Police: Photo Radar Delays Response Times


NOT SO FAST: Photo Enforcement Contributing to Slower 911 Response

Police are coming forward with complaints regarding automated ticketing and how such systems are contributing to slower emergency response times, 12 News is reporting:

[Department policy] allows officers to drive 15 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. If they go faster and are snapped by a photo enforcement camera they could be cited, “It’s unrealistic to stay within 15 miles per hour of the speed limit when responding to emergency (call)”, said [Officer] Tardy. If a camera catches an officer speeding a notice will be sent to the police department.

“…The policy is leading to failure on officers to provide service,” said PLEA President Mark Spencer. According to Spencer some officers are now going slower when they respond to 911 calls.

CameraFRAUD has learned that almost all police departments and other first-response agencies are sent automated ticketing citations, even when the picture clearly shows the vehicle using emergency lights. This situation is common at so-called “red light” intersections, where ambulances, fire trucks, and marked police vehicles regularly run lights and are duly authorized to do so as specified in statute.

Two officers told CameraFRAUD late last year that unless they call dispatch to disclose of their [photo enforcement] location activation, date, time, and reason for response, that the “notice of violation” mailed to the department could become the officer’s “personal problem”— and financial liability.

DPS is conveniently exempt from their own automated tickets generated by the Redflex freeway cameras.

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  1. RPr says:

    KTAR at 8:30 am on wed the 29th will have a rep from the Phoenix law enforcement assoc.

  2. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:


    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    well lets be honest… this is just a stupid as stupid can get policy!!!! it needs to be investigated further and if it is as appears… then it needs to be withdrawn!!! no doubt about it…. i dont care how fast LE goes to get to the scene of a crime.. they need to be allowed to do whatever ot takes!!!

    i would also like to point out to CF… you folks bitch and complain about azcentral and the republic all the time… so when they do run a story that is in your favor…. where is the love for them?

    • geez says:

      Statistics and news stories. Only when it’s in their favor. otherwise be prepared to be called names and berated about the constitution etc..
      Hey, where’s doc? in pink underwear? I’m wondering…

  3. Stacey says:

    I wonder what fire departments and ambulance companies are doing in response to these cameras.

  4. Walter says:

    I know of a fireman who would have been more than happy to answer that question. BUT….

    • Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

      BUT… you really dont know a fireman so the point you were making is mute!!!!

    • Mute… haha. Where did you go to school?

      • Oh,
        He went to a great school! It’s the same school that teaches, “the cause of WW one is A guy named archie duke shot an ostrich because he was hungry.

        • Law A. BidingTroll says:

          oh .. i like it… see i always thought it was mute!! like in “mute the TV” i learned something…. now the best part… see when you clowns point out someones spelling error you are declaring yourself perfect and incapable of spelling something incorrect!!! think about that next time you come across a word you are not sure of!!

          • Walter says:


            What happened to the “NO Flooding” rule? I think this is post # 11 or 12 from this nimrod in the last 10 min. Not one has had anything substantial in it.

            • Law A. BidingTroll says:

              i was busy all day being unemployed!! just woke up from my 10 hour nap after sleeping all night!! give me a break .. its rough on the unemployment line!!! what no flooding rule … i was responding to my fans!!!

            • Law A. BidingTroll says:

              walt – what we need here is a cam to catch renegade posts !!!

  5. Law Breaking Citizen, isn’t it dangerous for the police to speed? If it’s dangerous for the public to do it, it’s dangerous for the police to do it. We can’t have two sets of standards.

    • Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

      SCAM- dont be a fool and a jerk…. i never knew there was a speed limit for them to follow… either before the cams or after… i dont care if they do 90mph in a 45 mph zone to get there… JUST GET THERE…. do you have a problem with that? in fact they need to get to your web site as it is on fire…. oh wait..nobody will miss it if it burns…. nevermind!!!

      • geez says:

        I’m suprised PRS hasn’t yet been on the azcentral swine flu story trying to promote his website.
        We all know the swine flu was invented FOR THE MONEY.

      • J.W. says:

        Where do you draw the line?

