Tide Turning Against Automated Ticketing

lolcat6166331The tide is turning against photo enforcement/radar faster than we can report on it. Despite a global economic downturn, cash-strapped municipalities are declining to add or are rethinking the revenue-generating devices.

Case in point:

The French National Assembly is starting to think it might just be a bad idea to allow automated ticketing vendors to certify their own equipment:

At issue is the practice of allowing the private, for-profit company responsible for the ticketing programs to self-certify its own hardware as accurate. “It appears that the automated radar speed control devices are not completely reliable or completely transparent,” National Assembly Member Rudy Salles said in an exchange with the Interior Minister.

Colorado lawmakers have killed a planned expansion of automated ticketing introduced by Sen. Bob Bacon, D-Fort Collins (Bacon huh… insert pork jokes here). Before being killed completely, a provision was added to exempt out of state tourists from the profitable system to prevent a loss of tourism:

Rep. Bob Gardner, R-Colorado Springs, amended the measure to exempt out-of-state motorists from having to pay the camera-issued tickets. He did this partly because interstate compacts don’t allow effective enforcement of the law and partly because he was worried about hurting tourism, he said.

Also in Colorado, trustees in Orchard City killed the idea of photo enforcement faster than a speeding ATS executive:

“Some cities use it mainly for red lights. Others do it for speed, and others do it for safety… and money, quite honestly.”

Back in Arizona, DPS has continued their high-profile show trial arrests of those accused by a machine of criminally speeding despite a clear message from the County Attorney that he won’t pursue the cases:

On November 8, 2008, photo radar captured Reeves traveling at 130 mph on southbound SR 51 near Bethany Home road in Phoenix, according to DPS.

Obviously, real public safety has now taken a back seat to politics and profit as it took DPS a whopping five months to locate a person who was accused of speeding by a machine, only to likely have the charges dismissed by the County Attorney. Meanwhile, even assuming this person really did drive anywhere close to the speed he’s being accused of, he was allowed to continue to endanger drivers for months because DPS has outsourced their duties to Redflex in the name of the all-mighty dollar and the ever-increasing surveillance state.


61 Responses to Tide Turning Against Automated Ticketing

  1. Doc says:

    Fox 10 news, Thursday, April 2nd, 2009, 10:00p.m. edition. A story ran on this newscast about 2 different people getting “arrested” for doing Over 100mph-(the guy mentioned above, I believe) AND another lady, for doing over 80mph in a 65mph zone. Why is th’ A2Z mob WASTING TAXPAYER MONEY chasing these alleged “felons” down, when A)they have no irrefutable evidence, & B)C.A. Andy Thomas has already stated that he will NOT prosecute criminal speeding tickets caught on scameras?!?!?

    Th HITS, ladies & gentlemen, just keep ooooonnnnn COMIN’!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  2. I'm Back says:

    One day, motorists all over the world will sing our praises. Thanks to the Europeans for giving us something to fight against, as usual. The fight isn’t over but the army of cameras appears to be in retreat.

  3. Dan G. says:

    Of course the tide is turning against the cameras…getting ripped for $181.50 while having your rights stripped from you will do that. Tough economic times while having more money taken (aka stolen) from you when you were likely just trying to get to work to survive will do that.

    • ernest.t. bass says:

      i wonder what Dan thinks the punishment for stealing should be? he seems to think that speeding and getting caught is somehow the governments fault!!! and where are these people now ross????

  4. Doug says:

    An Arizona Court in Maricopa County has ruled the use of Speed Cameras unconstitutional. Legislative action is underway to Prohibit any use of Speed Cameras and Arizona House Bill (HB2106) does just that. So far it was approved by the House on 26 March 2009, and an Amendment that includes an Emergency Clause that puts it in effect IMMEDIATELY was also signed on 26 March 2009.
    It Prohibits ANY use of Streaming Video for speeding /traffic violations. It also mandates legal service of the alleged violators Notice of Violation (NOV) by a process server or follow the State Rules of Civil procedure which require certified mail, return Receipt Required postal service. Any mailing by regular post is a violation of ones constitutional (both state and federal) right to Due Process of Law. Thus, any NOV’s received by regular mail should be thrown out as they are illegal.

