Redflex Violates State Law Regarding Signage… Again!

From the “We like to break the law to enforce it” department.

This pictures was taken in the early afternoon on Saturday, April 11th by a CameraFRAUD volunteer driving eastbound on the US-60 near Greenfield in Mesa:


Someone needs to issue Redflex a citation for being in violation of A.R.S. 28-654:

Photo enforcement zones; signage; standards; citation dismissal

1. At least two signs shall be placed in a location before a photo enforcement system. One sign shall be in a location that is approximately three hundred feet before the photo enforcement system. Placement of additional signs shall be more than three hundred feet before a photo enforcement system to provide reasonable notice to a person that a photo enforcement system is present and operational.

C. Signs erected by a local authority or agency of this state as prescribed in this section shall contain a yellow warning notice and correlate with and as far as possible conform to the system set forth in the most recent edition of the manual on uniform traffic control devices for streets and highways adopted by the director pursuant to section 28-641.

Of course, this isn’t the first time they’ve done this.

154 Responses to Redflex Violates State Law Regarding Signage… Again!

  1. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    forgive me for not just accepting what you say.. but i dont see a wider shot proving that the sign(s) were not at the legal footage and i dont see a camvan again for all i know … this sign is legal!!! i will say that it appears the sign is hidden somewhat by the barrier… however, thats just in this picture… i am sure the angle live would show that it was not obstructed!!! i went to twitter but this photo is not there… hummm wonder why?

    i find this kind of funny… you all bitch when the camvans are not ” following the law” and you want to know why a ticket is not issued for them…. YET!! its ok for people to speed and run red lights and not get snapped by the camera… which is what irritates me… frustrating ..isnt it!!! and ironic as well!!!

    finally if it makes you so mad… just do a citizens citation!!! when you see an infraction of signage, stop by the side of the road and call an officer.. when they get there explain the law and ask for a citation to be issued… however, dont be surprised if the cop laughs in your face!!! or better yet… gives the camvan a warning!! lol that would be something i would like to see on video!!!

  2. geez says:

    Not only that, looks like that sign is on the left, so I would assume the vehicle was on the left also? And by LAW the only signs required are the ones on the right which I bet were there. So that one sign on the left was just a courtesy sign, not ever required by law! Bet no one bothered to get a picture of the signs on the right huh, the ONLY ones required by law?
    as usual, flailing and grasping for any possible bit of info without really making sure it’s true.

  3. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    gosh..scam… i thought we were just starting to get along!!! if i am a troll.. then what are you?
    well i just sent an email to karen finley and asked her to help me out and make sure that the signage gets done according to the law.. i know some of you think i can just go down the hall and talk to her but again i dont work for them!!!

  4. Geez, I have seen several occasions where the signs are on the right but the trucks are on the left. I have never seen signs on both sides of the roads, and I have never seen more than 2 signs. On I-10, they have cameras on both sides, but signs on only one side, IIRC. The law does not specify which side of the road the signs are on vs. where the camera is. I do not have a problem with signs not be being on the same side as the camera. I think it is a problem when the signs are hidden.

  5. dgpjr777 says:

    I have seen that also in what Geez is talking about. Two signs must be on the right side of the road. The ones on the left are there as a courtesy if the van is parked in the median.
    Whoever took the picture should get the facts straight before they jump on the ban-wagon.

  6. Walter says:

    The van was about 300 feet ahead on the left. The sign was not fully visible until you were less than 100 feet from the sign. There was an illegally displayed sign on the right across from this sign. There was only one sign on the left about 1/4 mile before the van. It was also illegally displayed.

    Trolls: You guys have made another claim without any proof to back it up. Show me where the law says what side of the road the sign has to be on. It is my understanding that if the traffic control device effects both sides of the highway then the signs have to be on both sides of the highway. If it only effects one side of the highway then the sign has to be on that side of the road. I do not know that to be fact. So prove it if you can. I would assume that the scamvan covers all the lanes on both sides of the highway. And wtf is a “courtesy sign”? Show me where that is in the law books. It’s either a legal sign or it’s not. Which is it?

  7. Dr Jett says:

    i find this kind of funny… you all bitch when the camvans are not ” following the law” and you want to know why a ticket is not issued for them…. YET!! its ok for people to speed and run red lights and not get snapped by the camera… which is what irritates me… frustrating ..isnt it!!! and ironic as well!!!
    You miss the point! We get just as irritated having our government scamming to steal money from the citizens instead of passing responsible budgets and cutting all of the pork out of the government. Why don’t you get frustrated about the real issue: FREEDOM for the PEOPLE. Our irresponsible government is made up of people like you who ran this country into the ground and still want to keep collecting their paycheck and get to retire next year with a pension.

  8. James S says:

    A sign is a traffic control device, so therefore it must conform to TCD standards.

    Obviously a TCD can’t control traffic if it’s obstructed. A stop sign mounted behind a block wall is illegitimate. A traffic signal that malfunctions and shows green in all directions can be disobeyed.

    A photo enforcement zone sign that CANT BE READ defeats the purpose of the sign, thus proper signage was not present and all notices issued in that zone are legally null and void— but do you think they would be honest about that?

  9. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    so walter … it was you that took the pic? how many signs were placed? and why only one pic? glyph never takes just one pic…. so in contradiction to the wording in the thread,,,, the sign was at the correct distance …. just obstructed!!!

  10. ((-_-)) whut'd_u_expect? says:

    Folks ought to photograph instances of misused/misplaced signage, these chaps are leaning 1 of the 2 required signs against the backs of their vans, etc. This site could be a place to obtain the infractions, as in someone may inquire whether there’s a van photo for ‘X’ road on X/XX/XX day. Just a thought.

  11. Mark S says:

    If I see any improper placement, I will be sure to post it here along with GPS coordinates of the signs and van, time and roadway.

  12. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    you do that mark!!! that will teach em!! but without a few pic’s i will not be inclined to believe you… you guys have a little history of being liars!!

  13. Doc says:

    A Sherriff’s Deputy up here not long ago ended a memo with th’ following quote, “I don’t have to obey the law, I just ENFORCE it.” Trolls support this kind of thinkin’! As I posted last night, just mindless automitons, desiring nothing more than being controlled by their worthless masters. FREEDOM is completely in comprehensible to them, as evidenced by law breaking hypocrite’s inability to place the sign properly.

    And troll, don’t even start with that “i don’t work for redflex…” BULLS#!T! You & th’ other trolls are th’ liars on this site, as th’ rest of us know. So quit tryin’ to pass off your lies on us. And quit makin’ your lame-@$$ excuses for your inability to read & to type th’ truth. trolls SUCK!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  14. dgpjr777 says:

    Walter and Doc, I was just giving you the facts from people that I know about where the signs have to be placed. So Doc, as for your comments, I am not a troll and do not work for Redflex.
    I ride my harley everyday 82 miles round trip on the freeways and get sick of ASSHOLES in four wheels thinking they own the road and can speed by you and weave in and out of traffic and drive like bigger ASSHOLES. So if you want to see for yourself I am at either Chandler HD or Chesters every weekend. Also if your in the area I am at one of the Gila River Casinos Weds thru Sunday, working. So you see not everyone that is for the cameras is a troll so you can stick that comment in your ASS as far as I am concerned !

    • Alucard says:

      Speaking of “road ownership” —

      Particularly in CA, but I’ve it in AZ from time to time — motorcyclists who split lanes by driving between cars side-by-side on the road! To me, this behavior is asinine and unsafe. I also thought this behavior was illegal.

      I wonder what would happen if enough people got upset at this example of “thinking they own the road” behavior and started opening their car doors when lane splitting motorcyclists approach?

