VA Politicians Hide Their Support of Deadly Cams

Falls Church City Council

Falls Church City Council

Like most Virginia cities looking to operate photo enforcement programs, Falls Church doesn’t want the public to know what’s happening. Since August, the city has been holding quiet negotiations with private companies interested in setting up a red light camera program for profit. The first and only public mention of the city’s machinations appeared in a tiny mention today in the equally tiny Falls Church News-Press. It announced that the city council already approved a photo ticketing contract with American Traffic Solutions.

Falls Church is following in the footsteps of Fairfax City which earlier this year held city council deliberations on red light cameras in secret before announcing their decision to an open meeting — at 1 a.m., long after the public had departed.

Why the secrecy, you might ask? Because Falls Church has had red light cameras before, and the results are documented. The city council knows its claims of “safety” have been debunked by no less an authority than the Virginia Department of Transportation, which found in Falls Church:

  • A 136% increase in rear-end collisions
  • A 79% increase in injury accidents
  • Overall, accidents increased 38%

See the results yourself.

If residents knew what was happening, they would be outraged. Despite the phony surveys cooked up by the ticket profiteers,  politicans realize that they can only get away with the scam while the public isn’t watching. No photo enforcement program has ever survived a public referendum.

So let Falls Church know what you think. Contact information is provided after the jump. The city memo for the contract is available here: Falls Church Contract memo

Robin S. Gardner
1305 Ellison Street
Falls Church, VA 22046
(h) 703-534-8644

Harold (Hal) Lippman, Ph. D.
Vice Mayor
505 East Columbia Street
Falls Church, VA 22046
(h) 703-237-9089

Bader Baroukh Nader Baroukh
Council Member
243 Gundry Drive
Falls Church, VA 22046
(h) 703-992-9433

Daniel K. Maller (VOTED NO on Scameras)
Council Member
308 Walnut Street
Falls Church, VA 22046
(h) 703-731-8433

David F. Snyder
Council Member
116 Great Falls Street
Falls Church, VA 22046
(h) 703-241-0419

Daniel X. Sze
Council Member
313 Pennsylvania Avenue
Falls Church, VA 22046
(h) 703-538-5986

Lawrence Webb
Council Member
401 N. Maple Ave. #104
Falls Church, VA 22046
(h) 703-532-1043


31 Responses to VA Politicians Hide Their Support of Deadly Cams

  1. Doc says:

    What a “fine looking group” of politicians. Perhaps they’d look much better standing in an unemployment line. If people keep electing these types of people to govern them, this is the type of governing they’ll get.

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  2. RPr says:

    vote the Bums out!

  3. gfred says:

    vote the Bums out!
    Forgot to say excellent post! Can’t wait to reading your next post!

  4. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    again i fail to see what people do in virginia…has anything to do with arizona… just another twist by to stretch things…. this time they are stretching all the way to the eastern seaboard!!!

  5. I'm Back says:

    I can see how Arizona and any other state in The Union can be considered mutually exclusive.

    Actually, I take that back. There is this little document called, “The Constitution of the United States of America,” and some other crazy document called, “The Articles of Confederation.”

    I suppose each of those are really worthless in this new age of prosperity and corporate culture, but I choose to keep them alive.

  6. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    yee haw!!!

  7. Walter says:

    LAB…You keep asking what virginia and other states have to do with AZ. WELL…They all have fraudulent cameras programs operating in their states. And they all are fighting a common injustice. So they have a lot to do with each other.

    My question to you is. What does someones personal past have to do with gathering signatures to try to end the cameras? The best argument you can come up with to support the cameras, Is that someone opposing them has a checkered past? Really?? Is that the best you have??? What does that have to do with the cameras? Looks to me like you are desperately grasping for the last piece of straw as it wisps away in the wind.

    IMHO…Threatening a confrontation at a meeting. And attacking a persons character is no way for a person that claims himself to be a “law abiding citizen” to be acting. So please go back to the Star Trek fan club web site that you came from. And try not to stick crayons too far up your nose, You retard.

  8. guttersn1pe says:

    A few years ago, LAB was probably mocking the smoking ban proponents for touting anti-smoking laws in CA. What does CA have to do with AZ, he wondered.

  9. RPr says:

    The ruling came in the wake of the January arrest of red light camera makers on the charge that they defrauded the government and conspired with over one hundred mayors and local police officials to shorten yellow times to generate profit for the municipality and for the officials themselves.