    Arizona is well on its way to make the use of traffic Cameras prohibited as an unconstitutional violation of one’s civil rights to Due Process of Law. Local authority use of the cameras also violates State Law requirements. Arizona Treasurer Martin has pointed out that the raising of revenue by traffic cameras was adopted without debate in the legislature, as “a tax increase without a 2/3 vote”. Article 9, Section 22 of the state constitution requires a super-majority vote on legislation that creates a net increase in state revenue from “any new state fee or assessment” or tax. Consequently, local cities using traffic cameras are violating state law to raise fees (a tax) illegally. Paying any fine imposed by receipt of a traffic camera created Notice of Violation thus becomes a violation of the Arizona State Constitution.
    The Bill can be seen at: http://www.azleg.state.az.us/legtext/49leg/1r/summary/h.hb2106_03-25-09_caucuscow.doc.htm

    The Committee on Appropriation Amendment (which places the Bill in effect immediately as of 26 March 2009) is at:

  5. James S says:

    Excellent info, doug

    Together the scams will come down. Then it’s time to export camerafraud activism nationwide.

  6. Doug says:

    I n oticed an article on DHS – Department of Homeland Security closing down this web site and censuring content.

    You should note from my comment above pertaining to Arizona’s actions to prohibit the use of traffic enforcement cameras that the new Director of Homeland Security – Ms. Janet Napolitano is the former govenor from Arizona! Hmmm….
    Perhaps she will get their act together to support, rather than immorally and unconstitutionaly control and censor web sites like this.

  7. Doc says:

    Doug-Fantastic info! However, please allow me to bring you up to speed (pun intended) on Arizona’s former governor, Th’ right Janet Napalitano…SHE STARTED THIS WHOLE S#!TT!N’ MESS! She KNEW about th’ 24/7 surviellance. She kept that little tid-bit of info secretly from th’ duped legislators who were shafted/conned into voting for it. Now, she’s the director of homeland security….you do th’ math!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  8. Doc says:

    Doug-1 other thing…j-no ain’t shut’n down NUTHIN’…although there is much debate about her knowledge/understanding of that li’l ol’ piece-o-paper us Americans like to call the CONSTITUTION!

    Remember-F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  9. Joe says:

    I wonder what would happen if the Redflex people witnessed a driver holding a machine gun to the head of a gagged passenger while doing 130 MPH? They’d probably arrest them in a mere 4 1/2 months.

  10. Joe says:

    And, of course, if the offender was an out-of-state resident, they’d just hit the delete button.

  11. Dan G. says:

    Wow, when the facts really look like the cameras are coming down, the trolls mysteriously vanish. I miss them already……

  12. Doc says:

    SSSooo goodbye yellow belly trolls.
    Yer th’ dawgs of society that hhooowwll!
    ya can’t plant us in yer scamera box…
    We’re soon ridin’ free-n-clear, WWWOOOWWW!
    Back to ats-reeedfleex-
    back to th’ ssslllooowww lane in town!
    Oh we’ve finally decided where our future lies…
    & thats with trolls nowhere to be FFFOOOUUUNNNDDDD!
    ……………Apologies to Elton John…………

  13. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    the only thing missing from you guys is some pom poms and some chants!!! lets see!!!
    dt he’s our man if he cant lead us no one can!!!

    were gonna cam ra fraud ya…uh huh were gonna cam ra fraud ya!!!

    dan last i checked the cameras were still in place!! so there is no tide turning!! if the tide was actually turning … you guys would be drawing more than 6 people to any of your events!!!

    if you want to see some real reaction ..removing the cams before the contract expires and the state paying millions in these budget crushing times…. that will get the populous going!!!

    but i really like the rah rah!! and seriously doc can you please learn to communicate like an adult and drop the street talk!!! AND IF YOU ARE GOING TO INSERT CURSE WORDS JUST DO IT!!! you are such the hero here nothing will happen to you!!!

    going to bike week doc? or you working? and you can thank the need to pay the mortgage as the reason i have not been heard from too much since wednesday!!!

  14. Doc says:

    alas…the returning of the trolls…so displeasing to the eye…so offending to the ear…BUT, OH WELL!

    Take in my last post, constant reader. There’s just a few more needed…down th’ hall, into th’ darkness…there, now…just a little further…into th’ abyss of th’ TRUTH…Th’ CAMERAS ARE COMING DOWN!

