Deadly Red Light Cameras Return to VA

Karen Finley wants your cash

Karen Finley wants your cash

After a scathing reports by the Virginia Department of Transportation in 2005 and 2007 documented that red light cameras caused an increase in the number of accidents and injuries, the deadly devices have returned to roads in the Commonwealth. Virginia Beach this week became the first city to resume issuing $50 citations.

At the moment, two intersection cameras are generating tickets with a third expected at the end of the month. The first phase of the “open-ended” contract between Virginia Beach and Redflex anticipates ticketing at ten intersections. The partnership between the city and the Australians eventually will expand to allow 43 automated ticketing machines to generate revenue — the maximum allowed by state law.

How did this happen when the evidence shows that the program was a colossal safety failure? Redflex Board Member Karen Finley answered the question in an October press release to the Australian Securities Exchange. (press release PDF)

“As the true pioneer of the photo enforcement industry, Redflex has been an active leader in legislative initiatives in more than half of the 21 states in which it operates,” Finley said. “To ensure the industry’s successful propagation, Redflex has made a strategic investment in a team of legislative experts with a keen knowledge of working the delicate, formal, legislative processes and grass root efforts. When the original 1995 Virginia photo enforcement legislation was not renewed, we implemented a focused legislative effort: two-years later, these efforts were successfully received by the Virginia General Assembly as referenced by the state-wide enablement of photo enforcement programs.”

In other words, it used high-priced lobbyists to buy the votes of legislators willing to sell out the safety of their constituents. “Strategic investments” means cash in the pockets of lawmakers. “Grass roots efforts” mean setting up phony corporate front groups like the Campaign to Stop Red Light Running that gullible media use as a source of “victims” of red light running in their stories. The campaign’s paid drama queens talk up the horror of red light running as if a red light camera would have prevented a single death or accident.

Instead, Redflex cameras just take photographs of these tragedies while creating hundreds of new accidents, injuries and tragedies nationwide — as seen in the national studies that were not paid for by the camera industry’s legislative experts.

26 Responses to Deadly Red Light Cameras Return to VA

  1. GPS Angel says:

    It would be interesting to see if they broke out their lobbyist budget as a line item on their quarterly reports – but I can’t imagine this would happen.

  2. Their lobbying efforts are obvious. How else can you explain how all of a sudden all of these towns and counties across the nation suddenly have traffic safety problems that need enforcement (as opposed to engineering) as the only viable solution?

    Even if I was a politician that had no problems with photo enforcement, it would be difficult for me to find the zeal and energy that some of these politicans have suddenly found for traffic enforcement… a zeal that is not shared with other hazards that are more dangers such as using cell phones while driving. The only realistic answer is political influence by equipment makers.

  3. ((-_-)) whut'd_u_expect? says:

    Fight the photo ticket right? When you go in on the hearing date, you’ll see each person (individual case) approached by an officer with video or an unusually short man with a briefcase, who whisk away said persons and attempt to sway each photo fighter to find ‘reason’ before the hearing begins or the judge is even seated. There is no obligation to speak with these nefarious men, who emit ‘no hope'(s), ‘points off’, ‘subsequent reports to insurance’, ‘new enforcement policy’ and other ludicrous claims.
    Just wait for the hearing, throw yourself at the mercy of the court and say things like ‘irresponsible use of technology’, ‘no priors’ etc. Everyone wants to be entertained… say your piece, say anything, smile, say ‘your honor’ a lot. Good luck

  4. Mike says:

    “Karen Finley wants your cash”

    Jesus! From that picture it looks like she wants my soul too!

  5. […] CameraFraud has an interesting post about the powerful lobbying efforts that Redflex (one of the leading photo enforcement equipment manufacturers) used to get red light cameras back into Virginia. Virginia Beach red light cameras ended their grace period this week and motorists caught on camera will receive tickets. […]

  6. James S says:

    “Jesus! From that picture it looks like she wants my soul too!”

    LOL! For the win!

  7. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    last time i checked using lobbyists is legal and you have no proof that anyones pockets were lined by lobbyists that represented redflex…. you boys are always mouthing about the constitution… and throwing it out like some type of weapon…. if you think lobbyists are wrong then do something about it!!! oh!! but you wont cause you are or will be doing the same thing!!!

    on a serious note.. i hope that reflex takes you to task for slander with the “lining pockets” comments!!

  8. RPr says:

    August 2006
    St. Peters, Missouri mayor caught on tape soliciting a cash bribe in return for his signature on a red light camera ordinance. Outcome: Former mayor was released to a halfway house in May 2008 and then released fully in August.

    Jay Morris Specter, a top red light camera salesman formerly with ATS and then Redflex, was convicted in South Carolina of $1.2 million in fraud. ATS had suspicions about Specter. “We terminated his contract,” ATS spokesman Josh Weiss told TheNewspaper, referring to the company’s action prior to the conviction. “We even called over to Redflex and warned them about Specter. Needless to say, they ignored us.” Outcome: Specter will be released from prison in September 2010. more

    and there are a lot more

  9. capitalfraud says:

    This is just the most recent example of Redflex lobbyist cash directly lining the pockets of a politician:

  10. Walter says:


    How much more proof do you need? Looks like pockets were lined to me.

    BTW. It took RPr less that 20 minutes to find and post proof of illegal activity on both Redflex and ATS. When was the last time you ever came up with ANY proof about anything you have ever claimed on this site.