  15. geez says:

    Walter wrote
    “Trolls: You guys have made another claim without any proof to back it up”
    Then you sir are the troll.
    How was the sign on the right illegally displayed, and one sign a quarter mile back on the left?! And how was that illegally displayed?! You get your facts straight first..
    A courtesy sign has nothing to do with the law, they don’t even have to put one on the left according to the law, they are just being a little to nice even doing that!

  16. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    when they dont have an answer for us is when the troll word comes out…. by defenition( dwarf or giant in scandinavian folklore inhabiting caves or hills) we are certainly not trolls… i can not find an internet defenition but people that are referred to as trolls hit on web sites, spew there nonesense and leave or return very seldom!!! so that defenition doesnt apply to geez, myself or dgpr777!!

    777- you will not see doc drop on by.. he is a lunatic but he is not stupid… well he is but not THAT stupid.. he got challenged by me 3 weeks ago and by the tone of my post he realized i was serious and back downed like the coward i figured him to be!!thats about the 5th time i have read his messgae about the deputy who wrote that!!! and who cares..imo.. cops do get away with breaking some laws…AS FOR THE REST OF DOC RANTS… he is self centered and a know it all…. if you dont agree with him you are wrong…. there is no in between and he is blinded by hate to see points of view from the other side… he thinks if they make a valid point then he is agreeing with him… very narrow minded along with all of his other problems… i would say he was not breast fed as a child and his father beat him with his mom defenseless to stop it ..or try to do something about it… he was picked on in school, probably all the way past high school and now that he is old enough.. he pretends to be someone he is not.. and he wants to come off as the macho tough guy!! but when backed into a corner will try to talk his way out of it… just as he did with me!!!

    no i am not a psychiatrist… but i did sleep at a holiday inn express last night!!!

    im back- nice comeback… you really showed him!!!

  17. RPr says:

    odd when presented with photo evidence of the photo surveillance company violating the law, the trolls come out in force.

    Troll =

    Traitors Responsible 4 Our Loss of Liberties

  18. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    NOW ITS JUST MAY BE MY WAY OF THINKING STACEY… but maybe you should have waited until after your sig gathering this weekend at the races to post this.. YOU MAKE FUN OF THEM AND THEN ASK FOR THEIR SUPPORT!!

  19. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    stacey- is that the gerbil you extracted from you husbands….. never mind!!

  20. geez says:

    The law defiantly says at least two signs are to be put up and you admit to seeing 3! I would defiantly call the third a courtesy sign considering it didn’t even have to be put up!

    Ya every time your people lie RPr us so called ‘trolls’ certainly do come out.

  21. geez says:

    Nice Stacey! Take that video with you this weekend and let them know what dumbasses you think they are. Oh, and then ask you to support them.

  22. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    no it was not alcohol… it was one dumbass who had no respect for others…. i hope the one that was speeding paid with her\his life!!

    • Alucard says:

      “i hope the one that was speeding paid with her\his life!!”


      I suppose that, with this thinking, every violation (potential or actual) should be a capital offense. Right?

      Such a position is reminiscent of the Judge Dredd comic series.

  23. RPr says:

    DPS Director Vanderpool is going to be replaced after this

  24. geez says:

    Oh I love it when people claim there religion makes them innocent! It also allows them to give a peace officer a hard time and not expect anything in return! Love it!
    uh and then uh I uh he beat me and then uh, I uh stutter when uh I exagerate uh

  25. geez says:

    Ha just remembered almost the same thing happened when JS refused to answer PO’S questions also! Hahaha!

  26. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    i just dont get it… why didnt he just let them search the vehicle? had it been me i would have told them i had nothing to hide and then as they searched it i would have been sarcastic and jeered them …

    too bad this wasnt doc!!!

  27. Walter says:

    I am still waiting for you guys to back up your claim that there only needs to be signs on the right side of the road. Here you have made a statement and claim it to be fact If someone on this site says they saw something on the side of the road. You guys want all kinds of proof. You want pictures, exact time/date, And every other detail possible. When all that was said was “I saw ______. For the most part anytime anyone makes a claim here. It is almost always backed up with a link to prove the statement that was made.. I want you to live up to the same standard you hold everyone else on this site to. If you are unable or unwilling to prove your statement. Then you have no right to expect anyone else on this site to do the same. Put up or shut up.

    BTW. Learn to read. Nowhere did the thread say that the sign pictured was not at the right distance.

    There were three signs. Two on the right one on the left. None of them met the requirements for A.R.S. 28-654:

    C. Signs erected by a local authority or agency of this state as prescribed in this section shall contain a yellow warning notice and correlate with and as far as possible conform to the system set forth in the most recent edition of the manual on uniform traffic control devices for streets and highways adopted by the director pursuant to section 28-641.

    None of them were over 5′ high.

    And the sign on the left was almost completely obstructed from view until you were almost past it.

    I’m still waiting for your proof to your statement.

    777 I see more Harley riders weaving in and out of traffic like they own the road than I do anybody else. But I don’t lump all motorcycle riders into the asshole category. So why are you lumping all 4 wheel drivers into that category? I hate photo radar. But I don’t drive like an asshole. I have not received a ticket of any kind in many years. Besides photo radar is ineffective against motorcycles. Motorcycles can avoid the stationary cameras by simply riding in between the sensors. And if they wear a helmet they can’t prove who was driving. So why is it right that you Harley assholes can ride without the same enforcement as regular drivers?

  28. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    read the topic heading you moron!!! whoever wrote it implies that the law was broken and then writes which part of the statute was broken which deals with sign distance…

    funny how every post you start bringing out more details… thats why the first post on this thread is mine asking why no more pics were taken… the pic shows one sign ONE SIGN.. now you say there were 3 .. next you will be telling us the van driver was drunk and shooting spit wads at the drivers!! and the cam was not set correctly and was flashing everyone!!

    congrats walter YOU ARE AN OFFICAIL MEMBER OF THE CAMERA FRAUD SWAT TEAM!! the team that fights truth and supports lies!!!

    and if one of us “trolls” wrote something then address him about it… i cant speak for geez and 777..

  29. j says:

    lab geez doc and all u other idiots who come out on a website and say i am here or there at this time or other come see me if u have problem are all the kinds of idiots who remind me of the idiots who stand around and thump there chests and try to intimidate instead of actually fighting or having a reasonable discussion about something a little common courtesy gos a long way if u want to go fast get over to the left instead of weaving back and forth on the right side u are not hiding u just being dangerous if u dont feel comfortable going fast stay over to the right insteaf of going slow on the left u are just as dangerous as the fast one weaving around on the right if there was a little common courtesy for others instead of feeling like u need to regylate others everyone has there own comfort zones if we had a little respect for each other the roads would be much safer and by the way i dont like the cameras people drive retarded around them and they make entering the freeway from an on ramp more dangerous be

  30. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    jesus h christ… its the same one posted above!! and you guys accuse me of not reading anything!!!

  31. RPr says:

    Red light Scamera Troll caught taking $209,000

  32. Mike says:

    Wow, the Redflex employees are out in full force tonight. Looks like they’re afraid of losing their jobs or something. lol! Wish I could say I felt sorry for them.

  33. dgpjr777 says:

    Walter,put your glasses on plz. I did not say everyone in 4 wheels are ASSHOLES, did I.

  34. j says:

    the bottom part of my comment was cut off what i was finishing with was entering the freeway has become more dangerous bacause now u have to worry about getting a ticket while trying to safely merge and i dont think people going fast on a freeway are the most dangerous it is people who are not paying attention and the people who think they are more important than everyone else my point common courtesy and respect for others gos a long way towards safety i drive probably 50000 miles a year for work and these are my observations about driving on the freeway

  35. dgpjr777 says:

    WOW now Mike shows up and shows us his IQ. Seems this web-site always has to have a person working at Redflex when they disagree with something that they don’t like. Wish I could feel sorry for him,but I don’t. Must be all ATS employees here. lol

  36. Walter says:

    LAB. I apologize. I was not specific about which trolls I was talking about.

