National Capital Region Rises Up Against Cameras

With Maryland legislature on the verge of enacting a law putting speed cameras on every freeway, with D.C. declaring automated war on drivers and with Virginia cities scrambling to reinstall deadly red light cameras, the National Capital branch of is taking action. The greed of the big-spending bureaucrats will only stop if they hear a resounding “NO!” from the public. So come be part of that voice.

On the Virginia side of the Potomac, we will distribute this flyer to drivers in Falls Church on Saturday, April 4, starting at 1 p.m. We want to let the public know that re-installing a camera program that caused a 79% increase in injuries is unacceptable. We reject the concept that cities can ignore the law and adopt illegal per-ticket contracts with foreign companies. Shoot an email to capitalfraud at if you want to help.

In Maryland, we will be having a protest at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 5, at the 4661 Randolph Road scameras in Rockville, MD View map. Please contact for more details if you wish to participate. update please note change in location.

If you’re reading this in another part of the country, find some old friends or family who might be in the DC/MD/VA region and urge them to come lend a hand. Help our corner of the country join states like Montana and Missouri whose legislators voted in the past month to send ATS and Redflex executives packing.


18 Responses to National Capital Region Rises Up Against Cameras

  1. RPr says:

    Automated war on drivers LOL

    does that make Jay-no the talivan czar?

  2. Doc says:

    Yes…by th’ way…how come we have “czar(s)” in AMERICA??? I’m just curious… .. . . . .

  3. Mark S says:

    from urban dictionary:

    czar (zär, tsär) Pronunciation Key

    1. also tsar or tzar (zär, tsär) A male monarch or emperor, especially one of the emperors who ruled Russia until the revolution of 1917.
    2. A person having great power; an autocrat: “the square-jawed, ruddy complacency of Jack Farrell, the czar of the Fifteenth Street police station” (Ernest Hemingway).
    3. Informal An appointed official having special powers to regulate or supervise an activity: a racetrack czar; an energy czar.

    [Russian tsar’, from Old Russian tsĭsarĭ, emperor, king, from Old Church Slavonic tsěsarĭ, from Gothic kaisar, from Greek, from Latin Caesar, emperor; see caesar.]
    czar’dom n.

    Usage Note: The word czar can also be spelled tsar. Czar is the most common form in American usage and the one nearly always employed in the extended senses “any tyrant” or informally, “one in authority.” But tsar is preferred by most scholars of Slavic studies as a more accurate transliteration of the Russian and is often found in scholarly writing with reference to one of the Russian emperors.

    In other words, one step closer to a totalitarian or fascist society.

  4. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    mark..why are you not at bike week>

    back in the 90’s they had the drug czar…dont let a little word get you all jumping off of the bridge!!!

  5. RPr says:

    does it bother anyone else that America has more Czars than Russia ever did?

  6. Doc says:

    Gentlemen-1st, Mark S…DUDE You’re a freekin’ scholar! 2nd, RPr-I know th’ czar/tsar crap bothers me…which is why I brought it up on this thread.

    I do a lot of political research. It’s just something that I’m fascinated with, AND it keeps a finger on th’ pulse of what our employees are doin’; sorta'”mindin’ th’ store”…if you will. One of the sites I’m a member of is It’s a consertive news/political site. It’s fairly accurate, & I’m generally in line with most of it’s viewpoints. This morning, I found an article that piqued my interest about A.G. Holder (GOD help us ALL) & his & Nobama’s attempt to get a “voting” representative in Congress for th’ District of Columbia. This REALLY explaines how their having a vote in Congress is AGAINST the U.S. Constitution.

