DPS vs. Prof.: At Odds Over Cam Locations

Spy vs. Spy?

Spy vs. Spy?

If you’re part of the government/surveillance-complex in Arizona (the extensive collaboration of private companies corrupting law enforcement with the prospect of bucketfuls of money), it sure does seem like it’s hard to catch a break these days.

Case in point: Local media picking up a story CameraFRAUD brought to you in January regarding unsafe placement of cameras near overpasses (“DPS and Redflex: No Regard for Human Life,” Jan 30 2009).

The kicker? The man raising the placement question is the Professor commissioned to do the original Arizona study regarding photo enforcement: Simon Washington.

According to the KPHO story, “He [Washington] believes placing the cameras underneath an overpass — or near on-ramps or off-ramps — might make drivers think they are purposely hidden. He said that will create a negative perception among drivers.”

trollsTo the casual observer, it may appear that Dr. Washington is making remarks regarding “perception” among drivers. (Of course, those not shrouded in DPSRedflex’s reality distortion field know the public opinion on automated ticketing usually consists of a smattering of unrepeatable words combined with a certain obscene gesture— but that’s for another article).

One only needs to look at the actual study done by the good Professor to see that he clearly thought that the surprise element of automated ticketing could be a problem:

“For example, the placement of cameras in close proximity to high information load locations (e.g., on- and off-ramps, underpasses, billboards, weaving sections, directional signs, etc.) should be avoided.”

DPS: Department of Playing Schultz?

DPS: Department of Playing Schultz?

Channeling Sergeant Schultz’s famous “I know nothing,” both DPS and Redflex seem to have never heard of anything as silly as a driver being distracted by a bright flash, or worse–an actual cause-and-effect collision.

Yet one only needs to look as far as the photo enforcement patent to see what the inventors themselves had to say:

“The use of flash illumination may be detrimental at night to oncoming traffic and has the potential to cause temporary driver blindness and consequent safety risks as well as preventing authorities from deploying systems covertly.”

DPS and Redflex can continue to drink their government kool-aid: The money train will end, because the Cameras are Coming Down.

20 Responses to DPS vs. Prof.: At Odds Over Cam Locations

  1. RPr says:

    35 sec LMAO

  2. Stacey says:

    DPS – Department of Public Stupidity. These idiots are endangering drivers. Cameras under overpasses and on freeways next to the on ramps? Pure stupidity.

  3. Walter says:

    It looks like the DPS and redflex studied the report very intently.

    If you look at where the cameras are located. They ARE in the middle of underpasses. I-17 and Bethany AND at on/off ramps and high information areas like I-10 and 16th east the approach where it transition into three different highways, The us-60 at alma school where it has all the signs for lane directions onto the 101. In fact it seems that the majority of the cameras are in the exact types of locations that are warned against in the report.

    Why would that be? Unless maybe the DPS figured that with the drivers paying attention to where they are going,and that they may need to adjust their speed to merge into the lanes they need to get to where they are going. That they are more likely to give out citations in those types of areas. We all know that they are put there for the MONEY and NOT for public safety. So why not hire a professor to tell you where the places that would generate the most tickets? Except DPS had to make it look like they were trying to find the “safest” places for them.

    The safest place for those cameras is at the recycling center. being melted down, and turned into soda cans.

  4. Jane Fitzsimmons says:

    New Tactic to give the DPS flashing Tali-vans some of their own treatment:

    ~When approaching a talivan (be in the right lane at night), and slow down to the legal speed limit.. Then as you approach this ‘not-police’ vehicle, flash you hi-beams (preferably zenon) as rapidly as possible…

    ~Make sure you’re going the speed limit.

  5. geez says:

    And it was only a couple stories down where someone here was calling Mr. Washington’s study pure propoganda… But when it fits what ya’ll want to hear huh…

    Guess now you’ll be flip-floppin the same with Ms. Brewer after her speech today. Guess your bill is just gonna be pushed into the corner to gather dust…

    the cameras are not coming down LOL

  6. I'm Back says:

    It is propaganda. I’m not backing down from that. His statistics are bogus. We uncovered that thanks to “No One.” I won’t say he didn’t have a conscience though. His points about where not to put cameras had some validity, but his aim was to make them look like they were improving safety, which they do not.


