. Ain’t going to happen.

      This isn’t just about Arizona anymore. In the near future, we will be a national organization.

      We put the politicians into office and we will take them out.

      • Law A. BidingTroll says:


        problem with “we” is that voting is individual!!! we didnt vote…. you may have voted and i may have voted …. but we certainly did not vote!!!

        • Stacey says:

          Love Muffin, that is the whole point of all this is to VOTE on it.

          There will be fallout though. The politicians who sat back and ignored this travesty won’t get back in.

          It disgusts me that Janet Brewer never said a word about the employee who was killed. I am sure Redflex wanted to hear from her too.

          • Law A. BidingTroll says:

            sweet cheeks!!! dont quote me…. but i believe that it was in committee and passed 4-1.. and that was the last vote.. it has not moved to the floor yet and i dont know what that process is… the point that i am trying to make is.. since it has not gotten to the point where it can be voted on by the full legislature..then who are you holding responsible?
            i know that CF wants it to get to a vote!! i get all that .. and again i will declare that you will never get enough signatures!!!

  20. Doc says:

    So, I believe that Lousiana’s posts on another thread explain the troll’s existance, particularly law breaking hypocrite’s. No sentient, thinking, citizen of America, WITHOUT AN ALTERIOR MOTIVE (there’s always really only 1…$$$$$) would possibly act or post the way the trolls do, here.

    The facts are as plain as could be. We anti-scamera people have gone the distance on proving OUR points. We’ve even recognised the “pro-scamera” point of view. But, without fail the troll arguments are blurted out, whether rudeness, inaccuracy, stupidity, or whatever the case may be. The arguments they throw out are always their way, even if it’s wrong. Even when we say that we mainly desire to put the whols mess to a vote, all the trolls ever say is how that’ll fail our cause. And even when it’s PROVEN that the vote has NEVER allowed the scameras to stay, they argue.

    So, while their very existance on our site still gives us pause, we must consider that they are merely attempting to justify their existance. And, while joe may have uncovered one of probably many, many firings of law breaking hypocrite, & I’m sure the info’s correct, I believe that LAB’s attempt at financial gain will cause him not only failure, but ridicule amongst those that know him, & revulse at his very existance.

    I MUST also admit a jeaouls streak in me. Stacey, when you call th’ head troll ‘love muffin & sweetie pie’, I just CAN’T STAND IT!

    Feelin’ jealous, but vindicated-Doc from Prescott

    • Mark S says:

      When I saw Stacey call him those words, I kinda threw-up in my mouth. Luckily, the food I just ate was good and I just re-swallowed it.

      Have a GREAT DAY Doc. Keep the Shiny Side up.

      • Doc says:

        Man-you crack me up! That was sick…and GREAT!
        Keeping th’ shiny side up…Doc

      • Walter says:


        This has to stop.

        LABS comments have degenerated to nothing more than childish name calling.

        It’s hard enough to keep up with new posts on the new system. Then LAB will go on a tantrem and post 10-20 off topic posts in a half hour.

        • Mark S says:

          I do not know if LAB has any kids, but since I now know his real name, date of birth and address, it wouldn’t surprise me to find some twenty year old at the keyboard typing all this garbage. The stuff coming out of him is extremely childlike.

      • Doc says:

        Mark S- Dude, I’m guilty of instigatin’ this sh!t as anyone. Man, I apologize to you & all the other folks on this site.

        Doc from Prescott

        • Mark S says:

          I don’t blame you. See my post below. I am starting to believe there is an out of control teenager posting this stuff. I know there are a lot of 40 somethings out there that have never gotten out of their childhood, or are starting to act like children because their mental capacity has gone downhill. I just know this has to stop.

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      doc almighty!! you and the gang try and prove points with links that many times do not even back up whatever argument you are trying to make!!! since my inception here i have let it be known i do not put faith in anyones stats… pro or con!!! i also agree that it should go to a vote!!! but that is on CF to get it there!! i have also predicted that the elected ones will do nothing… and so far i am 85% correct… they did do something… but now are not!!! you keep reading my posts doc and you will see that i am the way..the truth and the light.. those that follow me… well …you will know the truth!!!

      besides doc!! if all 4 of us trolls leave… who will you argue with? how much fun can it be agreeing with everyone? besides …. deep down you really like me… the feeling however, is not mutual!!!

      have a nice day and keep the cameras flashing bright!!!

  21. Doc says:

    “You LIKE me on that wall…You NEED ME ON THAT WALL!!!” From the movie, “A Few Good Men”

    Whatever troll. All you do is argue & lie. As I stated before, Louisiana is correct about you. You’re th’ same corporate sheeple lackey.

    Redflex/ATS is gonna’ get run out on a RAIL!!!
    Doc from Prescott

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