Red Light Cams “Adding Cash to Coffers”

onemillionFrom the Sacramento Bee:

In Elk Grove, thousands of drivers are chipping in to help balance a city budget that’s in the red.

They’re doing it by going into the red themselves – running lights at two intersections overseen by new high-tech video enforcement cameras.


Elk Grove’s cash infusion hasn’t come, however, from ticketing traditional red-light runners who drive straight through intersections, or turn left in front of oncoming cars, risking broadside crashes.

Instead, 96 percent of Elk Grove’s citations are issued to drivers who make right turns on red without coming to a full stop, according to a review city police conducted at The Bee’s request.


36 Responses to Red Light Cams “Adding Cash to Coffers”

  1. Evan says:

    That is why they call it a California stop!

  2. Not only adding to coffers, but also adding to the car repairs shops, hospital, and morgue as well since red light cameras tend to INCREASE accidents and fatalities where installed.

    If they really cared about safety, they’d simply add a second to the yellow light time.

  3. acutabve says:

    It’s illegal to make a right on red without coming to a complete stop so what’s the problem? People need to stop bitching and accept responsibility for their actions.

  4. Stacey says:

    Damn you people to hell! You will come to a complete stop!

    • Doc says:

      YEAH, DAMMIT! When that light is RED You WILL come to a complete stop or I swear, If I have to put my beer down AND stop this car, your aren’t going to sit right for a WEEK! Do YOU HEAR ME, MISTER?!?!?!?!?

      Are we there, yet?

  5. RPr says:

    ATS puts vans back into service.

  6. BJ says:

    Think of the lives this will save, though…

  7. Tanya says:

    Here’s an idea for all you idiots. If you don’t want to get fined for breaking the law, DON’T BREAK THE LAW. Yes, sometimes I speed. But as part of that decision, I accept that I might get caught, and I might get fined. Accept responsibility for your actions.

    I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of whinier idiots in my life.

  8. LS says:

    I am one of the statistics and it is infuriating.

  9. Dan G says:

    “If you don’t do nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about…” These will surely go down as famous last words as the truth is slowly being revealed to more and more people – “If you don’t do nothing wrong, they’ll change the game until you do” They want your money and will devise better and better ways to bilk you. Wake up “If you don’t do nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about…” crowd!

  10. Exactly what Dan G. says.. Today it’s speeding, tomorrow it’s talking on your cell, putting makeup on, oops you’re a day late with your car ins payment, too much tint, bad tires, too much smog.. I could do this all day..

  11. Stacey says:

    Why do I forsee the costs of photo radar tickets going up?

  12. Michael Milstead says:

    Stacey I see that happening soon. Especially since the JP in Peoria used that as the reason to throw out the scamera tickets in his courtroom. Remember he said that the tickets would be $300 if a officer had wrote them.

  13. Dan G says:

    Well Tanya, you’re an obvious lab/geez troll clone. You seem to have it in your mind that if we’re not mind-numbed sheep, we must be whinier idiots. No grey area with you, just close your mind and troll on. And just so you know, this site was never about us wanting to speed and dammit all to hell because we are not allowed to. This site is more about an increasingly overbearing government that ultimately threatens us all. Whiny? Not at all. Having a differing opinion from you does not constitute whining simply because you want to shut me up. You see, unlike you I do NOT like a government that looks for ever increasing ways to get my money instead of ever increasing ways to be responsible with the money they already have. It really comes down to stand up or bend over and we can all see which one you’ve chosen….

    • Rangeriffic says:

      Oh come on Dan! If you volunteer to drive on a public road, you give up your right to privacy. YOU might be a responsible driver who understands the limits of your car and stays within those limits even if it might be above the posted speed limit, but there are way more people who THINK they can control their car at a high rate of speed and really can’t. That is who the camera’s are going after. If you can’t police yourself, don’t be suprised when the government does. I wish there were cameras where I live, I’m tired of having to wait 5 seconds when my light turns green because I know there are at least 2 more cars coming through the red light. It took me being almost hit (I was the third car to enter the intersection) after I went through a green light to realize how valuable a red light camera could be. I’m pretty sure the government has better things to do than track you with traffic cameras. The site says cops should be the ones to write tickets, but who is going to pay for the additional cops? Personally I’d much rather have the cops arresting rapists and drug dealers that writing traffic tickets, especially if a camera and computer can do this.

      • RE: privacy. You are correct there is no privacy on public street; however, in the US we have a right not to be tracked and surveilled by our government.

        RE: People who think they can control their car at high speed. Actually, the statistics disagree with you. Less than 5% of all accidents are caused by exceeding posted limit.

        RE: Red Light Runners. The solution to your problem isn’t cameras. Why don’t your write to your city and ask them to lengthen the yellow light times? A large number of RL violators indicates that the yellow light time is too low. Adjusting the light timing is proven to be extremely effective.

        RE: Who will pay for cops? Why can’t they set the speeding fines to a level that would pay for cops in a break-even scenario? If a cop can average writing 2 tickets totalling $500/hour (or even $600 or $700 or more), can you tell me that we can’t find a break-even price point?