    You did not make any statement about what side of the road the signs are supposed to be on. You are excused from proving that point. But be prepared to prove the statements you make. In the same manner you expect us to prove ours.

    My camera phone only takes one picture at a time. I did not have time to take more pictures. At 75 mph. The signs go by too fast. I think the picture was pretty “clear” that the violation was the obstruction. Even if the focus wasn’t very good.

    OK…Other trolls. I’m still waiting….

  37. j says:

    i get tired of doc too him and lab make way too many posts and are both know it alls

  38. guttersn1pe says:

    The pro-camera crew is out in force. Wow. BTW – can you guys point me in the direction of the pro-camera website so I can post some stuff over there? Oh wait, there isn’t one.

  39. dgpjr777 says:

    J I will agree with you on that to some extent. Everyone should be more courteous to others,but you will never get that because you always will have those that are true ASSHOLES on the road !
    Good night everyone and now time for a good cigar and a beer.
    PS- I really do not work for redflex, but nice try all you ones that are so paranoid about it !

  40. j says:

    we should put doc and lab in the thunderdome two men enter one man leaves

  41. dgpjr777 says:

    Oh wait,here is Gutter…lol another one with something to say and is hurt because his web-site is confronted with our “right to free speech” WTF where is DOC when you need him…lol

  42. j says:

    doc sucks a mean one he is a web warrior just like lab

  43. guttersn1pe says:

    I’m amused by the pro-camera posts, what can I say. I don’t think I said anything that could be interpreted as saying you can’t post here. Don’t be so paranoid.

  44. geez says:

    Walter you were doing 75 in a 65? Maybe that’s why the vans are out there. Maybe if you weren’t speeding you would have had time to get a picture of the other 2 signs. One hand on the cell and one on the wheel huh…

  45. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    no walter…. the pic shows one sign as i have pointed out many times now….it was not pretty clear that any violation took place other than in your mind. one sign proves nothing!! and i dont believe for a second that you snapped that pic the first time you went past it.. as you wrote above it was almost obstructed until you were almost past it, your written words not mine!! so the fatc is you went to the higley exit off .. went back on the and got off at greenfield and then going east again you snapped the pic with your phone cam… and for the record that is too clear of a photo to be from a phone cam!! but i have exposed enough lies you have written, we can let that one go!!

    J- unless you drive a very expensive sports car i dont see how you can get a ticket while trying to merge.. the lane is too short and merging means you are having to get in which does not lend itself to excessive speeds… here is an idea J.. you can always slow down to merge… maybe you are one of the assholes you refer to!!?? and on another note if you think i post too much… dont read them!!!

    doc and i already made plans to go to the dome… but he made excuses as to why he could not enter!!!

  46. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:


  47. j says:

    lab u can slow down to merge but sometimes u have an asshole lab next to u who stays next to u while trying to merge and u need to accelerate to merge safely BTW u just told me why u hate people who go faster your car must be hunk of junk if u cant get to 75 while entering freeway or u ride a bicycle and haye everyone that owns a car most vehichles nowadays get to 75 very easy the work truck loaded down can get to 75 while entering the freeway no problem how long did u have to save up to buy your computer

  48. j says:

    btw lab i must not be driving too fast like i said earlier i drive around 50000 miles a year and i dont have any tickets from police or photo enforcement nobody ever even calls the office to complain and the work truck is tagged with logo and phone number my opinion is that photo enforcement on roads designed for 75 mph traffic is retarded and causes people to drive stupid and is Dangerous and a money grab by the state a few cameras could be argued as safety the ridicilous amount of cameras installed is surely a money grab

  49. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    j- well i dont know what freeway entrance you merge onto but in rush hour traffic getting on at val vista …it is impossible to accelerate to 65-75 and merge!!! and you can drop the macho “my car costs more than yours crap”!! i dont feed into that nonsense…

  50. dgpjr777 says:

    Urban dictionary- “Photoradarscam” = Paranoid speeder!

  51. Walter says:


    Back up your statement. You guys said the signs only have to be on the right. PROVE IT. IF you can.

  52. Stacey says:

    Well, the idiots at DPS are beating up Baptist ministers! There is a surprise. They don’t think twice about endangering families with their photo radar cameras and kissing Napolitano’s ass, and now(with photo radar cameras) they have more time to do their real job, policing the red state by beating up her citizens.

  53. Dan G says:

    Nice try dgpjr4445664… your tactics are clearly troll-like with that last post of yours proving it. I also documented signage violations. It can be verified by Scottsdale Police Officer McDonough who said he could barely see the first sign and could NOT see the second. Big surprise there. Hide my signs in the name of safety….

  54. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    dan- instead of snapping photos why dont you do something about it? now there is an idea!!

  55. geez says:

    Sign violation is if his sign obstructed the sidewalk. That would be an actual violation. The guy in your pictures properly placed the sign.

  56. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    well we know who didnt make it out last night as they were here instead of there…. funny that i dont see docs name on this list!! in fact stacey seems to be missing… and a lot of others… come on people… lets get out the pom poms and start some cheers!!!

    do the tin foil hats come with the pom poms? just curious!!

  57. Stacey says:

    And where were you LAB?

  58. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    stacey… i am sorry… while at times you may feel like i am connected with CF and stand for the same things that you folks do.. nothing could be further from the truth… for me to make an appearance would be to bestow upon you my blessings.. and i would not want to give anyone the wrong idea… besides… the general population would link me with you tin hats and i could not let that happen… so stacey.. where were you? isnt it your job to pass out the pom poms? and start the group off with some hefty cheers? you are much like doc… lots of talk and no show!!! when the cams get voted to stay up dont blame yourself… even with your support to your cause would have failed!!!

  59. Dr Jett says:

    Are you really that slow while driving on the freeway? I would recommend staying in the far right lane and watching your mirrors so you don’t get run over. I never have a problem with vehicles that go faster than me because I move out of their way. You always have to observe traffic 360 degrees around you if you want to keep from being hit on a motorcycle. You still may be a troll because I also avoid groups of Harleys riding slowly and clogging up the roads as a slow moving group. These days there are a lot of inexperienced Harley riders that just bought their first bike without ever really learning how to ride.

  60. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    i would suggest that since we all pay taxes to support the roads.. that you dr.mouthalot…. just worry about your own driving skills while on the roads!!

    freaking knowitall gotta tell everyone something!!

  61. Stacey says:

    LAB, YOU are the cheerleader here, but you knew that, didn’t you?

  62. Walter says:


    Where’s the beef? I want you guys to back up your claim That there only has to be a sign on the right side of the road. You expect everyone here to prove their claims. Prove yours. My guess is You can’t. Because it’s not true. You guys have been cought in another lie. And you think that if you ignore it. You won’t have to back it up.

    I don’t think it’s even in your scam van operators manual.

  63. Doc says:

    dgpjr777-$30k & 86 miles doesn’t make a biker. If you’re that freaked out, maybe you oughtta’ park yer geezer glide. I didn’t specifically mention you in my last post, however, if th’ troll shoe fits…oh, & I really don’t care where ya’ work. If you ride, (anything…) & you don’t understand FREEDOM, well, there’s a H.D. bumpersticker I saw that sez, “If I gotta’ explain it to you…you wouldn’t understand.” Ya’ sound like onna’ those “hog” rubs to me…

    law breaking hypocrite-Again…I looked for you. My name’s on at least 2 lists that I signed while I was there. Stacey says, “Where were you?” She’s sed it best. troll! Please feel free to go to YOUR “pro-scamera/law breakin’ cuz ya’ can’t read-& yer redflex boss is breathin down yer neck…” website, & leave this one.

