Memorial Fund for Redflex Driver


Redflex statement to Aust. Sec. Exch, 4/22/2009 (PDF)

Update: Redflex releases statement to Australian Securities Exchange. (PDF, 50kb)

A memorial fund has been established for the family of slain Redflex driver Doug Georgianni.

Donations can be made at any valley Bank of America branch.

Thank you to Sandra Haros at KTAR for calling and letting us know.

Those interested in sending a letter or card of condolence (no donations, please) may still do so. Please address such correspondence to:

3029 N. Alma School Road #107
Chandler, AZ 85224


4 Responses to Memorial Fund for Redflex Driver

  1. It appears to me that Redflex could provide the memorial fund for their driver in the form of a negligence lawsuit against the company. I’m guessing Redflex knew the dangers that their drivers were in but failed to train or arm them properly (doing so would cost too much). It’s apparent that the company did little or nothing after a van was rammed and pushed into a ditch by an angry motorist 5 weeks ago:

  2. Stacey says:

    Shhhhhhh. Redflex doesn’t want anyone to know about that.

  3. Glyph says:

    Sandra Haros was the only reporter at last Monday’s press conference to get’s name right. The tool from Gannett Media asked about, but that’s as close as anyone else got.

  4. WOW says:

    Yep Glyph, because that press confrence should have been ALL about you guys and not the tragedy that just happened.

    On another note, you all got offended when you felt 12 news “misrepresented” you but some of the recent posts on your Meetup board from “legit” members aren’t doing you any good. Jesus trying to coin what really happened, cold blooded murder, as something like bullied driver syndrome or photo phobia. Some of you make me sick.

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