  10. Walter says:

    Before the troll can say it. DUHHH…Whut duz Italy hav ta do wit da camrus in Arizona? DUHHH… MORONS.

  11. Walter says:

    Again..What does anyone’s personal past have to do with the cameras? NOTHING.

    You resort to personal attacks to support your cause. And even then your not even sure who you are attacking. Or if the person even did what you are accusing them of. Why can’t you come up with anything that actually has to do with something positive about the cameras. OH..WAIT…The only things you can find to support the cameras. have all been proven inacurate or completely false. So you have to resort to trying to smear the people that oppose the cameras.

    The only things posted about the Redflex/ATS was that they had tickets issued from the Photo enforcement program. And what they did with the tickets. So It was relevant to the topic at hand. No one ever posted anything about their personal life. So if you want to play the turn about if fair play game? At least stay on topic. And video taping the camera guys working on the cameras is a perfect example of turn about is fair play. So why do they get so freaked out when someone tapes them? After all turn about is fair play.

  12. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    actually walter i believe that their personal resindences and any infractions that they had had.. sorry walt… your little theory does not hold water..

    and everthing else is “so you say” however, as i have mentioned in the past… i dont put any stock in any reports ..either for my position or against!!

    i get attacked personally as much as anyone else.. and doc who doesnt feed the trolls…. has thrown the most “attacks” my way!!!

    and again i never drew a direct line between anti camera peole and their records!!! i just simply point it out!!!
    personal attacks are only used to support my theory that you guys are all morons!! and it is pretty simple to draw that line!!! you guys yourselves do a great job of helping me!!

    fear not walt…. my posts will be deleted at midnight!!! and then very few will know which glyph is named Robert Schroeder… i hope its not the one who exposes himself… and really dont think it is glyph…. but it sure would change who i brought to a protest ( children) if it is him!!!

  13. Walter, in your past few posts, you have defined the Internet Troll perfectly. No logic, no common sense – arguing just to argue.

  14. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    well scum i mean scam.. atleast i dont lie and distort the truth!! which is something that the admin at this site is well versed in and you all follow along like good little lambs!!!

    how is your own site? have you had any activity in ..oh…. say… 30 days? last i checked it was a ghost town!!! maybe that is why you are here!! maybe you need to get out and hold signs in front of the cameras and get arrested…. maybe take your video cam out and shoot footage of ats and redflex employees doing their jobs… oh and getting a few members with outstanding warrants would help… maybe even a few of those would be willing to break into an ats box and leave it open, then take pictures of it… and since glyph seems to be johhny on the spot with all things that are vandalized.. maybe he can promise to try and do the same for you… you know.. right place at the right time!!

    you can also pretend to know all laws…. like did you know that it is illegal to back out of your drivway directly onto the street? yes ask glyph,,, he will tell you.. but mostly i think since it is a nice day you need to be out collecting signatues instead of posting useless shots at me… time is a wasting for you !!! old boy!!!

    does doc go by the name doc..jett?

  15. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    more proof that the enthusiasm is fading.. az bike week starts in just a few days and there are only 9 i repeat 9 that have said they will show up…. you are running a booth for 5 days!! i guess a few of you will have to call in sick from your real jobs!!

    NINE PEOPLE.. what a freaking joke… 1500 members and 9 volunteers!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL I CANT CONTROL IT LOL LOL LOL LOL 9 PEOPLE OUT OF 1500 ..LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!

    you should change the name to!! cause that is what the members and site is… a joke!!

  16. Believe what you want troll. There were over 5000 unique visitors yesterday. Don’t you have anything better than ad hominem attacks? How’s YOUR website going?

  17. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    to YOUR site? yea maybe if you were counting by multiples of 5000… and how many joined your clan? it was probably criminals thinking it was a” how to” site in the art of fraudulant schemes!! when they saw it was just a site dedicated to whinning and bitching about everything life that you dont agree with they moved on!!!

  18. guttersn1pe says:

    This site is about presenting information on an issue that a number of people seem to care about. It’s pretty clear which side of this issue we’re on.

    Other than ridiculing people, do you actually have anything relevant to present here? I didn’t think so.

  19. Mike says:

    Did anybody happen to see the April issue of Car and Driver? There’s a full page article about Arizona’s scameras – and they even make a mention of! I would sure hate to own stock in ATS or Redflex right now ’cause it’s going to tank as soon as these cameras get banned.