    And lastly, “j”…If ya’ don’t like th’ posts on th’ thread or th’ site, WHATCHA’ DOIN’ HERE B-SIDES…bein’ a troll? Leave if we don’t suitcha’, RICHARD!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott;
    Right Wing Extreamist Veteran for Ron Paul AND th’ Constitution AND Believer in th’ 2nd Ammendment & Damn Proud of it!

  64. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    yes stacey…. i am the one out leading the cheers.. first there is the cheer about the lies!! then the mistruths…. then the halftruths….and the innuendo cheer…. dont forget CF’s theme cheer.. I fought the law and the law won!! thats my favorite!!! named after me i think!!!

    but you still have not told us why you are not at the sig party!! oh thats right… you dont like NASCAR fans!! you have made that quite clear!!

  65. Dan G says:

    lab – instead of making assumptions that I ‘only’ snapped photos, why not ask me what else I did first? Such as:
    Contacting the cemetery the signs were on
    Contacting redflex
    Contacting Scottsdale PD
    Emailing photos to numerous radio stations
    Checking w/court of Scottsdale to get photos to the judge (still in work)
    Signing petition to get photo radar banned
    Signing up to collect more signatures to get photo radar banned
    Drawing attention of drivers to the hidden signs (I stood there for over an hour) to screw redflex out of a few more tickets

    So troll on thinking that blogging here is all I do. It’s not.

    geez – if the sign cannot be placed on the sidewalk (valid point) then they must be placed clearly visible. If not, then the van MUST move to another spot, not hide his signs with the flimsy excuse that he cannot use the sidewalk!

  66. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    why didnt you do the obvious! call the poilce..if the violation was that severe then call a cop!!! why didnt you do that? ????? ?????? ?????? ????

    if you witnessed a crime would you

    a. contact the cemetery
    b. contact reflex
    c. contact the scottsdale PD
    d. email photos to the local radio stations ( why you would send them to radio is beyond me, TV would be my choice)
    e. none of the above

    i really dont think you know the answer do you?
    and why are you not out at the sig collection? oh thats right… you are busy trolling!! got it!!

  67. Dr Jett says:

    I only have to inform lames like you. I don’t know if 777 has driving abilities that are sufficient unless I observed him, but I have to question anyone who would expect everyone to drive like they do and not keep an eye out for potential problems. I could enlighten you further, but I have to go to PIR where 80% or more of the people will sign the petitions to get rid of the scameras. Makes you a part of a pretty small minority of people that want the scameras.

  68. Stacey says:

    Hahaha. I just read LAB’s post regarding my video about Nascar.

    LAB, if you knew my family, how many hours we have spent at race tracks with our son, and the people we associate with, you would never had made such a stupid presumtion with regards to Nascar.

    Thanks for doing your part for You just make this place so much more lively. The way you try to spur us into action via camerafraud activity is great!

  69. Geez, go read the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices before you make yourself look stupid again:

  70. Walter says:


    I wanted Geezer or 777 to come up with that link on their own. But because you helped them out. I will list a couple quotes from it that I found interesting.

    Section 2A.18 Mounting Height
    The provisions of this Section apply unless specifically stated otherwise for a particular sign elsewhere in this Manual.

    Signs installed at the side of the road in rural districts shall be at least 1.5 m (5 ft), measured from the bottom of the sign to the near edge of the pavement.

    Where parking or pedestrian movements occur, the clearance to the bottom of the sign shall be at least 2.1 m (7 ft).

    Directional signs on freeways and expressways shall be installed with a minimum height of 2.1 m (7 ft). If a secondary sign is mounted below another sign, the major sign shall be installed at least 2.4 m (8 ft) and the secondary sign at least 1.5 m (5 ft) above the level of the pavement edge. All route signs, warning signs, and regulatory signs on freeways and expressways shall be at least 2.1 m (7 ft) above the level of the pavement edge.

    The height to the bottom of a secondary sign mounted below another sign may be 0.3 m (1 ft) less than the height specified above.

    Where signs are placed 9 m (30 ft) or more from the edge of the traveled way, the height to the bottom of such signs may be 1.5 m (5 ft) above the level of the pavement edge.

    A route sign assembly consisting of a route sign and auxiliary signs (see Section 2D.27) may be treated as a single sign for the purposes of this Section.

    The mounting height may be adjusted when supports are located near the edge of the right-of-way on a steep backslope.

    Without this flexibility regarding steep backslopes, some agencies might decide to relocate the sign closer to the road, which might be less desirable.

    Did you catch that?

    “All route signs, warning signs, and regulatory signs on freeways and expressways shall be at least 2.1 m (7 ft) above the level of the pavement edge.”

    Everyone thought that the mobile van signs only had to be 5 feet off the ground. NO….They have to be 7 feet off the ground.

  71. Walter says:

    How about this?

    “Signs should be located so that they:

    A:Are outside the clear zone unless placed on a breakaway or yielding support (see Section 2A.19);

    B:Optimize nighttime visibility;

    C:Minimize the effects of mud splatter and debris;

    D:Do not obscure each other; and

    E:Are not hidden from view.”

  72. dgpjr777 says:

    Doc and Drjett- Sorry to disappoint you both but I have been riding for 45 years,so I believe I do know what I am doing. Jett I do watch my back when riding and I am courteous to others. I don’t like SOME of the ones that do not pay attention to what they are doing and don’t care who they try and run off the road. It seems we have alot of those now a days.
    Anyways Doc I understand freedom very much, I did my tour with the Marines in Nam in 1970,so take your preaching somewhere else. I know I am a Biker, how about you ?

  73. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    dr.jett.. well it would be my guess that at a NASCAR event you just may get lots of signatures. and my opinion just may be outnumbered there…. kind of like a porn advocate at a church!!! but’s thats fine.. there will be situations when you will have numbers..however, not very often.just keep in mind, those with felony records dont count..and neither do out of state residents..

    stacey- and just how would i know about your family? answer that one ding bat!! better question..why would i care about your family… and yes i agree, every time they ban me i have to send the admin an email and remind them to look and see just how dead the site becomes..are you going to the track this weekend stacey?

    WALTER- MY POST ABOVE TO DAN can also apply to you.. if the vans are in clear violation… THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF COMING HERE AND WHINNING!!! you and dan sound like stuck pigs!!!

  74. Stacey says:

    Ah, LAB, name calling again? It is just a reflection of your intellectual abilities, isn’t it? I love when you make presumptions about people.

    Remember when you posted at my profile page and were disappointed with the lack of information?

    Anybody notice how LAB seems to want us to do more?

  75. Stacey says:

    Honestly, who is insulting Nascars fans? Why is it when it comes to bikers and Nascar does the word “felon” suddenly show up?

  76. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    you figure it out stacey…. are you really that stupid? oops never mind!!

    im sorry about the name calling.. maybe you should get back in the kitchen and only come out after you have asked permission… if you are going to whine that is…

    yes i was disappointed… i thought a zealot such as yourself would have taken the time to fill out the entire page… i dont recall it being that big of a deal …

    no stacey… what i make fun of on a regular basis is that for 1500 members plus… the grass roots movement has become like bermuda grass in the winter.. dormant!!! not able to grow!!! of the few that are regulars and have passion … i want to see just how passionate you few really are.. and every sign dangling and every sig gathering i get my answer… you guys are losing it…. and really once you guys are gone… this issue dies!!!

    now back to making dinner… and did you get the house cleaned today? you need to learn to juggle the “movement” along with your responsibilities!!! your man is hungry!!! feed him… now

  77. Stacey says:

    Lol. You know that whole get back in the kitchen where you belong business just makes me giddy with laughter, especially since my husband is in there making dinner right now.

