Prescott Delays Automated Ticketing


The City of Prescott, not to be confused with the Town of Presott Valley, has decided to postpone the decision on implementing automated ticketing machines until Spring of 2010. While the city council was previously pro-scamera, they saw the handwriting on the wall and decided to adopt a ‘wait and see’ position.


City council members were made aware of several bills presented to the state legislature that could eliminate or restrict the use of photo radar and enforcement.

These city council members had the good sense to wait and see how the the legislative efforts played out instead of diving head-first into what they thought would be “bucketfuls of money” as one town official previously commented.

32 Responses to Prescott Delays Automated Ticketing

  1. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    nothing wrong with them wanting to sit back and evaluate the situation….. but i wouldnt celebrate just yet….. the plans are just on hold….. not stopped!!!!

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S

  2. jgunn says:

    Dang. I was hoping for some new POI for my GPS for the new scameras. It’s getting kind of boring out there with no new cameras going online. It’s only the same old same old these days. Where’s the fun in that? The 2 new scameras going southbound on the I17 near I10 are already on the database and they haven’t even been activated yet. Oh well, there’s going to be a massive database update soon once the scameras get banned by the either the Government or public vote.

  3. guttersn1pe says:

    LAB – how do you know the plans are just on hold and not stopped? Do you work there? Are you on the council?

    For someone so bent on having documented proof to back up any comment made here, perhaps you can back yours up?

  4. Doc says:

    I’ve spoken to the Prescott Officer who’s doing the research for the City Counsel. He’s pretty neutral on the subject of pro/con scameras. But, I’ve got 2 friends on Prescott P.D., who I’ve sent emails to re; scameras, & Their opinions, as well as their thoughts on Prescott P.D.’s opinion of them.

    As I’ve stated before, MY associates @ the Hosp. in Prescott Valley have told me that the incidents of rear end collisions have increased overall since the installation of red light scameras. Everybody & their brother KNOWS about the lone sentinal on westbound HWY 69, coming into Prescott Valley, so while there was carnage for a while @ that location, not so much anymore. Also, my Brother works for the local Ambulance Company here. He says the same thing.

    He also got “flashed” last year,year before last,something like that; while taking a patient to a Hosp. in Phoenix, John C. Lincoln, I think. @ anyrate, They were still sending out tickets to Private Corporations. SO, he was made to pay it. His supervisor MADE him pay it, even though he was running code 3 (which means-get to an Emergency Room…NOW!) You do the Math.

    So, I think Prescott has decided continue their research; and the citizens of Prescott are making their opinions known. The newspaper up here, “The Daily Courier” is a typical local paper. Very Biased, depending on the editor’s point of view. MY conscience is clear, though. I’ve told them what I think of them. And I signed my name. I’m fairly well known around here, & not hard to find. They’ve made no effort to contact me. As soon as I get any word from my 2 friends on the local P.D., I’ll let all know. This info may give us all valuable insight into our fight! Untill then
    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  5. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    yes doc.. i will be sitting on the edge of my chair waiting with anticipation as to how these officers feel about the cameras….
    like the rest of us.. they will have 1 vote!!!

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S !!!

  6. RC says:

    Speaking of “PWND”…… Looks like you are about 120 people shy of your goal for your “Massive” demonstration. Guess you can always count on the 30 or so strong. LOLZ

  7. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    some good reading in this article ….. i am surprised that you did not post it as a thread… i then got to wondering .. why??? i reread it and found the answer
    1. the study done by ASU in regards to the cameras on scottsdales loop 101.. hard to dispute that the university was taking a position

    then there is the quote from camera fraud founder DT Arneson ” by decreasing the following distance you increase the chance of accidents” well…. duh!! my 9 year old could have figured that one out..