        Cop or Ambulance doing 90mph on a 45mph suburban road = OK
        Joe Citizen going 76mph on a 65mph 6 lane freeway = mortal sin
        Jane Citizen doing 45mph in a 35mph zone = a threat to all humanity

        What if Joe Citizen is a cop who, on his day off, got called into work because there is a huge shooting situation downtown and they need every available person to get to the station for a briefing ASAP. What if Jane Citizen is driving to her kids school because he broke his arm on the playground? Do the cameras care about that? No, Joe and Jane Citizen are just more dollar signs to the cameras. Does LAB driving his SUV at 60mph in the left lane of the 101 care about that? No, cuz to him Joe Citizen is just another idiot a-hole driver that has no regard for other people’s “safety.”

        You just made every other argument you had against the cameras a load of moot points because you have finally admitted that there are times when it is OK to drive faster than the speed limit. The gig is up. Your cover is blown. You have no leg to stand on anymore.

        Admit to yourself that not everyone who is on the road going faster than you is out to get you, and take responsibility for your own safety for once by becoming a more responsible and alert driver. The bottom line is YOU are more responsible for getting from point A to point B safely than the hundreds of people who drive next to you on the open road. If you need cameras to make YOU a safe driver then maybe you are the one who needs to get off the road.

        • geez says:

          and in any of those situations, a judge would understand and let you off.

        • Yes, you’d like to think so. But you obviously haven’t been paying attention to the stories on here. You have to make 3 trips to court just to defend yourself, and unless you hire a lawyer, the photo ticket judges don’t listen to excuses. They railroad everyone who comes through there.

      • Will Kay says:

        LAB, there is never a reason for Fire, Police, or EMS to do 90 in a 45. NEVER. There are policies that govern the way emergency drivers are to respond to calls and safety is always TOP priority. Police are in uniform to uphold and enforce the law, they are not above it. Ever.

  6. geez says:

    and if the officers are responding to a call the violation is thrown out.
    So. What’s the point of this?

    • They should drive the speed limit like everyone else. You can’t have two sets of standards, one for police/govt and one for everybody else. Extreme example, but it’s ok for politicians not to pay taxes, but when I do it, it’s a crime?

  7. duece says:

    And you people would be the first to complain if a police officer was speeding….Now the agencies are holding the officers responsible for speeding and you are not happy?

    • geez says:

      you people who? If an officer is responding to something serious, I have absolutely no problem with the officer exceeding the speed limit! If a citizen is exceeding the speed limit, cause he’s hungry and wants to get to mcdonalds faster, I DO have a problem with that.

    • Geezer, the cameras don’t know why anyone is speeding.

  8. guttersn1pe says:

    While I’m sure the “15 over” is in Phoenix PD’s general orders, I find it hard to believe Phoenix disciplines officers for photo tickets on code-3 runs. The photo will clearly show the flashing lights. And I’ve seen Phoenix officers rolling code 3 well in excess of 15 mph over – so I’m not sure how valid this argument is anyway.

    At the same time, I thought the vendors were manually “reviewing” photos before sending out violations. The flashing light bar should be an indication that it’s a legit reason to speed.

  9. Walter says:

    Here is the point. It is written in the main article.
    [Department policy] allows officers to drive 15 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

    “It’s unrealistic to stay within 15 miles per hour of the speed limit when responding to emergency (call)”, said [Officer] Tardy.
    Even if the officer is responding to a call. He/She is still only allowed to go 15 over. That means that response time will increase. Due to the greed of private companies and crooked officials.

    Increased response times means emergence help may not arrive in time. It’s looking more and more like the only people benefiting from Photo Radar other than the camera company is the undertaker.

    • guttersn1pe says:

      Actually, in limiting the 15 MPH over in their policy, the department is responsible for increasing response times. The cameras only impact people outside department policy – which is their complaint.

      I personally believe the department reviews each situation on a case-by-case basis. So if Officer A is going 25 MPH over to assist with an officer-involved shooting, I am confident that any photo ticket received will go away.

  10. Doc says:

    ALL-Doc’s wife had surgery. I most certainly haven’t gone away. NO NO NO! I’m touched that all th’ trolls missed me. While I’ve been away, I’ve seen much coverage on th’ T.V.

    As to this thread’s topic, I posted before about my Brother, driving an Ambulance, towards John C., when th’ patient in th’ rig coded. He began running code 3, lites-n-sirens, got flashed, & was made to pay th’ fine. I guess he SHOULD, since he was “breakin’ th’ law”? Right? Till one of our trolls or their family members is either in trouble, or in th’ back of a rig, gettin’ THEIR chest pumped-THEN, will it be O.K. to ‘speed’? Or should th’ CORPSE get th’ “ticket”?