  78. RPr says:

    LMAO too funny

  79. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    is he wearing a skirt? if not you need to get him one!!

    well have a nice evening… i am going to the dog track… and the wife is NOT going… (cause she is in vegas on a girlfriend trip)

    • Alucard says:

      I see that LAB has some archaic values which have no place in modern society — such as the one implied immediately above: “if a man cooks in the kitchen, he must dress like a woman because cooking is considered a woman’s job….”

      Maybe we should track down LAB and pay him a visit — dressed in skirts! Oh, and have a potluck dinner at his location too — using things cooked by guys! 😉

  80. What do you propose we do LAB? Steal the sign? Having hidden signs is not a punishable offense, no police agency is going to respond. The only consequence is that all of the tickets can be voided if drivers are smart enough to contest them.

    One thing we can do is collect a database of sign pictures ( Then people can print them out when they go to court and tell the judge that the sign didn’t meet standards. The driver will have a picture of a bad sign, and Redflex will not have a picture or van driver (witness) present to counter the testimony. Who will the judge believe?

  81. Doc says:

    dgpjr777-30 years on 2 wheels myself; 4 years w/ U.S.A.F in 80’s. If you did ‘Nam w/th’ U.S. Marine Corps, Thank You for your service…Seriously.

    NONE of this has ANYTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH j-no’s & th’ A2Z mob’s (a.k.a. D.P.S.) intrusion into our lives with mil-spec tracking devices;(which is a direct violation of our CONSTITUTION.) the theft of our liberty by our former governor, who is now in charge of th’ “justice dept” and “homeland security”? AND her lies told to us & our legislators about “revenue generation”? AND th’ fact that these scamera corporations REFUSE to obey th’ law, while they churn out costly violations-hell, man! They can’t even hang a sign correctly! Much less grasp th’ simple laws quoted above re: proper sign placement. And “courtesy signs”? Did some troll actually type that crap? Man, you gotta’ be kiddin’ me! “Courtesy”? What, while they try to pick pocket me for $185.++? Even if I’m NOT speedin’ or runnin’ a red? please…

    If you’re a ‘Nam Vet, then I fail to see how you can go along with this blaitant FREEDOM theft, because EVERY VETERAN I KNOW (& Brother, that’s a lot…) is DISGUSTED with this whole show from j-no, from th’ inception of th’ scameras, to yesterday’s “an apology is owed…” line of S#!T. And, from what I’ve read of your posts, you’re FOR scameras. Good. That’s your opinion. I’ll scrap with anybody that says you can’t have it. HOWEVER, as I’ve told th’ hypocrite, go somewhere else to espouse it. This site is for people who’re AGAINST this sort of FREEDOM theft from th’ likes of janet reno…oops, I meant janet napalitano, REALLY I DID!

    Weren’t you tracked enuff in th’ military? Weren’t you AND YOUR SACRIFICES DISRESPECTED ENUFF when you got home from charlie’s place? But you go along with this thing that claims to be a human female lawyer…who says that returning war vets should be carefully scrutinized by the effa-bee-eye for dom est ic ter orr ism…and you are for the scameras, right? I’m sorry, Sir, I don’t get it. And when I see th’ posts on this site like your’s, all I can say @ this point to you is if you don’t act like a troll, I won’t say you are.

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  82. Doc says:

    Stacey-law breakin’ hypocrite doesn’t understand the concept of a Real Man cookin’ dinner for his Wife. See, he’d 1st have to meet th’ criteria of bein’ a Real Man.

    My Wife loves it when I cook for us. And shows it AFTER dinner! Hell, I do most of th’ cookin’ when I’m off shift…& wouldn’t have it any other way!

    SSSSSooooo…..what’s up with th’ “dog track”? When hypocrite’s…uuuhhh…partner is away, he goes to th’ dog track? o.k….whatever…why doesn’t this suprize me? My next question is, “do they hang THEIR signs right, or do they hide ’em behind stuff?” And is law breakin’ hypocrite makin’ some sorta’ Freudian slip with this whole…doggie…thing?

    Remember…NASCAR luverz & REAL Bikers ain’t always felons…F R E E D O M ! ! !Doc th’ Right Wing, Boat Drag Luvin’, Gun Shootin’, Victory Ridin’, Constitution Believin’ EXTREAMIST, Who AIN”T a felon, from Prescott!

  83. dgpjr777 says:

    Doc, I appreciate the response. I guess what bothers me more is the things that I have seen with the way people drive and something has to be done. Whats the answer who really knows but at the start of the camera program it seemed like people would brake around the cameras and it was a mess. Now it seems like most people are driving like they should be because they are getting used to them. Will they stay who knows.
    As far as what our government is doing, hell they are watching us more today than ever with all the devices they have in space. I believe cameras are the future.
    Who knows but I guess we will see what happens next year. Anyways Semper Fi to all Vets and Stay safe on the Bikes!

  84. Doc says:

    dgpjr777-Semper Fi to you as well, Sir! You post is true enuff, but I’m NOT gonna’ lay down for it. Th’ scameras are so “in your face” if you know what I mean. And th’ corporations that own them break as many, if not more laws than they rape us for. Th’ lies told to us by them & politicians like j-no are dispicable. If you get caught lyin’ 2-A cop, it’s a punishable offense! Standing up to this blaitant abuse of “given” authority by said politicians & L.E.’s, who ACTUALLY work FOR US, to me seems Mandatory.

    Am I for taxes? No. Do I understand that there HAS TO BE taxes for America to survive? Yes. Does th’ President get to create the largest debt, in 100 days, than all th’ Presidents before him COMBINED, & then our LOSER Legislature agree to it while our kids get stuck with th’ tab? Hell NO! Does th’ Government get a pass for lying to us & breaking their oathes & th’ very tenants this Nation was built on? Abso-F*ckin’-lutely NOT! Can we stand up to them & force them to do things OUR (the citizenery’s) way? Yes! Is putting this thing up to a vote the best plan? In my humble opinion, Yes. I believe that’s what shoulda’ been done in th’ 1st place. But j-no KNEW that this S#!T would not & has NEVER passed muster when put to a vote of the people…Period, Ever. Allowing th’ Constitution to remain in affect doesn’t fit into “it’s” plans…Arizona’s or America’s.

    I agree that th’ way many people drive is a problem, especially to those of us on 2 wheels. However, there has to be another way to enforce th’ law, without trackin’ our movements, usin’ facial recog. tech., in addition with ANLP tech,”robotic taxing”, etc., etc., etc. Many M/C rights activists, especially Jeff Henney from th’ M.R.F., are advocating that there be “accident AVOIDANCE training”. That could work for cages AND motorcycles. Cops go thru extensive vehicle operations training B-4 ever being allowed to drive a “cruiser”. And, Bike cops…Those guys are some of th’ best riders that exist. That level of training will help ALL of us. Not this scamera garbage. In many countries, th’ training required to get a lic. 2 drive is simular to this. Perhaps this should/could be brought B-4 th’ legislature. For example, th’ 2009 Motorcycle Drivers Lic Manual states that there are THREE positions to safely ride in while in your lane. A) In th’ LEFT wheel track. B)In th’ RIGHT wheel track. & C) In th CENTER of th’ lane.—You, DrJett, MikeS, all of us that have been on 2 wheels more than 15 mins know that th’ center of th’ lane, where all th’ oil drippins’ are, is th’ DEADLIEST place 2-B. This is IN TH’ ARIZONA M/C MANUAL! See my point? And th’ Governor’s counsel on M/C safety is headed up by a retired “motor cop”. You—make th’ call!