    he goes on to say what this site and his congregation are famous for… “despite what dps claims or other people claim , rear end collisions can cause some of the most serious injuries and fatalities”.. what he really said was ” we dont care what YOUR studies say.. we will only suppoort those that further our cause and furthermore we will attack the wording, company that sponsored the study,and will also attack any company that preforms an independent study that does not support our claims”

    tell me DT… if you were going to be involved in an accident… and some supreme being gave you the choice on which accident you prefer to be in ..which would it be… you can only choose one of the three

    1. you come upon a light that is turning green and just your luck you have an open lane and dont have to slow down … you are doing 45…. as you come through the intersection and much to your surprise comes another vehicle that is going 50 mph.. the impact is somewhere on the side of the car.. passenger or driver doesnt matter as it could happen to either side

    2. you are going 45 …. you approach a light that has turned yellow and you being an upstanding lawabiding citizen hit the brakes to stop at the light… the moron behind you … well he is not paying much attention and hits the back of you at 45..

    3. you are on the freeway… you are going 65… the moron that just cant do 65 has decide that he needs to get around the congestion… as he comes by you he side swipes you at 70 because he lost control… and since he hit you at a high rate of speed and you were going a high rate of speed you get thrown into the next lane… of course we dont know if the lane was occupied or not… guess thats the chance that you will have to take…

    tell me dt… which accident do you want behind the 3 curtains? .. and are those earings you are wearing in the picture in front of the state capitol? lose them if you want credibility as this goes forward!!!

    153,365 signatures? thats the minimum.. oh i forgot to say valid signatures… so that means you will need atleast another 75,000 to be on the safe side!!

    good luck…. you better start having more get togethers!!!

    F R E D O M from the L I E S

  8. Rudolph says:

    LA- you voted for Obama, correct? Now things are starting to fit together…you have little bo peep syndrome. Don’t take this personal, but my God man, can you spell W I M P? Go slap yourself!

    Lashing out at anything remotely pro personal freedoms and liberty- apparently that is addicting.

    So you’re lost-that’s ok, I can help. The herd went that-a-way, I can hear the Bahhhhhhh’s in the distance.

    Run along now, the rest of us have a big bad wolf to deal with. You can come back after we make everything safe and sound for you. Don’t forgot your bonnet.

    My best DOC impression… AHEM….FREEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Man I needed that.

  9. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    damn right i voted for him… i am independent…. i have no interest in gettig into politics with you or anyone else here….

    i have never heard of that syndrome…. is it new.. or did you just make it up…. ?

    just who are you protecting me from? you nor this group could protect me from a lady bug… dont get so full of yourselves…. you are taking up a cause that you feel is right…. you have demonstarted and have not been stopped for that… you can write what you want here and you are not censored… some cameras were erected that record 24-7… but we really dont know if they record everything you clowns say they can… i mean if it takes a flash to record a picture then why is it not flashing every car and only sending tickets to those that exceeded the limit set?

    so go ahead.. think of yourself as some modern day hero…. and rescuer of the people… and as long as you believe that … i guess you are not hurting anybody… but a little refocus as to the overall picture just may be needed…

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S

  10. Rudolph says:


  11. Doc says:

    Rudolph…Wow, man! That was Damn Good! So, I’ve been home from last nights event less than 24 hrs, & I’ve already got a sheet filled…on a Sunday! I’m fairly stoked. Every person I spoke with today has been jumpin’ at the chance to sign up! I’m gonna’ need more sheets quick @ this rate!
    Man, THAT’S Liberating…let’s do it again…
    Doc from Prescott
    O.K., 1 more time. ALL TOGETHER NOW………

  12. geez says:

    George Micheal is Doc’s new theme

  13. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    my concern is that doc is spreading the lies… as he asks for signatures…..

    whats the magic number again? 225,00 to be on the safe side…. not gonna happen!!!

    i think the pro camera group, all 3 of us would be wise to not help in the signature collections….

    F R E E D O M from circulating L I E S !!!!

  14. scott says:

    Rudolph, some of us who are very anti-camera and signed the petition also voted for Obama, so that consideration is unreliable. 🙂

  15. Glyph says:

    i have never heard of that syndrome…, is it new…, or did you just make it up…, ?