  11. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    walter.. i dont have the burden of proof!! it was the claim of this site that redflex lobbyists are doing something illegal…. i just read capitalfrauds link and it doesnt apply since the councilman listed his debt and has not voted on measures that involve that lobbysist!!!

  12. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    it appears that nestor traffic systems operates like slime…. the redflex employee was convicted of fraud… it does not say who he defrauded and fraud is not “lining pockets “….

    the other was an elected official trying to get payment for his vote,,, it DOES NOT SAY that redflex or ats offered the bribe!!! RP’ while your link did point out that camera systems can be manipulated…. it does not come close to backing up the comment that this site is claiming!!! if this was a court of law… the case would have just been dismissed for a laCk of evidence!!!


  13. capitalfraud says:

    For someone who’s being picky about the language of a post, you’re being pretty reckless with your own. The post never suggests illegal action (nor does it use the word “lining” for that matter).

    It says Redflex made “strategic investments” in politicians, interpreted as RDF lobbyist money in the pockets of politicians. The politician in the April 4 article took money from a Redflex lobbyist. Q.E.D.

    Whether that investment bears fruit is irrelevant.

  14. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    my never used that exact word,, but did use these.. “it used high priced lobbyists to buy the votes of legislators willing to sell out the safety of their constituents” … you can play with the words and deny what you think they mean… however, if this site was accused of the same things …. cf would be all up in arms ….

    never suggests illegal actions? “cash in the pockets” and “setting up phony front groups” … sounds like accusations to me.. however nothing that was written surprises me.. this site is famous for twisting, omitting and flat out lying with their headlined threads!!! funny how they accuse everybody else of what they practice!!!

  15. I’m only responding to provide sources for everyone else. We all know LAB won’t look at these.

    Maryland: Lawmakers Given Steak Dinners by Camera Lobbyist

    In Kansas City, Missouri a German speed camera company offered a lucrative job to a city traffic engineer in return for his endorsement of the speed camera program.

    Between 2000 and 2004, ACS spent nearly $500,000 on the lobbyists responsible for handing the company the no-bid contract…

  16. I’m only responding to provide sources for everyone else. We all know LAB won’t look at these.

    Maryland: Lawmakers Given Steak Dinners by Camera Lobbyist

    In Kansas City, Missouri a German speed camera company offered a lucrative job to a city traffic engineer in return for his endorsement of the speed camera program.

    Between 2000 and 2004, ACS spent nearly $500,000 on the lobbyists responsible for handing the company the no-bid contract…
    Forgot to add good post. Can’t wait to reading your next one!

  17. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    h e l l o ..scam!!! how could i have commented on the link sent by Rp if i had not read through it?

    i am still waiting for the smoking gun!! you know ..when there is some real evidence!! something like az in the early 90’s when they got our elected officials ON TAPE accepting bribes so they would vote to have gambling made legal in az!!! and it wasnt just one of them!!

    steak dinners? you are joking ..right? first of all it was not against the law what they did…. seocnd..they invited both committees… i do agree however with the article… there is only one side that gets to “sell” their product at something such as this… but again… they did nothing illegal…

    in my opinion these things, whether a group or one person should be illegal!! but i dont think that i have seen it on a ballot and we certainly are not going to get the official to handcuff themselves!!

  18. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    wow!! scam shut his pie hole quickly on this topic once he could not delivery anything but innuendo and other things that do not apply!!! oh thats right ..he is out at his web site..clearing the cob webs!!

  19. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    while what happened to the man near yuma was wrong for the brutality… they do have a right to suspect !! thats their job… maybe something he did made them suspicious… they do have the right to ask you to get out of your car.. that is why he was placed under arrest for failing to obey a command… once under arrest they can search the vehicle!!!

    i still wonder why he just didnt let them search it since he had nothing to hide!!! so much for the pastor turning the other cheek!!

    now imagine how up in arms you all would be if they had not followed up on a suspicion and his car was full of weapons or explosives and it lead to a few deaths…. YOU PEOPLE WOULD BE CALLING FOR THE NOOSE!!

    the first link about peoples rights says it at the top…. 99% of people allow for the search!!! i guess the 1% are the ones wearing tin hats!!!

  20. Walter says:

    Show me where they have the right to ask you to get out of your vehicle. You made the ststement. Back it up.

  21. Big Bear says:

    I’ll bet Karen Finley lives in a big mansion behind a gate. She probably drives a car that costs twice the average Joe’s salary. She wears $800 shoes, $5000 in jewelry, and totes a $1000 handbag.

    Come the revolt, she and her fellow spies are going to walk sideways with those cameras shoved up their a**.

  22. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    sorry… i dont do research.. but you do.. however it is a command… just as they can command you to show them your id and other info.. now exiting the car does not give them permission to search it..and dont come back with your usual crap to try and get me to look it up.. i wont..

    big bear- your jealousy is showing… the part about having something shoved up the crack!!

  23. […] The legislature will never ban automated ticketing statewide, including deadly red light cameras, as the citizen’s ballot initiative […]

  24. […] Red light cameras are dangerous, and have been proven to increase accidents, injuries, and fatalities. […]

  25. […] municipalities ignore state law to install automated ticketing machines— also known as deadly red light cameras— by sending out local “code violation” tickets. The article from Naples News […]

  26. […] at four intersections in Peoria, Arizona have doubled since the introduction of Redflex’s deadly red light cameras, the Arizona Republic reports in an article titled: “Peoria officials […]

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