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

    • geez says:

      Welcome back, hope your wife is ok.
      So why didn’t your brother just take it to the judge. It would have been thrown out in a heartbeat. Secondly I seriously doubt he was made to pay a fine if he was on a call. I would like to see that…
      Besides, ya’ll tell everyone just to throw it out, so why didn’t he just throw it out? Sorry, just doesn’t add up.

      • Doc, it makes the pro-cams happy to know that people will get tickets in the mail a few weeks after a fatal accident.

        Geezer, it takes at least 3 trips to court to defend yourself against a ticket. That’s probably at least 2 days off of work, and untold hours preparing a defense and gathering evidence. And then attorney’s fees if you hire a lawyer. Gee, why don’t people fight their photo tickets?

    • Stacey says:

      I hope your wife is doing well.

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      i didnt miss you… please do not misunderstand !!

  11. Will Kay says:

    Of course DPS is conveniently exempt from their own automated tickets generated by the Redflex freeway cameras, it’s the typical “King can do no wrong” attitude.

    Law A. Bidingcitizen and PhotoRadarScam, Fire, EMS, and Police are not AUTHORIZED to speed and run lights during a call response. By running code 3 (lights and sirens) they are simply REQUESTING the right of way. Yes, the law states that vehicles must pull over and to the right, but that does not give emergency response vehicles the right of way. I am a firefighter and hold an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science Technology. I’ve been trained in emergency vehicle driver/operator response and have plenty of experience running code 3. Driver response also depends on individual department’s policies. Above all, safety ALWAYS comes first.

  12. Dan G says:

    Will, at the risk of sounding like a troll, I gotta tell you it’s looking more and more like money $$$$ ALWAYS comes first. If a 3 year old child drowns and I’m on the road and see an ambulance coming down the road, he’d better damn well be doing more than +15 over that f***ing speed limit. EVERY SECOND COUNTS. Provided that the driver slows for intersections, he’d better be speeding like crazy in between intersections. Somebody’s trying to save a life and now they get ticketed?! Will Kay, perhaps an ambulance driver can explain to a parent that just lost a child that they were NOT authorized to speed and run lights during a call response. Safety first…even if it costs lives I suppose.

  13. Dan, If it is as dangerous as all of the procams say it is to speed, then no one, not even police, fire, or ambulance have an excuse. The last thing we need is them getting into an accident on the way to a scene because they were going 1mph faster than the sign says they can go.

    • Mark S says:

      Most accidents involving emergency vehicles involve some car driver not paying attention and not knowing what to do or panicking when an emergency vehicle is approaching.

      I have witnessed two accidents in my driving lifetime involving emergency vehicles and a car. Both were the car drivers fault. One drove through an intersection and was t-boned by the firetruck. The firetruck DID have a green light. The person in the car was stopped at the red light, but took off when the firetruck was approaching the intersection.

      The second was when someone pulled out (switched lanes) into the path of the firetruck to get to the right side of the road. Needless to say, the firetrucks won in both instances.

      The drivers of the cars were both seriously injured and the cars totaled. The firemen were all OK with minor damage to the front ends of the trucks(bumpers, front hose reel, siren speakers, etc).

      I do seem to recall that the police report did say that speed was a factor. The fire trucks were estimated to be going several MPH over the limit at the times of the accidents.

    • Will Kay says:

      The second leading cause of line of duty deaths to Fire and EMS personnel from year to year is vehicle accidents.

    • Dan G says:

      Right. I’m not arguing that there is NO risk for emergency vehicles exceeding the posted speed limits. I will argue that the risk of them arriving to a call may be greater than the risk of them speeding. Unfortunately, there are probably no studies to show how many died because an emergency vehicle with life-saving equipment arrived too late. Also, Photoradarscam, your argument is prefaced with the keyword “if” meaning of course that the procamera folks could be wrong. Dead wrong.

      One last thing – we really need to think more carefully on this post about the use of the word ‘speed’ or ‘speeding’. Think about this: if you are doing 55mph in a 35mph zone, you are speeding. If you are doing 55mph in a 55mph zone, you are NOT speeding. With absolutely no difference in velocity, the only difference is whether or not you are exceeding legal limits. When we say that emergency vehicles are ‘speeding’ we are using laws that apply to us and not emergency vehicles. No sign says how fast an emergency vehicle may go.