  15. Mike says:

    “and you can thank the need to pay the mortgage as the reason i have not been heard from too much since wednesday!!!” Oh? I thought this was your job. Must’ve been an Australian holiday or something. lol

  16. Doc says:

    Oh bloody earth, Mikey! Even trolls ‘ave got ta’ take a bleedin’ ‘oliday now & again, oy? Now, let’s go out to th’ veranda, fire up th’ ol’ barby, toss on a few shrimpars, ‘ave a frosty 1 or 2, an’ let them bleedin’ trollyz ramble a bit, aye? G’Day, matey!

  17. Doc says:

    I wonder how much th’ mortgage for that spot-o-dirt under th’ bridge is, anyway? Don’t trolls live under bridges, coming out to rob weary travelers that want to cross? HHHmmmm—sounds like scamera/talivan operators to me! Robbin’ weary travelers.

  18. Phaedra says:

    I saw the greatest thing today… one of the camera vans being pulled over by a police officer! 🙂

  19. RPr says:

    what part of town was the talivan being cited?

  20. Doc says:

    Phaedra-That’s HILARIOUS! I wonder if they cited th’ talivan driver for impersonating a state patrol officer. Oh, Wait! Impersonating an AMERICAN!

  21. James S says:

    Doc Said: “Don’t trolls live under bridges, coming out to rob weary travelers that want to cross?”

    Yes. Didn’t you hear Redflex is putting cams under the overpasses? That and the cams being so short (easy to put a bumper sticker on).

    I think the cams are trolls too!

  22. RPr says:


    Activists in Chillicothe, Ohio obtained more than double the number of signatures required to call a vote to ban red light and speed cameras.

    The cameras are coming down!

  23. Phaedra says:

    On the 202 in East Mesa.

  24. geez says:

    Where on the 202 Phaedra. Cmon give us the details. What time? Where exactly? Make a claim, back it up. I dare you.
    Is this JGUNN under a different name?

  25. I'm Back says:

    Why don’t you refute her claim? Go ask your buddies at ATS and let us know. Phaedra was simply making an observation. We’d all like to see one of those vans pulled over by the cops, just for the poetic justice of it all. We already had a little laugh about the van driver who was caught DUI.

    I’ve got another good idea. Why don’t you just remove this site from your favorites list and move on with your life. “It’s so easy.”

  26. Phaedra says:

    Thanks for the backup, I’m Back. I am not sure who JGunn is. It was yesterday afternoon around 3pm on the 202 S. between University and Broadway. You are right, I’m Back, I was making an observation, and found it funny that one of the vans was getting pulled over. I am not sure what for of course, but I would like to think for speeding – that would be great.

  27. I saw a photo van illegally cross the bar pit on the 303 a few weeks ago. Wish I had caught it on video, but it wasn’t something I ever expected them to do.

  28. Doc says:

    Phaedra-I’m Back is good for that! Seriously, ignore our bothersome trolls. You made a great call, & so did you PRS! We should all be so lucky to see these talivans gettin’ nailed for….whatever! jgunn is a person who’s on the site now & again, who has the capability of A)stayin on topic; B)Providing good info; & Most importantly, C) P!$$!n’ off th’ worthless trolls! Th’ intelligent folks are GLAD to have another LIKE MINDED BLOGGER on th’ site! Welcome!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  29. Phaedra says:

    Thanks, Doc! Glad to be here.

  30. RPr says:


    do you recall which agency was giving the talivan a ticket?

  31. jgunn says:

    Talivan getting a ticket? That would be awesome! Aside from DPS, most cops detest the photo radar cams as much as us citizens. I give my own version of “tickets” to the scam vans by making sure to mark the little s—s on trapster.com everytime I pass by one. There sure aren’t brain surgeons behind the wheel of those things as I saw one on the I10 East bound clocking traffic whizzing by at 15-25MPH during the 5PM rush hour. I don’t think it would have been physically possible for a car to get up to 76MPH to generate a ticket. I think the guy in the van was either asleep or passed out drunk at the wheel.

  32. Phaedra says:

    I am not sure… I know it was not Sheriff, but it could have been DPS or Mesa Police.