    Me, I’ll keep fightin’ for our FREEDOM! When OUR EMPLOYEES start acting appropriately, I’ll relax. ‘Till then, th’ scrap’s ON, BABY!
    It’s F R E E D O M ! ! !

    -Doc from Prescott

  85. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    doc ..if you dont have a solution or an idea to the current economic crisis then shut the fk up!!! the administration before did NOTHING!! except hadn the problem off…. gw was given a country that was in great shape and it took him less than 2 years to blow it!!! with lies about WMD///

    you are nothing but a punk old man hanging onto yesturday when you were a cook in the marines… BTW i do not thank you for your service when you mention it at every chance you get!!! today was the first time i have seen 777 write about it… not doc… got to hear it at every post!!!

    by the way dumbass…. if i agree with the cams and you dont…. then why do you think it has to be your way? i am done with your ckn shit for tonight…

    scam.. what do i expect you to do>>>?? READ MAN READ,, i ahve already posted what you should do.. what i would do if i were you…. if i had it my way there would be NO …ZERO WARNING SIGNS!!!

    your pictures dont mean crap in a court… it is not proof…. a camera can be manipulated with a date and time stamp!!! dont with you also!!

  86. Dan G says:

    lab, maybe you need to reread the part where I said I contacted the police. In other words, I CALLED THE COPS. No need to answer your witty a-e multiple choice listing. While it wasn’t first thing on my list, it was the first thing I did. I guess you win the “I don’t read other posts” award. Of course, that’s basic trolling 101. Good idea with the contacting the television stations though. I was busy trying to get to work so doing everything correctly according to photo trolls wasn’t exactly on my mind. Also, you’re probably right – photos don’t mean crap in court (unless taken by redflex, ironically) which is why I called the police! A police report probably would stand in court. Also, 3rd party photos may or may not mean crap in court, but a ballot initiative stands a good chance at turning scam cameras into crap. While you berate other bloggers (‘by the way dumbass…’), you do ask a good question – why do we think it HAS to be our way and not yours? We don’t. We do think it should have been voted on first. Then if more people believe as you do, no problem, it was voted on. However, my own empirical evidence (take it for what it’s worth) of people that I talked to revealed 1 – ONLY ONE person in support of the cameras. All the rest, 20 being a conservative estimate hate the cams.


  87. geez says:

    Looks like your Baptist preacher hero got exposed as the nutball he is today on the news and KTAR! Haha!

  88. Folks the best way to deal with trolls is to ignore them. Otherwise you give them the perverse pleasure they derive from getting noticed. And we get a rather lengthy comment thread of embarrassingly hurled invectives from both sides that accomplish nothing more than generating a long meandering thread.

  89. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    dan- i will go easy on you since it is a gorgeous sat morning… I have written it many many many many many many many many many many times in the past … I am all for a chance to vote on this thing and have been since the day i tripped over this site. however, i do not think that your group is going to be able to collect enough signatures. i also dont believe that the bill to end PR will pass … now should it come to a vote.. redflex and ats will have BIG MONEY behind them…lots of ad’s on tv and radio.. and you know they are going to tug at the heartstrings of people .. what one reckless person can do to a family…blah blah blah… and they will come out with statistcis to back their claim.. ok.. what will CF have? where is the $$ going to come from to fight them and get the message out? then there is general apathy … i dont think people really care… they dont view the cams as you folks do…and if you break the voting age groups down ..the only group that i see the anti cam’s capturing is the 18-35 … and they DO NOT HAVE A VERY GOOD TRACK RECORD for making it to the polls.. however, w will have the 55 plus crowd and we know how they love to exercise their right to vote… that leaves 35-55 … and i think that will include a lot of people that are busy oin their day to day lives, they have families and they are concerned about safety!!! that group may decide the outcome!!!

    now.. if it was me..i would call the cops, non emergency line. and wait and point out the violation and make the cop explain to me why he will not write a ticket.. i am all for the van guys DOING IT BY THE BOOK… so that you guys will not have anything to complain about..

    READ ANY of doc’s posts…his view is that if the elected officials dont see it his way… they should be removed… the guy is a raging lunatic… hates government, hates taxes, hates life.. good thing he lives with the red necks… i am sure he likes to set up his folding lawn chair, strip his clothes off, grab his gun and sit on HIS LAND!! yelling freedom !!

    i certainly can see both sides to this.. what i cant stand is the lies, innuendo and mistruths that come from this site.. my position is simple… i cant stand the way that 15% of the people drive. and that 15% endangers the other 85% of us.. time to slow people down and get them to stop on yellow.. it really is a simple concept…
    dan- when was the last time our elected officials allowed us to vote on something? did you vote on the strict dui laws? did you vote on the tax increse on cigs that went into place 2 weeks ago? we dont get to vote on 99.9999% of bills… thats just the way it is.. you guys make it sound like we should get to vote on everything… and that is not possible..

    berate? i get as much as i give.. again just read any post that doc has written… and calling me a troll while it doesnt bother me… if gives me the right to fire back…

    • Alucard says:

      The odds of the initiative banning photo enforcement making it onto November’s ballot are are very high, since we have a very high chance of getting the necessary signatures to petition for same.

      In all the cases where photo enforcement has been put up for public vote, the people have voted it to be stopped/banned.

      Numerous objective studies have been performed which demonstrate that photo enforcement increases the risks of collisions. We are also aware of numerous investigations and other processing surrounding unethical conduct stemming from the PE companies and their agreements with some jurisdictions.

      We also know that safety isn’t the top priority with PE systems; if safety is of concern, then we’d be using traffic engineering to design/build safer roads, have sensible timings on lights, and set speed limits which are not artificially low.

      The issue of the age of voters and age of the “anti-camera group” is a moot point when a) We’ve seen a variety of people of all ages lend us their support, and b) the turnout for any election has typically been on the low side in the past — regardless of age group. On the other hand, I have heard that younger people are more likely to vote, and so if the younger age groups support getting rid of the cameras, then that helps to ensure that PE gets voted out.

  90. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    nation- is there a problem with thread space that i am not aware of? fact is there are members that are here ONLY because of the trolls.. they log in just to see what we have written and try to challenge that why you stay over at the discussions ? cause you like to be surrounded by those that only agree with what you write? take a look… every time i get banned this place gets less visitors!! why do you think they allow me to stay?

  91. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    geez fill me in .. i missed it..

  92. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    found it… the last 2 paragraphs… as i wrote at az central… this guy is a nut case who was just waiting to get cracked..all pun intended!!

  93. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    this is hillarious!!! he had the first couple of agents tongue tied but not agent hutchinson… it is sad that he was allowed to leave… if he actually had weapons or bombs they just allowed a terrorist to pass freely…

    i can now see why he was yanked from his car near yuma.. i wonder why he did not video tape the one from tuesday…

    this is your hero doc…. he does what you only dream about doing!!!

  94. geez says:

    The money begging video of JS and the baptist preacher have the exact same demeanor, charisma vibe… and they call us ‘trolls’ sheeple…

  95. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    I would be very interested how his ‘flock’ feels about what he is doing… i was on his side until i saw this video.. he goes out looking for this… trouble.. the problem was the guys in yuma did their jobs .. they extracted him.. and i guess he did have a camera rolling with this last episode… it was confiscted… at the church web site they have a blog and his wife updates it multiple times daily… wonder why he does mention that in his utbe video from wednesday? my guess is the dps asked him to pull the car to the secondary spot and he refused ..just as i am sure that he refused to answer questions and show id… after seeing the video from NM stop,,, i have doubts that he didnt fight back… he gets agitated very easily…. not the calm cool and collected cucumber he trys to come accross as !!! i hope he gets the book thrown at him.. BTW they are collecting money at the church web site for his legal defense, where have we seen that before?… i think i will send some pesos…

  96. I'm Back says:

    If you want to see someone who goes about this experiment the right way, look up Checkpoint USA’s Youtube channel. This so-called Pastor is a phony.