      • Dan, I was being facetious. And to your point, too fast for conditions and exceeding posted limit are two different things. That’s why I suppose the arizona law is “reasonable and prudent” speed.

  14. Doc says:

    geez-1st, Thank You for the well wishes. She’s doing much better, & should be back @ work, half days-next week.

    As for my Brother’s ticket, I need to clairify. His supervisors would not allow him to contest the ticket in any way. I said the same things as you…but he has a family to support. His organization made him pay the ticket, outright. And they knew he was code 3. When a patient ‘codes’, he’s required to radio that info in to dispatch. As for throwin’ it out, the ticket went to the ambulance company’s corporate offices. He got burned. But, he’s still employed. It’s that simple. On a + note, their corp. policy has been changed, & I’m told that this type of incident is handled differently, on a case by case basis.

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

    • Will Kay says:

      Doc, the fact that his supervisors did not allow him to contest the ticket is NOT their call. It is a constitutional right to be able to confront your accuser. Nobody can stand in the way of that. Employers do put a lot of “conform or be fired” pressure on employees, but he had a case that I think would stand up in court. Glad your wife is well.

  15. Marbro says:

    The article just states more reasons to get rid of these cheap cameras.

  16. geez says:

    Ok, Doc..
    Yes, I am pro-cam but I still believe in fairness. I’m glad they changed their policy.

    • If you believed in fairness you wouldn’t believe in cameras.

      • Law A. BidingTroll says:

        i believe in those that break the law getting caught and having to deal with the consequences of their actions!!!

        fair is that signs are positioned prior to the van cam!!! or cam pole!!!

        quit spewing your opinions on us scam!!!

  17. Doc says:

    Thanks, Stacey! She’s comin’ along nicely. It was “girl surgery”, Which every nurse I work with has said she’ll never regret. I’ve got th'”Y” chromasome, so I don’t quite get it, but I know this. Her OB/GYN guy said that it had to be done, NOW, & so it was. Other than workin’ my A$$ off, doin’ what she just breezes through, daily, alls gettin’ better, daily here.

    geez-My Brother & I both are glad, too. He now says that their system works fairly, so he paid a ticket, but got the Corporation to adjust themselves, so that each situation is reviewed individually. If your patient’s coded, the “rig” driver is justified in goin’ over th’ posted limit, scameras be damned. But if you don’t have just cause, ya’ get a bill!

    Mark S-As a former Firefighter, I can attest personally how strange it is to see drivers of cars ignore a 40 foot long red truck, screamin’ sirens & air horns blairin’, doin’ 40 in a 25, & people LOOK right atcha’, & PULL OUT! Th’ problem is that Fire Engines have a notoriously L O N G stoppin’ distance. And they ain’t known for their handlin’ charistics, either.

    Also, (& I’m sure this has happened to you as well…) on my bike. 16 inch tall black apes, loud pipes, people look right @ me, & then A)Pull right on out, anyway, or B) try to come into my lane with me…at 75 mph. WWWHHHEEEEEE!!!! So, havin’ been in an Emergency Response Vehicle, “speeding”, it’s worth it when ya’ run into a scene, save somebody’s stuff…or their LIFE, then head back to th’ station, knowin’ ya’ did a little good. I know my Chief woulda’ tossed any scamera tickets into th’ shredder.

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      they let meth heads be fire fighters? ..doc..doc..doc…. just cause you had to wash the fire truck for community service does not count as being a fire fighter!!!

      i dont buy it for a second!!! no way … no way!!! now… janitor at the hospital … yea… i believe that,,,, but i would not let you clean the floors inside the pharmacy…. in fact you would not be getting anywhere near that department!!!

  18. Doc says:

    Trolls can’t get laid, Stacey-I worked on a troll not long ago-they have no genitalia. Why do ya’ think they argue with ANYTHING ya’ type?

    What made law breaking hypocrite change it’s name? At least it’s now admitting it’s a troll. Th’ first step is admitting that you have a problem, & obviously it’s recognised this & we must applaud it’s efforts. Besides, law breaking hypocrite, lacking genitalia, doesn’t have what it takes to put on a set of Bunkers & Turn-outs (& that statement’s NOT gender specific…1 of th’ Baddest A$$ Firefighters I know is a Woman…) & stroll up into 2500 degrees of Ragin’ Inferno like ya’ OWN TH’ JOINT!