    Aw, please tell me you’re kidding LAW. Little Bo Peep Syndrome isn’t a diagnosis (check the DSM IV), it’s a metaphor, kind like a henway.

  16. Law A. Bidingcitizem says:

    You know what, I just realized that I don’t want my kids raising their kids in a society where there are shady cameras on every corner monitoring their every move. I really appreciate what the people at are doing and would like to help. I’ll stop trolling this site as I realize how wrong I’ve been. I may even quit my job at Redflex and crawl back under that rock from which I came. Thanks again for standing up and trying to protect our constitutional rights! It’s people like you that threw that big tea party back in Boston.

  17. PhotoRadarScam says:

    Do Not Feed The Troll!

  18. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    glyph- i thought you were smarter than that!!! hey!! was that you on the spot with the camera at the orgy on sat?
    did you check out that link i posted? along with that article they also had a picture of that bethany home over pass… their photo was from the west side.. and right up where you could see that the cameras are not inside !!! remember your photo was from the east side, and hard to detect… so you used that to erode the truth about the placement of the camera!! why didnt you take yours from the west side?

    oops dont feed the troll…. scam doesnt seem to have much to say lately!!!

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S

  19. Glyph says:

    Just so I fully understand you LAW, because your questions seem to come from a conversation started somewhere else (for which you’ll call me stupid, I’m sure).

    First, smarter than what? And if you’re referring to the event on Feb 14th, I didn’t attend. I don’t see the link you’re referring to on this thread, please post it again.

    Bethany Home runs east-west, and I don’t recall ever attending a demonstration on that road. If you’re referring to the East vs. West Signwave, and are wondering why I was able to post pictures from both sides at once, it’s because I sent my kids to photograph the East while I photographed the West side(this is where I remind you to keep my family out of this debate).

    As for taking the picture from the East to erode the truth, you’ll have to give me a little more info, because I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

  20. I'm Back says:

    Check out some info about cities/states that have banned photo radar and why:

    Also, take a look at . He has a really good stream of info.

    I love circumventing the corrupt main stream media!!

    Turn off CNN, MSNBC and FOX News. They are poison. So is the Republic, but I read it anyway for entertainment!

  21. Rudolph says:

    Scott- You’re correct and make a good point. This is a local issue that transends all party lines!

  22. I'm Back says:

    More gold from TheNewspaper:

    “A near-unanimous Mississippi state House of Representatives voted Wednesday to ban red light cameras and speed cameras while anti-camera citizen protest movements gathered steam in other parts of the country.”

  23. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    sounds like the movement is gaining steam with other states .. just not here as witnessed by the turnouts at the sign waves!!!

  24. Dan G says:

    Don’t feed the troll…

  25. I'm Back says:

    Sometimes you have to give them a little more rope to hang themselves with.

    Also, there will always be a new-comer to grapple with, that’s why he has staying power. “It is what it is.”

  26. Doc says:


  27. Stacey says:

    I have the feeling one of us has already had a run in with this troll. Somebody should take a look at the photos and see if they can find an aggravated, hostile looking man harassing a member.

  28. geez says:

    Somebody should take a look at the videos and see where they can find CameraFraud members harassing people trying to make a living

    (fixed it for you stacey)

  29. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    stacey.. another new member that has zero clue!!! she bought into the lies, signed the petition, got her bumper sticker and here she is….you really should try to think things out before you write something…

    upon further consideration… i dont think that she has really even been to a protest…. as i am sure that if some violence had occured… it would have been splashed all over this site!!!!

  30. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    geez- probably should cut her some slack…she is new to the lies …. oh to be young and stupid again!!!

  31. geez says:

    Oh ya, sorry LAB
    it’s amazing how people get sucked into blindly following charismatic criminals.

  32. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    yes … i have noticed the members on this site to be on the blind side!!!

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