  7. dgpjr777 says:

    Well I disagree with you. I do believe it is helping to improve safety. It is slower people down and that helps. Before it was like a race track out there. No matter what camerafraud people want to believe, it does have people driving more responsible.

  8. Doc says:

    Can’t we come up with a better way to slow people down than to “track you, 24/7…” as cmdr woodward said? I mean, we put a guy on th’ moon, right? I’m all for safety on th’ roads. But this streaming loop taping of our faces & our lic. plates is straight outta’ “1984” & NAZI Germany…all in th’ name of safety? I ain’t goin’ for it.

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  9. I'm Back says:

    I remember the 101N back in the early days…I could count the cars that drove on it. I know what has slowed people down. It’s called traffic. I also know what has caused the decrease in deaths the last year or so, it’s called less traffic. 2+2=4, unless you are DPS.

  10. Doc says:

    New D.P.S. Names…
    The Woodward Crime Family…a.k.a.
    Th’ A2Z MOB…

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

    Talivans can now be referred to as “Mafia Staff Vans”

  11. Jane Fitzsimmons says:

    This evening I photographed (while pacing) a RedFlex van (with driver and plate) driving 70 in a 55 zone… Lovely how they’re (false flag) painted as DPS vehicles too.. People are so blind to this fraud..

  12. Doc says:

    I gotta’ wonder…& I’m sure this has been covered. However, if someone could please refresh my memory. Isn’t dressing up the Mafia Staff Vans with “dps” logos the same thing as impersonating a police officer?

    As to them speeding…didn’t you guys get th’ memo?!?!
    redflex employees are allowed to speed…who’s gonna’ ticket ’em…th’ A2Z MOB?!?!?

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  13. PS1968 says:

    If I ignore a violation/ticket notice, what EXACTLY will happen? I was driving my mother’s vehicle. I got “flashed” on the 101 Loop, doing 82 in a 65. I was NOT driving dangerously! I was keeping up with the flow of traffic. I do NOT want my mother to be cited should I decide to ignore this OFFICIAL AZ Government issued/mailed citation.

    Many have told me to ignore it. Some have told me that my mother may be served! I cannot let that happen!

    I have a perfect driving record and cannot afford this ticket –if it REALLY IS a ticket. I am confused over this whole Photo Traffic Radar Enforcement mayhem and debate.

    I need some FACTUAL advice and help, please.

    To pay, or NOT to pay? THAT is the question.

    Thanks in advance for your FACTUAL information and advice.

  14. geez says:

    Your story and photo’s are completely useless and laughable. There’s not even a sixteenth of an ounce of proof you could pull out of that story. Go ahead and try to convince anyone with and ounce of sensibility that your claim is true. And please tell us why you were doing 70 in a 55 zone?

    You must be related to JGUNN with this kind of crazy claim.

  15. geez says:

    Same to PS1968
    Please tell us why you were doing 82 in a 65?! Screw everyone else huh? Even if you think you were driving safely, tell me, what happens when you blow a tire at 82…and the people behind you? Damn selfish man.

  16. Jane Fitzsimmons says:

    Note to Geez… I am not a law enforcement agency (or a foreign corporation posing as one), so for me to go 70 in a 55 (ew….) isn’t really that big of a deal- and I only put it this way because all other cars were going 70..

  17. Joe says:

    Geez (the judgemental) wrote:

    “tell me, what happens when you blow a tire at 82”

    UH, the same thing that happens when you blow the tire at 65, except perhaps the tire will fall apart faster if you continue to drive without pulling over. What makes you think a blowout (given the proper set of circumstances) is significantly less lethal? I see one of two things happening to people at both speeds:

    1) nothing

    2) something


  18. […] you’d like to read more, we previously covered the ASU study in the following articles: DPS vs. Prof.: At Odds Over Cam Locations DPS and Redflex: No Regard for Human […]

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