    Didn’t I tell ya’? People who FAIL th’ Firefighter’s test, become either dps cops, or redflex/ats employees.

    There are 2 kinds of Public Servants…Those that Fight Fire, & those that WISH they COULD Fight Fire!

    Firefighters find ’em HOT, & leave ’em WET!

    Firefighters Dance where th’ devil lives…in HELL!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

    • Mark S says:

      Hear! Hear!

    • Stacey says:


      Hmmm, hot and wet, huh?

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      yes doc… you were a firefighter where…. in prescott? when it was volunteer? and pretty much anyon who wanted to volunteer their time was jumping on a truck? what happened? they started hiring ones that were qualified and you knew your limitations? so you went to the hospital a the night janitor… i commend you for knowing you could not hack it!!!

      nice slap in the face to DPS!!! hope you never need one of them!!! K A R M A baby !!!

      you worked on a troll? in the middle of the night on your rounds mopping the floor? what? did you find a comatose male and “work on him”?

      hospital clown!!!!

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      i think i have you figured out now clown doc!!!

      ex marine
      ex firefighter
      freedom fighter?

      you seem to be insecure with who you are… so you throw out all of these “macho” titles to impress us…. and it appears to be working on stacey!!! but im not buying into it…. i think you are shallow and are lacking on personality to real human contact…. you are however a self proclaimed stud round here!!!! i would imagine you were picked on in school and it has continued into your adult life!!! how sad!!
      tell your wife i am sorry to hear about your penis!!!

      admin.. please look no further than his posts directed at me before dishing out punishment!!!

    • Will Kay says:

      Right on Doc!

    • Will Kay says:

      Right on Doc! We firefighters love putting the wet stuff on the red stuff, huh? We carry the longest and stiffest hoses around!

  19. Law A. BidingTroll says:


    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    sounds to me like a company preparing for a fight that may or may not come!!!! also appears they have a lot of $$$$$$$ backing them!!! how much are you tin hats willing to give to “protect your freedom”… my guess is .. it wont buy a minute if air time on radio!!

    • Stacey says:


      It doesn’t matter how much money we have, it is all in the signatures, darlin. Thank God we live in America.

      People are disgusted with DPS and our legislators for the outsourcing of law enforcement which is endangering drivers and their families.

  20. Pro-Camera says:

    This seems to me that it is an issue with the Police Department’s policy and not the Cameras. They have a policy that states the officers can not exceed 15mph over the posted limit. That is the PD’s policy, not the camera’s policy.

    As for “A double standard for officers”, they also have documented training in high speed vehicle driving. Training on how to keep control of the vehicle at high speeds and how to quickly negotiate turns, etc… The average person with a Driver’s license does not have this training. That is why officers are allowed to exceed the limit in emergency situations while responding to calls for service.

    • Sorry, you procams can’t have it both ways. In defending the falshood “speed kills” you guys claim that it’s so much more deadly to be going faster and that it doesn’t matter how skilled you are. Now you argue that skill can overcome speed. And just because they are trained doesn’t mean they are good.

      I’m also a highly skilled driver, but if a cop pulls me over he doesn’t want to hear about that.

      Sorry, you procams think 1mph over the posted limit is dangerous for everyone, you gotta stick to it.

  21. Mark S says:

    Here is a little joke I recived in my e-mail today.

    At least maybe this will lighten this group up.

    A man was driving down the road. He passed a traffic camera and saw it flash.

    Astounded that he had been caught speeding when he was doing the speed limit, he turned around and, going even slower, he passed by the camera.

    Again, he saw it flash. He couldn’t believe it! So he turned and, going a snail’s pace, he passed the camera.

    AGAIN, he saw the camera flash. He guessed it must have a fault, and home he went.

    Four weeks later he received 3 traffic fines in the mail, all for not wearing a seatbelt.

  22. Joe says:

    Some interesting data on “Law A. Bidingcitizen”

    In an earlier reply, he lists his email address as “armer22@yahoo.com”

    A quick google search of “Armer22” leads to the following post by an unemployed Arizona supermarket worker (or “former” Arizona supermarket worker):

    Hey Law A. Bidingcitizen: Boy, those labor unions sure do step-up and defend the poor worker when he gets shafted by the man, eh? It doesn’t look like those iron-clad contracts you guys extort out of these companies end up doing you much good. Maybe you can get a gig with your union and help extort a union contract out of Bashas, eh?