    It also goes on to reflect how th’ current power base will go to extrordinary lengths to subvert our Constitutional Rights. I’ve taken th’ liberty of offering th link to those interested, here . I hope this works. My point is this; If the Attourney General of the United States of America will try to subvert th’ Constitution…(He’s th’ TOP LAWYER< who’s supposed to use this document as an operating baseline, which is NOT up for adjustment!)What in th’ world would make ANYBODY with a functioning brain cell think that there is ANY LIMIT WHATSOEVER to what our government will do to steal our FREEDOMS & Liberties? Tin-hat…if you read this article & still think many of us are “tin-hat” conspiracy theorists…then prepare for th’ landing of th’ UNFRIENDLY ALIENS, gang!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  7. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    doc says the constitution is not up for adjustment!! AND I BURST OUT IN LAUGHTER!!! now i know people from prescott and they are not stupid… so that lends me to believe that doc was not schooled in that area..

    i guess where doc was educated they skipped right over the parts about amendments to the constitution.. and the supreme court? has doc heard of that institution? the justices are called onto periodically to interpret the constitution!!! remeber doc ..the document was written a long long time ago!!! and while the framers did a great job and were able to know what they wanted for the usa.. they could not see 200 plus years!!! things change, countries change, perceptions change and the fragility of our country due to 9/11 has forced us to change and sacrifice some liberties in order tyo remain safe inside our borders!!!

  8. Doc says:

    Back DEMON! BACK I SAY! trolls can not understand th’ Constitution…Off to Austrailia with ALL TROLLS!

  9. Doc says:

    Where’s that 5 gal bucket of Holy Water when I need it?

  10. Doc says:

    By th’ way- I’m from th’ Killadelphia/S. Jersey area…otherwise known as the “Cradle of our Nation”. Our country has only been made fragile by WEAK MINDED, FREEDOM HATING trolls, & greedy subversive, FREEDOM thievin’ POLITICIANS! 9-11 had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with making the United States of America “fragile”, except in th’ minds of th’ WEAK. Only WEAK, mindless automiton trolls who have no concept of Liberty would think like this. Now I see why trolls LOVE scameras. Weakness & an inherant inability to accept responsibility for their own existance & duties as an American! “Oh, let th’ government take care of me & my troubles standing up for myself ‘cuz i’m a spineless, jellyfish troll.” My GOD! these idiots make me wanna’ PUKE! Trolls are a DISGRACE to our Country, & an ENEMY to our way of life as FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS! trolls LOVE that people in positions of power subvert our Founding Documents. trolls need to go to th’ Front Lines of Afghanistan, & Stand a post with some true Patriots, who put their lives on th’ line, VOLUNTARILY, so that ALL of us over here, including trolls, can sleep safely. trolls would DARE to allow th’ subversion of Veterans rights? trolls are a disgrace even to themselves!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  11. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    doc’s rant!! maybe he should get his own little section at this site!! name it… doc’s dellusional drivel!!! yes i like it…. but doc you have not responded to the amendments and supreme courts!!! maybe cause i am right on the money!!???

    well doc… we could have gone on as a country and pretended like we were safe … and had we done that we would have left ourselves open to another attack… but the leaders took a look at where we stood and have done everything that they can to try and prevent another terrorist attack… if that means i have to lose a few freedoms so that another 3000 dont die i can live with that… i mean if the gov. wants to listen in on my phone calls they can go right ahead…. it wont be too long before they are bored out of their minds… and if some facial recognition camera captures me on the freeway ..who cares…. i am not violating any laws so i have nothing to worry about…. doc… you think posting on a web site makes you a fighter? or attending a sign dangling makes you strong? you are a shallow man… consumed by some form of masculinity that you have not obtained and just view from afar… being tough on a web site? i am sure that your father would be ashamed!!!
    now about the constitution!!! do you have anything to write worth reading? …. yea i didnt think so!!!


  12. Mark S says:

    LAB, from your last post, I now know that you are truly an IDIOT!

    Remember what Benjamin Franklin said:

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    And this is exactly what the scameras are. Temporary safety! The anti-patriot act is the same exact thing. Take away freedoms and rights for safety.

    The Constitution does guarantee Freedom of movement/travel without restriction and monitoring. The cameras and checkpoints in this country are now restricting our Freedoms of movement/travel. Even the supposed “security” cameras that are planned to go up on every corner in New Your City are a strict violation of The Constitution! They are not going to guarantee safety.

    I agree with you DOC that these idiots that cannot take responsibility for taking care of themselves are the ones who cause the weakness in this country. And the weakness does start at the top with the idiots that are ru(i)nning this country.

