Close the box!

“Close the box!”

An award-winning level of drama played out recently as those words were bellowed by an American Traffic Solutions employee to a fellow co-worker as a CameraFRAUD volunteer was spotted watching the watchers. The newly-found sense of urgency is in sharp contrast to last month, when it was discovered that ATS left an automated ticketing machine open to tampering and modification for over a week.

The vociferation was reminiscent of other powerfully emotional moments in film, such as “Stella!” from the 1951 classic: “A Streetcar Named Desire,” or more recently the memorable quote of “this is Sparta!” from 300.


Josh Weiss, a second-cousin to parody musician "Weird Al Yankovic," is seen as a stunt-double in this clip from the smash hit "White and Nerdy."

After startling his female companion, the well-winded worker double-checked the photo radar enclosure to ensure it was locked, then proceeding to illegally back his Ford Ranger into traffic during lunch hour on busy Shea Blvd. (Oh, and then failed to signal a right turn.)


“We believe that installing special [photo enforcement] cameras to cite our own employee’s bad driving is an unprecedented source of new revenue,” remarked Josh Weiss (spokesdrone for ATS) in a non-existent interview with “Statistics show that our executive team, including CEO James Tuton, could provide the bulk of this new money. God, I hate that guy…”


25 Responses to Close the box!

  1. Glyph says:

    “CLOSE THE BOX!!!”

    Gawd, that’s funny! It’s as if they’re hiding something!

  2. James S says:

    LMAO absolutely epic…

    So where’s all the apologists for the cameras saying “if you’re not doing anything wrong, you don’t have to worry about being taped?

    What’s ATS hiding? Why were they “servicing” the box if they do such perfect automated calibrations from the motheroffice?

  3. Mike says:

    That’s hilarious! It’s almost like they don’t like being recorded on camera. The irony.

  4. RPr says:

    the josh weiss video is too friggen funny

  5. Stacey says:

    Good God! What were they trying to hide????

  6. Joe says:

    A beer for the first person to ID the fat guy.

  7. BJ says:

    Like others have posted, watching them squirm under someone else’s surveillance was quite telling.

    What are they hiding in there anyways? Their stash of pot?

    Based on their reactions, you just know that they know they’re working for an ahole company, thus making them unwitting aholes in their campaign to photograph everyone.

  8. Stacey says:

    I know what they are hiding in that box:

  9. dgpjr777 says:

    Come on people, as if anyone could walk into your place of employment and start filming things at your work. Somethings you people post are really ridiculous. Glyph can I come over to your hospital and break out the camera and start filming an operation ? Convicted Felon, (You know who you are JS)why are you trying to seal your records from the public? Redflex and ATS are doing nothing different than what any other workplace would do, it’s not your business !

  10. Glyph says:

    Actually, its not uncommon to record surgical procedures. And surgeons photograph what they’re working on almost as a matter of policy, kind of a before-and-after scenario.

  11. Graham says:

    You mean my vasectomy is on somebody’s hard drive? I had better go check YouTube…

  12. I'm Back says:

    Just released video from inside ATS’s sales floor:

    It looks like the employees are revolting!!

  13. geez says:

    This ‘Award winning Drama!” is as exaggerated as your “Massive Demonstration!”
    Both utterly boring.

  14. Stacey says:

    Must have been the same idiot employees who left it open the last time.

  15. Mike says:

    dgpjr777: Oh, so it’s okay for ATS and Redflex to record people not committing any crime 24×7 because “they’re outside so should have no expectation of privacy”, but when they’re recorded in the same setting that’s wrong? Suuuuuuure.

  16. dgpjr777 says:

    Mike what the hell are you talking about ? Your pic is taken when violating traffic laws, which is a violation of the law, correct?
    As far as the video stream if that is what you are talking about,what it is used for ? As far as I know it must be presented in court along with other evidence, correct ?
    And yes if they are working on their equipment they should be ble to keep people away just as you would in you job, Correct ? ssssuuuuuurrreeeeee

  17. dgpjr777 says:

    Stacey, how do you know that they are idiots ? from what I read of most of your posts, you should look in the mirror !

  18. I'm Back says:


    I am a big fan of your one man smear campaign on Keep up the good work bloke. 😉

  19. dgpjr777 says:

    I’m, I doubt if its just a one man show, bloke.

  20. seethemsquirm says:

    A little hole in your theory dpgjr777, working on the side of the road on public proprty gives you “no reasonable expectation of privacy”, thus you can be photographed, videotaped, etc. This has been tested in th US Supreme Court. Going to somones place of employment on private property would only create an issue of trespassing if you refused to leave after being asked to do so.

    I do have to tell you, if you were to go into a surgical suite and start photographing or videotaping without the express written consent of the patient, you would pay dearly. A teaching hospital, etc must get permission prior to doing so. The only possibility of exemption “might” be if the patient could not be identified in any manner, but that is still right on the line.

    Lets see……
    dressing room: no cameras
    sales floor: cameras
    stockroom: cameras
    bathroom: no cameras
    street corner or ANY other outdoor public place, including inside your private vehicle: cameras

    I do agree in part…. if they aren”t breaking the law, what are they afraid of?

    They sure aren’t very photogenic.

  21. Stacey says:

    Eeeeh! dgpjr777 gets a little testy when his commrades are attacked.

  22. Simon says:

    They can’t take a picture of what’s not there:

  23. dgpjr777 says:

    Stacey, look whos talking,your mouth never quits.I think deep down you want to be a MAN lol. Anyways I have no sides. I do support cameras unless someone can prove otherwise. My statement in this issue is you people would do the same if someone walked up to you and started filming you.

  24. marc says:

    we need to start filming red light camera company employees and the city employees that hire them whenever it’s legal to do so…see how THEY like it.

    Violations of privacy? ROFL…that is the POINT.

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