    So now we finally know how and why you have SO MUCH time. You used to claim it was the graveyard shift that allowed you so much time, but I suspect that you were missing shifts because of your addiction to this message board (and this topic).

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      why are you so infatuated with me joe? i guess what you were really trying to dig up was dirt!!! you wanted to try and catch me pretending to be someone that i am not!! sorry to disappoint you!!! if you are looking for someone who pretends…. doc is your man!!! not me!!

      • Joe says:

        Hey, next time you want to skip work because you’ve been up all day posting here, try calling your boss on the telephone.

        You know what? I have 5 people that report to me. I have a cell phone. They know the number. I don’t “text”. I never have, and never will. And if one of them decided to skip work and attempt to notify me through the non-verbal method of texting, I’d consider it an unexcused absence too. You see, I want my employees to let me hear them and I want to hear for myself just how “sick” they are.

  23. Doc says:

    I read recently, on http://www.newsmax.com, I think, that Chicago was gonna’ start runnin’ everybody’s plate to check for insurance. Since their scameras use ‘streamin’ (not “screamin”) video…every vehicle that passes a scamera will have their info checked. Imagine that kinda’ scam goin on in Chicago…home of B. Hussein Obama.

    Remember…F R E E D O M ? ? ?-Doc from Prescott

  24. This is stupid. They could just run a database of all active vehicle registrations vs. the insurance database and mail out tickets. No need to wait for them to drive by a camera.

    • geez says:

      there’s plenty of people that have registered vehicle’s that they DON’T drive and are not insured. On the other hand the photo from the camera would show that the vehicle is being DRIVIN un-insured.
      Do you not have a problem with people driving un-insured? Or is it just cause there’s a camera involved?

      • Mark S says:

        I still fail to see why they need to snap a picture.

        My insurance covers me when I drive another persons vehicle. This is

        They(Chicago) are still just going to cross reference the automobile’s plate against a database. That tells nothing of the driver being allowed to drive or if they are even insured or covered by insurance.

  25. Doc says:

    P R S-Th’ whole damn thing is stupid! RPr-thanks for th’ verification. I’m thinkin’ that j-no, once she figures out which cheek to grab with what hand…(probably joey bidens…) will implement that very policy. Just remember the 9 scariest words you’ll EVER hear, “i’m from the government. i’m here to help you…”

    Freedom? We don need no steenkin’ FREEDOM-
    Doc from Prescott

  26. Doc says:

    I do have a problem with the scamera runnin’ insurance. Here’s why. I’ve got a huge problem w/folks drivin’ UNINSURED. So they get their picher taken’…A WEEK later, STILL UN-INSURED, th’ person is drivin’ down a street, gets into an accident, KILLS somebody. Well, ’bout 3 days AFTER that, he gets his photo ‘insurance’ notice in th’ MAIL. As opposed to a cop pullin’ th’ guy over, ‘cuz they have that info when they stop ya’, & Haulin’ his car off for drivin’ W/O insurance.

    Really wantin’ to stay FREE!-Doc from Prescott

    • geez says:

      Meanwhile the camera can potential identify countless cars driven without insurance an hour and a cop maybe 3, if he’s really working it.

      • Mark S says:

        The photo will only be able to tell if the CAR is insured or not. It says NOTHING of the driver!!

        If an uninsured person drives my vehicle, they ARE NOT covered by my insurance. However, my insurance DOES cover me when I drive someone elses vehicle.

  27. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    so doc- please explain to all of us “sheep” just why you are all for the governement demanding that we carry auto insurance …. but the cameras are not ok!!!

    • Joe says:

      It’s fine to require insurance, just like it’s fine to outlaw speeding. What we oppose is the “set-it-and-forget-it” automated computer enforcement of such offenses. The removal of the human element of enforcement.

      Once you take that first step of automated enforcement, you open yourself up to the next step. Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself in a world where you never know who is watching, and you end up feeling like you’re not really “human” anymore. You feel like a caged animal.

      I already feel a bit of an ominous presence at intersections when I see anonymous cameras recording me (not the redlight cameras). It feels “super-ominous” when I am driving to work and I have to pass through 6 layers of “speed limit security”.

      We all have our limits. Even you have a limit as far as how much “trust” you are willing to part with. For some reason, you spend your days mocking our level of intolerance.

      Hey Law, you’re unemployed, right? Unless you have a deep love of filling the milk box every 90 minutes and manning a box cutter, I have a novel concept for you. I hear the Redflex has a current job opening. Why not go apply?