  20. Evapilot says:

    LAB is just paranoid becuase he (or his friends/family??) will be out of work after November 2010. I really hope the ballot being used by this site words it in a way that EVERY SINGLE camera will be taken down after the vote next year.

  21. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    evapilot…here is where this is at right now… the cameras have not been put to a vote by the legislature and no bill has passed the az legislature to do anything about the cams… my feeling is that the bill will not pass and that the politicians will put it on the ballot.. as for this site.. they will never collect enough sigs to force it on the ballot!!! they can pretend all they want and lie, which they are good at doing…. but it is too many sigs and not enough time! and i dont work for either company so it will not affect me what so ever..

    mark… that is the second time that you have written that jibberish!! great !! your a killer… you can put that on your resume… i am glad you are proud of it!!! so just how did you get out after only 5 years on a life sentence? i hope you did not sign the petition!!! but i think you should go collect signatures!!!

  22. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    gutterhead- i have stated many times that i am here and present to expose the lies this site puts out as truth…. maybe when they stop telling lies i will go away!!! why do you think they have not completely banned me? cause my posts keeps bringing you low lifes back!!! the 5-10 days i was banned this site was dead and all that those who stayed could talk about was ME!!! they seem to have limited my ability to post on all threads but thats fine!!!

  23. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    scam..i just popped in at your site… no friends there for you!!! many pro camera !! yes!!! and certainly nobody doing any posting..but you!!!

  24. guttersn1pe says:

    You haven’t presented anything material. You haven’t exposed any lies. Calling people liars is different than “exposing lies”.

    What you do seem to have is a lot of time and not much to do with it. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s quite sad.

    This site operated long before you got here and will continue on long after you lose interest.

  25. Doug says:

    In Arizona, the law states that people must drive at a reasonable speed at all times. We do not have a statutory speed law that says we must follow the posted speed limit. Rather, the posted speed limit is considered to be an estimate of what a reasonable speed would be under ideal circumstances. A citation from a speed camera is merely an accusation of driving at an unreasonable speed. We still believe in innocence until proof of guilt in America, don’t we (at least as an idea, even if the state manages to weasel out of it by wrongly calling speeding tickets “civil” offenses.

    On the safety side, statistics have proven that the use of “traffic enforcement” cameras has made safety WORSE rather than better. More accidents, property damage, and injuries (possibly deaths) in the Tucson area are caused by people slamming on their brakes to slow down suddenly to aviod “tripping” the speed cameras and getting a Notice of Violation (not an alleged violation). ADOT has reported a 16% iINCREASE in accidents at city intersections where traffic cameras are installed. Since there are no statutory speed laws – the very issuance of such a notice violates state traffic laws! It is obvious local authorities are usisng the cameras as a means of revenue generation and are willing to cause more property damage, injuries, and potentially deaths, for their greed – all at the additional cost of violating State and personal civil laws.

    As Thomas Jefferson once said ” It is not only the right, but the duty, of the citizenry to disobey unjust laws”.

  26. Doug, can you please provide your source for the ADOT figures?

  27. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    yes doug.. all the cameras were erected knowing that they were against the law… in fact redflex and ats have money to burn …so they installed them also knowing this@@@

    get a clue ..your interpretation of the law is just your opinion!!! and opinions are like assholes…everybody has one!!! except for doc… his is missing one and he is full of s__t… you see doc.. i am not affored the same priviedges as you.. i would get baned for writing that out… hell i took a chance on spelling out asshole!!

    gutter said “blah blah blah and went on to say blah blah blah!!! and the cams are still standing!!!

  28. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    scam… just as you…. they can not back up their claims!!! hows is your web site? get any new members in the last 3 weeks? i didnt think so!!

  29. LAB, what claim have I not backed up?

    And I can tell you haven’t been on my website. I don’t have members.

  30. Doc says:

    PRS-Th’ trolls have no rhyme, reason, truth, understanding, comprehension, or rationale. They appear to operate under their conclusion that everything stated, both fact &/or fiction, must be refuted, vehemently & aggressively. So to even suggest a conclusion that anything stated by you (or any of us for that matter…) has or hasn’t been backed up to th’ trolls is the same as arguing with th’ guy in th’ mirror. It is moot & pointless. Those of us that are intelligently following & responding to th’ thread KNOW what you’re sayin’!

  31. […] do you do when the political pressure is on and no one wants to buy your accident-increasing intersection surveillance […]

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