CameraFRAUD Tucson featured on Schmap

CameraFRAUD Tucson, at Oracle & River

CameraFRAUD Tucson, at Oracle & River


Kudos to Tucson for being included in the latest release of Schmap’s Tucson guide.

Schmap is a digital tourist travel guide of sorts, featuring pictures, reviews, and other information about local restaurants, museums, and other interesting attractions. There are guides for most major cities, available in desktop, mobile, and iPhone formats. Now, when travelers view Schmap for Tucson, they’ll get to see CameraFRAUD Tucson’s sign wave against Scameras and Automated Photo Enforcement at Oracle & River from last January.

Thank you Tucson for bringing our message to a whole new demographic.


5 Responses to CameraFRAUD Tucson featured on Schmap

  1. jgunn says:

    Breaking: Someone hit the stationary photo radar cam(s)on I10 downtown and flipped. Whether it was an accident or intentionally hit, remains to be determined. In any case, so much for the cameras making the roads “safer” .

  2. jgunn says:

    Update, go to to see live images of the scene. I saved an image just it case this gets “overlooked” by the camera loving media. Let me know if someone wants this emailed so maybe we can get this posted as a story on this site.

  3. Man! Congratulations CF-Tucson. Getting anti-photo enforcement signs into a tourist site. That hits the politicians where it hurts. Maybe they will go somewhere else this year.

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