      • Walter says:

        Here is my main problem with Photo Radar.

        1. Laws are put in place for the purpose of protecting the public. Law enforcement should be done in the interest of public safety. Using a FOR PRIFIT company to enforce ONLY specific laws primarily for the purpose of generating revenue for the camera company and/or the governmental agency is fundamentally wrong.

        2.There is no monitoring of the camera company. When I go to the gas station to fill up my car. I see there is a sticker on the pump from the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures. So I know that the pumps are delivering fuel from a system that has been certified by a third party that has been put in place to protect the public from fraudulent gas station owners. If the gas company tampers with the settings they are penalized for doing so. The Camera companies Own, Build, Install, And Maintain their own equipment. The camera company certifies their own equipment. That leaves the door wide open for fraudulent activities. And there is NO WAY for the public to know that the systems are working properly. Even IF the camera companies get caught with malfunctioning equipment. They are only required to refund the money they received from the inaccurate tickets they got caught on. There is no penalty for giving out fraudulent tickets. There needs to be a third party certification of the equipment. There is NOT.

      • Law A. BidingTroll says:

        joe… you feel an ominous presence cause you are probably digging into your nasal cavity with your finger trying to find a winner.. or dinner!!!

        as for me!! you can quit guessing about who i am, what i do, what i dont do!!! there was much in your little investigation that you missed!!! but i will bet you got a little jacked up when some of those armer22 links popped up!!! wasnt one for a porn site? man how you must have been thinking ” i got him” !!
        look further fool… i am a 5th generation native of az… there is a lot you missed… but it wont help you with the smear campaign!!!

  28. Doc says:

    Troll-don’t be an Idiot…How about YOU driving W/O insurance…P L E A S E ? ! ? !

    Rememberin’ that trolls are hypocrites that deserve no F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      no doc… you explain it too me!!! big brother tells you that you have to carry insurance and you conform… but damn it…you will not give into the cameras being there!! makes no sense!!!

    • geez says:

      hypocrite? Trolls don’t deserve no F R E E D O M?
      I thought you were all about the constitution?

      • Walter says:

        The constitution guarantees that you have the right to your freedoms. That does NOT mean that you deserve them.

        Some people get what they deserve. Some get more than they deserve.

  29. Doc says:

    The’ existance of trolls on this site makes absolutely no sense to me, WHATSOEVER. Explain THAT to me! Or, better yet, never mind. If th’ #1 troll cannot grasp th’ concept of fiscal responsibility then it proves yet again th’ scope of it’s hypocracy.

    Bloody glad I don’t usually drive where th’ law breakin’ hypocrite does, & sayin’ a quik prayer for my fellow CF Friends DO…
    Doc from Prescott

    • Mark S says:


      Mr. Jay “LAB” A. is a hypocrite to the nth degree. The civil/criminal traffic records he has in the Maricopa County Justice Court and AZ Superior Court are numerous. I haven’t bothered checking the other counties court records on him, but these tickets sure do tell us what he really is.

      I would think that with the number of citations he has rung up, he would be on the top of the list to be against photoscams.

      I have had TWO citations in the past several years. Both were a result of accidents. Took the four hour defensive driving course for each and got them expunged from my records.

      Tell us Jay, how many tickets have you REALLY had and how many you were found guilty of and had to pay up. Come on Jay, fess up.

      • Law A. BidingTroll says:

        dont know what to tell you mark clown!!! you did the investigation!!! you got what is there… and i already cleared it up…. if you dont believe me a trip to scottsdale city court for both infractions should do the trick!!! but by all means… dig deeper!!!

        2 accidents ? both your fault? no point speaking the obvious!!! in my entire 28 years of driving i have not caused an accident!!! but i am sure that you will say that speed was not a factor!! too bad the cams can not pick up on stupidity!!!

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      another cowardly excuse for an explanation… again tell the wife how sorry i am for your inability to satisfy!!! that is… anybody but yourself!!!

  30. camerafraud says:

    Lets try to stay on topic, everyone.

  31. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    too late fot that!! dont you think? but as always … i will if they will!!! are you going to start a thread about me? and just me? seems to be some clowns that keep trying to dig deeper to get some dirt!!! i must be making a difference!!!

  32. […] Police: Photo Radar Delays Response Times « CameraFRAUD.com – The … […]

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