  13. Doc says:

    I notice that trolls call my thread(s) “not worth reading”…then don’t read ot S#!THEAD(s)! My assertions are correct, period. There is no other proper response to the theft of America’s FREEDOMS & Liberties. People that don’t see that are welcome to their own irrational views. ‘Cuz it’s AMERICA! But, I’ve got my views, as stated. When the limp trolls are willin’ to stand a post, with a weapon, they’ll get a modicum of respect. Untill then, not so much. READ THE CONSTITUTION! Or, you can A) act like G.W. Bush,” Stop quoting the Constitution at me! It’s just a Goddammed piece of paper!”WHAT AN IDIOT.B)Act like B.H.Obama,” I won’t allow any earmarks!”WHAT A LIAR or C) Act like an AMERICAN, “I LOVE MY COUNTRY, FREEDOM, & THE CONSTITUTION!”WHAT A CITIZEN! Now, as for FREEDOM hating automiton trolls, n.korea has a place for you.

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  14. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    mark s… let me educate you!!! old ben wrote that what? over 200 years ago…. in his wildest dreams he could never have imagined that there would be a time in the future when a man could fly through the air in a machine…. not only that.. if he in fact could imagine it… i am pretty sure he could never have imagined that anyone would take that “machine” fly it right into a very tall building for the purpose of killing as many people was they could… there are some quotes made by great men in history that are relevant to this day!!! that quote is not one of them!!!
    so mark what is your solution? based on your post everyone should have the ability to go as fast as they want ..whenever they want… and they do not have to pay attention to stop signs or stop lights… in fact they can say f__k it to one way streets and lanes on a road!! school zones? who cares!! IS THAT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING? next time read the post before you hit the submit box!!

    and you called ME an idiot!!!

    doc… show me the part where i wrote your posts were not worth reading.. i certainly have thought it.. but did not write it…. and your assertions are opinions… now how about responding to my assertions.. which are totally right on point!!!

    actually your posts are the same old rhetoric!!! like an old record that is stuck and playing the same thing over and over and over and over and over..etc..

  15. j says:

    doc sucks what dos it take to be cool well how much dos a harley cost and i am tired of hearing the back in nam shit

  16. Dru says:

    Wow, LABC, your leaps and bounds to somehow equate planes and flying into the World Trade Center almost had me believing you.. if only for about one millisecond before I came to my senses.

    By your own analogy then old Ben couldn’t have forseen cannon, electricity and any number of later inventions.. but what does that have to do with the essence of Ben’s quote which is:

    If you are willing to give up your freedom for a bit of safety, then you deserve neither. One of the reasons our country has lasted so long is that we uphold the Constitution and do very little in the way of making amendments to it. Even so, the Supreme Court is supposed to interpret what the Constitution says so that freedom, so carefully prepared by the founders wasn’t usurped by any one member. This balance of power allows for the transition of power every election and this balance of power extends down to city and municipal statutes that we all abide by.

    Ok, you following me so far? Therefore, when you shift the balance of power by technology, in this case, red light cameras, it becomes LESS of a balance (remember, an office can decide to issue you a ticket or not, depending on the circumstances and road conditions) and more of a profit-making scheme for the government.

    Next time, I’ll follow you around and make absolutely sure you signal when you change lanes, come to a complete stop at stop signs, and when making a right turn on red, that you stop completely before making the turn. Perhaps I’ll film you doing said events and turn that over to the local police, who would be justified in handing you a citation for each and every offense. Isn’t that EXACTLY what the camera’s are doing?

  17. Dru says:

    And by cannon, I meant 20″ battleship guns.. and by electricity, I meant solar power and fusion.

  18. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    im sorry,,,dru… the ramblings of men 200 plus years ago… dont really mean much today…. but thanks for your long winded reply…

    you are trying to draw a line from the cameras to the balance of power drawn up by the founding fathers? do you think that back in the day..200 years ago that these men would not have used every advatage available to them to achieve their goals? let me clue you in… their fighting tactis were one way they broke away from the old way and allowed them to defeat the british in battles that they had no business winning based on numbers…. one might call that forward thinking…. the cameras are forward thinking!!! dnt like it? then dont drive!!! or use your own brain for forward thinking

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