  97. geez says:

    And I bet he preaches Ron Paul also…

  98. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    well i saw one of them…. lasted 9:57… the same nonsense and then they let the guy go again without searching his vehicle.. apparently they recognized the guy… what i would do is when these fools come through i would automatically open another lane for people to pass through… i would then throw tire clocks so they could not go anywhere… i would basically wait them out… this fool would not answer if he was a us citizen.. but these guys know just how far to go…. the pastor appears to have crossed the line.. they dont seem to view border patrol the same way they do other LE…. just more clowns acting like clowns…. they are probably members here!!!

  99. I'm Back says:

    Apparently you two have absolutely no concept of Supreme Court Cases or the Constitution. Thanks for playing, facists.

  100. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    i understand this.. the constitution can and has been amended, that would mean it is not absolute… and if i have to sacrifice a few freedoms to insure that 9/11 and our borders can be secure i am fine with that.. as most americans are… having to stop at a check point within 40 miles of the border and asked to answer a simple question i dont feel is being too obtrusive!!! i guess you do!!!

    you may want to adjust your tin is slipping!!

    • Alucard says:

      I wonder what Ben Franklin would think about the scameras? After all, one of his famous quotes is “That they that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

      That seems to describe the scameras quite nicely. We give up an essential liberty for a system that takes away a measure of freedom and has proven to be unsafe. That is, unless we vote the scameras out!

  101. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    oh yea..enlighten me as to the cases !!! i am sure all that you will be able to do is bring up frivolous law suits filed by people such as yourself… funny how they file suit and dont even recognize the courts that hear the cases as having any authority ….

  102. I'm Back says:

    No Law,
    What you believe is that authority should never be questioned. That’s glaringly obvious. I am sorry that I posted a link to a site where someone is trying to expose a little bit of the Unconstitutional behavior that was born out of the 9/11 attacks. I realize how much it hurts to think that authority can deceive you, so just relax and don’t worry about changing my opinion.


  103. Trolls don’t do research.

  104. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    well i am quite content in my beliefs… so i will keep on keeping on and you keep trying to keep the tin hat on the noggin!!!

    for the record.. politicians are in a tough spot… for every issue there are supporters and non supporters… they are going to piss off 50 % of the people 50% of the time… what a great job to have.. if the govt is corrupt as you all claim… how far down do you really believe it goes? to the senator from south dakota? or is it a small group from the cia, fbi and pentagon and some other agency? i dont know and i dont really care.. there are things i can control and things i can not control..that which i cant i dont give it another thought… you all seem to think that it was your right to vote for the cameras… might have been… but we never get to vote on bills and for the most part they never ask our opinions… and why should they? again the 50% rule!! i wrote a letter to rep. biggs from gilbert.. it as nice and to the point… i have not heard from him and it is going on 75 plus days… what a joke.. i even left my email address. unlike doc ..i did not threaten him with my vote.. i just let him know how i felt… if you really think that it is such a sin to be aked to answer a question regarding citizenship( not even asked to show papers) then that is a you problem… and if they want to search my car.. go ahead.. i have nothing to hide… its the 15% of you that just dont get it… the other 85% of us do…

  105. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    scam- please return to your website.. you have a vistor for the first time in 10 days… oops too late.. they are gone!!!

    how was the sig gathering at the track?

  106. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    here you go tin hats.. your own hero PUKE GAMMILL wrote it himself…i believe it is #4… if LE commands that you exit the vehicle… you must comply!!!

    choke on it…. doc, walt,dr.jett and the rest of you..

  107. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    this was excellent… of course most of you may not think so!!!

  108. Walter says:

    LAB. I have never made any comment on the pastor incident. So go choke on it yourself you retard.

  109. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    but you are one of the 15%…. or did you just rip off the tin hat?

    got a new name for him… pastor the clown… i think he is a member here!!!

  110. Walter says:

    You got all pissed of when I didn’t specifically separate you out from Geezer and 777 about backing up the signage statement. But you feel it’s okay to list me in directly with the pastor issue. Go back to your star trek fan club site you nerd.

    BTW. You said that I got off the freeway at Higley and went back to Greenfield to take that picture. If you knew anything about the freeway in that area you would know that the dividing barrier does not end anywhere near there. So there is no way that I could have taken the picture there. My guess is that your not allowed on the freeway on your pink Vespa scooter. So your not familiar with the freeway dividers. Also If you actually knew how to read you would have seen that I said I took the picture at Ellsworth. Just another instance of you running your mouth without knowing what your talking about. Moron.

  111. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    yes fool… i live at val vista and guadalupe…so i know the area well.. and i can tell you that ellsworth is no where… let me repeat NO WHERE.. near there…. in fact Ellsworth is atleast 4 miles east of there…. now please explain to the crowd just how you took a pic at an east angle yet the spot you claim is 4 miles down the road?

  112. Walter says:

    Print a copy of the picture and then drive East bound on the 60 from where ever you want to start. The FIRST place you will find the dividing wall ends, for a place like what’s in the picture. Is at the ELLSWORTH off ramp. Just past the 202 stack. That is where the picture was taken. The second place you will find the dividing wall ends is out in Apache Junction somewhere around Meridian. Can your Pink Vespa make it that far? Again you are spouting off at the mouth, and you have no clue what you are talking about.

    And I was man enough to apologize for inadvertently lumping you in with geezer and 777 when you were not involved. I can see your no such man.

  113. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    oohhh so the caption is wrong? is that what you are now saying? cause it says up there the sign was just past greenfield going east? go ahead read it fool!!! drop the man stuff you are a clown!!!

  114. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    i know exactly what i am talking about… you cant take a picture pointed east from a location further east than where the pis was taken.. i dont know how much more clear i can make it!!!

  115. Walter says:

    The person I sent the photo to. So they could post it for me. Stated that part of it wrong. He wrote the info I gave him down right. I saw him write down the notes. I never noticed that it was not right. Or I would have corrected it right away.
    Are you really going to get that trivial? The point is that the sign was hidden from view. Makes no difference if it was at greenfield, Ellsworth, Or west Phoenix. The sign was not placed in accordance with state laws. Just another example of Redflex deliberately breaking the law in an effort to extort more money from the public.

  116. Walter says:

    You can’t defend that simple truth. So you have to resort to nit picking minor details to make yourself feel better about supporting a program that is fundamentally wrong.

  117. j says:

    u guys probably dont have to worry about where the vans are placed for awhile some crazy guy shot one of them and i think redflex or ats are going to give the van operaters some days off

  118. ISAIDSO: says:

    Are we sure you did not move that sign before you drove by…..Just asking?

  119. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    said so.. walter is not sure of anything.. at this point he thinks he can take a picture from 4-5 miles away.. and in a different direction to boot!!!

  120. Walter says:

    LOL. That’s funny. Like I’m going to move a sign that is placed 300 ft in front of a video camera that is recording every second. You trolls are too much.

  121. Dr Jett says:

    Sorry Lab,
    I was not involved in the Pastor blog either. Put down your drink and have a cup of coffee. I don’t agree that only 15% of the people would object to being searched, but one person isn’t likely to fair well against an army with weapons.
    On the other hand, you guessed who would want to get rid of photo radar with your age group figures. You obviously don’t have a clue. Literally the majority from every age group signs the petition unlike your minority of scamera supporters. People are tired of being robbed by this scam and losing their right to move around in a free society without being tracked by the government 24/7. Come out with me and see for yourself how many people will sign the petitions at a local gas station. We can count them together.