        RE: Rather have cops arresting others. So are you suggesting there are fewer cops on traffic patrol because of cameras? If so, this is scary. Traffic stops are how a big majority of criminals are caught. Law enforcement is adament that the cameras have NOT resulted in fewer traffic patrols, so your preference is just a dream anyway.

        • avro201 says:

          3 Points

          1)You seem to equate static, strategically placed cameras with being tracked by your government. In reality, your government has sold out and has subcontracted to a private business who isn’t restrained by such legislation. If you’re still bothered, why not make the cameras a public endeavor, or is that too socialist for you?

          2)I would very much like to see the source where you found your info on traffic accidents. I’ve found rates ranging from 25% to 45% (, but I believe you understate the severity of seriously exceeding the speed limit.

          3)I would also like to see the source that says increased yellow times improve safety. I live in London, Ontario where our yellow times are 1 sec longer than the rest of the province. All it does is give light-runners more time and encourages them to go through. (Source: Transport Canada).

          Finally, the goal of traffic cameras is not to reduce traffic patrols and its not to earn money. The goal is to reduce speeding and hopefully, vicariously increase road safety. As a deterrent, traffic cameras have been proven to work in many European countries so why not Arizona?

  14. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    hi tanya.. fellow troll here!! this site is filled with all kinds of tin hats!!! not only do they talk out of both sides of their mouths.. they talk out of their butt holes!!! so take what you read with a grain of salt!!! what happened the other day is now going to push the legislature into further inaction about the cameras and they are not going away!!!

  15. I'm Back says:

    Dan G,
    I agree 100%. This site is about keeping our State Government in check through uncovering the truth about Photo Radar and Red Light Cameras. It may seem like a trivial issue to some, but it’s a starting point if nothing else. As an aside, Scam Cams seemed like a big part of Nappy’s budget projections, which she lied constantly about.

  16. Mike says:

    Why do I get the feeling the “don’t break the law and you won’t get a ticket” people are the same ones who are all for unwarranted government wire tapping too? “If you’re not breaking the law you don’t have to worry about anything.”

    • Rangeriffic says:

      Wire tapping is wrong because it’s a private conversation, red light cameras are on public roads. There is a difference. I value my privacy as much as the next guy, but I do realize what I do in public is for the whole world to see, including our government.

    • Yes, to see, but not to track and surveil. There is a difference.

  17. FrankThoughts says:

    A tip of the hat to you Arizonans for alerting more and more Californians as well as concerned citizens of the other 48 states as to what is happening to us all – – so-called “law-abiding citizens”, i.e., do whatever you want to us, whenever, however, etc. AND so-called “anti-nomians”, i.e., live fast, die hard and leave no memory about what you anyone wanted to program us to do(without the existence of any “Mr./Mrs. In-betweens”, i.e., people with the potential for the spectrum of thought to ultimately arrive at the truth of the relevant issues).

  18. Dan G says:

    Tanya, lab, also not that aside from the ‘troll’ comment I made, which is NOT vulgar, I was completely civil. The definition of troll was given in earlier threads. So what of the ‘tin foil’ comment or ‘talk out of their butthole’ comment? Care to explain the need to get vulgar instead of salient?

  19. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    frank– take another drag and then maybe you can make some sense on your next post!!! it was all down hill on the last one once you started writing!!

    dan got upset you must be guilty of both!!

  20. fred jones says:

    “Why do I get the feeling the “don’t break the law and you won’t get a ticket” people are the same ones who are all for unwarranted government wire tapping too? “If you’re not breaking the law you don’t have to worry about anything.”

    Because you are a paranoid freak…just don’t speed and don’t put my family in anger. I could care less what you do if you are the only one on the road but killing someone while speeding is murder. Just slow down and you will have no cameras or problems.

    • Fred, 28 people have died in Arizona because of photo enforcement. I doubt that they were all speeders. Photo enforcement affects even perfect drivers.

      I also know an innocent driver who is now defending CRIMINAL speeding charges because of a camera malfunction. The cameras malfunction and affect even perfect drivers such as yourself.

    • Marbro says:

      Well how about driving defensively if your so worried about it. I dont like slow drivers taking up all the lanes just because their going 65 MPH. You like driving slow, stay in the right hand lane. I really have issues with people driving slow, especially when they drive over the gore lane at the last minute because they missed a turn off. Thats the scary part about being on freeways.
      The state designates a 10 MPH+ over the limit because that just gives us the freedom. Yeah I enjoy it but dont abuse it.

  21. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    SCAM- your links are nothing but innuendo again and opinions!!! how can a camera cause an accident? please explain to me how a fixed object that does not move when the wind blows, or shrivel when it gets hot outside… how does this fixed object cause accidents.. does it jump out at passing cars?

    people cause accidents by their driving habits and behavior!!

    and were you with this innocent driver? no you were not… was he going as fast as was reported? probably not, however, he was speeding and he did admit that…

  22. Foff says:

    Just follow the law and stfu!

  23. Yeah, just follow the law and be one of the 28 fatalities caused by PE, or one of the innocent drivers contesting a ticket generated by a malfunctioning machine.

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