  33. Doug says:

    Let us all remember that the protest against photo enforcement cameras is about violating our civil rights. It is about upholding the supreme laws of the Land – the US Constitution, Right to Due Process of Law (public didn’t vote on camera systems, nor the fees (taxes) raised from them), Right to Face Your Accuser (for which there is none with a camera system), privacy, etc…

    We MUST stop fascism in government whenever encountered and uphold our freedoms and rights under the Constitution rather than have them trampled on by those fascist local civil government agencies due to their delusional arrogance that they think they know what is best for the populace than the public itself.

    We are fighting in Arizona by several actions – and not just legislative action. Here, we are going after local authorities ( Tucson City council members themselves) with criminal charges for Abuse of Discretion for which they can be held both criminally and civilly liable and for which they are not protected by their positions as governmental authorities. Here, they violated State Constitutional requirements that mandate ANY Assessment, Fee, or tax MUST be voted on by the public and approved by a super majority (2/3rds) of the legislature. Being a so called “civil issue” does NOT give them the right to violate the State and Federal Constitutions. The City (local authorities) violated the State Constitution by imposing fees (a Tax) illegally. Thus, they acted criminally and are subject to prosecution for abuse of Discretion to be held liable both criminally and civilly as individuals. We are preparing Legal Motion for proffering such criminal charges against the city counsel for illegally imposing those fees.
    You may want to check your state Statues, Codes, laws (or whatever you call them in your state) to see if such violations have occurred and also file legal actions to prosecute those fascists in government that violate our rights to Due Process of Law and State and Federal Constitutions. “The best defence is a good offence”. We must take the legal battle to those that would violate our rights and Constitutionally based laws. We cannot condone criminal misconduct by government officials that think they are all powerful (because they are not!). File criminal charges against those local officials. If you can’t locally (due to “good ‘ol boy network”, take it to the State (to include Attorney General Office, Congressmen), and file in Federal District Court! File Complaints of government illegalities with the Washington D.C. Office of Criminal Division in the Federal Attorney General Office that investigates prosecutorial and judicial misconduct in States and local governments, (to include crimes committed by judges – such as Abuse of Discretion)!

    You see, the Constitution is NOT a living Document subject to being usurped by lower Codes, Laws, local ordinances or authorities. Only those that desire to disregard the Constitution would lie and deceive you into believing it is a “living document” in order to not have to be bound by the law so they can break it! The Constitution can be changed ONLY by Constitutional Amendment, and not by ANY Federal Statutes, US Code, Courts at ANY level, or any State or local agencies or laws. ALL subordinate laws must comply and NOT supercede or change it, nor can ANY governmental agency make their own ruling contrary to it (and I add illegally).
    It is up to us, the citizenry to uphold the law – the supreme Law of the land which takes precedence over local law – always. It is the upholding of our Constitutionally protected rights that will put an eventual end to government tyranny – such as that imposed illegally on the public by speed enforcement cameras. You want to get ride of speed cameras – FORCE GOVERNMENT TO UPHOLD THE LAW. We wouldn’t be in ANY of the problems we face today (illegal immigration, economic, Speed Cameras, etc) if government upheld and enforced the law. It is because they act independently from public control over all laws subordinate to the Constitution that we are in the mess we are in today. GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM – NOT THE SOLUTION!

  34. Doug says:

    $40 for a ticket! Here it is $300!!! Of that, the company contracted to install and maintain the camera systems get $80 for every ticket. So, they have a major conflict of interest to make the cameras timing systems innaccurate (there are no impartial aganciesd to ensure accuracy), and they are out of compliance with federal traffic control light guidelines.

  35. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    well hell doug..you better skeedaddle on down to mexico ways if you think we are in that much trouble!!! go on…get moving!!! im right behind you… but dont look back!!!

    as for your book… i can stop you at the beginning… did we all get to vote on the strict DUI laws in this state? hell no//// fact is we dont get to vote on 99.9999% of the laws… based on that alone the rest of your post sounds like this… blah blah blah ..blah blah blah…. and you go onto say..balh blah blah!!!

    and since the cam companies have all the expense of setting up the cameras and maintaining them… they should get enough to cover their expenses… and did you know that they have more than just one system for collecting? some cities pay by the number of tickets issued and some pay a flat rate per month… so why dont you head back to the tucson site and bore the hell out of them!!!

  36. geez says:

    So Phaedra,
    A cop, red and blue lights flashing and everything was behind a photo enforcement vehicle.. SUV model or patrol car? You saw an officer out of the vehicle giving the guy a ticket? Please tell.