  122. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    you can not count anything until the polls close… get back with me when the sig deadline has come and gone!!!

  123. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    sorry dr.jett… but have you not heard that i am not safe to be around? yea..its all over the site… stacey and doc are afraid of me.. it seems that they think i have personal information of members at this site!! i find that ironic.. thats its cool for this place to post personal info about karen finley …. but i should not be able to do the same.. if i had any!!! oh well… maybe i should start a petition about the unfair treatment i get here… and have a sign dangling!!! and go to the gas station and collect signatures!!! AND .. this is important.. get a custom fitted TIN HAT!!! anyone know a good place for one of those?

    oh yea…. i do think that 8.5 people out of 10 would give consent to a search!!!

    • Alucard says:

      8.5 people out of 10 probably don’t know their rights (or won’t stand up for them) with respect to searches.

      It’s best to get them to produce a court order or follow the process — to get the search down on paper. After all, the state is in search of bodies, and the police work for the state.

      I am left scratching my head on what the reference to a TIN HAT is all about….

  124. Matt G says:

    If you want illegal signage, there is that at a permanat scamera loction. If you are on the HOV ramp from the west bound 202 to the 10, your first warning of the scamera is the 300 ft sign. But if you are on the west bound 10 in the same area, you have signs.

  125. Will says:

    In regards to the state law on signage, are vans on Scottsdale city streets exempt from this law? I’ve seen vans set up near Old Town with no signs and hidden in the shadow of a wall.

  126. LAB, the jig is up. You are no law abiding citizen. [snip]

    [ADMIN NOTE: Please do not post information that is personally identifiable, or could be used to help personally identify those who participate in the comments section. This only perpetuates a one-upsmanship leading to more and more information being posted.]

  127. Law A.Bidingcitizen says:

    ooooohhhh got me…. last i checked …. i was not my wife!!! the 2008 was for a company truck i was driving that had expired tags!! 2006 was from a photo radar ticket that was not me, i am white…. driver was black… i did what i was suppose to do and the city of scottsdale dropped the ball on their end… i ended up paying the fine!! anything else ?

    i have three daughters…. anything on them?

    i think it is rather funny that you tried to poke me with that stick… yet my infractions as you can see are not for speeding.. one might also wonder why i would be pro camera after the fiasco that i endured from a photo that was not me…. unlike all of you.. i see the bigger picture… it is about safety!!


    • Alucard says:

      I think the point of the exercise is to show up some of the problems with photo enforcement; the specific alleged violations are NOT the point.

  128. Law A.Bidingcitizen says:

    scam- ever been fishing and you hook one and as you reel it in you are thinking that you just caught an 8 pound bass…. and the entire time you are thinking that you will get the big fish of the day money and all the guys will envy you.. just to find out you hooked a blue gill? or worse…. a stick… that just happened to you!!!

    you thought you hooked me but you came up empty!!! jokes on you fool!!! and typical of someone who would shoot another in the back ( cowardly) you brought my wife into this, someone who has never read a single post here… shamefull!!! but not unexpected!

  129. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    well scam… i am not my wife!! and why bring her into it? she has never been on this site, read a post from this site or sent a post at this site..kind of cowardly on your part… but not a surprise…

    as for my high crimes and misdemeanors!! ooohh you got me!! in 2008 I was pulled over in a company truck that had expired tags… it was my company so it was my fault.. however, i had taken the truck in BEFORE they expired to get the emission test.. i was told that i either had to extend the tail pipe or cut it off shorter so they could get the probe on it( I had only been to that facility 3 other times with the same truck and no problems).. my fault was not having enough time to take care of it… when i finally got pulled over 8 months later, i took it to another emission facility where there was no problem with the probe and the tail pipe!!! a few months later i was due for the tags again, went to the original facility and again was refused due to the tail pipe, i went straight to another facility where it passed… to make a long story short… the problem was their probe not my truck.. i however paid the fine !!

    in 2006 i received a photo radar ticket.. problem was i am white ..the driver was black… i did as i was suppose to do and the city of scottsdale dropped the ball, the judge was not interested in seeing the evidence, the picture of black man, i paid the fine to clear my license.. kind of funny dont you think… that happened to me and i am still pro camera cause it is all about safety for me!!!

    scam.. ever been fishing and you hook what you think is an 8 pound bass? as you reel it in your thoughts race cause you are going to win the $$ for big fish of the day and the envy of all the other guys… what you pull up is a blue gill that fought like hell or a stick!!! kind of what just happened to you…

    you tried to poke a stick at me… and your stick snapped in two!!!


  130. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    well all is fair in love and war!! i dont have a problem with his “investigation” of me….. but the wife? thats ok i think scam learned the error of his ways!!

  131. Holy meth addict, LAB! 4 posts all saying basically the same thing?

    For someone who pretends to be law abiding, you have enough things on your record. If you were “law abiding” you would have taken care of your expired plates and emissions tests and would not drive without them. The law is the law, regardless of your excuse. In 2008, there were 2 charges…

    The 2006 incident, you didn’t pay your fine willingly because it was sent to collections! Not very law abiding of you!

    I have proven all that I need to. You are not who you claim to be. You are now Law Breaking Citizen.
    admin, I apologize. I am only replying because LAB has chosen to discuss his details here. If I am out of line please delete the post.

  132. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    HOLY BAT SCAM!!! for someone who pretends to be smart you are about as dumb as a poll that the cams sit on!!!

    the first 2 posts took forever to get posted and i thought they were deleted!!! so i just wrote again!!!

    i explained them, whether you agree or not, i could care less!!
    i will say this however…. instead of dangling a sign outside on a street i did challenge the people who conduct the emissions tests with regards to the probe that did not seem to work.. they replaced the probe that was not long enough!! did it cost me in the long run.. yep!!!

  133. Starzfan31 says:

    Whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine. Dont speed, dont run red lights and you will have no problem. Basically you all are promoting dangerous driving. If they took down cameras and replaced them with officers sitting at those locations, you would still whine. Quite simply, there is not at thing illegal about the cameras. They do not invade privacy and are not a violation of the 4th amendment to the constitution. The only people whining about them are those that are breaking the law and having to pay tickets. As far as police response, if their department policy limits them to 15 over the speed limit, then they should adhere to that. You people are really hypocrites. You use the police departments policy to justify ridding yourselves of speed enforcement cameras, however, if you see the police violating their departments policy, you jump on the police. The cameras are here to stay, its a new era of law enforcement and technology. I suggest you get used to them, slow down, and stop when you see a red light.

  134. Just Thinking says:

    Yeah, we could shorten all the yellow lights to 1 second and make everyone criminals. Then what would you think about it? you idiot! you must also be one of those who believe rear end collisions don’t count. Thank God, all the photo enfarcement in Arizona will be gone come November. (that is not a spelling error) It is a good thing we are here to protect idiots like you.

  135. Just Thinking says:

    You little TROLLS are going to crap your little pants when you see how many signatures we turn in in July. Then, you will realize how truly ALONE and Misguided you are. It must be nice going through life having lost touch with reality or just blindly doing what the BOSS tells you because that way you can’t be held responsible for your mindless thoughts or actions.

    • Alucard says:

      This ranting and raving by the trolls tells me that the trolls (or their boss men) are either seriously concerned about the viability of scameras in general, or they have a strong suspicion that the scameras will get voted out in November. If the trolls were truly confident in their positions, they’d have no need to come here and attempt to sow dissent.

  136. Just Thinking says:

    To all you TROLLS who must be so worried about losing your jobs: Don’t worry when no one else will hire you, you can get a job. Just remember to practice saying ” Would you like fries with your burger?”

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