  37. Doug, good point. What is more troublesome is that there is no periodic audit program to check the equipment. DPS “has access” to the equipment, but no program to check it on a periodic basis. When San Diego checked their equipment, they found that the sensors had been adjusted.

    Why can’t the DPS or Dept of Weights and Measures audit the systems periodically? Yet another good unanswered question.

  38. RPr says:


    Lousiana 86% of the voters yesterday said:

    The cameras are coming down!

  39. geez says:

    there’s no periodic audit program? So did you just out yourself? You work for them? You know specifics and that they don’t check the equipiment? How do you know that?

  40. I'm Back says:

    Good find on that article RPr. Even the Washington Times calls photo radar for what it is. What makes me sick is that ATS and Redflex have gotten away with this scam for so long that it almost doesn’t matter that the system is going to end in 2010 in AZ. Fraudulent mission accomplished. The public is duped again.

    You’re welcome for backing you up Phaedra. I wish I could have seen it myself. I’m sure I would have had a nice laugh.

  41. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    rp- lets get it right… a town of 22,000 in Lousiana voted the cameras out by 85%…. not the entire state!!! thats very impressive… its a good thing that the great citizens of az are not fooled as the self centered citizens of other states… az will be the state that breaks through .. somebody has to be the first!!
    i predict once the citizens of az invite redflex and ats to stay .. this site will morph into some other cause to save the united states from itself!!!

  42. geez says:

    So I went down to Mesa Police.
    Turns out friday _morning_ there was an armed robbery in east mesa, and a mesa cop stopped and asked a DPS photo radar guy if he had seen the vehicle they were looking for.

    Phaedra, you and JGUNN should get together and write fiction. You two would make a great team.

  43. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    and geez… he was going to give him a ticket if he could not find it!!! mystery solved!!

  44. Walter says:

    So Geezer….You went down to Mesa PD? Nu-Huh.. Who did you talk to? What department did they work in? What color was the chair they were sitting in? Come on we want details!!! Can you prove it? Do you have a Picture? Or even a video? Why didn’t you document you visit? You want to call someone to task about a comment about what they saw. Then you need to back up your claim of what you say you did.

    The only reason I can think of that you went down to Meas PD was because you were there parking your tally van or turning in your pictures.

  45. I'm Back says:

    Yes Walter,
    I was also curious about all of those details as well. It’s so critical to our effort to check out all the details of every anecdote posted here as a comment, or at least it is according to…..


  46. geez says:

    Why do I need to provide those details when ya’ll can’t do the same?
    On robson just north of main, Latina chick, black barstool type chair.

  47. Geez, that was DPS’ testimony in the February State Transportation Committee hearing.

  48. geez says:

    What that it was a latina on a black barstool? Ha! ya now that I would like to hear?

  49. Dan G. says:

    Haha, that’s funny gizz. What’s funnier is that you and lab (most likely one in the same) are soon to be out of work! Good like finding another job in the valley once the voters rid us of our right-violating cameras. When you look for work and mention your past job as a ripoff artist, don’t expect a warm welcome. Of course, the point of the article is “Tide Turning Against Automated Ticketing.” And you never addressed the point. Attack all you want, I wish you the worst of luck finding another job here…

  50. Speed Tracer says:

    I don’t think the Department of weights and measures certifies these cameras calibration. The company that owns the camera does it. Gas stations do not certify their own pumps nor do the cops certify their trucker weigh station scales and so on. Therefore it is an illegal operation. I took this from Dept Weights and Measures website ” A commercial weighing or measuring device must be licensed. These include such devices as scales, meters, fueling dispensers and liquid (water, etc.) measuring devices. If you employed a registered service agency (RSA) to install the device, the RSA will submit a license application to the Department on your behalf. The Department will bill you for the license fee. A device is generally inspected within a three-year cycle unless a complaint has been registered or if chronic violations have occurred.
    http://www.azdwm.gov/BUSINESS/BusinessCenter/tabid/119/Default.aspx read it for yourself. Is measuring “Speed” not measuring ? Or a device ? Has this ever been brought up in the past from an attorney ?
    Any feedback is welcome.

    • ernest.t. bass says:

      kind of funny that speed tracer never received a reply from anybody!! probably because if you acknowledge what he wrote…it would blow your entire theory that the cameras always malfunction… kind of like this web site…. malfunction!!

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